Discerning Truth from Fiction (in Dreams)


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Hello everyone. I'm not really sure which section this would better go on, on this page or in 'The Work' section, but given its relevance to dream work I thought it would maybe be most appropriate here. If the moderators think differently they can do whatever they'd like with it.

Anyway, I wanted to make this thread on dreams and the possibility of disinformation in them since I haven't really seen it addressed at length on this forum anywhere else (so far as I know). There are a lot of possibilities at work here in respect to what our dreams may actually signify or what they represent going on in other realities, things relating to subconscious processes etc., but I specifically want to take a look at the disinformation question since I think it is maybe the most pernicious issue among them and might account for much of the confusion surrounding (and originating from) dreams. It is not my intent to discount dreams; after all, we are told by the Cs that they are part of a "duality", and the utility of these other-consciousness processes or interactions (when they are in evidence) are quite undeniable in both their presence and their utility, it is self-evident. But, I feel that their counterpart, the dream-world shadows of deception, are not fully enunciated on here for if (or when) they are present. It is with this intent in mind that I would like for us to enter upon this topic. As such, I believe it is the element that we need to be most wary of and come to an understanding about since it might do things like imitate the patterns of significance found in "actual" dreams and would probably tend to lead us nowhere good in earnestly trying to understand them, like in this situation described quite a while ago by the user @Galaxia2002:

I've been doing Dreamwork and there is something that I consider relevant to their future analysis.

In one of my dreams which I had a good record was a surreal world and basically it was a dream of persecution. I could not get anything out of it because despite being strong I didn't see anything relevant in it. The next day I was watching music videos on youtube and had put the automatic player. It started the song "total eclipse of the heart" and when I pay attention into the video it was too close to the dream I had, to the scenes I witnessed. It happens to me a lot that I have dreams that foreshadow events to come and then when that action is being developed I can recognize the dream associated. Well this brings me the same thing. I began to analyze symbolically and what caught my attention was the title of the video that for me was the message that the dream wanted to send me. The fact was that this title worried me something and I interpreted it as a emotional condemnation or the dead of my emotional center or danger of it. I was thinking about all day long and the truth is that I found it rather strange because I felt that my emotional center is starting to improve from their previous situation, especially with the practice of EE. I was to sleep a little worried and think in the problem to clarify further the significance of this dream and I actually asked for an explanation to the universe and the answer came immediately while I meditated in that. It's was SABOTAGE, a misleading dream. Then I remembered that the C's said that there are dreams of disinformation used by 4D SAS. Then I think we must be aware of that to make this dreamwork better. If dreams can give us some benefical for sure they could be used by negative forces to avoid that. OSIT.
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It is for those experiencing these kinds of run-arounds that I want to provide something of an analysis for, or a set of characteristics that we can identify them by and deal with these scenarios ahead of time. If we take a look at it, I think the matter can be quite well understood and categorized based upon analogous patterns that we're all probably already well-familiar with in our 3rd density STS environment.

This will be quite a long posting, so fair warning.

Before anything else though, I would just like to refer to this snippet from etymoline.com on the etymology of the word, "dream":
dream (n.)
"sequence of sensations or images passing through the mind of a sleeping person," mid-13c., probably related to Old Norse draumr, Danish drøm, Swedish dröm, Old Saxon drom "merriment, noise," Old Frisian dram "dream," Dutch droom, Old High German troum, German Traum "dream." These all are perhaps from a Proto-Germanic *draugmas "deception, illusion, phantasm" (source also of Old Saxon bidriogan, Old High German triogan, German trügen "to deceive, delude," Old Norse draugr "ghost, apparition"). Possible cognates outside Germanic are Sanskrit druh- "seek to harm, injure," Avestan druz- "lie, deceive."

If there's anything to this linguistic genealogy, then even our ancestors had some conception of lies and deception that were attached to the dream state. I thought this was a very curious connection upon first seeing this, that even back then they had potentially the same kinds of problems that we do now and were at least generally aware of this. I would just like to call that to attention before anything else.

So, without further ado, let's begin. This subject will probably have the most to do with matters of the 4th density STS beings. This will already be well-understood by any regular on this forum, but for discussion's sake I will be citing all the relevant bits of information also. In coming to a full understanding of what's going on here, I think this will ultimately come down to gaining something of an understanding of the psychology of these beings, which while more than a little yucky to suppose at first will nevertheless prove to be highly instructive and clarifying in the end I think. It is closer within our grasp than it seems.

So, anyway, time for the groundwork. If you feel you have a confident handle on the Cs material, you can skip down to the "TL;DR" marker if you wish, but you will miss some of my comments also. First, I will refer to this definition of the STO thinking pattern courtesy of the Cs:
14 January 1995
Q: (L) Well, how does STO think? (T) Responsibly... (L)[experiencing acute pinching feeling at nape of neck] God! You guys are doing strange things to my body...

