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Keit said:
Just thought about those red laser eyes and the fact that the author lost his eye and later was killed by his creation...
Dark Knight comes to mind.

Q: Okay, he suggested that I look at Pouisson's painting 'Winter,' for clues. A; Yes, go see the painting mentioned. There are strong connections between this and both the Denver International Airport Murals, and the suggestions we gave you for your inground pool design!
Q: Well, he described it as a figure of Noah clinging to a horse between two pillars. Other than the alchemical symbols I have discovered through etymology and philology, for the horse, what other implications does this figure suggest?
A: Maybe it is something about either the notation of the "knight," or the gas nebula in Orion. By the way, Laura, have you contemplated the life of your father and what led him to his drug addiction and destruction? Hmmmm? Big clues to be found there?? And, if so, what? What indeed!!
Q: What are you talking about?! Does this have anything to do with the 'arm problem' as described in the Matrix material, his arm, my arm, Tommy's arm, Mother's arm?
A: Quest, my dear, quest! Clues, as you know by now, make learning an explosively significant experience!
Q: Okay. Mann says: "May I suggest that you check out the story of the killing of Dagobert II, the last of the
Merovingian kings. He died after being pierced through the eye, hence the etymological name, one of the keys of Solomon: 'Perc(e)y(e). Notice the hidden fifth element, the letter 'e.'" He is saying that Percy is represented in another context, by Dagobert, the Merovingian king, or vice versa. Is Percy an allegory for "pierced eye?"
A: If one so chooses.

Just a coincidence, regarding the recent theatre shooting in Colorado?

Maybe it doesn't have anything to do with it at all, just thought I'd bring it up.


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Maybe it was already mentioned somewhere, but speaking about strange sculptures in airports, apparently Munich airport also has one, though it's quite different from the creepy, demonic looking Denver ones. ;)

Here is a quote from the article about it:

Of course, building the object near the airport does have a practical side: the entire picture can be seen only from the air. The initial round of negotiations with the airport authority was not easy. Holderied's first idea of creating a huge face was turned down due to a fear that it might cause accidents by catching the attention of pilots, thereby distracting their concentration in the cockpit. Instead, the current spiral shape with the shaggy slash on the side, which the artist playfully describes as a trace of pubic hair, was welcomed and eventually named "An Island for Time" ("Eine Insel für die Zeit").

It's maybe nothing, but C's mentioning that airports are used by both sides made me wonder if there wasn't some inspiration involved.

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I came across this today. Not way to tell how reliable it is, since it's coming from "a source", but I'm putting it on the table for the forumite's consideration.


Denver International Airport Whistleblower: Continuity of Government Plans Exposed

For the first time, a whistle-blower from within the Denver International Airport confirms the existence of a massive deep underground military facility located on the airport’s property.

Special Report

by Shepard Ambellas
May 11, 2013

DENVER — The Denver International Airport (DIA), nestled on a vast 53 square mile complex, owned and operated by the City of Denver, is the largest airport in the United States in terms of land mass garnered, and the second largest airport in the world to Saudi Arabia’s King Fahd International Airport.

The airport serves over 50 million passengers a year and is now incorporating a massive new project called “Airport City” an aerotropolis which has been presented publicly by the Mayor of Denver, Michael Hancock.

The new aerotropolis will incorporate an expansive business district, new lodging, as well as an agricultural and technical district within the confines of the airport property to attract more revenue to Denver’s growing economy.

The concept is innovative, a first for an airport in America, and is likely to become the envy of other airports around the world.

In fact, according to Airport City Denver’s official website, “In 2010, DIA and the City and County of Denver took a major step in DIA’s evolution to fulfill its gateway role by inviting firms from around the world to submit proposals to assist DIA in planning, assessing and creating an Airport City at DIA as the core of and competitive accelerator for the emerging Denver aerotropolis. Later that year, DIA selected MXD Development Strategists (MXD) and its collaborative team including Design Workshop, CH2M Hill, Dr. John Kasarda, Integrity Parking, Transcore and Ambient Energy to prepare the Denver International Airport City Development Strategy.”

