Dr. Jim Carpenter's First Sight theory


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Here's one way that 'time' might help.

In dog training/behavioural psychology there is the concept of contiguity. In that field there are definite timings for optimal learning. If behaviour and consequence are paired within 0.5 to 1 second, there is optimal learning. If the time between the behaviour and consequence is stretched to 1 second - 3 seconds, there is still learning but the results are a bit sloppier. If it's stretched out more, from 3 seconds - 10 seconds learning may happen but there are no guarantees and it's a very grey area. After 10 seconds, there is no learning at all.

When I first learned this I found an online timer to practice what if felt like to have the timing correct for optimal learning when I was training a dog. There could be a lot of things going on so I couldn't count off time or watch a clock to be sure I'd gotten it right. I had to be aware of my own internal state so that I wasn't being distracted from the training. I had to be aware of the dogs internal state so that I was acting to support the classical conditioning necessary for the training objective, I had to be aware of the dogs behavioural sequences so that I could deliver either the encouragement or discouragement at the right time and I had to keep the ultimate goal of the training in mind.

So finding a way to practice the timing and get a felt sense of it away from training the dog seemed a good idea. In each 0.5 - 1 second interval I had to make a decision and I had basically 6 choices.

1) Encourage the behaviour
2) Discourage the behaviour
3) Ignore the behaviour
4) Stop and return to an earlier segment of the behavioural sequence to solidify that in the dogs mind.
5) How would I effect the above? What area of training/behavioural psychology would I rely on? Would I change methods based on what I was observing from the dogs response?
6) Take a break from training.

When everything come together, things started happening that I referred to as 'One Second Wonders'. The dog would make a leap in understanding and you can see an 'aha' on their faces or a penny drop kind of expression of relief, or I would get the impulse to do something totally left field, a new combination of old methods or something unusual, and I couldn't tell you where that impulse come from, but I had to act on it inside that one second for the best benefit of the dog.

I kind of liken it to the ouija board process that started out really slow, but as time progressed that planchette moves around that board like it's got skates on and those with their hands on the planchette are perceiving and responding to something within that one second time frame that each letter is delivered in.

Then the murmuration of birds and how the latest session suggests that this is an expression of joy.

Also the C's saying that time is an illusion, but it's necessary for learning in this dimension.

I've noticed that by learning to pay attention in these fraction of a second increments, then I was seeing a lot more - didn't always have answers for exactly what I saw but I was seeing stuff. For example, a friend who had just done a relaxation exercise and was then asked a troubling question - it's almost like I could see or perceive something - nothing that I could accurately define - but it was like a movement of energy from his body to his head. This fellow ordinarily has a kind of expressionless face and is very private about his feelings and emotions. So to perceive that shift in him was new to me.

In any case, here's the kind of timer that I practiced with when I first started out:

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Just a heads up that there are some interesting articles up on SOTT on the topic of idealism (all is mind) vs. physicalism (all is matter):

And another heads up that we talked about this article on today's MindMatters:



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I just started to read this book and I'm pretty intrigued by it so far. Somehow I think what Carpenter tried to get at here is quite revolutionary and strikes me as something which might very well explain a lot of things, and at the same time raises a lot of questions not only about Parapsychology and the Paranormal itself but about many other fields including psychology, being and reality itself. It also seems to provide some solid and well-founded ideas/theories/models that can enable fruitful further research into various fields including the makeup of reality itself and provides a ground structure for how it might be done in the future.

For quite some time it seemed to me that there might be something that happens in reality constantly including and especially between people that we don't usually have direct conscious access to, but nonetheless has a big role to play in everything that happens. Like for example a nagging feeling/sensation that something is going on right now in this or that experience or interaction that goes far bejond just the physical senses. It is hard to put into words, but Carpenters seems to have managed exactly that with this book. His idea seems to directly address this elusive and mysterious aspect of reality, which according to him might be even the fundamental element of it.

