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Вот это очень вдохновляет.

По поводу нового храма хочу сказать, что для меня это все-таки некий модерн. Не говорю плохо это или хорошо, даже скорее хорошо, что делаются такие красивые вещи, однако с храмом, с православным храмом у меня это не ассоциируется, скорее красивый тематический музей с религиозным уклоном. Я не знаю насколько картинки могут передать разницу, однако приведу пару ссылок. Посмотрите кому интересно как выглядят лучшие православные храмы.

This is very inspiring.

As for the new temple, I want to say that for me it is still a kind of modern. I'm not saying it's bad or good, but rather good that such beautiful things are being done, but I don't associate it with the Church, with the Orthodox Church, rather a beautiful thematic Museum with a religious bias. I don't know how much images can convey the difference, but here are a couple of links. See who is interested in what the best Orthodox churches look like.
интерьеры соборов троице-сергиевой лавры
интерьеры соборов киево-печерской лавры
I think they are all beautiful works of creativity. It is up to us to give them new meaning perhaps. I suppose it how they are used to impress something upon us sometimes without any input from us.


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"I believe that we should not stay silent. We should talk about it, but speak calmly, reasonably, try to convey to ordinary Americans, to ordinary people in Europe and all over the world, that it was Soviet soldiers who liberated Europe, they defended the independence of Europe and the Soviet Union, and no one will ever make us forget those times, and no one will ever be able to shake our confidence that the most important thing is to be together in the fight against new challenges and threats. Today it is more important than ever," Antonov added.
Thank you angelburst29 for featuring April 9th, and as Antonov mentions, our silence needs to be reversed ("calmly, reasonably").

It is an odd thing this programing in the west, for both young and old, having been knit into the whole fabric of our education system since long before there was the iron curtain narrative - although not total then. Thinking back while growing up and while being around so many veterans (parent and grandparent among them for WWI & II - they knew), and then after, not at first - having had pretty open encyclopedias then, there became the process of being immersed in the western revisionist historical diet; from museums to shining new historical textbooks, politicians, teachers, stories, movies, non-fiction and fiction, the program ran deep. However something about Russia had always stirred the heart.

How to explain this?

Best I can say at the moment is perhaps those early historical threads learned had been partitioned away and yet were still accessible. While the programed mind was saying one thing there was a hollowness about it, something missing, questions, while the gut, too, was fighting against the program. The fact that there was a purposeful western lie weaved into the above points, it took a while to unravel. When speaking to people today, again, young or old, one can realize just how insidious the programing was/is (loook at what is going on today), and when you add in things a person has never though to question, it is interesting - and many really want to know and can even be afraid to know, because knowing can open up a great deal - for life, and it can be painful to look at what one has always taken for granted and be horrified. It is a choice.

Here is another video of the military cathedral. It's quite impressive.
It is truly a work of beautiful art. It is sad to see that the senseless wars continue.
As for the new temple, I want to say that for me it is still a kind of modern. I'm not saying it's bad or good, but rather good that such beautiful things are being done...
Also thought it impressive, too, Persej - good one, thanks!

The attention to design detail, materials, landscape and layout was especially nice to see, and yes goyacobol "a work of beautiful art" that likely the people in the surrounding communities are so grateful for its recreation. The new paying homage to the old in classical ways.

Can also understand what you said, youlik, and had a look at some of your examples - the old stone and details of another time...


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Не нашел где лучше разместить сообщение. Напишу по привычке здесь, ведь России это как ни крути а касается. Про военные биолаборатории США в Украине и в Грузии уже писали, по моему. Теперь настала очередь Казахстана. Наверно не все участники форума знают что это за страна и где она находится (тут я никого обидеть не хочу, просто это государство в самом деле не самое активное в международных делах), а вот американские военные биологи-вирусологи хорошо знают и вовсю пользуются.

