Do some French people see what's going on? Yellow Vest Protests


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I think we have to be compassionate for them. They react with their heart according to the level of information they have access no?

Yes, of course, and that's what is sickening about it. That the PTB can so easily pull their strings, exploiting their humanity and their good traits, misdirecting them in such a way. I know, it's the new normal, but it's upside down.
Just a thought to share: It makes me sick to see the images of people demonstrating in France these days:

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The whole thing seems to be such a distraction when 20 million French are under curfew. Contrast the "french spirit" of solidarity and the freedom to demonstrate, with the willing submission in wearing a harmful mask. Part of the plan?
I felt the same way yesterday while listening on the radio to people who were intervening live by telephone, completely wound up because of what happened concerning this teacher, invoking the absolute necessity to swing into action in order to defend and preserve freedom of expression, while for months now the PTB has been censoring whoever dares to express different ideas on the covid and are taking away all our liberties, one by one, and this at a level never seen here in France. Cognitive dissonance at such a level... that despite all that I know, that we know, I could not help but remain completely flabbergasted... and sad.


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A little fall out from the recent Paris event. Trending in France

While #Castex puts all of France to sleep on TV, Paris is demonstrating against the #confinement leisure and liberticidal measures unsuitable for the fight against COVID (not just against confinement itself) @simonlouvet_#VousFermezVousPayez

Kevork Almassian @KevorkAlmassian
If the terrorist who committed the heinous crime in #Nice has managed to arrive in #Syria, he would have fought alongside the "moderate rebels" that many western governments have supported for many years, including support from Sarkozy, Holland & Macron. #NiceAttack
Oct 29, 2020·
To address anti-Muslim sentiments in France after the terror attacks, a strong stand is needed by Muslim leaders of all sects, esp from KSA, UAE & Egypt. And more importantly for the West to completely abandon the project of empowering the Muslim Brotherhood in MENA. #NiceAttack

Attack #Avignon : "The attacker never shouted Allah Akbar", confirms the public prosecutor the assailant is not Muslim and who would have made a Nazi salute according to witnesses.#BFMTV#attentat#eglise#Nice#MacronDemission

Duvar English@DuvarEngligh 35minutes ago Video
Dozens of French-Turks on Oct. 28 stormed Armenian neighborhoods in Lyon, chanting Islamist and nationalist slogans during a lockdown imposed by French President Emmanuel Macron. #Turkey

Mediavenir @Mediavenir 4:02 PM · Oct 29, 2020
CORRECTION: The downcast man did not shout “Allah Akbar”. The article from Europe 1 has been updated.#Avignon

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The German-French Islamization of the left-wing EU continues to take its toll. An attack by an Islamic terrorist near a church in Nice - France, who, knife in hand, shouted "Allah akbar" ("God is great"). There are fatalities.
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I think the plan is to have racial and religious conflict in Europe now - in parallel to the civil war that the globalist mafia hopes to ignite in the US with a contested election.

It is the age-old divide and conquer strategy:
As long as people fight each other, the oligarchy hopes that nobody will focus on them.

It is quite remarkable that Macron suddenly speaks out against Islam and declares it the biggest danger to France, while Islamic heads of state such as in Turkey and Malaysia fuel the fire from the other side. The conflict between Armenians and Turkey-supported Azerbaijan, as well as the tensions between Greece/Cyprus and Turkey contribute to this as well.

Macron probably also hopes to get some of the Le Pen voters on his side. And it is clear that these "anti-Islamist" measures are being used to reduce the freedoms of everyone, such as the complete ban on homeschooling.


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Sandra V. Fellous @sandrafellous_7:49 AM · Oct 30, 2020
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Vous la voyez la dixième vague, en attendant le retour sur investissement de BigPharma ?

Où ai-je déjà vu ce défilé politique?

Emmanuel Macron, sur les lieux de l’attaque qui a coûté la vie à trois personnes, à la basilique Notre-Dame-de-l’Assomption à Nice, le 29 octobre. ERIC GAILLARD / REUTERS

Updated 1 hour ago
France’s chief anti-terrorist prosecutor has revealed gruesome details of the knife rampage inside a Catholic church in Nice, and identified the attacker as a 21-year-old migrant from Tunisia who arrived from Italy just weeks ago.

