Dr Katherine Horton - Fighting Psychopathic Systems

Sounds interesting. Here is her story: _https://stop007.org/home/about/
Her Twitter account: _https://twitter.com/stop007org

Rhythmik said:
This woman claims to be being attacked by intelligence agencies using some kind of neurological weapons. The number of her subscribers is not visible.

Downloaded all her videos from Youtube. Just in case.
When I saw her list of videos, I decided to watch the first one. I've only made it to minute 20 or so, and I wasn't too impressed. Her explanations are a bit all over the place, and shallow, IMO. Also, she recommends Sheridan and Weidner at some point. Well, that interview of theirs might be good (I haven't watched that one), but that was a red flag.

Her story sounds quite farfetched to me, but I guess everything is possible...

From this little bit of information, and FWIW, I would rather be quite skeptical about what she says.
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