However, local residents and others are questioning the new construction in an around the airport property as several red flags have been raised. In fact, since the early construction phases of the airport in the early 1990′s, there have been several indicators that something else may be taking place on or under the grounds of the 53 square mile complex.

The Facility

Some speculate that a deep underground military facility, part of the Continuity of Government (COG) program exists on the site. A massive underground city that will be used by our government in the event that Washington or our central governments command hub is compromised. According to some investigative reports, including one headed up by the former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura, the underground city that lies beneath the airport quite possibly connects to other deep underground military installations throughout the country.

A source of mine within the airport confirmed for the first time astonishing information regarding the underground facility, providing details unknown to airport staff and the general public until now.

The following are details regarding a deep underground military installation located on the grounds of the DIA as provided by my source:

Level 1 of the airport is inset into the ground to protect from vibrations coming from underneath. The base board characteristics lead on to this technical design. The employees have been told the reason for this is to protect from vibrations from the public train that leads back and forth to all concourses, A, B, and C.

The airport’s gate and door numbers correspond to emergency action and response plans that indicate specific details to people “in the know”.

The design of the airport is built to throw people off as levels are labeled differently on each in some cases and grading changes make it difficult to pinpoint your actual elevation. This was a security feature added by the designers.

Due to lawsuits (or potential staged events) in the “United Airlines, Inc.” section of one of the basement levels at DIA, an infectious bio-hazard or fungal outbreak has instigated quarantined off areas of the underground, as they are now inaccessible to the airport staff and personnel. The quarantined section of the underground was confirmed by the source to be located in Concourse B’s East side lower levels.

The landfill located off of Tower Rd. two miles west of the Jeppesen Terminal was added onto in the early 2000′s despite the airports appeal to the District Court against the landfill in 2002, claiming it was an FAA safety hazard. The landfill has a functioning element to it but is “mocked-up” to look like a landfill hidden in plain sight.

There is a militarized intermediary entrance located in the “United Airlines” section of the underground. The actual door number was reveled by my source with great hesitation. The actual door code is “BE64B” unknown until now to the general public.

A swift door will also allow access to the intermediary entrance of the facility if you have the proper “speed-pass” clearance on a Department of Defense (DOD) level. This door was also a secret to the general public until now. The actual door number is “T-47 M” located on the level 4 exterior.

The dirt in parts of the train tunnels looks unnatural, and “if anyone steps on it they know”, said my source.

Gates can “lock-down” certain sections of the airport in the event of an emergency.

A nearly 3 mile long tunnel heads out from the intermediary entrance “BE64B”, to a full-blown Department of Defense (DOD) sanctioned militarized entrance nestled in a set of 5 buildings 120′ beneath the surface located Northeast of the Jeppesen Terminal.

All VIP activity typically originates under the Northwest section of “Concourse C”

The information provided by the whistle-blower does indeed beg the following question. Does the DOD have any ties to areas of the airport owned and (or) operated by domestics airline carriers?

Department of Defense Ties To Domestic Airline Carriers

New information uncovered by investigators concludes that, yes indeed the DOD has ties to a commercial airline carrier that operates out of the Denver International Airport.

Documents requested by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by the Investigative Report Workshop in 2004 reveal that, “United Airlines, Inc” is involved in a DOD “Air Transportation Program” likely connected to COG. This contract would allow United Airlines to fly VIP’s, sitting Senators, Congressmen, and top elected officials including Head’s of State to-and-fro the main COG hub located on DIA grounds.

According to the Investigative Report Workshop, “The Department of Defense audits commercial air carriers it contracts with to fly DOD employees. The Workshop and PBS FRONTLINE sent a FOIA request to learn about United Airline’s maintenance procedures. Last year, we had sent the same request for another company and the audits proved to be very informative. This time, however, we received about 94 mostly blank pages.”

