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Has anyone heard or seen the show on the Sci-Fi channel called Destination Truth? It's actually pretty interesting since they take investigative gear and equipment(ghost hunting style) around the world in search of creatures from myths/legends that have been around for generations. They usually will interview the people of the area who have seen these mythical creatures. It's pretty interesting.....



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Yes, I've seen the show and I enjoy watching it. I didn't realize that there were so many strange and unusual creatures in this world until I started watching this show. Which brings up a good question. I may be wrong but, hasn't there been a few episodes involving creatures that have only recently (meaning within the last century) been spotted roaming around? Wouldn't this help support the concept of the "window fallers" mentioned by the C's? Also, how long have they been among us that we haven't noticed? Which also brings up another question. How many more weird creatures are in our world that we don't know about?


The Force is Strong With This One
I totally agree with the concept of the "window fallers" phenomenon. My mother grew up in the Philippines and would have stories of scary creatures she and other locals have seen that seem to be products of people's nightmares.It seems that
if people have been seeing and believing things for hundreds of years something must have had to happen or there was something that they actually witnessed to make them believe in the existence of these creatures


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What I have been wondering while reading the Our Haunted Planet on SOTT is what if some of these UFOs that have been seen morphing, flying erratically, etc. are actually window fallers themselves? To be in another reality/dimension/density and to all of a sudden find yourself here would be quite the shock to the system I would think.

Would this make them run through a series of forms trying to get back? Or would them be flying erratically because they are all of a sudden someplace completely foreign to them and have lost their capacity to navigate?

Just musings, but there seem to be a lot of this happening lately.


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this show is annoying to me. the team goes to some far off location to find a cryptid. they camp out for one night, even though most people living there have never seen the monster their whole lives. can't they at least stay a week? but what really gets me is that they all wear those cameras that point at their own faces. they say, " look over there!", but the camera is pointing at their face. it's like they are saying,"this is what i look like when i see bigfoot".


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Am in agreement with jjcoolel. These are made for tv sensationalism at it's best. Entertaining yes, real, I have much scepticism. How do I know that there is not some assistant producer behind in the dark producing that 'sudden noise'? There have been episodes where I thought that the piece of evidence they presented 'may be' real. The Chernobyl ghost hunt for example where they got some inferred images on camera. BUT again it could have been some assistant up there. So for me I take it all with a grain of salt.

Some investigators spend years looking for the otherworldly creature and never get a picture. If one of these investigative tv shows provides unequivocal proof, then I might give them more credit.
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