A: Helpful and balanced. Wishes are strictly STS.

This will be sort of our litmus test for categorizing the type of dream. Anything failing to meet this standard will be taken into consideration along with other exterior factors of the dream.

28 April 1996
Q: (L) What was the source of the dream where this was stated to me quite clearly?

A: Dreams are the best forum for disinformation that exists.

Q: (L) Okay. I can see that. But, at the same time they are also one of the best ways to get information from the subconscious and the higher conscious, is this not true?

A: We have mentioned dualities a lot!!

Here is just the reference to "dualities" in respect to dreams and the initial comment suggesting the disinformative possibility of such. This doesn't really tie into anything else directly, I'm just referring to it early on here for completeness' sake.

24 April 1996
Q: (L) Is this something that happens in altered states or in sleep states?

A: Not happens, happened.

Q: (L) Something that happened in the past?

A: Laura, you need to consult a powerful, practiced, effective hypnotherapist to unlock these questions for you.

Q: (L) Is this something I could do for Frank in the meantime? Obviously Frank could have a big piece of the puzzle locked up in there...

A: Both of you and others. The locks have been installed in such a way that it is literally impossible for you to unlock them, as they were installed with full knowledge of present circumstances.

Q: (L) Who installed these locks?

A: Supremely powerful STS consortium!!

Q: (L) And what circumstances were they aware of, as you have mentioned, when they installed these locks?

A: All.

Here the Cs are talking about some kind of psychological "lock" installed by "Supremely powerful STS consortium!!" Given the rest of the statements in that session I am not sure if they aren't referring to only human elements in respect to this activity carried about, but the fact that this occurred with apparently full knowledge of future circumstances is the part that is concerning to our investigation. If human elements are capable of performing this kind of activity with full awareness of the future, there is no question that their higher-dimensional counterparts have at least that kind of capability and more. Speaking of which, there's this session:

22 October 1994
Q: (L) At one point in a previous transmission it was stated that the Lizard beings altered the human race after a battle for their own "feeding" purposes. Could you clarify this?

A: It would not be possible for these beings to completely control your existence. If it were you would not be able to do the things your race has done. There has been interference by the Lizard beings in the physical structure of the human beings for their own benefit. Remember what we told you before. They have been interfering with the time cycle experienced on this plane, for quite some time as you measure it. For 74 thousand years they have been interfering in a backwards and forwards time reference manner in order to set up circumstances that they perceive to be beneficial for them in the measure of time that you would consider to be forward, that is, in the future. They have been going backwards and forwards in time to do this. They are suspended in the time cycle as they do this. So what they perceive as being your equivalent of one hour could be as long as 74 thousand years.

In this they are just describing the ability of the "Lizard beings" to go forwards and backwards in time from their perspective as needs be. This will be relevant soon (no pun intended).

25 January 1997
Q: (Laura) Why is it pointless for me to try to communicate any of this to him? Why did you reply 'pointless' to that?

A: Not what we said. It is not pointless to warn him to smarten up on the vigilance and caution scales. Just pointless to try to direct him with details, or practice "subterfuge." After all, when your mind can be read like the morning newspaper, what is the point?

Ok, in this session they are referring to the ability for the mind to be read by these groups as easily as "like the morning newspaper". It is quite transparent apparently.

10 January 1995
Q: (L) She then goes on to say: "When an extraterrestrial looks at us, we seem like multiple personality cases to them because of our mind divisions." Is this true?

A: Irrelevant.

Q: (L) Why is that irrelevant? Is it because when a higher density being looks at us they know what they are looking at?

A: Yes. They know and understand the separations of your minds quite precisely. That would be like saying "when a human looks at a rodent, they notice that they are excessively furry."

And again, they are saying that, when it comes to higher density beings, they know precisely what they're looking at when they examine the human mind. They are able to see it inside and out and doubtlessly act accordingly.

7 January 1996
Q: (P) I would like to know about the apparitions of the Virgin Mary at Conyers, GA, as well as this book "Mary's Message to the World" and all the other messages about the End Times that are coming out all over?

A: The forces at work here are far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily. You never know what twists and turns will follow, and they are aware of prophetic and philosophical patternings and usually shift course to fool and discourage those who believe in fixed futures.

Here they are referring to "changing course" in respect to prophecies, but I think we can take for granted that they would tend to exhibit the same behavior in respect to human affairs in general. I think Laura might have some experience with this in respect to like planning the channeling sessions in advance and having stuff crop up that gets in the way, something akin to that. All I'm getting at is that, even if you know they're [generally] intending to do something, -they- know that you know as well and will probably try to juke you out accordingly. You never know what to expect from them, other than 'the unexpected'.

26 May 1995
Q: (L) Are we going to get any positive responses?

A: Yes. We direct you as long as you have faith in us, as we are you! Attack is always designed to destroy that faith, either directly or indirectly. Think of the instances, to see if there is a familiar pattern to the "root."

