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'The neutralization of Nord Stream 2 through shitty rhetoric by US and its allies is continuing.'

22 Dec, 2021

By Jonny Tickle - 23 Dec, 2021

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'It would be very painful awakening for the US.'

By Gabriel Gavin - 23 Dec, 2021

'The US is dragging EU into the war with Russia through "Ukraine's NATO aspirations".'

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'The hybrid war "through negotiations" between Russia and US/NATO/EU is continuing.'

By Jonny Tickle - 29 Dec, 2021

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By Morgan Artyukhina - 11 hours ago


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I listened to a round table discussion last night (video posted at the end), put out by Matthew Ehret's Rising Tide Foundation regarding the increased NATO aggression towards Russia. There are a few speakers people will be familiar with, and, whilst there's nothing necessarily groundbreaking in terms of analysis for people following the news, imo they provide a pretty decent summation and there are a few details here and there that may be of interest.

I'd also recommend the RTF youtube channel more generally, they're pretty prolific in their output, covering a variety of subjects from geopolitics, history and philosophy.

There's a computer generated transcript that can be found on the youtube page, it's ok, not great.

Here's the video blurb:
In this experts geopolitical roundtable hosted by Dr. Edward Lozansky and the American University in Moscow, the topic of Russia's response to NATO aggression was discussed at length. What is the logic governing the western unipolar system and how does the the multipolar alliance emerging around Russia, China and Iran's partnership present two separate and incompatible operating systems to the world? What is Ukraine's role in this process? What should Putin do when faced with war drums beating on his southern frontier? These questions and much more are discussed from military, economic, and diplomatic levels. The speakers at the event included Alex Krainer (economist, Jeremy Kuzmarov (editor of Covert Action Magazine), Jim Jatras (analyst, former advisor to republican party), Glenn Diessen (editor of Russia in Foreign Affairs), Peter Kuznick (Professor of American University), Martin Sieff (writer for China Daily), Mila Melnichuk (advisor to the Ukrainian government), and the Rising Tide Foundation's Matthew Ehret.

- Krainer makes an interesting point that i hadn't considered: The Western economy is built on plundering other countries and parasitising wealth, and it's currently in a situation whereby it needs new sources to keep itself going.

- One of the speakers is Russian and he used to appear on the US mainstream news outlets during the time of the Soviet Union, however, since its fall, he's not been invited back because he's no longer only critical of Russia. He has however been interviewed by a Ukrainian news outlet. I gathered his point was that even in Ukraine the media is freer than the US.

- They mention how Russian has been playing the long game, that it has been willing to suffer losses inflicted by the establishment, like the deaths of diplomats and planes being shot down.

- Ehret talks about Putin's announcements of deals and to work alongside China and India, and how these announcements effect the balance of power.

- One of the last speakers is Ukrainian in Ukraine, she says that Russia could make a move to 'recognise' Donbas and Lugansk, because there are already Russian troops there anyway, and she thinks, that, as of right now, neither Ukraine nor the West could do much about it.

- How Putin has been in power in one way or another for 20 years and so knows how to do diplomacy when compared to Bojo & Biden.

I may have missed it, but i don't think anyone mentioned how the current lockdown/contrived covid crisis reflects the increasingly voracious and desperate state of the establishment; except maybe Krainer.

Russian Security Proposals vs Unipolar Sabre rattling: What's Next?

This video was originally uploaded to: [this links to another channel with two other roundtable discussions that look worth checking out).

Support the work in the following ways:
1) Make a donation to the Canadian Patriot, or Rising Tide Foundation
2) Subscribe to Matt and Cynthia's Substack
3) Buy some books!


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30 Dec, 2021
“Biden made it clear that the US does not intend to deploy offensive strike weapons in Ukraine,” Ushakov outlined.
'But someone else will do.'
12 hours ago
The Biden administration nonetheless refused to confirm that the US leader had made any commitments during his conversation with Putin. “We are not going to draw conclusions, and there were certainly no declarations as to intentions from this conversation. But, regardless, our focus is really on actions and on indicators – not on words, at this point,” a White House official said shortly after the conversation concluded.
'Empty words, empty promises: Russia is not 'negotiating' with Ukraine, but with US.'


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Someone had posted a link to Andrei Martyanov's blog “Reminiscence of the Future…” on another thread. I've found the articles insightful reads and check in from time to time. I recently ran across a passing reference to “United States sabotaged supplies of composite materials…” and thought I’d share here since it seems Russia has played the Empire a fool once again. More below:

“In unrelated news. The United States sabotaged supplies of composite materials (e.g. Hexcell) for Russia's commercial aviation, so Russia... simply built a whole composite industry from the ground up and yesterday, new and serial production MC-21 flew with new Russian-made composite wing.”