Биооружие США и ложь казахского МИД: расследование (ФОТО)
14.05.2020 - 6:00

I didn't find a better place to post a message. I will write out of habit here, because it concerns Russia anyway. In my opinion, we have already written about US military Biolabs in Ukraine and Georgia. Now it is the turn of Kazakhstan. Probably not all participants of the forum know what this country is and where it is located (I don't want to offend anyone here, it's just that this state is really not the most active in international Affairs), but American military biologists-virologists know well and use it with all their might.

US bioweapons and lies of the Kazakh foreign Ministry: investigation (PHOTO)
14.05.2020 - 6:00
Our investigation into the development of biological weapons in an American laboratory in Kazakhstan caused a great international scandal. Protests in connection with the presence of American military-biological facilities in the CIS were declared by Moscow and Beijing. In response, the United States said it rejected accusations that the COVID-19 virus was leaked from the Alma-ATA laboratory.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan in General tried to "go into denial" and said that the Alma-ATA laboratory "fully belongs to the Republic of Kazakhstan and is currently funded exclusively from the national budget. Its entire staff consists of domestic specialists. Any work that is carried out in the CRL is under the control of the ministries."

But here the Kazakh media was already outraged, which conducted a series of investigations, proving that their native foreign Ministry, to put it mildly, is lying. Americans, flattered by the funding, were allowed to "work a little" in the laboratories of Kazakhstan, and they deftly "squeezed" these objects.

Thus, while remaining formally owned by Nur-Sultan, the Central reference laboratory in Alma-ATA and at least five other centers are actually controlled by the us army.

CRL is actually managed not by the Kazakhstan Directorate, but by the American "office of the center for disease control", headed by Lieutenant Colonel Daniel singer, who previously served in intelligence.

Kazakh journalists even published confessions of the Kazakh "Director" Of the center for particularly dangerous infections, which includes CRL, yerubayev, that Singer and his team manage everything from seasonal collection and study of ticks to inspection of regional hospitals.

In March, the us military even managed to compile a report and recommendations for the government of Kazakhstan on behalf of the Center for particularly dangerous infections, which includes CRL. We think that for such successful "active events" Lieutenant Colonel singer received an award.

Most of the funding comes from the US Department of defense's threat reduction Agency (formerly the special weapons Agency). According to journalists, the government of Kazakhstan allocates less than 700 thousand dollars a year, and the defense Department of the States — up to 2 million for biological research in Kazakhstan. Studying scientific journals, we found references to almost 30 projects Of the Department of defense in the Republic, in which 31 foreign scientists participated.

Gavin Smith's scandal coronavirus project is just one of those three dozen. In Alma-ATA, for example, a team of military biologists from the US Navy Medical center (Silver spring, Maryland), led by captain second rank Allen Richards, managed to work.

It is curious that Professor Smith had previously studied the coronavirus in close contact with the branches of this naval centre in South-East Asia.

In addition, the journalists found traces of specialists from the British army biological center in Porton Down and the Institute of Microbiology of the German Bundeswehr in Munich in the Kazakh laboratory.

Documentary evidence has been found that the results of research were transferred from Kazakhstan to The Central command of the us armed forces (CENTCOM), stationed in the state of Florida.

This army structure is responsible for conducting military operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. It was recognized in Iran after the assassination of General Suleimani as a terrorist organization.

In addition To the center for particularly dangerous infections, American specialists work at the research Institute for biological safety (where coronavirus research was conducted), the National center for biotechnology, the National reference center for veterinary medicine, and a number of other places.

All these facilities began receiving grants from the US Department of defense in 2000-2010, and then gradually came under the control of the us military. Although the Kazakh foreign Ministry tries to convince everyone that it still controls them.

The real control over the work on the ground is carried out by the Department of the threat reduction Agency, located in the US Embassy in Kazakhstan, which is headed by Lieutenant Colonel Stephen Calder. A working group of the military Committee of the us Senate and army periodically visits Kazakhstan to study financial statements and compliance with instructions approved by Washington.

