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was wondering if there are any new articles.. or even interesting ones from the web on current status of earth. huge indonesian earthquake. quebec is undergoing a national emergency.. etc.

so what i gather from the c's is that these changes are a result of the coming wave. is it possible to observe this comet cluster yet? any sense of how soon this is going to occur.. i realize it all has to do with 'programming', etc...

i was also wondering if anyone thinks that maybe the state of global catastrophes is a result of various leaders in power desiring to bring on the eschaton.. but in a biblical prophecy sorta way... thru the use of weather modification tools. or is a possible attempt at destroying a certain % of the population because of the excess drain on resources.
This message on
caught my eye. So suddenly they admit they don't know what's happening:

Global Warming on Mars?

A study of the ice caps on Mars may show that the red planet is experiencing a warming trend.

After decades of thinking that the ice caps on Mars were mostly carbon dioxide (dry ice), planetary geologists are starting to think that those caps may be mostly fresh water ice instead.

Caltech planetary scientists have been keeping a close eye on the dozens of deep, wide pits in the southern martian ice caps. These pits have been growing larger every year, but they never get any deeper.

The scientists believe this means that there is a layer of dry ice that is evaporating off of a thicker layer of water ice. The yearly increases in evaporation may be caused by a global warming trend happening on Mars.

If both Mars and Earth are experiencing global warming, then perhaps there is a larger phenomenon going on in the Solar System that is causing their global climates to change.
Here is the latest earthquake records. Look how the quakes are slowly headed eastward in the US. The midwest has a very NASTY history of devistating quakes. Makes one consider what might be happening.

Actually, Tarri, the earthquake pattern shown seems rather usual for the continental U.S.

While the west coast is very seismically active, so are Nevada, Utah, Idaho and Wyoming - the New Madrid fault is located near the Mississippi which constantly evidences micro and small earthquakes in western Tennessee. Perhaps I'm not seeing what you're seeing?
No, you are right, the pattern is usual, I just find it interesting to see the pattern play out like it does, in that as things progress, you can see where all the faults are, and how they play like a domino effect. I'm just a junky when it comes to quakes.
Hi Tarri,
I am an earthquake junky too and I have found a site that has "better" graphics then the USGS
-- It gives you up to 2 weeks back and I like the circles better then the boxes
and they update automatic RRR
The last week I've read about a sizable earthquake in the news almost every day. Are they only reported more frequently recently or has the number of earthquakes increased? I notice this website: shows recent stats...
Past two weeks was very active in Greece, according to IRIS Seismic Monitor:
28-FEB-2008 07:53:22 36.19 21.96 4.5 10.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
28-FEB-2008 04:54:36 36.23 21.84 4.6 10.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
26-FEB-2008 16:10:38 36.17 21.98 5.0 24.4 SOUTHERN GREECE
26-FEB-2008 14:54:09 36.08 21.89 4.6 37.7 SOUTHERN GREECE
26-FEB-2008 10:46:10 36.18 21.94 5.0 10.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
20-FEB-2008 18:27:11 36.62 21.83 6.2 35.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
20-FEB-2008 08:06:22 41.54 13.74 4.6 20.0 SOUTHERN ITALY
19-FEB-2008 23:15:42 36.32 21.87 4.9 23.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
14-FEB-2008 17:26:45 36.56 21.73 4.6 53.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
14-FEB-2008 12:08:56 36.44 21.90 6.4 30.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
14-FEB-2008 10:09:23 36.63 21.79 6.7 30.0 SOUTHERN GREECE
I'm just curious, if this can be related with recent fish dying off in western Greece. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find this news on English speaking medium. News was broadcasted by one of 4 major Croatian TV's.


Apparently, fish dying off was caused by lack of oxygen. According to biologist Vangelis Dimitrou they have found 800 tons of dead fish on depth of 17 meters. Fish died in just few hours and he never saw this kind of event in his life.
Any more news about?
Also being a regular observer of worldwide earthquake activity, I was somewhat surprised to see activity on the Illinois/Indiana border, near the Ohio river(April 18th). Apparently a 5.2 with aftershocks as well.

This info was gathered from the USGS website.

Don't recall another in this area since I've started observing,a few years ago. Oughta not be so surprised, I reckon.

Edit: Just saw this written about on Sott here:

Cart before horse....