Q: (L) So, attack is always directed at undermining our faith.

A: In a roundabout way.

Now we get more to the heart of the matter of just what these interactions are about. In any particular case they can be focused on various different things of course, but the prime thing is the undermining of our own self-confidence and faith in the process. I'll try to show some examples shortly.

18 October 1994
Q: (L) Were Adam and Eve attempting to obtain knowledge to free themselves from bondage when they ate of the fruit of the tree of knowledge?

A: Adam and Eve are symbolic.

Q: (L) But were they in bondage and trying to help free themselves with the help of a benevolent "serpent"?

A: Not benevolent.

Q: (L) Were they already in bondage to someone else when the Lizzies came?

A: No. They were free. The symbolic story of Adam and Eve was a story of enticement to false knowledge. The tree of knowledge of good and evil was focused, imprisoned knowledge.

In light of other comments not listed here about such beings undertaking invasions and wanting to rule the human race and so on, it should be apparent enough but lest there be any doubt at all about their intentions, the Cs are saying here that the "Lizzies" are [or were] "Not benevolent." I know this is in relation to the "Garden of Eden" story specifically, but I think this can be generally taken as "factual"; in respect to other varieties of 4D STS beings it is probably not necessary to say that the same would likely be true for them as well based on other statements and sources referred to in the material.

24 June 2000
Q: (L) Can you explain to me why it is that, when STS beings communicate, they are able to produce such benevolent, warm and fuzzy sensations? Isn't there some kind of instinctive thing in us that can help to sort these things out?

A: Kind of like "Little Red Riding Hood."

Ok, a small point here but worth noting, "warm and fuzzy" does not equal "good" necessarily! We will cover some examples later.

11 July 1998 (not listed)
Q: (L) So, it is already happening. It will accelerate and
intensify. And what we will observe is all of these
things happening. And, as a result of the intersecting of
these various energies, this realm border, this reality
change, this change in the magnetics because of the
interaction with the comet cluster, the sun's companion,
the realm border, and so forth, it will then have an
effect upon the people left on the planet who will then
change in some way as a result of this, is that correct?
A: Your Bible says that there will be many wonders on the
Earth and in the Heavens in the last days.

This one and the next are pretty much directly related:

16 October 1994
Q: (L) "He performs great signs, startling miracles, even making fire fall from the sky to the earth in men's sight.." What does that mean?

A: Aliens perform "miracles".

What I'm referring to in respect to these would be like these little snippets of future scenarios that we end up living in our dreams beforehand occasionally. Galaxia2002 mentions it as well as like "dreams that foreshadow events to come". To ""normal people"" something like this would be considered impossible and something constituting a "miracle" as such if so-experienced. I don't know about anyone else on here, but I have had more than a few of these and usually it is nothing very good OR the suggestion of "what will happen" does nothing to really help or alter the course of events in a more positive direction. If you asked me, it seems like a sort of terror tactic, but we'll dig into the specifics later.

Saying all this I am reminded a little of something that the Cs have said about the book of Revelation:

7 October 1994
Q: (L) Who gave John Revelation?

A: The Lizzies.3

Q: (L) Who did Paul encounter on the road to Damascus.

A: Spirit of the 6th density.

Q: (L) If the Revelations are from the "bad" guys, are they an accurate portrayal of the end times?

A: Close.

And, for something not directly related to that but on a similar note:

18 March 2000
Q: Whitley Strieber and Art Bell have published a book about a "global superstorm." Is any of the information they have given in this book fairly accurate?

A: Derived from non-human sources known for stark accuracy, when convenient.

Q: What makes it convenient at the present time for them to be "starkly accurate?"

A: Fits into plans.

Q: Plans for what?

A: Do we not know already?

Q: In other words: world conquest and the takeover of humanity?

A: Not as simple.

Q: What would make my statement more accurate?

A: Call it amalgamation.

So, just because something happens to be true or correct in a certain fashion doesn't necessarily make it "good", such as in respect to these "future dreams". A "truth" of this variety would at best be a sort of "half-truth" or only a partial revelation of the whole reality at work, depicting only those parts relevant to furthering the ends of these "dark forces" and omitting those that would tend to balance the equation. In this case, it's sort of a "so what?" question, the purpose of which I think is probably aimed at confusing us more than anything since there's little utility I can see behind this kind of phenomena a lot of the time. It's a tease, where if we notice it once then we'll be primed for the promise of any future "leads", following them into nowhere again and again. We'll cover this again later somewhat, but enough of this aside.

Ok, enough about abilities and methods. It's time for a little philosophy again to wrap this up. I talked about the STO thinking pattern earlier, serving as our "litmus test". This would probably be implicitly understood by any reading, but the Cs reveal a little bit about the duality more and help in putting it into words.