How the attack unfolded

Early on Thursday morning, an assailant armed with a knife entered the Basilica of Notre-Dame – Nice’s main Catholic church – and began a stabbing spree that lasted nearly 30 minutes, according to France’s National Anti-Terrorist Prosecutor Jean-Francois Ricard.

The attack left three victims dead, including a 60-year-old woman found at the entrance of the church with a “very deep throat cut, like a decapitation,” as well as a 55-year-old man – the officiator of the worship service – who also died of a significant throat wound. A third female victim, 44, managed to escape the church after sustaining several stab wounds, but later succumbed to her injuries in a nearby restaurant.

A team of four police officers engaged and “neutralized” the suspect as he advanced toward them in a “threatening manner.” The officers first tried to subdue him with a stun gun but were forced to resort to their service weapons, with 14 bullet casings found at the scene. The attacker was injured and taken to a hospital, where he remains in serious condition.

‘Islamist terrorist’ identified as 21yo Tunisian migrant who just arrived through Italy

French authorities have identified the attacker as Brahim Aouissaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian national believed to have entered Italy on September 20, through the island of Lampedusa, where he spent two weeks in quarantine.

Aouissaoui, who wasn’t previously known to French anti-terrorist authorities, arrived in Paris on October 9, apparently carrying an Italian Red Cross identity document. He traveled to Nice by train on Thursday morning, changed his clothes at the station, and walked directly into the cathedral.

In addition to the 30cm-long knife used in the assault, police recovered two other blades, a bag, two cell phones and a copy of the Koran from the crime scene. While the attacker’s motive was initially unclear, French officials, including Ricard and President Emmanuel Macron, have since linked the stabbing spree to “Islamist terrorism” – consistent with statements from witnesses who reported hearing the assailant cry “Allahu akbar!” (“God is greater!” in Arabic) during the rampage.

[The attack] painfully reminds us how much the deadly ideology of Islamist terrorism remains alive and well, as well as its will to attack our liberties, our most essential liberties, freedom of expression, freedom of teaching, freedom of worship,” Ricard said at a press conference.

Nice’s mayor, Christian Estrosi, also told local media that the attack bore the same “modus operandi” as a grisly beheading of school teacher Samuel Paty earlier this month, who was apparently killed for sharing a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed to students as part of a class discussion on freedom of expression.

‘France under attack,’ says Macron, as world condemns atrocity

French authorities have placed the country on highest alert following the shocking incident, ramping up its terrorism warning system while deploying thousands of soldiers to stand guard at schools and houses of worship.

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Welcome to Europe: Smiling Tunisian terrorist poses for photo on the day he arrived in Italy on a migrant boat - just a month before he beheaded a woman and killed two more Catholics in church massacre in France​

Brahim Aoussaoui, 21, seen smiling in a photo taken in Italian port city of Bari, as he entered mainland Europe
Picture taken October 8, as he was taken off a Covid quarantine ship, where he talked about going to France
Next day Aoussaoui was released by Italian authorities, and it is thought he made his way to Paris on the train
Less than three weeks later he arrived in Nice, entered the Notre Dame basilica, and slaughtered three people
47-year-old who had contact with Aoussaoui day before the attack has been arrested and is being questioned
Attack came after President Macron defended publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

Pictured smiling just weeks before massacring three people at a Catholic church in Nice, this is the face of terrorist killer Brahim Aoussaoui as he entered mainland Europe.

The picture was taken by authorities in the Italian port city of Bari, where Aoussaoui was taken ashore on October 8 having spent 20 days in coronavirus quarantine - first on the island of Lampedusa, where he landed on September 20, and then on board the Italian quarantine ship Rhapsody.

The ship, carrying some 800 migrants, had been moored off the coast of Bari for 15 days where fellow migrants say Aoussaoui spent most of his time on the phone, talking about how he wanted to go to France.

