Do some French people see what's going on? Yellow Vest Protests


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With the weather turning cold, this is a good time to scout the back hills, and see what's going on from a distance.
Just like the resistance did, back in the day as means of reconnaissance.
The timing of it all this activity has some strange connotations, and associations IMHO.

Last update : November, 2nd 2020
On this website you can find information and guidance from the French Government regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease COVID-19 in France.

Restrictions and Requirements in Metropolitan France

From 30 October 2020 new lockdown measures are established for four weeks in metropolitan France and Martinique. You may only leave your residency in the following circumstances and with an exemption certificate:
  • Commuting to and from work, school or training place; carrying out essential business trips that cannot be postponed; sitting exams;
  • The purchase of professional supplies or basic commodities, or collecting an order;
  • Medical appointments that cannot be carried out remotely or postponed;
  • Essential family reasons, assisting vulnerable persons, persons in a precarious situation or taking care of children;
  • Persons with a disability and their accompanying person
  • Individual outdoor exercise, walks with members of your household only or with pets, within 1 km of your residence and for no longer than one hour;
  • Judicial or administrative summons; appointments for a public service;
  • Participating in a mission of general interest upon request from an administrative authority
  • Taking children to and from school or after-school activities.
An electronic version of the certificate is also available (in French only) and may be presented to authorities on your smartphone.

If you do not respect these rules, you may be liable for a €135 fine.


You must work from home if it is possible to do so.
If you cannot work from home, staggered work patterns must be encouraged, to reduce the numbers of people both in the workplace and in public transport.


All schools from kindergarten to high schools will remain open during lockdown, face masks are compulsory for all children above the age of 6.

All universities lectures will be on videoconference and libraries will be accessible only with an appointment.

Shops and venues

Non-essential shops and bars, restaurants and other venues are closed. Take-away, grocery stores and supermarkets, pharmacies, tobacconists, petrol stations and other essential stores will remain open.

Public services remain open.

Places of worship may remain open for weddings (with a maximum of six people) and funerals (with a maximum of 30 people).

You must wear a mask in all open venues.

Overseas Territories

Lockdown measures do not apply in overseas territories except for Martinique. In order to travel to an Overseas Territory you must present a negative PCR test less than 72 hours old.


You may not travel between different parts of France

Internal European borders will remain open but external borders are closed except for essential travel. All travelers arriving in France will be tested at airports and ports.

Masks must be worn at all times in public transport.

More information
Find more information for foreign nationals on the website of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs.

Health advice

What is coronavirus COVID-19?

Coronaviruses (CoV) are a large family of viruses. COVID-19 is a new strain of coronavirus that causes illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases.

Common signs of infection include respiratory symptoms, fever, coughing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties.

How can I protect myself from the virus?

The virus does not spread on its own. People who have the virus are the ones who spread it. Therefore, the following measures can help you protect yourself (and others) from the virus :
  • Wash your hands very often ;
  • Use single-use tissues, and then throw them away ;
  • Cough and sneeze into your arm or into a tissue ;
  • Do not shake hands or greet people with kisses on the cheek ;
  • Respect social distancing: you should remain further than a metre from others.
  • Wear a mask if social distancing cannot be respected.
What should you do if you are feeling ill?

If you have a cough or a temperature, stay at home, avoid contact with others and call a doctor.

If you have a cough and/or a temperature, and you have difficulty breathing and/or you are feeling faint, dial 15 or call or send a text to 114 if you have a speech or hearing impairment.


A toll-free hotline service (French only) can answer your questions about the Coronavirus COVID-19 non-stop, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 0 800 130 000 (from abroad: +33 800 130 000, depending on your operator).

Please note that the toll-free hotline service cannot give medical advice.

Now, with this new law proposed by @Interieur_Gouv We will no longer be able to broadcast images denouncing the injustice of the police towards our medical colleagues or any other lamda person This successful method does not suit the government #PPLSecuriteGlobale
Line 2
This morning At Bourdin @GDarmaninCensorship on Twitter, he held (where the minister @Interieur_Gouv clearly sums up the substance of the #PPLSecuriteGlobale under review from today: ban on broadcasting images of police officers, identifiable or not)

Being a reservist means making a commitment by devoting part of your time to the protection of others 3,500 women & men #réservistes@Gendarmerie are deployed alongside their fellow soldiers to ensure the #sécurité of all and face the terrorist threat.

