Discussing Spatial Energy Coherence technologies of the late Dr Stiffler.


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There is one method which may be useful to get better results.

Use a heater inside the calorimeter to keep the temperature at 50C or so. Measure the power needed to maintain temperature, this will show whether your circuit is generating or removing heat. And the bonus is that your calorimeter temperature is constant. Therefore your thermometers won't experience temperature change and their quirks won't affect the measurement.

An analogue is the electromagnetic balance scale, which keeps the scale platform at a constant position and instead measures the force needed to keep it there. This way the mechanical linkage of the scale sees no movement and therefore cannot affect the measurement. This was done in the past using galvanometers as the platform in order to measure extremely tiny weights.


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Great suggestion monotonic and one will need to TRY and keep the broad band excitation off/out of the that power measurement too. The heating element(s) regardless of what they are, if they are in the SEC excitation field(s), will be energized. You need to see this spectrum and work with it. It's a bloody nightmare to keep out of your measurements.

I'm working with generation of Browns gas using SEC excitation and electrolysis. The electrodes are carbon rods. But I also have components inbound to start working with Xenon plasma's again too. We shall see.


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We will see how I go. I won't change anything just yet because of commitments atm. Very short on time so a week behind in study, w assessments coming soon. Ansuz, if you get that computer science degree, now is a good time. Your kids are old enough, lol.

I intend to switch off the SEC broadband excitation when I take my measurements. At least it won't have to be a complete faraday cage protecting the arduino, because the excitation is longitudinal.

Mono, good points. That would likely work as well. 29 more hours of printing, the last part, then assembly, and some seals, and I will be able to see if the temp gradient is workable.

Hope everyone is looking after themselves. It's getting crazy out there.
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