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Explosion in Ghana -
Many people are feared dead following a huge explosion near Bogoso, a mining town in western Ghana, which has devastated the surrounding village.

I've seen other photos on the news of this tragedy in Ghana and the images are eerily similar to this explosion in Nigeria two years ago (osit) -



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Explosion in an apartment building (Friendly Gardens Apartments) in Silver Springs, #Maryland left at least 10 people seriously injured and others missing. Some 100 residents were displaced. The cause is investigated. Credit: Pete Piringer

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At least 13 dead and 16 injured in an explosion in Bihar's Tatarpur in Bhagalpur district. The family was reportedly involved in making firecrackers. About 3 houses were damaged. 📹 @W0lverineupdate

And from the landslide (near the Ca./Nv. broder), Crews from Caltrans #3 removed the giant bolder from Highway 50.
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