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Greetings comrades! We have diet/health, travel, jokes, religion, etc but we don't have a forum discussing the economy.
Is there a reason for this?


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You can always post your thoughts on the economy in the What's on your mind section. That's a spot that covers all the areas that don't have their own section :cool2:


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Actually, I think this is a good idea too, but I'd even expand it. You know how we have "supplements" on SOTT like the meteor supplement etc? Well what if we had a forum section dedicated to "Areas to watch" (or something like that) - and then had a few categories in it specifically for, literally, current "signs of the times", and people from all around the world can post their local activity in those areas? Like say, economy, meteors, weather, politics, UFO sightings, etc that won't get reported in national news. The signs team can't cover everything - I think this might be a good type of place to collect data and get a picture of trends that news agencies do not cover.

Like say there is a freak storm somewhere in Somalia that just doesn't make it to the main SOTT page because it wasn't really reported on, or an area experiences unusual cold or warmth or whatever - but a forum member in Somalia (or wherever) experienced it. Would they make a new post in "What's on your mind" or some other section? Perhaps, or maybe they'll look for an ongoing weather-related thread and pop that in there if they can find one and a fitting place interject the data.

However, I wonder how much data like this does not make it to the forum because the individual doesn't think it's important/interesting enough to post in one of the more general topics? But together all these little bits of data can be important if they begin to show trends, and are consistent enough and could maybe be plotted on a graph or something etc.

Ok basically I mean exactly like the signs supplements but done by everybody, big group effort - and not just in random places in the forum or threads that seem to fit, but like a dedicated area where this data is not lost, and is logged and recorded and easy to find and seen in context with other data like itself (like a dedicated topic), etc. Those topics wouldn't be for editorial-like writings but just for actual data of events in various areas that is somehow "out of the ordinary" or important to watch - but also "unimportant" enough to not make it to national or international news (for example). The C's mentioned the south-west (I think) region of US being covered by a 4th density bubble - also could be a topic like that, like "space-time-reality anomalies" or something, etc. Do you think this is something that sounds like a good idea at all?

I mean I can see how the forum is already sort of doing that anyway, but I am just wondering if it's good as it is or if this idea (or something in that regard) might be useful to add?
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