The last time such a Commission visited Almaty was in August 2019. It was led by Jacqueline Kerber of the Senate Committee, who specializes in biological warfare programs.

In addition, journalists managed to find out the names of almost a dozen officers of the us and German armies who regularly visited closed biological sites in Kazakhstan.

These biological studies are part of The US Department of Defense's program to study diseases specific to the region and the living creatures that can carry them. They are a base for conducting biological warfare in the region.

A possible part of it is the creation of controlled outbreaks of infectious diseases in the region that harm the victim state without an open Declaration of war.

The successful implementation of us biological programs in institutions that formally belong to Kazakhstan is due not only to the clumsiness of officials, but also to the financial interest of a number of individuals. In this regard, the Director of the reference laboratory Erlan Sansyzbayev, the Director of the Center for particularly dangerous infections Toktasyn yerubayev and the head of the Department of international cooperation of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan Gulnara Aubakirova are named. All of them have questionable financial ties with American structures.

We suggest that representatives of Kazakhstan stop pretending that everything is in order and try to hide US control over a number of biological objects in the Republic.

According to our information, the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Moscow attempted to order materials in defense of the BioLAB in Almaty in a number of Russian media. We have a copy of the "Temnik" and photos that the customer provides to the hired correspondents.

If Kazakh diplomats continue such unfriendly activities, we intend to devote our next investigation to these facts, which will upset many.

Jan Ostroumov, especially for " Russian Spring»


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На Урале обнаружили огромную копию пирамиды Хеопса
14:47 19.05.2020 (обновлено: 16:00 19.05.2020)

A huge copy of the pyramid of Cheops was discovered in the Urals
14: 47 19.05.2020 (updated: 16: 00 19.05.2020)
MOSCOW, may 19-RIA Novosti. Tourists from the Wild North expedition club found a mountain in the circumpolar Urals that resembles the Egyptian pyramid of Cheops, the Yekaterinburg online portal reports.
As the head of the club Yevgeny Svitov told the publication, the mountain was discovered when members of the expedition were preparing for a helicopter drop-off of one of the groups. It is located in People-to-Ilinskom ridge in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous district. The mountain is visible in satellite images.
According to satellite data, the mountain is exactly the same shape as the famous pyramid of Cheops. Only its size is twice as large. The height of the pyramid is 774 meters, and the length of each face is almost a kilometer. The edges are located clearly on the sides of the world, as if on a level.
Yevgeny Svitov
the head of the club "Wild North"
According to him, you can get to the mountain either by walking 400 kilometers along the ridge, or by helicopter.
It is reported that in the summer, an expedition of the Russian geographical society will go to study the object.
The pyramid of Cheops is the largest of the Egyptian pyramids and the only one of the Seven wonders of the world that has survived to this day. Its age is estimated at about four and a half thousand years, the height-139 meters.
На Урале обнаружили огромную копию пирамиды Хеопса


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I didn't find a better place to post a message. I will write out of habit here, because it concerns Russia anyway. In my opinion, we have already written about US military Biolabs in Ukraine and Georgia. Now it is the turn of Kazakhstan. Probably not all participants of the forum know what this country is and where it is located (I don't want to offend anyone here, it's just that this state is really not the most active in international Affairs), but American military biologists-virologists know well and use it with all their might.
Lavrov brought some of this up in mid June 2018, and there have been discussions (not that it has to do with this Almaty Lab) with the "Valdai Club and the Kazakhstan Council on International Relations" - the more recent actions in Iran (canceling the Nuclear agreement by the U.S.) seemed to have put back plans, which then brings up what these said plans where - see here, and in this, it was a transportation framework envisioned (North South International Transportation Corridor) out of Moscow, including the Caspian:

Note back to Lab in Kazakhstan, there was the issues some time ago concerning dead seals washing up in the Caspian (243 dead seals) and there was some testing done out of the Almaty-based Research Institute of Hydrobiology and Virology (wonder if this is the Lab referenced in what you wrote?), whereby at the time (2017) they tested samples from the seals and found no toxins.

