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What to do with animal fat?

In the carnivorous diet, it is advisable to eat all parts of the animal: meat, fat, organs, bones. Bones and tissues attached to them (tendons, joints including synovium and cartilage). Eating only meat does not provide the expected benefits. Tendons are very rich in hyaluronic acid.

However, much of this tissue is discarded, particularly fat. If your butcher is nice, he will give you these pieces for free.

1) Remove the lymph nodes
The lymph nodes are found in the body's fatty tissues. It is better to remove them. Below: the lymph node removed.
(see photos in the attached document. It is in french but just see photos - maybe I'll redact an article for sott in english too if it's worthy).

2) Cut the fat block into small pieces.
For example, here I cut them into many thin sheets, because the thinner it is, the easier it is to render the liquid phase (see pictures below).
And here, in sticks to give "fries" of fat ;-)

3) Put in the oven (or frying pan) at medium temperature.
Turn off when you see the beginning of orange browning. You can let the fat continue to cook in the remaining heat of the oven or pan if you want a more orange colour and a crisper texture. Do not brown either. On the picture below, you can see the fried fat and its liquid phase, naturally rendered during cooking.

4) Put the liquid phase in a glass jar.

Once cooled, the hot (liquid) fat solidifies and turns white.
If the cooled fat has a slight yellowish colour, this is excellent, because it indicates that the animal has been organic herbs fed (yellow fat is richer in nutrients such as omega3).

Cooled grease, solid. It is lard (pork) or beef tallow that our grandmothers used to make. Goose or duck fat can be obtained with the same recipe!
Excellent for cooking, frying your steak because it does not burn, it is highly stable.
You can also put it in your soups, cream soups, fry your potatoes and other vegetables, make your homemade cakes and breads.
Can be used to moisturize very dry skin such as calloused heels

5) Enjoy the crispy fries of fat, like croutons. Salt to taste.

Enjoy your meal! And good health!


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