Dreams of the people on the forum


Jedi Master
I had a very vivid dream a few weeks ago of the Forum being hosted in a regular old office building. I went up the elevator and met Joe. There were more and more cars being parked outside which represented to me more and more people belonging and getting knowledge. It felt quite positive indeed!
Today I had a dream. I rarely have dreams, I don't remember them (due to the constant use of MJ), but this dream (or rather the general impression) I remember. In short, in the dream, I was in some kind of castle, but this castle is all technological and more like a place where lizards live (a dungeon maybe), and they showed and told me everything there, but not only that, I solved some questions there myself , то есть - не "туристом" был :). Maybe it was theft, although I'm not sure, as the protection of the golden ball is set :). In connection with this, I will tell you another dream. My friend and I are in the central square, people are walking around, I raise my head, and there is a “plate” of lights flashing, I tell my friend - look!!!, but he doesn’t seem to hear me at all, and the people around me don’t see anything either, although my behavior clearly indicates that the situation is non-standard :), and they have zero attention. And then this “plate” began to lift me towards itself, I immediately imagined myself in a golden ball and immediately woke up. So “there is preparation :). Maybe these are just dreams inspired by impressions, or maybe not so;)
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