A huge copy of the pyramid of Cheops was discovered in the Urals
Here is an enlarged photo (seems to be 4 sides - yet natural? - looks to be part of the rock stratum?):



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"Министерство правды" (по Оруэллу) в действии.

«Роскомнадзор должен остановить беспредел YouTube» — удалены каналы с миллионными просмотрами по Донбассу и Сирии
20.05.2020 - 12:32

"The Ministry of truth" (according to Orwell) in action.

"Roskomnadzor must stop the lawlessness of YouTube" - removed channels with millions of views in the Donbass and Syria
20.05.2020 - 12:32
Today, the YouTube administration removed the channels of News Front, Anna News and Krym-24 news agencies without warning.

The editors of the channels that were subjected to unjustified punitive measures have already made appeals on the fact of the incident.

News Front
Today, without making a claim, YouTube removed the News Front channel, which existed for 5.5 years, had more than 450,000 subscribers and about half a billion views. The channel did not have any warnings about violating community rules this morning.

The channel has been widely presented video Chronicles of the war in the Donbas since 2014. More than 30 videos had over a million views, and the top ones — 2-3-4-5 million.

Anna News and Krym-24 channels were also deleted.

The West's manic fear of the truth and any alternative opinion leads to blocking and deleting objectionable content. There seems to be no other way to resist the truth!

If officially registered Russian media are not allowed to work on Facebook, YouTube and Google sites, if the accounts of Russian government officials are blocked, but at the same time comfortable conditions are created for harmful, anti-state and enemy propaganda, then maybe it is time for Roskomnadzor to raise the question of the feasibility of such services in Russia?

This situation should be the focus of Roskomnadzor's activities in the context of information warfare.

Konstantin Knyrik, head of News Front news Agency

Anna News
Friends! Today, once again, the Youtube management blocked the main and news channels of our Agency. And again, as usual, without explaining specific reasons, referring to "violation of the site's rules".

Two channels were blocked at the same time, meaning that they both violated the rules at the same time.

The editorial Board analyzed the latest published material on both channels and found no violations of the community rules.

As you may remember, mass blocking of Russian-language news resources is carried out regularly by YouTube, and such actions will not be able to stop the Agency's work. Now the editorial Board is preparing an official appeal to the site administration to restore the channel.

Anna News Editorial Board
«Роскомнадзор должен остановить беспредел YouTube» — удалены каналы с миллионными просмотрами по Донбассу и Сирии


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It’s spiritual-architecture has been on the rise too. Putin oversaw the resurrection of the Russian Orthodox Church, including the reconstruction of some 23,000 churches that had been destroyed or fallen into disuse.
It will open on 9 May, the 75th anniversary of Nazi Germany’s surrender in WWII.
Here is another video of the military cathedral. It's quite impressive.
It is truly a work of beautiful art.
I've seen many beautiful churches in Europe, but this one is uniquely beautiful! It's breathtaking.



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Also, Putin thus made it clear that he will step down in 2024 by his address to the nation, since he explicitly approved/agreed with the two-term in a row limit already set forth in the constitution for the president. This means in 2025 we will see a new russian president and Putin will go into his wellearned retirement.:cry: :-/:-) :flowers: If he will ever run again is in the air, but my hunch is that he will not. Interesting times ahead!
Nope! I must have misunderstood something about the changes to the constitution in that regard. Russian people can vote to adopt those changes on the first of July. If they vote for the adoption, Putin can theoretically stay in power for at least another 12 years after 2024!

And Putin doesn't discount that possibility, so it looks like there is a good chance that he will stick around a lot longer, assuming humanity makes it that far.

“I don’t rule out such a possibility,” if the necessary amendment to the constitution is approved, Putin said in a Rossiya 1 television documentary broadcast late Sunday. “I haven’t made up my mind yet.”


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President Vladimir Putin joined a spectacular Red Square military parade on Wednesday to mark the 75th anniversary of the Soviet Union's World War II victory over the Nazis. The event was initially postponed from May 9 because of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Published on Jun 24, 2020 (8:22 min.)

