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Hii all!

I recently (month ago) received my crystals, including the dream stone. They do 'their work', I guess.
Putting this gem next to my bed gave me the first two nights a recurring dream about a sensitive subject of my life I haven't really processed yet. I thought this was a big sign, and a some affirmation they are doing something to my dream work.

Before I had the dream stone I used to lucid dream a lot. Every few days. Sometimes I attempted to Astral project from this lucid state. Not succesfull yet, but I was feeling I was getting closer. This was very exciting to me, and I was looking forward to the first conscious OBE.

Since the dream stone I havent had a single lucid dream. Non. My dreams are vivid, clear, I guess not always loaded with more meaning. But my ability to control dreams seems totally vanished.

I dont know how interpretate this.
Is there anyone here with lucid dreaming/astral projection experience, combined with the dream stone?


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Since the dream stone I havent had a single lucid dream. Non. My dreams are vivid, clear, I guess not always loaded with more meaning. But my ability to control dreams seems totally vanished.
Interesting! Maybe because having dreams are more helpful to your development than OBEs/lucid dreaming. You might be interested in this thread about OBEs/Astral project: Astral projection

Note for example:

Joe said:
It is not our experience that "astral projection" is "efficient" or useful for anything in terms of spiritual, physical or any other type of advancement. The simple reason for this is that it is our working hypothesis that we must first master the problems of "physical life" problems specifically related to human relationships, the emotional and intellectual spheres of human life and their concomittant and usually deeply entrenched programs relating to narcissism, and also the phenomenon of psychopathy (as general topics).

The Work on these areas is very demanding and goes to the very core of what it is to be human at this level, and it is after all, at this level that we find ourselves. So called "spiritual" practices such as AP are for us either a distraction or of a level and nature that we are not yet, as 3D humans, able to navigate with sufficient confidence, mainly because they pertain largely to life outside the body.


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Hi Oxajil, yeahh that was my first guess too. That it would be for a reason why Im not able.

The quote of Joe is talking about distraction. And yes I could see how you could distracted. But it is so much fun exploring lucidity, read about AP... I think I can not resist to remove the Dream Stone from my night stand for a few nights per week.


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My own experiences of spontaneous OBE is that nothing useful comes out of them at all. Didn’t help me to learn to pay off my debts, or how to communicate effectively with other people, tend my garden or clean my house. I know it seems like something fun and cool but I have heard of one account of someone’s brother who could not get back into his body. He has been in psychiatric care facility for some years. Another account of a coworkers brother who after practicing and training in astral projection/OBE had to fight to get back into his body. He quit after that.


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I second what gottathink said. When I was a child OBE occured naturally and didn't even realise that not everybody experienced this.
Later, in my twenties, in a rather difficult period of my life, after leaving my family, my country, and living alone in Paris, I became passionate about Castaneda's work and began to practice lucid dreaming and OBE, with rapid successful results. This become the main interest in my life at that moment.
In the beginning I found this funny and exciting, exploring others dimensions, travel in space and time (although this was rather limited), but after one year and a half the result was that I became even more alienated than before, whereas what I needed and wanted the most was to live more fully in this reality, to feel more present and involved in my daily life, to "make" something of my life. So I put an end to this practice. Then, and until now, I still have been having lucid dreams. That's ok, but don't find that they bring me more than other dreams, and I don't try to have them. I agree with what Joe said, as it's only a committed work on myself that has really changed everything in my life.
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