The Dirt Came From Somewhere

According to my source from inside, a massive pile of dirt was added to an existing landfill in the area dispite the FAA’s request that it was dangerous to travelers and could pose a radar issue causing a potential disaster. This addition to that landfill was pressed hard and was supposed to take place over a 40-60 year period, but instead took place over the course of about 4 years. The pile of dirt, which is masked as a landfill in-plain-sight, now exceeds 300′ in altitude.

An excerpt from the FAA appeal reads, “In the Hazard Determination and Affirmation, the FAA found that the Tower Road landfill at its proposed height “would be in the radar line of sight and vehicles [i.e., dump- trucks and graders] operating at the landfill may cause radar reflection and consequently create false targets.” JA 7.

The Determination and Affirmation themselves provide no evidentiary basis for the “false target” finding. Indeed, we can find at most only two pages in a 462-page record to support it. The FAA’s aeronautical study reports that Airways Facility radar technicians have “identified the potential for false targets. At the current elevation of 5,423′ AMSL [above mean sea level], the landfill is below the radar line-of-sight. At the new height of 5,542′ AMSL, the large dump trucks, graders, and other heavy equipment create the potential for reflecting the radar and causing false targets…. The impact in this circum- stance would be an erroneous position indication for the aircraft.”


The Denver Airport is part of a Continuity of Government Program and does indeed house an underground facility.









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Guy wonders why they’re still building at DIA? May 8, 2013. :shock:

YouTuber Jake Thornton looks out the window of DIA’s Great Hall and notes, “Look. They are building…again! This airport has been under construction for twenty-plus years.”

The short answer to his question: It’s the construction for the new train terminal for the lightrail line into downtown Denver.

He does get a good shot of a new mural at DIA, including the image of a young girl that … “What the heck is that?! Oh, conspiracy theorists are going to go crazy over this.”

And the beat goes on.

Denver International Airport 2013 Construction Apr 24, 2013

Dang if this don't look like what the complex looks like below ground? But it is the terminal layout
_ :shock:


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Recent odds, and ends at the Denver International Airport. :whistle:
Looks like the Elites, May----------bee .........prepping.

War in the heavens.
Denver International AirportTornado - June 18, 2013
Session 30 July 1994
Q: (L) Will Jesus be reincarnated into a body?
A: No.
Q: (L) Is Jesus an alien?
A: One of us.[9]
Q: (L) Will there be atomic war?
A: No.
Q: (L) Will there be a war in the sky with the aliens?[10]
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Will it be between Orions and the Federation?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Will it be visible on earth?
A: Oh, yes.
Q: (L) When will this be?
A: It has already started. Will intensify steadily.
Q: (L) Why are we not aware that it has already started?
A: Disguised at this point as weather. Fighting part still in other dimension. Will go to this one within 18 years. Anytime within this period. Not determinable exactly when. Could be tomorrow or 18 years.
Q: (L) 18 years from now is 2012. Is there some special significance to that time?
A: By then.

Timing is every thing?
F-16 Tests Arresting Cable at Denver International Airport
Published on Mar 26, 2014
Colorado Air National Guard F-16D lands at Denver International Airport (DIA) in preparation for temporary operations while Buckley{1} AFB receives runway improvements. The preliminary testing of a temporary aircraft arresting device, which is similar to an arresting cable on an aircraft carrier, is an operational requirement prior to the transfer of flight operations to DIA. The test was successful. Video by Tech. Sgt. Kevin Coulter | Colorado National Guard]