Nice terrorist Brahim Aoussaoui is seen in a photograph taken at the Italian port city of Bari, where he disembarked from a coronavirus quarantine ship on October 8 - marking his arrival in mainland Europe/


The first to die was an as-yet unidentified parishioner in her sixties, a regular at the church who had come to pray first thing in the morning, and who had her throat slit near the church's font in an attempted beheading.

The next to die was the church's 54-year-old sacristan Vincent Loques, who had opened the doors to Aoussaoui and was busy preparing for Mass. He was due to celebrate his birthday on Friday.

Brazilian-born Simone Barreto Silva, 44, another parishioner, was then stabbed multiple times but managed to escape the church around 8.54am, running to a nearby burger bar where she bled to death.

The mother-of-three's last words to paramedics were: 'Tell my children that I love them'.

Friends in Brazil said that Silva had been in France for 30 years. Brahim Jelloule, the owner of the restaurant that she staggered to before dying, revealed that his brother first saw Silva covered in blood in the street.

Jelloule, who is a Muslim, said his brother and a staff member dragged Silva inside before going into the church and confronting Aoussaoui, who was still inside an armed with a knife.

The pair fled and called police, who arrived around 9.10am and shot Aoussaoui 14 times as he screamed 'Allahu Akbar' - God is greatest in Arabic - a phrase he kept shouting even after being sedated.

Investigators found two unused knives, a Koran and two mobile phones, in addition to a bag with some personal effects. He was unknown to French security services, Mr Ricard told a press conference.

A picture showing Aoussaoui bleeding on the floor and being treated by paramedics after he was shot by police was tweeted by the head of the respected SITE organisation.

Last night, police arrested a 47-year-old man in Nice who is thought to have had contact with Aoussaoui the day before the attack and may have provided him with a telephone.

Investigators are looking into Aoussaoui's contacts - trying to determine whether he was self-radicalised, or was directed to carry out his attack by a terror group.

The attack came just days after Thabat, an al-Qaeda-linked press agency, published a call for Muslims to wage 'jihad' (holy war) in France over newspaper Charlie Hebdo's caricatures of the Prophet.

Prosecutors in Tunisia have also opened an investigation into Aoussaoui's contacts and life before he left the country, including whether he had links to terror groups.

The country's top prosecutor has said the 21-year-old was not being monitored by anti-terror forces, but will probe further.

Aoussaoui's family, speaking from the impoverished Tunisian town of Bouhajla where he lived before going to Europe, said he had been in contact with them since arriving in France.

From the Tunisian province of Sfax, mother Kmar, her eyes wet with tears, said she was surprised to hear her son was in France when he called upon his arrival and had no idea what he was planning.

'You don't know the French language, you don't know anyone there, you're going to live alone there, why, why did you go there?' she said she told him over the phone at the time.

His brother told the Al Arabiya TV network: 'He told me he wanted to spend the night in front of the cathedral. He also sent me a photo of the building. He phoned me when he arrived in France.'

He then told of the family's shock that Brahim Aoussaoui was responsible for the terrorist attack.

'What we saw in the images is him, our son,' they said.

Brahim had struggled to find regular work before leaving the country and did 'various jobs', a neighbour said.

Meanwhile the Tunisian judicial spokesman said Brahim had not been classified as a hardliner before leaving the country, and was not known to security forces. He said Brahim had left the country on or around September 14.

The killings, which occurred ahead of the Catholic holy day of All Saints Day on Sunday - and on the day that Sunni Muslims mark the Prophet Mohammed's birthday - prompted the French government to raise the terror alert level to the maximum 'emergency' level nationwide.

Counter-terrorism police last night arrested a 47-year-old man in Nice on suspicion of being an accomplice to the knifeman and providing him with one of two mobile phones that the attacker was found with.

The man is believed to have been in close contact with the 21-year-old jihadist on Wednesday, the day before the attack, police sources told French media.

President Emmanuel Macron, who quickly travelled to Nice, announced surveillance of churches by France's Sentinelle military patrols would be bolstered to 7,000 troops from 3,000.

Security at schools would also be boosted, he said. 'Quite clearly, it is France that is being attacked,' Mr Macron said, and vowed the country 'will not give up on our values'.