It is almost like he describes the big elephant in the room we all interact with and are a part of constantly; That reality that is right in front of us all the time, yet we usually have no clue of its existence whatsoever, even though he goes as far as to suggest that this is actually the "first sight", meaning, that this is what happens at the initial and first level all the time. Somehow I think he is unto something with all of that. In fact, I think he has done an excellent groundbreaking job here that strikes me as something that might be pretty close to what actually is happening and going on all the time.

I find his analogy of "psi" to electricity also very helpful and I think he is onto something big time in suggesting to approach this subject from this angle; of something that is real, all around and in us all the time and nothing seldom or rare at all, yet we can't usually directly see or grasp it. His comparison of "rare" paranormal happenings that we consciously are aware of, like a Telekinesis experience for example, to a lightning bolt, is also very interesting and appropriate IMO. He suggests that like electricity, "psi" in all its forms is constantly all around us, in us, and we use it all the time, and that a lightening bolt is like a consciously experienced/measured paranormal experience that reaches our rational awareness out of the myriad of other happenings of that sort that constantly happen and remain in the "unconscious".

I also think his conclusion that any paranormal researcher should and has to educate himself about the psychology of human beings in all its aspect, from the cognitive level up to every aspect of it, as best as possible, is very fitting and right on the money.

So far the book seems like a treasure trove to me that opens up so many questions and ideas. I'm at his "Corollaries" about his theory at the moment, which are quite dense and hard to understand for me at the moment. It is like reading the descriptions in Lobaczewski's "Political Ponerology" and Collingwoods "Idea of History" for the first time, in the sense that every sentence seems to be so packed full of useful information (that you can hardly understand at the beginning), yet you can't quite grasp the depths and full implications of it even though it rings so true.

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I just got around to reading a blog post from Michael Prescott, posted originally on April 9. He usually focuses on parapsychology, but this post was on the similarities between psi phenomena and UFO phenomena. Anyways, at one point he writes this, in line with the discussion of Carpenter's work:

It may also be the case that more and more people can access this faculty as barriers to belief are broken down. It’s been reported that when Uri Geller came on the scene with his spoon-bending displays, ordinary people who watched him on television suddenly discovered that they, too, could bend spoons. Jack Houck, who for years has hosted “PK parties” where people bring their own cutlery and learn to manipulate it via PK, has said that the energy of a group is needed to, in effect, raise the vibrations in the room, and that the group’s initial skepticism and doubt must be broken down before dramatic effects will take place. Similarly, the spread of spiritualism in the 19th century seems due, in part, to the fact that people really were getting inexplicable results – and the more results people reported, the more likely other people were to get results. As barriers to belief were broken down, the phenomena snowballed.

This does have the appearance of a social mania or mass hysteria, but it could also be seen as the escalating activation of latent powers that are ordinarily unsuspected. (In fact, one might ask whether mass hysteria in general has a paranormal component, a kind of subliminal transference of thoughts and emotions that allows a certain state of mind to spread like wildfire and override rational restraints.)

Of course, Carpenter would argue that they're not "latent powers" - just as seeing the color red is not a "latent power" when you happen not to be looking at something red. Conditions just need to be conducive to the experience, and in the case of psi the conditions include the aims and meanings of the moment.

But what stuck out for me most was the bit in parentheses: the idea that social contagions might have a paranormal aspect. No idea if it's true or not, but it's an interesting idea and would make sense. And it would give some potentially sinister undertones to the spread of social contagions. Just think of the examples of such in the past 30 years or so: MPD, satanic ritual abuse, bulimia, gender dysphoria, suicide... Who might want such things to spread? And if such things are expressions of unconscious aims, whose aims might they ultimately represent?

Back to the UFO aspect, Prescott argues for the "collective unconscious" explanation, but then at the end writes that he's not entirely persuaded by this argument. It's a bit of a copout. So he gives some alternatives:

An alternative is that UFOs and their occupants are real, independent existents that are invisible to us under ordinary circumstances, but which become perceptible when we activate our seldom-used ability to perceive other planes of reality.

Or perhaps there is no contradiction between these two possibilities. If we could see things from a higher perspective, like a Flatlander lifted off his sheet of paper and looking down at his world from above, we might see that the same phenomenon can be both a subjective, symbolic thought-form and a real, independent entity in its own right.

