Difficult situation at work


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So this issue has now been definitively resolved. Last Tuesday I was urgently summoned by the director for an interview.

First he apologized for his various behaviors, but then he started to resent me for not being nice enough to him and felt that I was irrelevant to him and his vision and mission. Then he asked me to stay and at least have wheels. I agreed to the classes, but I signed my resignation as a teacher by mutual agreement.

Before I left, he asked me if he could touch my hair, but I said no, so he didn't touch me.
It seems to me like he is only "helping" you because he expects you to yield to his advances or to lower your guard and not take legal action against his harassment. Whatever "good" you see in him is probably a facade, and he could very well get tired of trying to win you over and somehow set you up in a way in which you lose your job, reputation, etc.

I would try to minimize contact with him, try to record interactions, and plan your way out and maybe stay with the students as a private tutor separated from school activities if you really want to keep a connection with them or something along those lines.


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2 cents. From what I read in your words and I can assume of your background, punching someone in the face is not in your behavioral range, not even as self-defense . That seems interesting to me. Try to analyze it. Take it as an "atomic", instantaneous action.Where do you think it comes from? Do you consider it legitimate or do you feel guilty?


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Do you consider it legitimate or do you feel guilty?

That's an interesting clue. A behavior that could become subtle to similar events that this case would apply to anything identifiable as "trespassing on your personal space" (depending on each person's situation and their way of "embodying" the experience). Think about how that experience made you feel and time after the event.

Be vigilant in how the emotions flow and do their thing through us as a reflection/indicative/effect of the buffers rearranging themselves to reinforce some subtle behaviors in your person product of the opening left by the weakening, due to the continuous use of those emotions against ourselves.

I'll go a little further... if at some point you decide to tutor those students, rest assured that the bully is going to know about it. "There is nothing hidden between heaven and earth", he knows your weakness for those students and that creates a bridge between you and him, somehow. It is important to know how to defend an objective position but without sentimentality that exposes our weaknesses and the reason why we are "subject" to something or else we are giving up our weapons.
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