Full version:

Published on Jun 24, 2020 (1:17:08 min.)


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Nope! I must have misunderstood something about the changes to the constitution in that regard. Russian people can vote to adopt those changes on the first of July. If they vote for the adoption, Putin can theoretically stay in power for at least another 12 years after 2024!

And Putin doesn't discount that possibility, so it looks like there is a good chance that he will stick around a lot longer, assuming humanity makes it that far.
A week away from that vote ... and some in the American Press are trying to sway the vote, by spreading false rumors and dis-information
about Putin.

From Business Insider:
Russia reportedly paid Taliban-linked militants bounty money to kill American troops

From Market Watch:
Russia offered Afghan militants bounties to kill U.S. troops: report

From AFP:
US thinks Russia spies aided Taliban attacks: report

From the New York Times:
Russia Secretly Offered Afghan Militants Bounties to Kill U.S. Troops, Intelligence Says

From the Daily Mail:
Russia paid Taliban BOUNTIES for killing U.S. troops in Afghanistan

From Reuters:
Russia offered Afghan militants bounties to kill U.S. troops: NY Times


A real "fact-based" article on Putin:

Why I Voted for 'The Russian Amendment' to the Russian Constitution
June 25, 2020 - As of today, voting has started on the Putin amendments to the 1993 Russian Constitution, which was imposed on us under tank barrels and sponsored by the US State Department.

As a result of the coronavirus, the voting will run from June 25 to July 1, with people being given the chance to vote from home or, in a new innovation for Russia, online (at least in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod). I did so myself today, the process was quick, simple and accomplished through the Gosuslugi state e-services portal.

My primary reason for voting YES is that, unlike the globalist 1993 Constitution, this one would define the “carriers of the Russian language” to be the “state-forming” people of the Russian Federation (государствообразующий народ), which is really a round-about way of saying ethnic Russians without really saying it.

This is something that Russian nationalists and some nationalist-adjacent people, such as Konstantin Malofeev and elements of the Russian Orthodox Church, had insisted upon – and we (mostly) got what we asked for.
Comments of the Constitutional Court which clarify the Official Line [PDF]:

The provision on the Russian language as the language of the state-forming people, as part of the multinational union of equal peoples of the Russian Federation (Article 68, part 1, of the Constitution of the RF in the present edition), is based on the objective recognition of the role of the Russian people [russkie] in the formation of Russian statehood, whose continuer is the Russian Federation. It does not detract from the dignity of other people, and cannot be considered as incompatible with the provisions of the Constitution of the RF on the multinational people of the Russian Federation (Article 3, part 1), with the equal rights and freedoms of the person and citizen irrespective of his/her ethnicity (Article 19, part 2), or with the equal rights and self-determination of peoples (preamble).
That’s a lot of bureaucratese, but it’s ultimately pretty unambiguous.

As I pointed out, most Eastern European countries and for that matter many of the Russian Federation’s own ethnic minority republics are “national states” according to their Constitutions. And, in rejoinder to the more “multinational” sovoks, it need be noted that even the RSFSR Constitution of 1978 mentioned ethnic Russians (russkie) in its preamble. I do not believe that Russians are inferior to Poles, Hungarians, or Tatars and that as such we do not deserve our own national state.
Although some of the more autistic Russian nationalists have insisted on opposing the amendment on account of there being no explicit mention of “russkie”, I consider this to be a moot point. The energetic opposition of self-hating Russian liberals, multinational “noviops” and ethnic minority nationalists to the amendments proves that they, at least, know what’s up.