He threw his weight behind the Catholic church, saying: 'The entire nation will stand so that religion can continue to be exercised freely in our country.' He also called for 'unity' urging people 'not to give in to the spirit of division'.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, speaking on French radio on Friday, added that France is 'at war... against an ideology, the Islamist ideology, which wants to impose its cultural codes, its way of living... through terror.'

He said France was a 'big target' for terrorists because it symbolises freedom, secular society, and the rule of law - pointing to the ongoing trial of 14 people charged over the 2015 attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine.

'Islamism is a form of fascism in the 21st century,' he added, 'an extremism that we must fight.'

Meanwhile Eric Ciotti, deputy of the Alpes-Maritime region where Nice is located, said France has now 'become the preferred target of terrorists' and the Nice in particular has become a 'martyr city'.

VICTIM: Brazilian-born Simone Barreto Silva, 44, also succumbed to her injuries after seeking refuge in a nearby burger bar. Her last words were to paramedics, who she told: 'Tell my children that I love them'

VICTIM: Vincent Loques, 54, a sacristan of the Notre Dame basilica in the city of Nice, was brutally killed as he prepared for the first Mass of the day after 21-year-old Tunisian migrant Brahim Aoussaoui attacked the church

Brahim Aoussaoui, a 21-year-old Tunisian migrant, receives medical treatment after killing three worshippers


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Thirty day's in the Hole. Hmmmm 🤔.

The French are mobilizing everywhere in France this Friday evening, against the new containment measures decided by the government.
Find below, the list of gatherings planned for this Friday evening: #COVID19france#ConfinementActe2#Confinement @OSGiletsJaunes

"We did our best, but you, on the other hand, you really screwed up" #confinement2#confinementSaison2

Perhaps we are witness to the other race, the OP's.

"What they are doing is not Islam." "These people doing this in the name of Islam, frankly, to me, they're not human beings." Brahim Jelloule, manager of the restaurant hallal near the Notre-Dame basilica, Muslim, who took in a victim of the attack in #Nice .

"It will be a fighting Christmas" At LREM, what we can recognize them is that they are not afraid of ridicule. The chestnuts are still missing but we have already found the turkey ... #ConfinementActe2#confinement#TousContreMacronJour32


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I've yet to go out as well as many in this village. Instead I choose to tackle the projects promoting creativity and problem solving skills that my be handy for the future. The local check point's have considerably ramped up since 2004.

Mr. Jean Taquet
At the time I was writing this (before the latest lockdown), all major French cities had a 9 PM curfew and it seemed that after a few weeks it was being well observed. As usual, there have been countless debates about how effective it is, about whether the situation is so awful that such a measure is needed, about how bad the number of deaths and ICU admissions will be in the coming weeks and about whether French hospitals will be able to cope.

I do not know and I find all the conflicting positions very confusing. The new policy had an immediate and rather radical effect on my professional life. I am now home by 8:30, just to be on the safe side. Once I am home, I have a hard time resuming work, and I admit I have been quite slow in answering emails and following up on client requests. The change in my schedule is one of the main reasons.

I am not complaining, as I had thought I would gradually spend less time in the office this fall. The problem is that the decision was made almost overnight. I am trying to adapt as quickly as I can. With the lockdown in effect now, I plan on meeting with my clients remotely through the usual software.

The situation of the pandemic in France has worsened enough that this kind of decision was needed. The government has extended the state of emergency until February 16th, 2021, and 46 million people are now under curfew.

Here are the numbers that matter:
As of October 29th there were more than 200 deaths and 47,000 new cases recorded per day. The unknown here is the true number of cases. The topic has been discussed a great deal in the USA; testing is being done on a wide scale and so many people are finding out they are infected, often with no symptoms. The concern is the uncertainty over the ratio of those infected who will get seriously sick. Because the scale differs considerably from that of the first wave, the French government is trying to plan for the worst.

A critical piece of information, the Paris prefecture as well as those in the rest of France are staying open. Having an appointment at the prefecture is a very valid reason to be out of your home. Make sure you fill out the attestation, which is the statement explaining the reason why you are out. The convocation alone is not enough.

