Do the Sars-Cov2 or variants Spike Proteins interfere with the functioning of our Protein antennas


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When I first heard about the Spike protein part of the Sar-cov2 virus, I thought about possible connections or interferences' with our protein antennas. A search on the forum turned up references to the Protein antennas, and to the Spike protein, but not both. I have read comments about the 'vaccines' affecting peoples connection to their soul, and I am not believing or disbelieving, I don't think we have enough information. Is it possible that the massive quantities of the spike protein created in our bodies by this jab could run interference on our bodies natural protein antennas? Sort of a jamming signal?
I think the answer might be that it depends on the individual, their FRV, orientation to 3D or 4D, and other factors.
But it still might be useful to know, as it may indicate the intentions of the 4D STS. We have the protocol to detox our bodies from the virus(covid) or jab (spike proteins).
btw, since Neuroptimal was mentioned by the C's to be helpful with viruses and bacteria, should Neuroptimal be included in the protocol?


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There was this exchange in the C session from 30th of October 2021, which may give you some clues:

Madara Horseman) Can the Pfizer shot affect any part of our consciousness?

A: Indirectly if susceptible.

Q: (L) And the second part of the question:

(Madara Horseman) And if yes, can any meditation, chant, or any technospirituality method allow us to use the influences?

(L) We've already got a thread on how to counteract that, and we already know that knowledge and all that kind of stuff works.

So I guess, as you speculated above, that it depends on the individual, and on the amount of knowledge accumulated.
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