Actually, I suspect something like this is probably true. I also suspect that my regular mind, as opposed to my higher-dimensional subliminal self, cannot possibly make sense of it.

Hyperdimensions, 'free-formal imagery', symbolic nature of higher realities. He might be closer to reality than he thinks!


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"Perhaps the subliminal self has far greater capabilities than we commonly suppose, notably the ability to get in touch with other realities or even to manifest pseudo-realities. Perhaps it takes a certain key individual, who is in some way a generator or facilitator of the phenomena, to get the ball rolling. Then, if other individuals happen to perceive the results, their own belief systems are knocked askew and they are able to contribute to the phenomenon and keep it going or even cause it to escalate. After a while, emotions die down, the mechanism (whatever it might be) is worn out, and the sightings subside – until such time as another portal to the subliminal self, another of "the doors of perception" (to use Aldous Huxley's phrase) is opened, and another series of sightings is inaugurated."

This is very interesting. The power of a group of people believing the same thing whether subjective or more knowledge based/ objective, I think we may be just getting an inkling of what's possible.

Reminds me of Castaneda's concept of an assemblage point:

“Inside of every human being is a gigantic dark lake of silent knowledge, which each of us can intuit. Sorcerers are the only beings on earth who deliberately go beyond the intuitive level by training themselves to do two transcendental things: first, to conceive of the existence of the assemblage point, and second, to make that point move.

“The most sophisticated knowledge that sorcerers possess, is of our potential as perceiving beings, and the knowledge that the content of perception depends on the position of the assemblage point.”

* * * * *​

“Any movement of the assemblage point is like dying. Everything in us gets disconnected, then reconnected again to a source of much greater power."

In other of his writings he explains that the assemblage point is 'fixed' by all of the people that one is influenced by during the process growing up. Parents, siblings, relatives, teachers, etc. In other words, our perception is fixed within the context of the cultural norms in which we develop. This is of course a good thing, but we really don't know to what extent that limits us. Or what a group of people enlarging that perceptual field might be able to experience.


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This discussion of "beliefs being broken down" impacting psi, etc reminds me of this discussion with the C's:

(Ark) Okay, so energy anomaly certainly. But when I am asking about poltergeist, I have in mind something like a table rising and flying across the room and being overturned and landing upside down somewhere. But... It just flies! It will fly normally. I don't see any laws of physics broken because it just flies. The whole table, you know? It doesn't go like half a table or something. It flies like if there was wind, and the wind took the table and moved it. So, it looks like all laws of physics are satisfied. It's not something strange like UFOs that move instantly from one place to another. They disappear. But this table just flies nicely.

(Pierre) You mean you just need a normal physical force to...

A: 3rd density.

Q: (Ark) But I would like to know whether conservation of energy is satisfied. This table when it's flying, does the energy come from the person that is responsible, or it comes from the vacuum, or it comes from... I don’t know from where?

A: Vacuum utilization by human information decoding.

Q: (Ark) I don't know how can we use this vacuum, except that there are some quantum things... Does it have anything to do with quantum theory?

A: Generally, yes.

Q: (Ark) Does it need hyperdimensions? Extra dimension?

A: Yes

Q: (Artemis) Is it sort of like an energetic alchemy?

A: Depends on what you define as alchemy.

Q: (L) Go back to the one before... [Review of answers to Ark's questions] So, what I want to ask is... Is it consciousness - whether it's conscious or unconscious - that acts as the bridge or the decoder... Well, let me ask this: Is the decoding the same thing as bridging the dimensions?

A: Close

Q: (L) Is it the human consciousness - whether conscious or unconscious - that does this?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) I would like to understand why with this poltergeist phenomenon, we have flying bottles, flying chairs, swinging chandeliers, but we don't have like flying mountains or flying houses. I mean, what...

(Andromeda) What limits it?

(Ark) What limits this kind of phenomenon? You see? Why people are not flying, but tables are flying?

(Pierre) There are cases of levitation.