12 December 1998
Q: Now, I was preparing these genealogies to print for Christmas and, while waiting for them to print, I wondered who would be last if one started at the present and worked backward... not specifically in terms of time, but in terms of generations. I wondered WHO the tree would end with. Well, it ended with the Frankish King Clovis. So, I wondered about your use of the term 'cloverdale,' and how it might relate to Clovis. Is it a deliberate or accidental connection?

A: Your quest is your own. We do not "steer." We supply the mortar, you are the Masoness.

I hate to make this posting any longer than it already is, but I find it necessary to call in a quote from the Ra material to help differentiate between the two since it is a subtle aspect of it perhaps:

50.6 Questioner: Could you give an example of negative polarization sharing love of self? It would seem to me that that would deplete negative polarization. Could you expand on that concept?

Ra: I am Ra. We may not use examples of known beings due to the infringement this would cause. Thus we must be general.
The negatively oriented being will be one who feels that it has found power that gives meaning to its existence precisely as the positive polarization does feel. This negative entity will strive to offer these understandings to other-selves, most usually by the process of forming the elite, the disciples, and teaching the need and rightness of the enslavement of other-selves for their own good. These other-selves are conceived to be dependent upon the self and in need of the guidance and the wisdom of the self.

This makes the STS dynamic sound a little too altruistic-sounding if you ask me, however true it might be, but the part I wanted to point out was the idea of dependency, or that of depending upon someone or something else for guidance and direction. Whether or not a highly-polarized STS being thinks that about other selves, I don't know and it may not be relevant at all to the question, but that does seem to be the "program" that they run on other people to make them think they have to depend upon them, or at the very least interactions of these sorts lead us into dependence and not into independence. They have some kind of "secret" or essential thing (or suggest that they do anyway, the reality may of course be different), and they'll only reveal or give it on their terms (if at all) and that usually means you'll have to do whatever they want and otherwise you'll be waiting on their whim to do so. This is not a very desirable condition to be in, suffice it to say!

Contrasting against this, the Cs seem to take the opposite approach to this kind of dynamic, and indeed they so often ask a lot of Laura in the transcripts, but rather than dependency upon another "power" they instead lead us to growing our own power, giving the materials necessary to do so [when asked] maybe but the direction is more in terms of developing independence rather than dependence, that is the distinction that I wanted to illustrate here. That is what I am referring to with this "Masoness" comment, in short.

8 April 2000
Q: Now, we have this very unique one-liner here: "Are you nuts? What level of existence are you on, anyway?" That's from Emily Gotchnaur.

A: Do you feel this requires a response?

Q: Ark already took care of it. But I AM curious about anyone who would write such a thing and what kind of level of existence is THAT person on? What kind of person would ask that kind of question?

A: Someone who likes to knock down, not build up.

Not really related in any direct way to the subject at hand, but I thought this might be worth mentioning in terms of defining the differences in character for the purpose of testing these dreams.

22 October 1994
Q: (L) I just want to be sure that the source that I am acquiring the knowledge from is not a deceptive source.

A: If you simply have faith, no knowledge that you could possibly acquire could possibly be false because there is no such thing. Anyone or anything that tries to give you false knowledge, false information, will fail. The very material substance that the knowledge takes on, since it is at the root of all existence, will protect you from absorption of false information which is not knowledge. There is no need to fear the absorption of false information when you are simply openly seeking to acquire knowledge. And knowledge forms the protection -- all the protection you could ever need.

Ok, and lastly there is this fairly wordy comment from one of the direct channeling sessions, but what it is effectively saying is that if one is only seeking to know and understand, then the nature of "false information" will be incompatible with the aim of their pursuit and will have trouble being absorbed. This is maybe why we come out of these dreams with more confusion than any other feeling, because the question we find is not so much one of, "Is there something to this dream?" (a question which they would definitively want us to believe and may be only technically "true"), but rather, "Is it real (as in, legit)?" The answer to that is, if you can determine it as such, quite likely in the negative. Or, another way of thinking about it is, if you have to ask whether it's "legit" or not, that is maybe a sign enough that it may not be, because if it were real it would be quite self-evident to our perceptions. We would come away with something other than just pure confusion and dismay.


Alright, so that's a rather laborious list of information and I hope you will forgive me for that but I wanted to be comprehensive in dealing with this topic and I think the above will have accomplished just that. That said, we can maybe then sum the matter up to the following based on that information:

  • Whatever is responsible, likely 4D STS based on the above criteria, certainly has the means to engineer disinformation of this sort and implement it. They would understand our minds inside and out and would have the ability to go wherever they need to in the "time/space continuum" to micromanage their dream projects.
  • Do they have the motive? Based upon the whole of the Cs work, that is almost definitely the case even if we don't have a smoking gun saying, "yes they want to manipulate people's dreams". Though, the notion that the Cs would ever use the term "disinformation" in reference to the dreaming phenomena in the first place is maybe proof enough of this.
  • Do they have the opportunity? Based upon the notion of duality, they probably have the opportunity some of the time at least and likely act accordingly. They couldn't in an "all-inclusive" fashion dominate the dreamscape, otherwise it wouldn't be a duality, but the limits of where and why they are limited are not directly known to us. The Cs do say (in the Oct. 22, 1994 session I quoted earlier) that they cannot totally control human beings, so that is maybe a point in our favor in seeing that the dream phenomena is not just "all darkness". They have also spoken otherwise on the nature of there being "rules" to our present experience even if it doesn't look that way to us at times, so there is more going on here than meets the eye necessarily.​

