Descriptions of the "afterlife"


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My deepest condolences, Kay Kim, take good care :hug:

I don't think so. What I think is that there are individuals in all 2D species who are more advanced than others, just like with people. The Cs have said that 2D souls go into a "soul pool".
Yeah, that's also how I understand it.

but I couldn’t find any information about the dog
There's this one for example (see below), but as others said I wouldn't see cats and dogs separately, some are more advanced than others, some may reincarnate in 2D or 3D if ready (or rarely maybe even 4D!), some may stay for a while, there are many possibilities. And as Odin said, I'm certain your Labrador is in a good place :hug2:

(Chu) Can we ask about Booboo?

(L) Oh yes!

(Scottie) Yeah, we should ask about him.

{Our nearly 13 yr old Sheltie passed away of congestive heart failure on the day of the Germanwings crash which, interestingly, occurred at exactly the same time we were holding the funeral.}

(L) We've all kind of "seen" Sebastian, Scottie heard him barking, we all feel him around... So, is Sebastian still with us?

A: Yes

Q: (L) Is that a bad thing, or a good thing?

A: Loves all of you!

Q: (L) So, should we try to send him into the light?

A: Not in this case!

Q: (L) He'll go when he's ready?

A: Yes

Q: (Galatea) Speaking of pets, I wanted to ask if it's possible to take pets into 4D with you?

A: In some instances if there is sufficient bonding so as to increase the FRV of the 2D creature. In the case of Sebastian, being loved by so many, this is possible.

Q: (L) So you kind of piggyback him. So, you're saying that some creatures can skip 3D?

A: Rare, but possible.

Q: (Galatea) Well, 1D, 2D, and 3D all live together. So can't 4D and 2D live together?

(L) I guess. I guess if we go to 4D, Sebastian goes with us. But as long as we're still 3D, he stays with us here.

A: Yes

Q: (L) But because of all of us being so attached... Well, that's interesting.


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My first pet eight years and six months old dog Labrador had cancer in his left-leg and rapidly spreads to his whole body, and it was too late for us to try any other option than put him to sleep. So, he went to 5th density on December 20.
Then I was wondering how’s dogs life in 5th density, but I couldn’t find any information about the dog, but able to find some interesting information about cats.
Now I wonder, maybe cats souls are more advanced than dogs souls?
I am sorry for your loss Kay Kim. I agree with what others have said, it depends on the animal. And maybe it is me giving ourselves humans too much importance, but I've noticed that animals who are loved, who are considered a family member by "their" human have a brighter and more intelligent eyes, as if something of their humans rub-off on them. I'm sure our presence helps them grow, it seems a fair trade in return for all the love they give us.

I've lost my 9-year old rabbit last year, I didn't talked much about it because most people don't understand you grieving over a small animal like a rabbit, but my little guy was a gem. I dreamed several times of him. He let me know he was fine, but it was time for him to go.

If a little soul like his made it to the other side, I'm sure your dear labrador made it too💚


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Dear ryu 🐇and Kay Kim 🦮 I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved and cherished 2D companions, such precious family members... that is a deep bond with another sentient being, and it is no small thing - no matter how others might view that. If someone doesn't seem to understand or have genuine empathy foryour loss, perhaps it is just that they have never experienced such a deep bond with a 2D being, or if they have, perhaps the pain is too much for them and they don't want to recall those memories. (Or maybe they are an OP?! :umm:)

I feel that for those who form a deep connection with 2D souls (and for those people who are also particularly sensitive), it can be very painful on many levels when they transition - we have such acute knowledge and awareness of how much they have gifted us of their beautiful energy, how deeply healing and comforting their presence has been in our lives, how much light and joy they have brought into our reality, and how much this affects us on multiple levels. There are also many memories and experiences that touch us and affect us powerfully as they transition; it is SO understandable that people might feel that separation acutely and discover that all kinds of memories and 'triggers' that affect them. I pray that in time, your hearts will feel lighter and the sweetest, most meaningful and joyful memories you each have of your beloved companions will lift and heal your souls in the loveliest, most comforting ways.