(Ark) Why dogs are not flying but tables and chairs are flying?

A: Some humans and dogs have flown. Consensus limits possible objects.

Q: (Pierre) The beliefs. It reminds me of a question I wanted to ask for months. With Artemis and the guys here, we made this game here in the kitchen where we put our hands on someone's head. And then you concentrate and we were repeating something like 10 times or whatever. Then we put our fingers under the knees and armpits of the subject, and we lift them up. So maybe my first question is: Am I mistaken to think that in some cases, the gravity or the weight of the individual was really reduced?

A: Yes. Coral Castle.

Q: (Pierre) Yeah, exactly! So, through intention... Well, what I want to mention now: There were some cases where the consensus of the belief - maybe concerning the subject... It was with Atreides. He's heavier than the rest of us. He didn't seem to believe it. We did the same procedure, and it didn't work. He was the same weight, and we didn't manage to lift him. So if we didn't manage to lift him, is it because he didn't believe the experiment?

A: Active resistance.

Q: (Pierre) Okay, so he was not into it, or it was scary or whatever, he was not into this state of mind and we didn't manage to lift him.

(Andromeda) Sometimes there are people who don't necessarily believe it, but they're not actively disbelieving it.

(Pierre) Fighting against it.

(Andromeda) Right.

(Pierre) But in this case, he was opposing. We were not on the same wavelength.

(Mikey) Is that related to the Belief Center that the C's mentioned several times?

A: Yes

Q: (Ark) I would like to have a hint about which direction - if I want to understand this poltergeist thing - which direction in physics I have to go first of all?

A: Matter as manifestation of consciousness as a function of algebra between dimensions.

Q: (Scottie) That's easy!

(Pierre) Crystal clear. I would like to go back to this experiment we did. Obviously, we altered a physical constant, gravity, in a direction we wanted. It worked in this case because... I didn't believe it would work. I wasn't fighting against, but I didn't believe it. But then I suspect the girls were in such a state where the intention was stronger than the beliefs. Their intent, their will, was stronger than their belief.

A: Decoding subconsciously.

Q: (Pierre) Again, they use the word "decoding". Decoding means there is a code. What is the code they're referring to?

A: Information.

Q: (L) Well, okay... What is decoding information? In information theory, you have information and send it. The simplest example is the telephone. You pick up the telephone, you call somebody, they pick up their phone and say, "Hello?" You speak into the telephone, and your words are transformed or encoded into electronic signals which then travel across the line and are decoded by the telephone on the other end. That's not the end of it. It's just the mechanical part of it. There's another part of the decoding. The first is the information that exists in the head of the person who says the words. And then the reception of those words that have been coded and decoded by the machine into sounds, which make words. So there's a whole series of steps for decoding of information. If there is information in another dimension and that dimension is possibly something that your deep subconscious is connected to, then you're able to access that information; then you decode it even if unconsciously.

(Pierre) Okay, following you... Gravity is a consensus, and most of the time consensus applies. It's explicit. Acceleration, gravity, 9.81, etc. However, this concept of gravity, this physical law or norm or constant is related to more than that. There's more than the explicit information we have about gravity. If an individual managed to tap into it, decode it, and interact with it, he can make this constant NOT a constant anymore because he has access to more information relating to this physical entity.

A: Exactly.

Q: (Ark) Gravity is affected here, right? That's what we were told. And the gravity was affected in this poltergeist phenomenon. And in the poltergeist phenomenon there was this vacuum there. Is it in this case also gravity involved in changing then...?

A: Yes

Q: (Pierre) What they're saying is flabbergasting to me. What they're saying is all those physical constants...

A: Unstable gravity waves. Vacuum is information.

Q: (Ark) Now, when we use the term "vacuum" here, is it the same that other people would call ether?

A: Close

Q: (Joe) What do you mean by the vacuum?

(Ark) Quantum vacuum, zero point energy, right?

(Pierre) Non-local information?