Now, why do they do this and what are the specific signs that we're looking for are the two subjects that we really want to take a look at. Both of them are actually pretty straightforward I think even if the specific manifestations of each can be kind of varied.

The two are kind of interrelated I find and are difficult to split apart from one another as they would tend to go together, so we'll try addressing both at once in specific cases. Now, why might they do this? We need only imagine the possibilities really, but some of them could be:

  • To incite anger or to lead us into danger. Inflaming familial and professional relationships, such as in presenting a circumstance where you are in some kind of blown-out-of-proportion conflict with one or more people you know, seems to be a favorite. Even if everything in reality is perfectly OK and peaceful, this can still occur in the dream state if only for the sake of creating the possibility of real-world chaos originating from these very intense feelings of resentment. Remember also, that they have the ability to do stuff like beam us with certain kinds of waves or energies during the day which can mess with our bodily chemistry and seemingly "reinforce" the message of conflict given during sleep, inciting anger and agitation even further. This can be doubly dangerous as such, so we need to be very reserved in our approach to handling this; I think that is the best option.

  • To direct us away from something that is either good for us, or necessary in a STO fashion to do, and to lead us into things that are not in our best interests. These may not even be dreams that we ourselves get; they may be dreams that OTHER people get and are about things relevant to our "quest" such that it could throw up roadblocks as a result. And, vice-versa, the opposite is also true for our experiences of others potentially. In general, it is just a matter of turning objective reality and valuations of "good" and "not-good" directly on their heads. People that actually ARE good will instead have some kind of very obvious undesirable quality about them in the dream or engage in some sort of questionable behavior (in other words, just pure slander), and those that are not will often be puffed up to try to give an ill-defined but (possibly pushingly) positive impression. It's simply character assassination or perception management depending upon whom the subject of the dream depicts. Again, manipulating the mind through the emotional center is the method of influence here.

    In respect to "perception management", the last bastion of image manipulation will be through preying upon our sense of guilt and pity, to think that, "Maybe this inderdimensional lizard creature really isn't so bad after all, we didn't give it a fair shake; we should give it a chance!" WRONG!! Or very, very likely so anyway. The group and the Cs have talked about "guilt" in a recent session also, where you can find here: 18 May 2019

    To talk about "character assassination" for a second, they may even do it against -YOU- in the dream too, casting you as some kind of ridiculous or insulting character implying that, "Look at you, look at this horrible thing; you are that!" This of course is intended to do nothing but undermine our confidence so it would behoove us to not take it to heart, letting it roll off our backs otherwise.

  • To wear us down psychically. This might be generally categorized as "attack", and is really too broad to address in a general way as the ways of doing this are possibly many, but it could be maybe summed up as, "attempting to undermine our self-confidence". As an example, consider the school setting for a dream. This is possibly a favorite for this kind of activity as it has many connotations available to the perpetrator:
  1. Authoritarian structure. You, as the student, are made to follow all kinds of rules and expectations -- OR ELSE!!
  2. About expectations, the possibility for grave failure is often hanging around in these kinds of scenarios. Either you'll be totally lost in the school and can't find your classroom (and therefore will be late), are missing the class listing entirely and don't even know where to go to find help (thus causing anxiety and again - mounting lateness), you're taking an important test and you have absolutely no idea what's on the assessment (and are thus BOUND to fail, the teacher gives a very disapproving look!), you've forgotten your homework etc. so again academic failure hangs overhead. The emphasis for the school scenario is not about learning (and is, like in real life, maybe intended to turn us off from wanting to do so) but about the failure to meet the expectations of others. SO, the message is subtly one of, "placing your confidence in someone else's hands". That is of course, not what we'd want to do normally and if we were fully cognizant.
  3. There is not much to say about the "teacher" aspect other than that, in these kinds of dreams, it will tend to emphasize the desired STS power dynamic. What I mean by this is that you will be in the "inferior" position (and this may even be subtly defined by you being physically smaller in the dream) and they, the authority figure, will be in the "superior" position (and will also again probably be physically larger to emphasize the point and inspire intimidation, fear, ""respect"" as submission, etc.). It's not simply about being bigger or smaller either, the "superior" holds in their hands your future and you depend upon their good graces in order to succeed, and hence this is why failure in these cases is so terribly-emphasized. Often, they will be mad or displeased and will convey this clearly enough for your understanding, and being seen badly in the eyes of one that has power over you is nowhere you want to be - oh no! It would be ridiculous to imagine all of this coming from anyone else as described in these terms, like the puerile imaginings of some power-mad tyrant-child, but for us it is a reality that we have to vault over for the time being.
  4. This is not really related to the school scenario so much, but you will often be "isolated" in these dreams. What I mean is that, aside from help or camaraderie usually being nowhere to be found, you will often be made to feel acutely "alone" in these dreams as well. In the school scenario, you will not have anyone else with you that is also having the same problems as you as it would be in reality, it is just "your problem" and you're alone with "the beast" (the power figure). This is, again, not a realistic depiction of reality for the reasons so-described: no matter who you are, someone is probably in the same boat as you, and thus, would empathize!​