The new Constitution also makes reference to Russia’s “thousand year history of statehood” (thus at least implicitly claiming successorship over the political carapace it assumed during this period, as opposed to the 1993 Constitution treating it as a novel, historyless formation), makes mention of God, and defines marriage as a union between man and woman. Incidentally, the US Embassy seems to have taken especially sharp exception to that latter part:

Politologically, apart from some vague additional social guarantees that were transparently made to increase turnout, the main change is of course that it “nullifies” Putin’s existing terms, allowing him to theoretically run for another couple of six year terms after 2024. I do not think Putin will, at least past 2030, though it should be noted that even if he powers through until 2036, he would still be only a year older than Biden would be at the end of his term in 2024.

In any case, this is not a huge concern for me. And as I also said, I think the main function of the amendment is to give Putin more options come 2024, flexibility that will be needed given the increasingly fraught geopolitical situation with respect to the Great Bifurcation and the apparent disintegration of traditional American identity. And even if he does run again and again, this has become less of an issue for me, I have become a lot happier with Putin since c.2018, as he has moved in an increasingly nationalist-technocratic direction.

Two examples from just the past day continue to illustrate that.
First, in a documentary released on June 21, Putin implicitly noted that Russia was shorn of many of its traditional, historical territories in 1991. This is not an isolated occurrence, he has been increasingly overt about this in the past couple of years:

Firstly, Crimea has always been ours, even from the legal point of view. Secondly, we did not get it – the people living in Crimea decided to reunite with Russia, and this is the highest degree of manifestation of democracy.
When the Soviet Union was created, the right of withdrawal was stipulated in the treaty. Since the procedure of withdrawal was not specified, the question arises: if this or that republic became part of the Soviet Union, got a huge amount of Russian lands, traditional Russian historical territories, and then suddenly decided to leave this union. Let it at least leave with what she came. And not to carry away gifts received from the Russian people with it.
Incidentally, as pointed out by blogger denalt, the new Constitution even has a point clarifying the political rights of territories that subsequently join the Russian Federation. While the Constitution bars Russians from the Presidency if they had ever held a foreign citizenship or residency permit, and requires that they have been resident in Russia for the previous 25 years, an explicit exception is made for such territories, which include Crimea now and possibly other recovered “gifts” in the future.

Second, Russia introduced some further economic reforms. The most notable has been that Russia has ditched its flat income tax of 13%, adding an additional bracket of 15% for those making more than 5 million rubles ($72,000) a year. The flat tax has long been a Communist bugbear, and I assume this was done to assuage some of their concerns while making what is in reality a very limited concession.

Probably of more importance, the corporate tax rate on IT companies has been reduced from the standard 20% to just 3%, putting Russia on par with India and Ireland. This is very good news for Russia, since venture capital funding for IT projects is badly developed relative to most of the developed world and China. In line with this, there have recently been rumors that the Kremlin is trying to poach back Pavel Durov, the based, libertarian, and fasting founder of VK and CEO of Telegram. Possibly adding credence to these rumors is the fact that Telegram has been unblocked in Russia a few weeks ago (not that the block was ever very effective). As it is a well established fact that Putin reads my blog, and bearing in mind that I have constantly called for banning Western social media within Russia… well, Russia has Yandex (Google), it has VK (Facebook) – and Telegram wouldn’t make a bad substitute for Twitter. Though, yes, these are just speculations.

Will the Constitutional amendment win?
Obviously it will, solidly – and yes, including accounting for any shenanigans. The polls consistently show a victory for YES (the only exception, Superjob, is a very low quality Internet poll that has always been wrong, I don’t know why people even cite it).

As a referendum on Putin, he might be down from his stellar pre-pensions reform ~80% approval ratings, but his current rating of 60% is still highly respectable by international standards.

Also, as usual, the non-systemic opposition is divided on whether to vote NO or boycott. In a bold and uncharacteristic show of defiance, KPRF leader Zyuganov has actually urged his commies to vote NO.

According to the first exit polls from VCIOM, the result is 72.9% YES and 26.6% NO. Though the result may yet go down, probably the people most enthusiastic about the amendments (such as myself) voted earlier, and 31% of exiting people refused to answer.

FWIW, my own prediction, made a couple of weeks ago, is 65% YES [Twitter; PredictionBook].