“Hi Jean. I believe you're French, right? What do you think about how generous the French healthcare system is for foreigners?”

“I understand why you qualify the French healthcare system as generous as it covers foreigners and citizens alike. It also covers undocumented aliens (sans-papiers) for free. It follows one basic logic, if 99.99% of the population in France at any given time is covered by the public system, national policies will affect everybody which is critical especially during a pandemic.

“I like the sense of security that comes from not worrying about being covered as well as knowing that the people sitting around me in the metro, the bus, the train are also covered and therefore there is just about a zero risk that they can transmit a dangerous virus.

“This is why I find the COVID 19 pandemic so disturbing in so many ways, starting with the fact that this sense of security is gone. I can no longer trust the people next to me.

“SO it is not generous, it is a national security issue. This issue shows probably the most vividly how Europe and the USA view political issues so differently.”

I expected some strong opposition, but what I got was a few positive and supportive comments and a few likes. On a topic that I thought to be quite divisive, the exchanges were quite civil. So it can happen.

French supermarkets ordered to close 'non-essential' aisles

2 November 2020
France's prime minister has ordered the country's supermarkets to close their 'non essential' aisles during the lockdown - here's what you are allowed to buy.
Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Sunday that supermarkets would be ordered to close sections that sell 'non essential' items during lockdown. Here's a breakdown of what that means.

When does this start?
From Tuesday, November 3rd, certain sections of supermarkets will have to close.

What can I buy?
The first thing to note is that the rules are for the sellers, not the buyers - so if the shop is selling it then you are allowed to buy it and no-one is going to query whether the six bottles of wine and family-sized bar of chocolate in your trolley constitute essential items (and hey, we all need a little help to get us through this). But from Tuesday, certain sections of the supermarkets will be cordoned off.

What will be banned?
The decree giving the full list of items that can no longer be sold in supermarkets is due to be published later, but this won't affect food or drink (including alcoholic drinks) household items or DIY products. If you live in a city and shop in one of the smaller mini-markets like Monoprix, Franprix or Carrefour City you're unlikely to see much change, but if you shop in one of the large supermarchés or hypermarchés then certain sections will be closed off.

These broadly cover anything which smaller retailers can no longer sell including clothes, jewellery, children's toys and games, books, music and films.

Mid snip:
Many post office, bank, and insurance tasks can now be undertaken online or via telephone, for services such as checking or changing your details, changing a delivery, checking up on a parcel, downloading documents, chatting with customer service etc.

However, if your trip here is absolutely essential and cannot be done remotely or postponed, you are permitted to go, even if your post office etc is more than 1km away from your home.


I've just seen a video where French police are beating people for not wearing masks in the subway.
Can anyone confirm this is happening? It is outrageous if true.
I don't think it is happening in France. It doesn't look like a French subway and I can't understand what they are saying.
First I thought that the man who is filming was saying "they are fighting" but I am really not sure about that considering the rest of the people in the subway that I can't understand.
Also, policemen don't wear any logo on their uniform which is weird. I have just been able to see a white writing on one of them which doesn't look like "police".

Is it really for non wearing a mask? We don't really know either.

But sure, this video is very violent and, anywhere it is happening it is deplorable.


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I just did a small research and according to comments (if I understood it correctly), this vid was shown in Serbian TV to show how it all works in Brasil ... Still outrageous ...

Also, so many fake videos around the networks nowadays. I've received this video with claims that it is happening in France at the moment. Thank you again, Lys for clearing this up!


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Some years ago a lady at a pharmacy store (in France) was really worried how people could "drop like flies" in this time of acceleration, she believed in this time of change and witness with a kind of fear in her voice how people were quitting the physical plane so rapidly.

I help a Guinean migrant to learn french and having a mastercard from which he could take fiduciary money because it's not allowed from his OFII's (France immigrant national office) card. He is a good worker as an ebenist (wood worker)he showed me his own work and it's truly quality work but he was not allowed to work here because he had not his resident permit yet. I didn't know how much migrant were having, and compared to social help for french citizen it really shows how upside done things really are. I think Asterix's depiction of the french administration is a really good example of an economy built by psychopaths...