Session: July 12, 1997

Q: Okay. Just a general legend being repeated and embellished. I thought so. Now, I noticed when looking at the map that there is a place called "China Lake Naval Weapons Center" right next to Death Valley. I mean, aside from the fact that it is a NAVAL station nowhere near water, is this connected in anyway to these underground bases or cities?
A: In a circuitous way.
Q: I also notice that Edwards Air Force Base is a little to the South of there and my guess is that these bases are connected to this underground tunnel system, these underground bases or cities. Am I going in the right direction?
A: Draw a line on the map to connect Death Valley, Edwards, and the Antelope Valley. Then connect with Mount Shasta, Mount Ranier, Back to Las Vegas, on to Sedona, over to the Archuleta Mesa, then on up to the Denver Airport.
Q: Well, speaking of the Denver Airport, C**** may be going there soon because Samantha NOW has cancer to top off her lifetime of ongoing miseries. So, C**** may be going out there. So, she will be close. Any comments?
A: Then have C**** go to that airport, observe carefully, then report back her findings. Very important, because the murals there are directly connected to what you are studying carefully right now. Super clues to be found there, which can point to monstrous future plans of 4th density STS and much, much more. Be wary if C**** resists the idea... This means something! Obviously it is not a hardship for her. But strongly suggest you keep your findings to within the group!

The construction continues , under the guise of commerce.
Denver International Airport South Terminal Redevelopment Program: Animation
Published on Feb 8, 2014
Gensler's design for the South Terminal Redevelopment Program aims to reinvent the way Denver International Airport (DIA) connects to the city /quote]
Session 29 March 1996
Q: (L) I have some little hope that maybe something else will happen to help with the work if I make sure that my own life is clean. I am cutting off my financial support, and that is frightening. But, right now, I had another thought... I recently received some information about the Denver Airport. It seems that there is confirmation that this Airport does have some connection to something very mysterious. And, you brought this up in the very first contact. Is there something more on this?
A: Wait and see.

Denver International Airport 2013 Construction
Published on Apr 24, 2013

They are building again! Dia is back under construction? How can this be? Because it never was done!
Session: 22 October 1994
Q: (L) Alright. You mentioned in this earlier reading something about a "Denver Airport Scandal". Recently it has come to my attention that this is a possible development. Is this scandal going to develop into a far worse situation and, if so, what are the ramifications?

A: Yes, that will be an ongoing problem, to say the least.

Session: November 4, 1995
Q: (SV) How many other times during direct channeling was wrong information given? (L) A lot of the other information is unverifiable. (J) How much of this is unverifiable? (L) Well, that's what I'm saying. When there's a point such as that... (T) Well, when they shut down the southwest and declare martial law and keep everybody out, then we'll know that there's some truth to it. (J) Is there a base in the "Show Me" state? They'll have a great time! (T) Is there a base near Denver?
A: Yes.
Q: (T) Let's think about the Scallion map of the future continent. The "Cities of Enlightenment" that are on his map. There's one in Denver, there's one near Albuquerque, there's one near Tallahassee... (L) Doing the direct channeling is so excruciatingly boring.
A: We only suggested it for complex issues.

DENVER – April 10, 2014 – Denver International Airport (DIA) will temporarily host the Colorado Air National. Guard F-16s while the runway at Buckley Air Force ...
National-security spending gives boost to Buckley AFB
Jan 6, 2012, 4:00am MST UPDATED: Jan 5, 2012, 2:11pm MST
Construction of a secretive, :ohboy: $141 million center for U.S. intelligence gathering that could support up to 300 building jobs may begin this year at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora.
Buckley has grown into one of the nation’s most important hubs for satellite-gathered intelligence, which is used by defense and civilian agencies handling national security. Every U.S. armed service, including the Coast Guard, has a presence there, as do an unknown number of intelligence agencies.

10--Repair Main Apron Access and Alert Pavements, Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado
Solicitation Number: W90FYQ14R0002
Agency: Department of the Army
Office: National Guard Bureau
Location: National Guard Bureau, Support Contracting Apr 09, 2014 3:24 pm
The NGB-OPARC-S office intends to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP) to award a single firm fixed-price contract to the Repair the Main Apron Access and Alert Pavements at Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora, Colorado. Place of performance is 140th Wing, 18848 Buckley Air Force Base, Aurora, CO.
The project is planned to be sequenced into 4 parts; Sequence 1 is 99 days, Sequence 2 is 149 days, sequence 3 is 50 days and sequence 4 is 53 days; to allow the continuous operation of F-16 Jet aircraft during construction, and 81 days for mobilization and project closeout. All construction shall comply with the project plans and specifications. Sequence 3 and 4 can be completed concurrently with sequence 1 and 2. The Magnitude of the project is between $10M and $25M. Construction/contract completion time is 432 calendar days after notice to proceed to include inspection and punch list.