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The Federal Assembly Speech; Putin vows to rein in capitalism and shore up sovereignty

January 24, 2020 - Western elites and their lackeys in the media despise Russian president Vladimir Putin and they make no bones about it.

The reasons for this should be fairly obvious. Putin has rolled back US ambitions in Syria and Ukraine, aligned himself with Washington’s biggest strategic rival in Asia, China, and is currently strengthening his economic ties with Europe which poses a long-term threat to US dominance in Central Asia. Putin has also updated his nuclear arsenal which makes it impossible for Washington to use the same bullyboy tactics it’s used on other, more vulnerable countries.

So it’s understandable that the media would want to demonize Putin and disparage him as cold-blooded “KGB thug”. That, of course, is not true, but it fits with the bogus narrative that Putin is maniacally conducting a clandestine war against the United States for purely evil purposes.

In any event, the media’s deep-seated Russophobia has grown so extreme that they’re unable to cover even simple events without veering wildly into fantasy-land.

Take, for example, the New York Times coverage of Putin’s recent Address to the Federal Assembly, which took place on January 15. The Times screwball analysis shows that their journalists have no interest in conveying what Putin actually said, but would rather use every means available to persuade their readers that Putin is a calculating tyrant driven by his insatiable lust for power. Check out this excerpt from the article in the Times:
“Nobody knows what’s going on inside the Kremlin right now. And perhaps that’s precisely the point. President Vladimir V. Putin announced constitutional changes last week that could create new avenues for him to rule Russia for the rest of his life….(wrong)
The fine print of the legislation showed that the prime minister’s powers would not be expanded as much as first advertised, while members of the State Council would still appear to serve at the pleasure of the president. So maybe Mr. Putin’s plan is to stay president, after all?….(wrong again)
A journalist, Yury Saprykin, offered a similar sentiment on Facebook, but in verse:
We’ll be debating over how he won’t leave,
We’ll be guessing, will he leave or won’t he.
And then — lo! — he won’t be leaving.
That is, before the elections he won’t leave,
And after that, he definitely won’t leave.” (wrong, a third time)

(” Big Changes? Or Maybe Not. Putin’s Plans Keep Russia Guessing”, New York Times)
This is really terrible analysis. Yes, “Putin announced constitutional changes last week”, but they have absolutely nothing to do with some sinister plan to stay in power, and anyone who read the speech would know that. Unfortunately, most of the other 100-or-so “cookie cutter” articles on the topic, draw the same absurd conclusion as the Times, that is, that the changes Putin announced in his speech merely conceal his real intention which is to extend his time in office for as long as possible. Once again, there’s nothing in the speech itself to support these claims, it’s just another attempt to smear Putin.

So what did Putin actually say in his annual Address to the Federal Assembly?

Well, that’s where it gets interesting. He announced changes to the social safety net, more financial assistance for young families, improvements to the health care system, higher wages for teachers, more money for education, hospitals, schools, libraries. He promised to launch a system of “social contracts” that commit the state to reducing poverty and raising standards of living. He pledged to provide healthier meals to schoolchildren, lower interest rates for first-time home buyers, greater economic support for working families, higher payouts to pensioners, raises to the minimum wage, additional funding for a “network of extracurricular technology and engineering centers”. Putin also added this gem:

“It is very important that children who are in preschool and primary school adopt the true values of a large family – that family is love, happiness, the joy of motherhood and fatherhood, that family is a strong bond of several generations, united by respect for the elderly and care for children, giving everyone a sense of confidence, security, and reliability. If the younger generations accept this situation as natural, as a moral and an integral part and reliable background support for their adult life, then we will be able to meet the historical challenge of guaranteeing Russia’s development as a large and successful country.”
Naturally, heartfelt statements like this never appear on the pages of the Times or any of the other western media for that matter. Instead, Americans are deluged with more of the same relentless Putin-psychobabble that’s become a staple of cable news. The torrent of lies, libels and fabrications about Putin are so constant and so overwhelming, that the only thing of which one can be absolutely certain, is that nothing that is written about Putin in the MSM can be trusted. Of that, there is no doubt. (Article continues.)