That is all maybe enough to get the point across, such methods for attacking our "self-esteem". Like I said early on in this posting, my intention with writing all this was to clarify this kind of issue so that someone else might not get taken in by it also, but it really is terrible to think that, not just one person, but even tons and tons of people, maybe even everyone can be (or has been) psychologically molded this way not just once or twice, but even throughout their entire lives. The depth and breadth of evil and mendacity taking place is shocking, and boggles my mind. Is it any wonder things are the way they are in light of something like this? All I can think of to say is, "knowledge protects", I hope that will be enough.

Anyway, moving on.

  • Confusing our perceptions by messing with time. In this case, it is not even really necessary for the culprits to do any time-traveling themselves, only to know what the probable futures are and to feed them back to us in dream form. Usually, the timeframe will be quite short to intensify the perceived impact of these "impossible experiences", even if they are quite inconsequential overall. Something like this may also serve to cover up actual prophetic dreams or ones that clarify ongoing, present circumstances, because how would you know these were "real" if other times it didn't really amount to anything? That is the overall intention here I think.

  • Straight-up lying (such as to cause fear and anxiety). Well, they are all "lies" in a certain fashion, but what I'm referring to here is getting specifically wrong information about some circumstance. Why they would do this, I think would again come down to causing negative emotional states, but more than that I don't know. They might desire us to actually undertake the conveyed action if one is so confused and dismayed, but I don't know how to really substantiate that sentiment right at this moment other than the idea of "psychological conditioning" referred to earlier. But, this is a circumstance that, if we are conscientious and careful, we can possibly verify as being incorrect if our dark "overlords" have been less than careful in accounting for all the facts, wishful thinking and all that. This is maybe uncommon, but it can conceivably happen.

  • Constantly digging up the past. This refers to not only maybe quite significant traumatic experiences survived in the past (and ones that you have maybe even gotten over), but even more minor annoyances (like pet peeves) relating to past events or people. Other people's proclivities, habits, however significant or minor it may be the forces at work will seize upon anything they think will work (even if you're really not bothered by it that much in reality) and will again, like in the future-reading scenarios, feed them back to us magnified x100 in the hopes or desire of causing some kind of upset. I'm not really sure what the intent of this is other than a general weakening of one's psychic constitution or that of simply attempting to sow chaos. It's just like random mayhem to see what sticks, I think.

  • An important thing to note is that, even if you do know all of this information and suspect the possibility that a dream like this might occur, that doesn't necessarily stop it from happening in the first place. Like, why would they stop, just because we know? They will still probably occur and try to feed us these false information programs anyway just on the off chance that we might slip up and believe them. We can stop this latter part from occurring by virtue of accurate diagnosis however, hence "knowledge protects" and so on.

  • Just a general note but dreams of this variety will also tend to exaggerate the negative emotional reaction from us. Even if a dynamic depicted in a disinformative dream may be technically "true" in some sense, the exaggeratedness of the negative experiences associated with them goes well beyond any sense of utility in informing us of the possible "danger" that the dreams signify. We don't have to be frightened out of our wits to know that something is maybe bad, for instance. While this may have implications for attempting to break us down psychologically, it may also be related to the feeding practices of these 4D STS beings, to create an imaginary scenario for them to easily feed off of, but that is not much more than a hypothesis coming from my standpoint. But, who knows, maybe they could all be considered "one and the same" from a certain point of view.

  • Another general point, but if a dream is disinformative in nature, then it will quite possibly NEVER portray the perpetrators, however they may be represented, in a bad light. They will never have any kind of definable flaw if they're meant to look "good" (such as getting angry at getting foiled, they never are depicted with "flaws" like those), and if the dark element in the dream (presented simply as itself) is meant to be terrifying, then it will be accentuated accordingly, implying strength and severity of such. The "light element", if it's present at all (which it usually will not be), is weak or diminished or made to seem ridiculous somehow or another; either way, "you cannot rely on it" is the intended message, which if believed will tend to weaken oneself and undermine their faith. This is all just pure propaganda in essence.