Buckley AFB
140th Operations Group (OG) -
Provides command, leadership, and direction to over 100 military and civilian personnel at three units; the 120th Fighter Squadron, the 200th Airlift Squadron and the 140th Operation Support Squadron. Directs the aviation actions and is responsible for all phases of training and equipping combat F-16 forces, VIP airlift, and maintaining the Buckley Airfield and Airburst Range complex.
Session: 16 July 1994
Q: (L) What planet are you from?
A: Corsoca.[4]
Q: Where is that?
A: 2 DILOR. [Some confusion about this as the planchette had begun to mover rather quickly and this is not complete.]
Q: What was that again?
A: You pay attention.
Q: (L) What else is going to happen?
A: Seattle buried; Japan buckles; Missouri shakes; California crumbles; Arizona burns.
Q: [Unknown question.]
A: Go to Denver airports.
Q: (L) When is all this going to happen?
A: Scandal - Scandal - Denver Airport.
Q: (L) What about the Denver airport?
A: Scandal.
Q: I don't understand.
A: New Denver airport.
Q: I don't understand.
A: Pay attention.
Q: Okay, we are paying attention. What are you trying to tell us?
A: Denver new airport big, big, big, big scandal.
Q: (L) What kind of scandal?
A: Government.
Q: (L) Specifically what?
A: You will see. Dallas airport is secret base; Orlando too; Miami Too.
Q: (L) What about Denver airport and how does it relate to prophecies?
A: Denver reveals the government. Look for it. Pay attention.
Q: (L) What else do you have to tell us?
A: Montana: Experiment with human reproduction. All people there - rays - radon gas.
Q: (L) How are they doing this?
A: Compelled - Don't trust - Don't ignore - too strong urges - sinister plots.
Q: (L) What do you mean? I don't understand?
A: Strong urge is directed by sinister plot.
Q: Plot by whom?
A: Consortium.
Q: (L) Who are the members of the consortium? Aliens? The government?
A: All.
Q: (L) All who?
A: Government and other.
Q: (L) Who is the other?
A: Unknown.
Q: (L) Why can't you tell us who is the other?
A: You know who.

[9] "Us" meaning 6th density, not necessarily "Cassiopaeans." This will become clear as we go along.
[10] This was a recurring dream of mine, that there would be a "space war."


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Was looking a bit into this and another thing to add is the aerial photo of the airport looks a little like the Swastika.

Another one is the underground bunkers:


Look like they fit the tree of life / Sephiroth:

Some more on what that is: _


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Published on Jun 2, 2016

2015 State of DIA Keynote Address
Jun 24, 2015
Airport CEO Kim Day

Denver airport cuts maintenance as costs of showcase project rise
March 1, 2014 | UPDATED: 2 years ago

AT&T nearly doubles mobile coverage at DIA
June 2, 2016 | UPDATED: 15 hours ago


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c.a. said:
Published on Jun 2, 2016

Apologies and Needed corrections.

Sofia Smallstorm mixes very little good information with much disinformation. She is of the class of non believers (or worse) part of shill community about the non-real events of Sandy Hook(_

Also she pushes the cemtrail agenda ether by ignorance or sensationalism to generate audience interest to her website, knowng how large this audience is on the internet., perhaps.

I should listened a little more closely....................... :-[

Chemtrails? Contrails? Strange Skies
Laura Knight-Jadczyk
Sun, 09 Jan 2011 00:00 UTC

Sandy Hook and DIA, (with much much more)
Session 21 December 2012,29988.0.html


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A: New Denver airport.
Q: I don't understand.
A: Pay attention.
I didn't follow that subject too much, but wondered if there could be also something going on around New Denver, British Columbia, Canada. Would be well hidden media-wise in all that stirring around Denver International Airport.


