Does anyone know what happened to the Israeli History Video?


The Living Force
It was the one that showed how the borders of Israel changed over the years. It was made by the same person who did the Pentagon video for you. I thought it was very good. Very stylish.

I've had a look through all the posts with Israel in the title. The majority of the previous posts that referenced YouTube videos, well you can't find those videos on YouTube anymore.
Hi Ruth, I'm sorry, but I don't know the video you are referring to. I do remember an article on SOTT maybe ten years ago on this topic. I d
I don't recall a video, just lots of charts. Maybe search at SOTT?

I was seven when the Six Day War happened, my father said at the time " If the US thinks they can solve three thousand years of internecine warfare in the Middle East, yeah, good luck with that!"
Actually, it was an animation done by the same person who did the "Pentalawn"? video. It was produced specifically by a member of the group and SOTT would have played it. But that was a long time ago!
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