  • In keeping with the idea of duality referred to earlier, in regards to symbolism, the disinformative dream will differ from an informative dream in some specific ways. The symbolism in such a dream will often be quite obvious-enough as to what it "represents" (because, how would you "get the message" they want otherwise?), but the meaning is shallow, and doesn't really form much of a coherent narrative when the dream is taken altogether. It is not really satisfying to "figure out", which is maybe another sign of its true nature; in "figuring it out", we come up against a brick wall effectively, we can do nothing with this "data". The informative dream however (which I will refer to again shortly), is more "expansive" in character, revealing many things in mysterious forms about both ourselves, our circumstances, and the universe. There is no pretension needed in that case as the message has a clear and simple utility, we come away with it having more than we did beforehand. Because of this, it will often be clear to our perception in these cases which is which if we only consider the character and outcomes of each.

  • Lastly, you might note that the dreams are very repetitive in nature, repeating the same kinds of themes and scenarios over, and over, and over... and over and over again and again! They may of course mix together any of the qualities described above to make a "new" scenario in any given case, but they will tend to revolve around the same kinds of themes and motives. Chalk it up to a lack of creativity or a narrowness of focus, in either case despite all appearances these dreams will tend to be the same in some specific ways (mostly because of the source and their intended effects).

This listing is not (and probably could never be) totally inclusive, but I have attempted to cover a handful of the "major" types of manifestations and to give an explanation of why they would be undertaken. Like quoted earlier by the Cs, they are "far too clever to be accurately anticipated so easily" -- but it is not impossible I think if we have something of a handle on their psychology and methods.

Ok, so, this is all a rather heavy topic I know, but in categorizing it like this I hope that the matter will become clearer to those that maybe were not quite aware of all the fine details at work. In some ways, this kind of phenomena really is not anything different from some things that we are already quite well-familiar with in our STS environment, it being merely a "higher" variety of such. The nature of it, despite all apparent differences, is the same as all of the manipulations that we are used to dealing with here on Earth even if it's cranked up to the 11th power. The hermetic maxim, "as above so below" that many are familiar with here would perfectly apply as such.

So, all that said, the matter should not be as confusing as it makes itself out to be, and as such I think we can end this on a slightly higher note. Let's finish by comparing and contrasting this type of dream with with the more benign, STO-type, and/or subconscious varieties of dreams.

In terms of discerning between the two of them, the matter could be most easily summed-up by the biblical expression, "You will know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:15-23, Matthew 12:33-37, Luke 6:43-45), but for the sake of discussion we will expand on this a little more. I would point again to another statement from the Ra material which will echo this sentiment somewhat in respect to the effects of this kind of "encounter":

53.17 Questioner: Then in general I could say that if an individual has a “close encounter” with a UFO or any other type of experience that seems to be UFO-related, he must look to the heart of the encounter and the effect upon him to determine whether it was Orion or Confederation contact. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. If there is fear and doom, the contact was quite likely of a negative nature. If the result is hope, friendly feelings, and the awakening of a positive feeling of purposeful service to others, the marks of Confederation contact are evident.

While quite correct, this is maybe a little simplistic for our needs as the negative interaction that happens through the "dream form" will, in practically all cases, be attempting to conceal itself and present itself as anything other than it really is. Confusion is the predominant element as such, but in some sense that is also maybe a proof of the real nature of it.

In a session quoted earlier, I referred to the STO-type thinking pattern as described by the Cs as being "Helpful and balanced" in character. What then would the STS pattern be? "Unhelpful and unbalanced"? Well, to anyone but themselves [and those directly serving them], it would certainly be the case based upon the circumstantial evidence that's been collected here on this forum, but short of a direct affirmation by the Cs we could just as well assume this to be true. While they've never used the term "unhelpful" to describe STS to my knowledge (while it may be true), they have described it as "imbalance" elsewhere, just for the record.

So, what're we doing with this then? We are simply looking at the effects of these dreams upon our psychic constitution. If the effect is benign, helpful, clarifying, and maybe most importantly, expansionary in character (as in, the information given through this method is "useful" to us somehow and we can expand our awareness based upon it), then it would in all-likelihood be a message of an STO-source or a product of our own subconscious/superconscious/etc. processes. If the dream however is NOT helpful, if it actively unsettles and upsets us and wears away at our emotionality excessively, if it provides no useful information and leads us not into clarity but into confusion, fear, and obscurity, then it would definitively be STS in source.

There is not a lot more I feel I could really say about the matter that the reader themselves could not discern by means of the application of the concept of duality. However, I do think that the above explication of the characteristics and nature of the "dark side" of the phenomena will be highly illustrative towards differentiating between the two, and more useful dream work can be carried out by the reader as a result. That is my hope in having written all this.