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A week away from that vote ... and some in the American Press are trying to sway the vote, by spreading false rumors and dis-information
about Putin.

From Business Insider:
Russia reportedly paid Taliban-linked militants bounty money to kill American troops
HuffPost is having a field day with this smear campaign against Putin and dragging Trump into it .. with the expectation of interfering with Putin's vote on the Amendment, while damaging Trump's chances for a second run at the Presidency. On the other hand, it has given Joe Biden a platform to demonize both Putin and Trump.

'Tre45on' Trends After Bombshell Story Claiming Trump Knew Putin Had Bounty On U.S. Troops (2 videos)
‎June‎ ‎28‎, ‎2020‎ - Critics erupted Saturday after an explosive New York Times story asserting that Russian President Vladimir Putin secretly offered a bounty to Afghanistan militants for American soldiers they killed — and that Donald Trump knew about it.

Both the White House and Putin denied the story Saturday. But it was concerning enough that several critics spoke out. The hashtag “Tre45on” — using 45 from the 45th president — was trending nationally on Twitter in reaction to the story Saturday.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden said Saturday that if true, the report is a “truly shocking revelation.”

Not only has Trump allegedly “failed to sanction or impose any kind of consequences on Russia for this egregious violation of international law, but Donald Trump has also continued his embarrassing campaign of deference and debasing himself before Vladimir Putin,” said Biden. He called Trump’s presidency a “gift to Russia.”

Trump denies he was briefed on Russia-Taliban bounty intelligence
‎June‎ ‎28‎, ‎2020‎ - The White House has denied that President Donald Trump was briefed on intelligence that reportedly showed Russia had offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing US soldiers in Afghanistan.

The rewards were purportedly incentives to the guerrillas to target US forces, as Trump tries to withdraw troops from the conflict-torn country -- one of the militants' key demands -- and end America's longest war.

Biden criticizes Trump for inaction over reported Russian bounties - Bing video

Add this stupid nonsense to the mix ... no wonder the general public is walking around in disillusionment like zombies?

Tech executives, activists launch super PAC to stop President Trump's reelection by using his tweets against him
A group of Democratic activists and organizations have partnered to launch a super PAC called Defeat by Tweet, which aims to use President Donald Trump's Twitter habit against him.

Powered by Momentum, an app that allows automatic donations to vetted nonprofits, Defeat by Tweet lets users pledge a donation between 1 cent and 10 cents for every time Trump tweets to his 82 million followers.

Each contribution will be made in the president's name and go directly to the Justice Fund, a group of 15 Black-led political organizations with the intention of thwarting Trump's reelection chances. Organizations like Color of Change PAC, The Collective, Black Voters Matter Fund and other similar political and social justice reform groups, especially those focused in swing states such as Michigan and Arizona, will be included in the campaign.
Is NORAD trying to "provoke" Russia? No reasonable cause to intercept Russian jets.

NORAD fighter jets intercept Russian military aircraft off Alaska
WASHINGTON June 27, 2020 - U.S. F-22 stealth fighter aircraft scrambled on Saturday to intercept four Russian reconnaissance jets off Alaska, said NORAD, the U.S and Canadian defense organization.

The interception of the Russian Tu-142s marks the 10th time this year that Russian military aircraft have been intercepted off Alaska, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, said in a statement.

The Russian aircraft did not enter U.S. or Canadian sovereign airspace, NORAD said.

The intercepting aircraft are based at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska, said a NORAD spokesman, Captain Cameron Hillier.

The incident is one of a series of back-and-forth probes by Russia and the United States this year. On June 19, Russia scrambled fighter jets to intercept two U.S. B-52 bombers flying over the Sea of Okhotsk, off Russia’s far eastern coast, the Interfax news agency reported.
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