As for Being vs Knowledge or rural vs city types, I'm lucky to have a family house (maybe not for long considered succession "rights") where I can stop and replenish, even if some hardcore education (like wiseacring (relearned a new word here)) traits are really hard and painful to smooth or erase and affect my experience in nature.
With my family we discuss the differences in rural region and how everything as rapidly changed during the lifetime of my parents, parts of the countries has suffer some suburban (and architecturally ugly) growth while others just emptied and became graveyards for hope.

No wonder that I wanted to change my career path from a claustrophobic office type job to a contact with nature type job, like a good portion of the young.


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Just recall that the last time the kings and aristocracy of France were violently removed, they were replaced by worse entities and institutions.

Yeah, that's the thing to watch out for where new leaders are popping up and makes for interesting studies. There's a fellow popped up with a new political party here in Australia, Riccardo Rossi Australia One Party, he has taken a similar approach to another party Great Australian Party and an independent candidate, Mike Holt CIRNOW to constitutional matters but he's really smooth and polished where the others are rough around the edges. It has been asked why he didn't just join forces with the other party or independent candidate with similar goals and no reason has been offered yet.

The leader of the Great Australia Party, Rod Cullerton, cannot technically take a seat in senate because he is an undischarged bankrupt - but there's a loophole that still allows him to register a political party and get his name on the ballot. He used to be a member of Pauline Hansons One Nation Party prior to setting up The Great Australia Party - which happened just as the yellow vest movement was taking off here in Australia - and he found a flaw in the 1986 Australia Act that he, and many of his followers believe render it invalid. He was due to have the matter heard in Privy Council in the UK just as covid lockdowns were implemented so the matter was deferred and hasn't yet been heard.

Mike Holt, CIRNOW is a smaller player and has been in some constitutional discussion groups, but has a habit of registering under different user names that are generally variations on his own name. He also has a habit of joining groups and the minute he makes a first post, he tells everyone how they or the group are wrong in their approach.

There's another interesting fellow who has gone way further than political aspirations, and has a following of people who want to set up the Kingdom of Australia with him as king, Steven Spiers. It's weird to watch him totally patronisingly denigrate his followers, refer to them as retards and yell at them if they ask a question to try and understand what he is saying to them and then see some of his followers defend his behaviour and pledge their oaths to him! Then of course he issues his 'royal' decrees. Many peeps don't follow him for too long, and the bloke that used to be his side kick is currently in lock-up because he put up a youtube vid telling the police that he'd hang them for treason! Not a very smart move - he was picked up by the fixated persons unit and charged with weapons offences.

The reason why I bring this up is because while I'm watching all of this, I've got the idea of Lobaczewski in mind where he says something along the lines of a characteropath preparing the people and then the psychopath stepping in and taking over. So there's a few of these different groups, more than I've mentioned, who are interested in learning more about constitutional and common law, variations on approach to what they believe ought to be done about the current situation, and are cottoning on to how the administrative govt is out of control to the detriment of constitutional and common law limitations and protections.

So then this Riccardo Rossi appears on the scene during the covid kerfuffle, hits the major key talking points of all the other constitutional/common law groups, is very smooth and polished generally, but does one interview where he addresses trolls on his page and drops uncensored f-bombs in every sentence and kind of brushes that away with the excuse that he has a 40 year military history and is drawing on his experience where he ended up as a Lieutenant Colonel. He was totally not ruffled at all during this tirade and still managed to stay kind of smooth and polished despite it. Nothing like a spittle spraying red faced boot camp sergeant.

At the same time, all this data is emerging about the covid nothing burger situation that could be used to show how current state and federal leadership is incompetent at least and negligent criminal manslaughterers at worst, and how covid measures break fundamental laws and there is legal action against current measures. Time is ripe for the picking and I'm curious to see if this Riccardo Rossi is either another Trump who will unite the people for the people, or if he's the biggest baddest meanie wolf in sheeps clothes of the lot of them for the totalitarian endgame, or he's just another flash in the pan that will burn out and disappear.
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