(Ark) It's not clear, but among the physicists that were talking a lot about paranormal and vacuum, there was this CIA guy Puthoff. And the CIA is still studying this subject. How much did they progress? Is it in military use, or is it too fragile and depends on consciousness and so on?

A: They are frustrated by inconsistency of results. They do not realize the implications of STS vs STO on information in the vacuum.

Q: (Arky) Okay, I'm done.

(L) Well, I want to ask: What are the implications of STS vs STO on the vacuum?

A: STS is constrictive and inhibits flow.

Q: (Pierre) Since their project is based on STS motivations, it doesn't work very well because the foundation is decoding in interaction with information field and it doesn't flow.

A: Yes

Q: (L) So in other words, there is some truth to issues of good and evil in terms of STS and STO, and in terms of what can and cannot be manifested?

A: Yes

Q: (Joe) Don't have many people of the right orientation...

(L) I remember the C's said something one time about some kind of... what was it? The Ark of the Covenant could only be handled or used by somebody who had a pure STO profile because anybody else would be killed. Is that basically what we're looking at here?

A: Yes. Close.


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It may also be the case that more and more people can access this faculty as barriers to belief are broken down.

Probably that's how Placebo effect works: "I believe this thing can cure me", and it does!

(In fact, one might ask whether mass hysteria in general has a paranormal component, a kind of subliminal transference of thoughts and emotions that allows a certain state of mind to spread like wildfire and override rational restraints.)

This excerpt comes to mind:

A: It is not just "waves" beamed by such things as HAARP or microwaves, it is also a quickening of the cosmos. Those who are not integrated will disintegrate at an even faster rate than ever.
(L) Okay, you wanted to ask something about... (A**) What about these suicides in Bridgend, Wales? What's going on there?

A: Location amplifies the kinds of waves mentioned earlier leading to rapid disintegration.

Q: (L) So it's like underground water, or electromagnetic, or some kind of power point or something like that?

A: Yes

Q: (A**) So people are just disintegrating, and they're all hanging themselves. (Joe) Twenty four of them, all hung themselves. (A***) All under the age of thirty. (L) Well, you've got HAARP going, you've got microwave towers going, you've got cosmic waves going. (DD) I had a friend commit suicide in Tulsa last week.

A: Expect a lot more unstable behavior all over.

And there is also the following radio show on a similar topic:

Today on the Truth Perspective we discuss Lee Daniel Kravetz's latest book Strange Contagion: Inside the Surprising Science of Infectious Behaviors and Viral Emotions and What They Tell Us About Ourselves.

When Lee and his wife moved to Palo Alto, California in 2009 they hoped for a bright future for their baby boy. Unbeknownst to them a tragic string of suicides was threatening to rock the entire county. What began with one tragic event in 2008 morphed into entire suicide clusters that claimed the lives of several hundred children. Shocked, Kravitz and others set out to investigate why so many of the youth - strangers to one another - would take their lives in affluent Silicon Valley.

What Lee discovered was a veritable contagion of ideas, emotions and behaviors that, like others in history, swept across their society. This social contagion, when at its most malevolent, threatens the vulnerable and shakes communities to their core. But at its most positive it can inspire courage, bravery, and point our way to a brighter future.

Are our goals, emotions and ideas really ours, or are we each at the mercy of this strange contagion'? And, if we are at the mercy of these forces, is it possible to turn their tide to our benefit? We'll be discussing these questions and more today, on the Truth Perspective.


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And this is also why learning (continual knowledge input) is so important! Our mind can only work with what we give it. And the more knowledge we have, the better prepared we are to pick up on the subtle signs and nuances of reality, and thus the better prepared we are to choose the best course of action in any given moment.