I don't have a lot more to say on this topic, but I will throw in a few items that I had that I didn't feel could be very well fit into what I've already said above. About the STS-type communication, and this is particularly relevant given that there are so many STO-inclined people on this forum, there is this comment coming from the Ra material:

12.15 Questioner: Is it possible for an entity here on Earth to be so confused as to call both the Confederation and the Orion group in [an] alternating way, one, then the other, [inaudible] back to [inaudible]?

Ra: I am Ra. It is entirely possible for the untuned channel, as you call that service, to receive both positive and negative communications. If the entity at the base of its confusion is oriented towards service to others, the entity will begin to receive messages of doom. If the entity at the base of the complex of beingness is oriented towards service to self, the crusaders, who in this case, do not find it necessary to lie, will simply begin to give the philosophy they are here to give. Many of your so-called contacts among your people have been confused and self-destructive because the channels were oriented towards service to others but, in the desire for proof, were open to the lying information of the crusaders who then were able to neutralize the effectiveness of the channel.

So again, the focus of this type of interaction is based around the instillation of feelings of terror and fear in the recipient. We should maybe note also that, in the middle of this statement from Ra, in the case of a STS-type recipient it says that the crusaders "do not find it necessary to lie", so this is maybe a "proof" of the invalidity of such messages conveyed to the STO-types. Or in other words, the scary scenario so-depicted really is just false.

As an example, I would like to describe one such dream I have received that I think was disinformative; it is also relevant in some ways directly to the topic at hand which I'll get into in a moment.

Anyway, the dream was like this. While amidst a somewhat blocky-looking landscape, and under a dark and murky sky, I had in my hands two items: in the left, I had an empty cup, and in the right I had rather aged-looking book like a bible. The sensation of the dream suggested that these items were somehow useless or undesirable, and I placed (or almost threw) these items to the ground. There was more later in the dream, but that's all that this interaction encompassed.

Now, for why this is relevant, around the time that I had this dream I had previously received the crystals from the Cassiopaea group crystal project. I had been practicing the given routines with them for a while, and I could definitely tell that there was some kind of effect emanating from the portable, room protection, and sleeping stones, but the water charging stone was something that I still was not entirely sold on as to the effects of it. It's not that I actively didn't believe, but I just wasn't sure what the effects were like, or to what extent they extended. There were (and still are) also some personal life circumstances at the time that made it a little difficult to make use of the water charging stone aside from my curiosity/ambivalence as to its effects. Well, what do you know, I have this dream ready to give me a pre-made answer to this question, the cup representing the cup that I would otherwise place the stone in along with the water, and the "bible" representing the little pamphlet of instructions. Knowing that I have a fairly withering view of the "Christian experience", the bible in this dream roused up feelings of stodginess and inflexible, stuck-in-its-ways old-ness sufficient to rub me the wrong way. Suffice it to say, the "nudging" from this dream was enough to put me off of going through the trouble of using the stone for quite some time.

I should explain further that I have rather significant hand and wrist pain that makes it difficult to do much technical work at the computer, and it had been getting bad enough that even writing this posting was becoming a nigh-impossible challenge. I have been dealing with this issue for a long time now and all of my other treatments had been proving insufficient: heat and cold therapy, painkillers, supplementation, reiki-healing, prayer, meditation, EE, all were useless if I weren't going to be sitting around and doing nothing for a long time. Well, it was getting bad enough to try anything, so I broke out the water-charging crystal again and gave it a shot.

I'm not really sure how to put it, the only way I can really describe it is "miraculous", would that pass this forum's "incredulity test"? It took a little while as the effect from drinking the charged water was rather persistent over the course of maybe an hour or two, but the persistent pain in my joints, which nothing else would dislodge, began to ebb and fade away, the sensations in my joints slowly returning to a semblance of normality. Months and years of suffering and discomfort gone in practically an instant.

I've been doing the water-charging for a few days now after only having done it on a very sporadic basis previously. Things are not perfect exactly, but even in this short span of time I've gone from being nearly immobilized in this respect to being halfway functional again. And, this entire time, I had the solution -- but, I was swayed off of using it because of the very subject of this thread. For the record, I never had any other dream relating to using the water crystal, and certainly none especially suggesting its usage. It is only now, after having gone through this "trial", that I am back to using it again. How easily we can be swayed by "dreams"!

I hope this will be illustrative as to the seriousness and nature of this phenomena. It's not good, it's not meant for our benefit (and in fact, like in my case, has led to my prolonged suffering), and it is probably going to be something you'll have to deal with whether acknowledged or not. We need to be aware of this. Don't do what I did, choose differently, choose the path of discernment.
strangely, i thought of a thread like this today 😊

reading T.C Lethbridge couple days ago and all his crazy dream logistics got me thinking that a collective project could leverage people's dreaming ability by paying more attention to certain signs, raising awareness and even acting dreams deliberately

i almost never remembered my dreams until trying to lucid dream, then it was clockwork intentional
though i must warn you it correlated with the beginning of psychic attacks(as many other things)

Dan Brown's "wide awake" is what i used btw
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