I imagine many of you have seen the we will not be silenced video.. I just got an e-mail from tol23 who I believe was the creator of the we will not be silenced video. Here is the e-mail:


Its been 2 years since we released our first movie, and 6,000,000 visits later, on Sunday 25 February 2007, we released the long awaited second movie.


We would welcome you to visit the above site and enjoy the powerful message the second We Will Not Be Silenced sends.

Please help us link, post and circulate this around the net.


We Will Not Be Silenced -end

It does hold some religious properties but is a great video IMO and does also do some attacking of those who mock the higher religious principles. This one is a bit longer that the previous one.

-Steve M.


It expired. After a couple years, which is how long it took, I didn't want to sound like a hungry penis running around in search of a vagina to eat. The name was intended to be a reference to Cheney eating George. I'm still doing some video's but since the site no longer exists I'm posting to google video and youtube. I want to do a new website but do not have quite enough knowledge (or software) to do it. The person who initially set it up for me now lives a few states away.

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3985724025692907075&hl=en - you'll have to click on 'from user' on the right to see other video's uploaded there. Intend to have a new video in my signature in the next day or so.
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