Earth Inner core


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Today i read this article on SOTT

And this is a quote from that article

Not only are the iron crystals in the inner-inner core aligned differently, they behave differently from their counterparts in the outer-inner core. This means that the inner-inner core could be made of a different type of crystal, or a different phase.

And this is a quote from the Session 12-09-1998
Q: (L) Well, off to the side, just what IS at the core of our planet?
A: Fluid crystalline gas core.
Q: (L) And what is this fluid crystalline gas core composed of?
A: Methane and ammonia.
Q: (L) How does methane and ammonia be crystalline?
A: They can be under the correct magnetic conductivity.
Q: (C) Can the condition found at the core be duplicated on the surface of the

A: No.
Q: (C) So you couldn't achieve the proper magnetic conductivity?
A: Right.
Q: (L) What is so particular about methane and ammonia that it composes the core?
A: Methane binds to the ammonium crystals.
Q: (L) Well, that's the most bizarre thing I ever heard!

I think that they have found something , and maybe this time Cs were right again about Earths most inner core.


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And millions of cubic tons of methane are being expelled I tot he air in California on a daily basis. I wonder.....?
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