I translated this Youtube video’s description which was embedded in the blog post above. Here's a rough translation using Google:

Today, the MC-21-300 aircraft, the wing of which is made of polymer composite materials of Russian production, made its first flight. The liner took off from the airfield of the Irkutsk Aviation Plant - a branch of the company "Irkut" (part of the UAC of the State Corporation Rostec). The flight took place in normal mode. The aircraft was piloted by a crew consisting of a test pilot, Hero of Russia Roman Taskaev and test pilot, Hero of Russia Oleg Kononenko. "The flight mission has been completed in full. The aircraft's systems operated normally," roman Taskaev said. MC-21-300/310 is a medium-haul aircraft of a new generation with a capacity of 163 to 211 passengers. Its key feature is a wing made of composite materials.

"The first flight of an aircraft with a wing made of Russian composites proves that we did everything right, the MS-21 program is consistently and steadily moving forward, despite sanctions and unfair competition. This is the result of the development of competencies in the aviation industry and related industries and unprecedented in scale of state support. Total amount of allocated [to] The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia for the creation of domestic materials for the composite wing of funds amounted to 4.4 billion rubles. The technology introduced for the production of the MC-21 wing has a number of advantages. Compared to traditional autoclave technology, it allows you to increase productivity, reduce labor costs and costs, and provide the ability to mold large parts. To date, a composite wing for two aircraft has been manufactured, and a third set is being manufactured. We plan to receive changes to the type certificate in terms of the composite wing made of Russian materials for the second half of 2022," said Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

Domestic materials for power composite wing structures were developed with the participation of scientists from Moscow State University and Rosatom, aviation industry specialists. Qualification tests of the materials showed their compliance with the requirements for the design of the MC-21 aircraft. The wing consoles and centro-plane of the MC-21-300 aircraft are produced at the AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk enterprise. In the production of the wing, vacuum infusion technology is used, which is patented in Russia.

"The share of composites in the design of the MS-21 is about 40% - this is a record figure for medium-haul aircraft. The use of strong and lightweight composite materials made it possible to create a wing with unique aerodynamic characteristics unattainable for a metal wing. Improved aerodynamics made it possible to increase the width of the fuselage of the MC-21 and expand the cabin, which gives new advantages in terms of comfort for passengers. This is the world's first medium-haul aircraft where such solutions are applied, "said Sergey Chemezov, head of Rostec.

Ms-21 is focused on the most massive segment of the passenger transportation market in Russia and in the world. Currently, the certification of the MC-21-300 aircraft is being completed, it is planned to start its deliveries to the airline in 2022. At the same time, the MC-21-310 aircraft with the new Russian PD-14 engine is undergoing flight tests.

"In addition to the three aircraft in the final assembly shop, three more MS-21-300 are at different stages of production. All of them will receive a wing of Russian composites. Within the framework of the MS-21 program, a big step has been taken in the development of cooperation between Russian aircraft factories. In the structure of the UAC, competence centers specializing in the production of individual units have been created. Thus, Aviastar produces fuselage panels and the tail of the MS-21, Voronezh VASO produces engine pylons and chassis fairings. AeroComposite-Ulyanovsk produces wing caisson, KAPO-Composite produces wing mechanization. These centers are involved in promising projects of the Russian aircraft industry," said UAC Director General Yuri Slyusar.

Aside from homegrown composite wings sounds like Russia doubled down and delivered something even better than initially planned — a plane with plenty of leg room again!

And digging around the internet for any reference to the sanctions mentioned, looks like this article below from back in 2019 discusses the sanction's impact on Russia’s commercial aviation plans at the time:

U.S. Sanctions Threaten Russian Plans for Passenger Jet, Media Reports

“But Kommersant, citing a senior government official and Russian aviation industry sources, said U.S. sanctions had cut off imports of components from the United States and Japan that were needed to make the plane's wings and part of its tail fin.”

Although, fast forward to now and once again we have Russian ingenuity circumventing the Empire of Chaos’ attempts at stifling innovation and competition. :cool2:


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'Another piece of paper good for garbage.'

3 Jan, 2022
Ahead of negotiations between NATO and Moscow, the US has not said it would remove its nukes from European soil. Ratcheting up the tension, Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko has suggested his country could host Russian missiles in response.

Further afield, US officials have claimed that China is dramatically increasing its stockpile of nuclear arms.
'Does this mean that any of non-signatory countries can start nuclear war?'

2 hours ago


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'The US and NATO are using their 'famous' rhetoric, after the unsuccessful attempt of coup d'etat in Kazakhstan.'

8 Jan, 2022

08 January 2022
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