We have plenty of testimony from caregivers who tell us "We were told to check COVID when she died of something else, the person" So that will come out after a while
Line 2
Yes of course. Just last night, an Ehpad death, I question the cause: Covid! No argument, no clinical justification in the file other than the PCR test. I'm not going to block the pick-up, so at 3:00 a.m., I sign ... Ps: who is your hairdresser

Le debriefing de Louis Fouché médecin anesthésiste-réanimateur
Nov 3, 2020 / 48:20




RCI Martinique a generalist radio in West Indies posted this video on Facebook asking what people think about it.
The comments are mitigated but the video deserves to have a look at it, it exposes well the fear and the panic of the people following blindly the rules.
This woman reaction is almost heartbreaking as we can feel the despair and fear through her words.

"A collective claiming the freedom to live leads an anti-mask operation in a supermarket. A customer expresses her anger towards these demonstrators."

While the group is walking without a mask, the woman seeing them is asking "what are you doing? Why aren't they wearing their masks?"
She starts yelling "the man has just said it, we must wear a mask! You are egoist, you are worrying everyone, put your mask on!!"

To this the first man answering said that masks are useless and dangerous and affects immunity.
The second shouted that if we wear a mask now then we are going to be forced to be vaccinated.


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I got out Saturday to check the tempo of this lock-down.

Every eatery (unless takeout), bar, and (or any business where close proximity is their income), was shuttered.

Very little auto traffic or a Police presence, in this low covid area.

The Ski resort is patrolled by ground once a day with helicopter monitoring the route-de deprincipale, (weather permitting). Which is heavily traveled leading into recreational venues all year round, (income).

The short visit felt like the movie set of "On the Beach". Doe's life emanate art..🤔

Yep, its just a matter of time before (the battle of Good vs Evil), time lines, collide.

Checks today in 2 hypermarkets of #Nantes to ensure compliance with the rules & the closure of non-essential departments. Verbalization of customers without certification.
Line Two
It is sure that putting plums to grandpas and grannies who do their shopping is less dangerous than running to stop thieves, murderers ... or terrorists. And then, it increases the performance bonuses at the end of the month.

At the Lycée Colbert, the new school life attendants check the correspondence books. This is not exactly what we thought of when we asked for more staff but #Blanquer interpreted ... @LeMediaTV #BlanquerDémission#Blocus


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Things are heating up, I heard about another attempted attack in France yesterday, this time it was in Rhone Alpes, where a guy with a gun tried to shoot people, including near a school. He's been arrested. Please everyone, wherever you live, be extra careful when you go outside, these are very dangerous times.

Moreover in lyon a knife attack took place on the same day
" a woman seriously wounded by a knife "


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Meanwhile, Macron diverts to Climate.

Analysis by Amnesty International France, published on 12 Nov. 2020, translated from French, original article accessible here
Snip with Highlights:

From 17 to 20 November, the National Assembly is scheduled to examine the so-called “Global Security” bill, supported by MPs from the governing majority. If such a law were to enter into force as it stands, it would constitute a serious violation of the right to information, respect for privacy, and freedom of peaceful assembly, three conditions that are essential to the right to freedom of expression.

We deplore the fact that this bill is being examined under an accelerated procedure when there is no urgency to do so. This has already been the case in recent years for several laws with a strong impact on human rights (the Intelligence Act, the SILT Act, the so-called “anti-rioters law”). This procedure de facto restricts their in-depth examination and informed communication to society. We regret that this text is no exception to the rule.

Updated on November 6, 12:30 AM EST
In March, as cases started to rip across the globe, resorts in the Alps and Colorado became early hives of infection, resulting in superspreader events that would carry the virus to dozens of countries around the world. Fast-forward to late October: Austrian resorts have already gone through the exhausting process of starting and stopping the lifts, thanks to a governmental order aimed at containing Europe’s second wave.

This sets the stage for the most dramatic and unpredictable winter sports season in recent memory—one that carries the weight of an industry that generates $54 billion annually in the U.S. and France alone. In other parts of Europe, such as the Tyrolean Alps, the sport can represent as much as 18% of the local economy.

Loi Sécurité globale : «Nous sommes en train de basculer dans un régime qui ne dit pas son nom»

They needed to tackle the hardcore drugs like the USA try's to do. There attempts on weed are laughable.


