Doing battle in the night


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My dream for last night…I’m not sure how I’m feeling about it overall.

I was reading from ISOTM just before going to sleep. And for the first time in a while I didn’t do POTS. I was really tired and just turned off the bedlamp and snuggled down.

As I was falling asleep I was aware of a sound that seemed to be centred at the base of my skull, kind of a throbbing, but without the sensation of throbbing and it had a definite humming sound. I on the one hand felt that it was just something to do with my pulse and the position I was lying in, but on the other recognised that it was not quite in sync with my pulse, that the hums where on an entirely different meter. For some reason I felt that I should withdraw all permission for anything ‘hostile’ to enter me while I was sleeping, anything that did not serve the purpose for my own good or growth. I’m not sure why or how I felt that I could protect myself by doing this.

It felt as though I fell asleep and directly into a dream state. In the dream I was in some kind of common room at a caravan park, either a kitchen or a laundry, and it was night time. There was one other person in the room with me. I kind of fell to the floor just as another person was coming in the door. It was not a sudden fall, more like a slow supported fall. The person, a young girl, came straight over to me and offered to help me up. I told her that I was fine, I wasn’t hurt and that I could get up by myself. But as I moved to try and get up, I was as weak as a kitten. As I tried to reach up to the bench to pull myself up on, I was gradually losing the ability to move at all.

The young girl walked around behind me and put her hands on my shoulders and started dragging me backwards. As the young girl touched me the room went dark. It was kind of an effortless drag in that I was gliding in a reclined sitting position a few inches above the ground, backwards up a long hallway.

Next I was aware of being back in my bed laying in the same position that I’d been in as I went to sleep, but I couldn’t move. I tried to make some kind of sound to wake up my partner, but couldn’t do this either. I could only open my left eye. I don’t know if I physically did this or this was part of the dream. (Now that I think of it, it must have been in the dream because my view of the room was as though I was laying on my back, but I was laying on my side so that means that some of the things that I ‘saw’ would have been outside my field of vision) I could see movement around the room. I knew that they were all swirling around above me, but I couldn’t really focus on them. I get the impression that they were angry and menacing.

While the next events were unfolding I was trying to move despite my paralysis, this set up the sensation of a shuddering…kind of like a car would if you had it in too high a gear for the load that you’ve put on the engine. This shuddering continued until I woke up directly after the dream.

Two of the beings come into better focus and as this happened I started to try to say POTS, but I couldn’t move my mouth. But the words were going on in my head loudly. During the course of the next events, I think that I recited POTS this way three times. My left eye seemed to close during the second repetition, and it was like I was going to move away from this dream on one occasion, but I forced the eye back open.

One of the beings that come into focus was the young girl that dragged me out of the common room. She drifted around behind me again and out of my view. The other was a female also. Short blonde hair, kind of similar in appearance to the singer Pink, only longer and leaner in body. She seemed to be naked but there was no definition in her nakedness, kind of like she was wearing a body suit. These beings did not seem to have any solid form. I could both see them and see through them at the same time. The blonde that was hovering up near the roof to the left got angrier as I was reciting POTS and beared her teeth which were crowded, pointy and had a bright green glow to them. I interrupted POTS to say ‘Ha f@#ing ha! The comment meant to imply that you can’t frighten me with that. This is curious to me because I am generally someone who is ruled by fear and I dislike the ‘f’ word. But throughout this whole dream, I didn’t feel any fear. I just remember knowing that I had to stay totally aware of everything that was going on around me.

The dream ended as I completed POTS and I woke up, but it was still a few seconds before I could move. I was wide awake and contemplated the dream for a while before going back to sleep. It felt as though I'd only been asleep for a few minutes. I had no problem recalling the dream when I woke up.

I’d really like some help with deciphering this dream if its possible :)


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I think I may have connected a dot here.

In my very late teens or early 20's I was job hunting and the owner of one of the local businesses where I'd dropped a resume invited me for dinner. I thought I was going for a job interview (I was more naive then :lol:).

After we'd eaten dinner and were sitting in his lounge he was relating a story about how a friends son had gone missing. I had the weirdest experience. It felt as if someone were holding my hands, but at the same time I could actually see some of the details of the place that the boy had gone missing from. I started to describe things to my host, furniture, where it was placed in rooms, what the fence was made of, the position of a big gum tree, the mail box and the boys room. In the boys room I described in detail a picture that he had on the wall. It was not an uncommon picture, but it was perhaps rare for a boy of his age to have one. My host said that the boy didn't like the picture, but tolerated it because it was a family heirloom. I had a very cold sensation from this picture.

The above is a rare experience for me, this is the only time I recall something like this happening.

The very next night I was sound asleep but come wide awake with a start. I didn't see anything or hear anything that I recall, but I think the thing that woke me up was that there was a very sudden drop in the temperature of the room and a distinct sense that something was staring at the back of my head. The sensation I had was the same as what I felt when I was describing the picture. I don't think I was paralysed, but I dared not move.

It was probably a rather silly thing to say...back then I thought I could save the world, but I said to the sensation behind me. "If you're here because you want my help, well and good, but if you want anything else, then go away." I then started reciting the Lords Prayer and did so until I fell asleep again.

The connection between the dream in the opening post and the above is that in the dream, the young girl was Aboriginal, and the picture from the above experience was of a young Aboriginal girl.


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From your dream, it sounds to me like you're beginning to face your fear and find a strength within yourself. I find that dreams are often a good indicator of our subconscious state, and remaining aware and working to defend yourself in them is a very good sign!

Whether or not there was an element of "reality" at some level in your dream is not for me to say, but regardless, I'd say you handled it well. Resistance is always better than fearful passivity, IMO.


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The connection between the dream in the opening post and the above is that in the dream, the young girl was Aboriginal, and the picture from the above experience was of a young Aboriginal girl.

Hi Jones,

Realise this is an old thread but had an interesting dream the other night where a young Aboriginal girl also featured in quite a symbolic series of events.

As the etymology went in an interesting direction (to an Aussie anyway) thought it worth sharing.

...from Latin aborigines "the first inhabitants," especially of Latium, hence "the first ancestors of the Romans;" possibly a tribal name, or from or made to conform to the Latin phrase ab origine, which means literally "from the beginning."

This is from ab "off, away from" (see ab-) + ablative of origo "a rise, commencement, beginning, source; descent, lineage, birth," from stem of oriri "arise, rise; be born, be descended, receive life" (see origin).

origin (n.)​

c. 1400, "ancestry, race," from Latin originem (nominative origo) "a rise, commencement, beginning, source; descent, lineage, birth," from stem of oriri "arise, rise, get up; appear above the horizon, become visible; be born, be descended, receive life;" figuratively "come forth, take origin, proceed, start" (of rivers, rumors, etc.), from PIE *heri- "to rise" (source also of Hittite arai- "to arise, lift, raise," Sanskrit iyarti "to set in motion, move," Armenian y-arnem "to rise"). Meaning "beginning of existence" is from 1560s; sense of "that from which something derives its being or nature"...

A: Is that your origin?

Q: You mean Orion?

A: Interesting the word root similarity, yes?
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