EE classes now in Mexico!


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Si viven en México y tienen ganas de asistir a clases semanales, visiten esta página:

¡Por primera vez en México! La práctica en grupo es buenísima, y podrán no sólo recibir ayuda, sino también conocer a otras personas que practican el programa.

¡Imperdible! :clap:

If you live in Mexico and wish to attend weekly classes, visit this site:

For the first time in Mexico! Practicing in group is great, and you will not only receive help but also meet other people who do the program.

Not to be missed! :clap:
Esta es una noticia muy esperada! Ahora tendremos la oportunidad de comenzar a expandir el programa en los países latinoamericanos!

This is great news, very welcomed by everyone in latinamerican countries, its a great start to start expanding the program all across the americas!
Indeed, excellent news.

A bit far for me atm but if this will be a continuing weekly gathering, we'll do what it takes to attend in the not-too-distant future.

Great work folks! :thup:
I just heard that the EE classes in Mexico are doing great. Big kudos to logos5x5!!!

Given the great success of these classes, a new and better location is being offered:


¡Viva EE en Mexico! :clap:
Muy buena noticia! Gracias! La ciudad de México me queda como a 3 horas de vuelo en avion :cry:, pero el hecho de que ya estén en México aunque yo no pueda asistir, es una gran noticia, felicidades!

Great news! Thank you! Mexico city is about a 3 hour flight from the State that I live in, but just to see that you are now in Mexico even if I cant go, it's great news, congratulations!
Yeah, it's great news that EE is being established, growing, and spreading in Mexico (as in so many other places)! May it continue to help people all over the world, god knows we all need it.
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