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French Gendarme Send a Message to Everyone's Phone at 1.00 am
An Emergency Message

And this just went out all across France at 1AM their time to everyone's phone:

View attachment 40355
Sent between the hours of 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. on the night between 11/11/20 and 11/12/20


If you are a male between 18 and 49 years old, please go to the nearest police station immediately. otherwise please take shelter while waiting for the next instructions.

112 is the French government emergency number.

Some comments

Hey JB -- yes, all of a sudden like someone (white hat? black hat?) flipped a kill switch on a beta test, shit's gettin real tonight, brotha.

Clearly peeps in the know like Jenna Ellis and Dan Bongino have been tweeting blurbs like "You have no idea how bad the shit going on behind the scenes right now really is. The wheat and the chaff are separating." & "We are witnessing an attempted hostile takeover of America from within."

These people know something, & that something is BIG -- bigger than any of us can imagine right now.

Things are gonna slide
Slide in all directions
Won't be nothing
Nothin you can measure anymore
The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold
And has overturned the order of the soul

Sound familiar?
Leonard Cohen -- he knew things...

Seems all those dire, apocalyptic drops & "ravings" as some people called them, that Q was giving us since 2017, weren't all that far-fetched after all, eh?

Times really have, on a dime, turned fairly biblical in a heartbeat here. And this really HAS turned into a battle of Evil v Good in the starkest terms imaginable. We are in the middle of a naked Coup unlike anything any of us have lived thru since JFK was murdered riding down Elm St. I'm truly thinking that now this eclipses even the parameters of 9/11 -- and saying that is saying something huge.

Hang on my friend. Things finally seems to have quieted down for the night here at 1:49 AM EST, but tomorrow is another day.

As always, will be monitoring & alert all of you to what I'm hearing... Stay tucked in & safe as we shoot the rapids of this "river" together.

Tricky to ascertain if that french text was a white hat or a black hat source. Mainstream don't see much of it but France is a mess. My family members all but gave up on visiting France a few years ago (used to be an annual pilgrimage from home here in Scotland) on account of rampant immigration and tent cities springing up everywhere.
HOLY S**T! Just got in touch with a French friend of mine outside Paris (people in the Province of Québec are often in touch with their "French cousins"), he told me what happened last night was a PRACTICE RUN in case the Islamic "Day of Rage" is declared.

If the present wave of Islamic attacks persists and escalates (they only report the beheadings and other terrorist assaults, but the truth is that French women and children are being raped and gang-raped on a regular basis over there), then the French police/government will gave no choice than to suddenly, overnight GIVE OUT GUNS AND AMMO to all adult Frenchmen while women, children and elderly seek shelter. We're talking about a PURGE, as a matter of unfortunate self-defense, the French population reduced to survival mode


And this just went out all across France at 1AM their time to everyone's phone:

View attachment 40355
Sent between the hours of 1:00 and 2:00 a.m. on the night between 11/11/20 and 11/12/20


If you are a male between 18 and 49 years old, please go to the nearest police station immediately. otherwise please take shelter while waiting for the next instructions.

112 is the French government emergency number.
Weird, I didn't hear about it. I tried to find something on the internet, nothing.
I'm going to ask around if anyone received it.
I wonder if they try to survey the reaction of people after receiving such message and if anyone actually went to a police station.


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Line-1 Mr #Darmanin why these 10 men dressed in black protect themselves behind a cordon of police, which lets them pass and put them to safety and then the CRS gass the demonstrators? ... C colleagues? Linda Kebbab has the answer I think! Strasbourg last Saturday
Line-2 I was there and they hit demonstrators in front of the police without any reaction from them, except to open the shields to let them escape and just after we gassed

This same far-right group beat up and assaulted peaceful protesters seconds before before being labeled as fascists by the crowd, as seen in this video.

A survey of @Disclose_ngo and @ForensicArchi , in partnership with Loopsider, today reveals that the death of Zineb Redouane, 80, killed on the sidelines of a demonstration of Yellow Vests in Marseille, was indeed the result of a police fault.


Dagobah Resident
Alexandre Langlois, general secretary of the Vigi Police union explains the reasons for his resignation, for ages he has been crying wolf in the sheepfold, a police force which no longer protects the citizen but laws against them, a further assured leap towards an authoritarian drift authorized in this "democrature" with lastly for the moment the global security law ..., privatization of the police ... an internal decryption of the police important to integrate ...
English subtitle available.
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