Case in point was Flight 1549 Miracle on the Hudson

Chesley Sullenberger
Early life
Chesley Sullenberger was born in Denison, Texas.[6] His father was a descendant of Swiss-German immigrants named Sollenberger.[7] He has one sister, Mary. The street on which he grew up in Denison was named after his mother's family. According to his sister, Sullenberger built model planes and aircraft carriers during his childhood, and says he became interested in flying after seeing military jets from an Air Force base near his house.[8] He went to school in Denison, and was consistently on the 99th percentile in every academic category.[9]

At the age of 12, his IQ was deemed high enough to join Mensa International.[9] In high school, he was the president of the Latin club, a first chair flutist, and an honor student.[10] He was an active member of the Waples Memorial United Methodist Church in Denison,[11] and graduated from Denison High School in 1969,[10] near the top of his class of about 350.[8] At 16, Sullenberger learned to fly in an Aeronca 7DC from a private airstrip near his home. He said the training he received from a local flight instructor influenced his aviation career for the rest of his life.[12]

Civil aviation career
Sullenberger was employed by US Airways and its predecessor airlines from 1980 until 2010.[3][19][20] (Pacific Southwest Airlines was acquired by US Air, later US Airways, in 1988.) He holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate for single and multi-engine airplanes, and a Commercial Pilot Certificate rating in gliders, as well as a flight instructor certificate for airplanes (single, multi-engine, and instrument), and gliders.[21] In total, he has more than 40 years and 20,000 hours of flying experience. In 2007,[13] he became the founder and CEO of Safety Reliability Methods, Inc. (SRM), a firm providing strategic and tactical guidance to enhance organizational safety, performance, and reliability.[22]

He has also been involved in a number of accident investigations conducted by the USAF and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), such as Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771 and USAir Flight 1493.[23] He served as an instructor, Air Line Pilots Association Local Air Safety Chairman, accident investigator, and national technical committee member.[15][24] His safety work for ALPA led to the development of a Federal Aviation Administration Advisory Circular.[17] He was instrumental in developing and implementing the Crew Resource Management course that is used by US Airways, and he has taught the course to hundreds of airline crew members.[17][25]

Working with NASA scientists, he coauthored a paper on error-inducing contexts in aviation.[17] He was an air accident investigator for an NTSB inquiry into a major accident at Los Angeles International Airport, which "led to improved airline procedures and training for emergency evacuations of aircraft".[18] Sullenberger has also been studying the psychology behind keeping an airline crew functioning during a crisis.[26]

Sullenberger was active with his union, serving as chairman of a safety committee within the Air Line Pilots Association.[15]

He was a featured speaker for two panels: one on aviation and one on patient safety in medicine, at the High Reliability Organizations (HRO) 2007 International Conference in Deauville, France, from May 29 to 31, 2007.[27]


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This book is very useful for the diligent and astute investigator to find out what NOT to do. Mistakes: how to avoid them, so increase the chances of PSI working. Then its a lot easier to figure out what works. Best are Carpenters mentions of the statistics, the studies, what researchers found out did work in statistically significant number of cases and what didn't work.
The language of the book is horrible, a deliberate obfuscation, his decision to use either his newly made-up terms or use ridiculously snob - Hasnamuss - expert terms, when he could have used simple words, so we laymen would have instantly understood, WTH he is talking about here.

This book is clearly Political Warfare in Defunct Public Science. None of the publicly allowed-stamped-approved Public Sciences work and they are in a horrible state of deliberate neglect and criminal wrongdoing, considerable damage from vandalism done by influential psychopaths in science.
Carpenter first has to get through an insane amount of excrement that was thrown at the field of Parapsychology - first - and then can he get to ESP.

I just realized the excellent statistical utility of this book. Carpenter cannot and doesn't say how exactly can You make your ESP work via useful exercises and diligent work, but he says a lot, what mistakes the human mind makes - proven by numerous studies - mistakes that prevent ESP from working.

Statistical data and simply stating well studied facts is the real worth of this book. You won't find secret treatises and "magic" methods to enhance your PSI in this one.

Carpenter is more like David Paulides in his books, the Missing 411 series. We get lots of raw data and facts and the reader's task is to make up his/her own mind and think with a hammer and figure out how to use the excellent, dry statistical data and the descriptions & analyses of neurological processes provided in this theory.