I think at some point that feels right, it helps to have a chat with/pray to the Universe, Christ, Divine Cosmic Mind... but also I feel it can help to quietly hold in your heart, awareness of the greater plan - for you and for your beloved 2D companion and consider the deeper reason for your connection and your time together; think about what lessons or 'gifts' have you received? What has your 2D companion also learned/received? Perhaps you taught them to trust humans after lifetime/s of abuse... perhaps they also taught you a thing or two about trust, and your own deeper issues. Perhaps they taught you how to feel real peace for the first time, or learn to really rest and relax your body... how to breathe. Perhaps they simply taught you how to FEEL. Perhaps they taught you to get off your backside and do more exercise, connect with nature more often, play! Perhaps they taught you to learn to pay more attention on all levels. Perhaps they inspired more creativity and laughter in your life, perhaps you finally learned to be still. Perhaps they taught you how to meditate. Perhaps they taught you patience. Perhaps they taught you Faith. Perhaps they taught you how to swim or sing without fear. Perhaps they healed your heart, and you theirs. Perhaps they taught you a million different things about yourself, including how to laugh so hard, for so long, that you almost peed your pants (or actually did!). Perhaps even through their transition, they are still teaching you now... how to love... how to trust the greater plan... how to 'let go', but still feel that beautiful light-connection. 💫 💗


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I'm - late? Just read it now- sorry for your loss Kay Kim.

I have not had a pet - dog or cat - of my own, their owners are/have been other people who live in the same house, I have only had to live with them, and take care of them, provide affection, scolding and food.

Your post reminded me of a dog in particular, he was a German Shepherd. His name was Drago - he came with that name, and his owner - my brother - did not change it. A lot of people were struck by his name, that Russian who fought Rocky. His name fit him, he was very brave and very intelligent and skillful. He walked around inside the house without breaking anything, and he was not allowed to enter. Sometimes he made me desperate, sometimes I had to go and look for him when he left the house, I called/shouted 'Drago, come here...'. I told you to come over here! He would stop, turn to look at me, he would look at me with that mischievous smiling face, saying... "let's see if you catch me".... And, at that time I just screm rude things to the air, I went back for my car - he loved to go for a drive - and I used to go to the neighborhood to look for him, I never caught him running, though.
He had a gastrointestinal problem, his last year of life I had to take care of him. The brother did not live in the house, nor did the sister who also took the title of co-owner.

He was very sick, I was closest to him his last year.

He died because my sister sent him to sleep, she was not going to be able to take care of him anymore because she was changing her residence. And brother was not even here either. The vet's prognosis was bad as well.

It took me a year to mourn him. It turned out that I missed him a lot.

Actually I came to post on something else.
I have an aunt that I love dearly and she is leaving. She had a very large thyroid tumor detected recently. She is an homeopath, she doesn't trust allopathic doctors and even less now, she didn't want any allopath to obscult her or give her treatment let alone diagnose.

I don't have her near me, she lives in another city. I communicate with a cousin, she is the one who takes care of her.

It has been a process of acceptance. My cousin tells me about her experiences, her anguish, her pain of seeing our aunt like that.
One grows up, observing the elderly as pillars, and when age and illness consume them it is difficult to see them.

I thank the universe that has allowed me to coexist, to coincide my life with my aunt.

My homeopathic aunt is my mother's sister, she was my father's constant doctor, she was very close when my father was sick. They loved each other like siblings. I have been asking my dad "in heaven" to assist her, to guide her, when her soul decides.

A week ago my aunt was still in denial, she said she was recovering but her body said otherwise. This week it dawned on her, she knows the process, she has written about thanatology and she is spiritual. It seems to me that there is a conflict between her being/mind/body and her soul, she stopped eating and has become - according to my cousin's reports - angry, irascible, characteristics that are not typical of her personality.

I pray to the universe that her soul decides to stop suffering. She hasn't left yet and I miss her already. I am thankful that I was able to see her last weekend and she was still - although weak - conscious. From what my cousin tells me, what I knew as my aunt's personality is gone.

I pray to the universe to give my cousin strength to continue with this arduous process.

Thanks for resding.


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Prayers sent, mabar. Life is such an amazing experience, the hard and the beautiful...
Thank you from my heart.

My mind need to focus, need to take care of my mother, we are going to the city where my aunt died for the services, is her first silbing to go away. And the death anniversary of my father is next month. She is quite moved by this. Yesterday, was the anniversary of her 53 years of marriage.
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