Encountering a light being? Ghost??



I had an incident happen when I was in high school, and have always wondered about it.

I woke up in the middle of the night perched on the end of my bed (there was a flat, wooden board about 5 inches wide that was a part of the "foot board). I was on my knees and reaching out with one hand towards my doorway. I was asleep, but as I began to wake up, I saw an image of something white in my doorway. It faded away as I woke up, but appeared to be reaching "it's" hand out to me. If I had gone any farther, I would have fallen off of the bed.

After that, I laid down in my bed. I then had the overwhelming urge to crawl back out to the end of my bed and began to do so. I realized what I was doing, stopped, then went back to sleep. I was not afraid during any of this. Perhaps it was just a dream. I am not really sure.

Has anyone else ever had this type of situation happen to them?

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