I hated Carpenter for his stupidly convoluted terms he uses in this book, until I got to the chapter titled: PSI-MISSING AND ANXIETY. Then it dawned on me, what is going on here and how to make best use of his research in this excellent work!
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This does have the appearance of a social mania or mass hysteria, but it could also be seen as the escalating activation of latent powers that are ordinarily unsuspected. (In fact, one might ask whether mass hysteria in general has a paranormal component, a kind of subliminal transference of thoughts and emotions that allows a certain state of mind to spread like wildfire and override rational restraints.)

I think similar mass mind-programming on the social level is going on with cancer: Government spreads the main idea - with heavily suggestive Mind-Inhibiting Instructions - that cancer cannot be healed. Only Big Pharma's expensive Chemo works against cancer and expensive surgical operations work => the nowadays widespread horrible slaughterhouse Butchery committed by professional surgeons. Therefore most idiots believe cancer cannot be healed to the point that many people die from cancer.

In contrast Souled individuals effectively disbelieving the Governments hypnosis clearly can heal themselves of serious cancer by taking any substance, like eating sand or swallowing Vit C. Doesn't matter what these people eat, they apparently have the powers that can heal cancer.

If the liberating ideas of these Souled individuals would be widespread - and Big Pharma's Anti-Life Ideas were demolished on the societal level - I think then similarly: a lot more people in this world would wake up to the idea that it is a working fact, that if they dine on sand or chew tree-bark or eat Vit C, they can perfectly heal their advanced stage cancer. Just because the Souled can do it.
Anything works literally, as long as something is consumed, chewed, eaten, so stuff taken into the digestive system convinces the instinctive thought-center that because a substance was taken into the body, now its time to fully authorize the process of activating latent psychic powers, which sweeps up cancer in mere days.


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Reading this book further.. :umm: and trying to make some sense of it..

Comments in blue are mine.

Okay, so Mister Carpenter was useful, as long as he cited various statistics, hard results that were created by many parapsychological studies. These studies mostly involved a pair of unfortunates trying to guess each others thoughts or more interestingly cards guessing**. Why is card guessing interesting? See ** at the end of this post.

When no lab experiments were involved then of course he lists - or rather gives references to - exotic PSI accounts and researchers trying to make some sense of those, calling it Re-Evaluations of these and these famous anomalous events (that did NOT happen in a lab environment). White papers of these publications can be found on the net freely available. For example, one interesting white-paper I found, re-evaluated a historically important medium's manifesting water leaking into rooms either as a trickle or a flood on multiple occasions with witnesses present. Mediums fake then real, talking to the dead and bringing back info on the deceased they couldn't have known at all.

But when poor idiot Mister Carpenter STOPS citing DATA / statistics in this book - this type of book of his aptly called by G. a result of "Scientists Of The New Formation" - Mister Carpenter is starting to pull his apple-cart back to his Half Cooked-Cooky Theory. A theory, which he is UNABLE to formulate in simple words so everybody might decide if his proposal about PSI is valid or not.. But he is very stubborn to use his own needlessly convoluted phrasings, so people have a hard time making out What The Heck Mister Carpenter is WiseAcring about???!! As a result people are almost unable to decide if he should be called a researcher or just..
The Village Idiot = Hasnamuss™ ©(Master Gurdjieff).

He is making a serious mistake in chapter 6:
Three things that are commonly assumed, implicitly as much as explicitly, are that
1. psi is a collection of anomalous experiences,
2. that psi is some kind of ability, and that
3. psi stimuli somehow cause psi responses. [numbering is mine]

From the First Sight perspective, these are not helpful assumptions [?? says The Hasnamuss], and some alternative ways of construing things are preferred.
To sum up in advance, [here comes Mister Carpenter with all his guns firing]
1. psi is not a kind of experience,
2. nor is it a collection of abilities,
3. nor are psi responses caused by psi stimuli.

Okay, so he then starts to enumerate why PSI is not consciously used and PSI users really don't have an ability just some weird high luck at happenchance / coincidence to happen to find things that went missing with a pendulum over a map. And of course there is no pre-cognition at all. But most importantly PSI is NOT used voluntarily as a result of a determined, serious, conscious intent.