I found this statement by the Nevada Geological Society. I was prompted to look this informtioin up after a story in my local paper ran which indicated that the usual pattern of Earth Quakes is to start big with several small after shocks to follow. The pattern in Nevada is that the quakes have started small and are gwoing in intensity and they predict Nevada will have a quake in the 6-7 range ---soon.
On the night of August 1 (eclipse of the sun) around 9 pm there was an earthquake near Izmir. It shook really hard for a short time. But the funny thing is when I checked this site which is Turkey's official site and also the usgc site there was no earthquake at around that time near here. I checked with the neighbors, most have felt it too. It felt like over 4.5. Could there be blind spots in the seismological instruments network, I don't know.
Date Time Latit(N) Long(E) Depth(km) MD ML MS Region
---------- -------- -------- ------- ---------- ------------ -----------
2008.08.01 22:43:57 36.0262 26.3267 11.5 3.7 3.6 -.- MEDITERRANEAN SEA
2008.08.01 17:10:21 37.1505 36.0377 19.6 3.2 -.- -.- KOSRELI-CEYHAN (ADANA)
2008.08.01 15:47:12 37.6378 43.9157 5.0 3.4 -.- -.- BAGISLI- (HAKKARI)
2008.08.01 15:38:16 38.8380 25.8392 9.8 3.3 -.- -.- AEGEAN SEA
2008.08.01 15:16:22 37.6213 43.9733 5.3 3.9 4.0 -.- BAGISLI- (HAKKARI)
2008.08.01 13:13:36 37.8088 27.0123 8.3 2.8 -.- -.- KUSADASI KORFEZI (AEGEAN SEA)
2008.08.01 12:09:34 39.4823 33.0833 9.9 3.2 -.- -.- AFSAR-BALA (ANKARA)
2008.08.01 11:29:43 37.0425 28.0722 5.4 2.7 -.- -.- GOKOVA KORFEZI (MEDITERRANEAN SEA)
2008.08.01 10:52:37 36.0517 31.7593 23.2 -.- 3.4 -.- MEDITERRANEAN SEA
2008.08.01 09:53:41 38.6395 33.7835 5.1 2.8 -.- -.- ACIPINAR- (AKSARAY)
2008.08.01 09:01:15 36.9600 29.1452 3.3 3.0 -.- -.- CAMELI (DENIZLI)
2008.08.01 07:57:46 38.8412 25.7297 7.0 -.- 3.7 -.- AEGEAN SEA
2008.08.01 06:24:01 38.7707 25.9427 2.7 3.3 -.- -.- SAKIZ ADASI (AEGEAN SEA)
2008.08.01 06:18:46 37.0212 29.1127 5.0 2.7 -.- -.- CAMELI (DENIZLI)
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to inform those who are interested that there was an earthquake in Hungary on Jan 29, 2011. My friend from Bratislava, Slovakia, told me about it.
You can read about it more at the link below. Our planet is sure starting to shake its foundation.
Hi cholas and other quake-aphiles!

I found the IN quake a bit strange also until I checked it against a map of gas mining sites and found it in the immediate vacinity of several operations. This is a difficult complicator for analysis of quakes in an area. Because of the aggressive techniques used in gas extraction, it is now not possible to know if a quake under about 4.0 is truly a techtonic event or one which was induced.

I contacted USGS about this and they said it really depends on which regional seismic monitoring agency is involved as to whether an induced quake gets listed as a quake or deleted by a seismologist as not techtonic. They cited the Univ. of Utah as more proactive in this regard - so listed quakes in Utah and Yellowstone are more likely to be genuinely techtonic (or magmatic in Yellowstone's case) than some other areas.

For those monitoring CA, quakes around the Geysers area are more likely to be industry related. Apparently hydraulic fracturing is not allowed in CA but geothermal IS at the Geysers.

The only way I could think of to determine the nature of some quakes was to find the individual maps of gas mining sites and print them out. If a quake strikes me as odd, I can compare its location to gas mining operations. This is complicated however by the fact that there are so many types of gas mining operations. You need a map of Halliburton's, a map of conventional gas, unconventional gas, tight gas, coal seam gas, methane gas, shale gas, etc. A useful article to read first might be this one on hydraulic fracturing:

I found most of the individual maps by checking industry web sites and publications for individual companies or industry representative groups such as publications which analyse profit margins and trends for specific types of mining ops.
Ok, i figure we could use a thread where we list the quakes in our areas, instead of just creating a bunch of threads about it.

I dont know about where you all live, but here in the Dominican Republic we've had way too many quakes so far this year. Strongest has been 5.5, but in the last 24 hours we've had a 5.1 (yesterday), 4.1 and a 4.6 today, the last one about a half hour ago. Hopefully we'll just get many smaller ones and not a big, bad one :/

Of course there's a fault that crosses the island, so we should be aware we're at risk here, but i honestly cant remember the time when it's shaken this much in such a short period of time.
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