== So I couldn't take any longer his denial of - to our understanding - PSI as the result of lucky "juiced up" individuals having power centers (C's), that allow the use of PSI.. the same way as a hunter is allowed to hunt masterfully, when he procures a masterwork hunting rifle (now having a tool) and goes practicing in the wilderness. ==

What Mister Carpenter is unable to understand is above between ==

Here is the simplest explanation of PSI: [I think]

PSI users can use/manifest PSI as long as they have FUEL = a rare type of energy that they gain very slowly, just as a very thirsty movie-actor placing his cup under the meager outflow of a spring in the desert, which spring is almost dried up and the water droplets come verrrrrrry slowly. As a result the cup is only very slowly getting filled up with "precious spring water" = fuel for PSI. That's it.. just a couple of lines of explanation.

1. I think, people - PSI users described in section marked by == - are able to use PSI, because they have the power-centers = as tools AND because they are alive, meaning they have life-energy / life-force, which is slowly re-charged.

2. Life force - as G. described - can be converted into various types of Hydrogens = various types of energies. The type of energy or Hydrogen that is converted into PSI-fuel, I think, is Archangel Energy Type 6: Look at it in this picture. As you can see a Human and an Archangel (higher than 3rd Density being, probably 6thD?) share energy type 24 and 6.
Impressions enter the human machine in the top-floor as Hydrogen 48 and can become transformed into Hydrogen 24 and Hydrogen 12
Angels - probably 5thD or 4thD beings - don't share any energy type with humans on 3rdD, only Archangels do.

The difficulty of gaining energy types 24 and 6 is implied in G.'s explanation. I think it is 6, because it is even rarer and more mystical energy type. Obviously humans SOMEHOW gain or transform Type 6, I think, and they do it Oh-So very slowly!! Don't hang-up so much on G.'s Hydrogens, just take them as types of rare energy that - in order to be gained - MUST BE TRANSFORMED from lower energy types in order to be used as PSI fuel. Type 24 will do, but of course if you want "High Octane Nitro Rocket Fuel" for PSI, then you have to use 6.
Oh.. you used PSI and you are already out of energy? Oh, boy.. Then you obviously ARE DOWN to a bad compromise and you are forced to use energy Type 24, which is a lower octane fuel and I think you will be only able TO SEE LESS with lower type / lower octane energy.
I deliberately didn't mention Type 12, because serious PSI (for a TASK / Project C, which every parapsychologist denies that it can be done) demands a very rare energy type and I think, it must be Type-6. That's it.. Thank you for reading.

Well, cards guessing should be more interesting, since I think we can all agree that any card to be guessed first has to have a number printed on it. Or a picture, or a letter. So any card that can be guessed is printed.
Well.. who wants to guess cards in a lab?? Just to use up your precious PSI energy, that you labourously transformed by hard Work? Are you getting paid as a psychic in a lab? I doubt it..
So why might be getting really good at cards guessing an excellent idea?
Well, as you can see here, lottery-scratch tickets
are just like laboratory guessing-cards, they have numbers and symbols already printed on them. So they are like guessing cards, right? And also these scratch-tickets are in the PRESENT, meaning the data is already on them and a PSI user just has to go clairvoyant and SEE the numbers and symbols under the protective layer that needs to be scratched away. So what's holding a PSI user back?
Well.. ENERGY. These scratch tickets are very numerous and a winning ticket is very rare and "PSI-scanning" all the tickets - by hand like Geller and other experienced pendulum users do - takes a lot of energy.... just to determine the - probably disappointing - result: there is no winning "scratch-ticket" in the lottery booth this day.
This unfortunately would consume many months worth of super-precious and very slowly trickling / recharging PSI-energy.

This is why Geller went for the gold, detecting - essentially Radar-Locating it - literally By Hand. Just as experienced pendulum users become able to use their hands as Sensing Instruments.
Gold under the earth is the winning ticket, its stationary, its always there and Geller allegedly went to find it with a helicopter. Well, he must have been successful, because when I saw a video of his house on YT, I could only describe amount of super-expensive furniture and gold ornamentation there as "obscenely rich".
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