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Hi mrtn, I think the majority of this thread specifically refers to the underground facilities at the DIA as well as the disturbing and coded artwork that was installed there at the time of its completion. I don't know if you've been to New Denver BC in the Slocan Valley, but it's a small resort town without much infrastructure or industry. It would be an unlikely place for any covert military activity. Also there is no air access to the town and no large cities or population close by. Any major covert activity or building in the town would generate a lot of attention. Are there recent events at New Denver that brought your attention to this locale?


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No, I haven't been there. Looked very remote from what I have seen and read on Wikipedia, I thought more about the surrounding region than the town itself.
It's only because a translation service I used translated it to "New Denver Flughafen" instead of "neuer Denver Flughafen", and I didn't know before that there was also a New Denver, so I got curious, But no other indications whatsoever.


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I didn't follow that subject too much, but wondered if there could be also something going on around New Denver, British Columbia, Canada. Would be well hidden media-wise in all that stirring around Denver International Airport.

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The Wikipedia page certainly paints a pretty strange history for the place. A residential school for Freedomites!?


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I didn't follow that subject too much, but wondered if there could be also something going on around New Denver, British Columbia, Canada. Would be well hidden media-wise in all that stirring around Denver International Airport.

From what I've witnessed (over the years) from points of disembarkation , was the constant construction within many facility's. It's was always creepy :shock: to know what may or possibly be the real reason behind all. And where does all that money come from?

So ask yourself what are you seeing within the hubs in your local.

Vancouver International Airport
Time zone
PST (UTC−08:00) • Summer (DST) PDT (UTC−07:00) Elevation AMSL 13 ft / 4 m Coordinates
49°11′41″N 123°11′02″WCoordinates:
49°11′41″N 123°11′02″W
London Luton Airport begins work on autonomous people mover - Airport Technology
18 April 2018

Vancouver International Airport - Wikipedia

Denver International Airport Names Cristal Torres DeHerrera as Chief of Staff
Jul 6, 2017 Chief of Staff.pdf
Denver International Airport is the 19th-busiest airport in the world and the sixth-busiest airport in the United States. With more than 54
million passengers traveling through the airport each year, DEN is one of the busiest airline hubs in the world’s largest aviation market.
is the primary economic engine for the state of Colorado, generating more than $26 billion for the region annually. For more information, check us out on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter
. Airfield_FactSheet.pdf
Denver International Airport (DEN) has six runways –five measure 12,000 feet in length (3,600 meters), and the sixth measures 16,000 feet– more than three miles long (4,800 meters). The 16,000-foot runway (16R/34L) is the longest commercial runway in North America. It is one of the reasons DEN has received ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) certification to handle Airbus A380 operations. With 53 square miles (137.8 square kilometers) of land, DEN is one of the few major U.S. airports with room to expand its current facilities to accommodate future growth. DEN has capacity for six additional runways, for a total of 12 runways at complete build-out.

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Hi mrtn, I think the majority of this thread specifically refers to the underground facilities at the DIA as well as the disturbing and coded artwork that was installed there at the time of its completion. I don't know if you've been to New Denver BC in the Slocan Valley, but it's a small resort town without much infrastructure or industry. It would be an unlikely place for any covert military activity. Also there is no air access to the town and no large cities or population close by. Any major covert activity or building in the town would generate a lot of attention. Are there recent events at New Denver that brought your attention to this locale

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. The Wikipedia page certainly paints a pretty strange history for the place. A residential school for Freedomites!?

I know New Denver pretty well, and as Jtucker said, it would be unlikely. However, there is an old silver mine located way up in the hills that is interesting (not much left of it - and worth seeing) that was once a town that had seven or so thousand people. Primary work now is forestry and tourism. Kind of a sleepy town and very beautiful, too, being on the lake with steep mountains sourounding.

The area, though, as you said duyunne, has a history of residential schools and it housed a Japanese prison camp during WWII. This is where the family of David Suzuki (scientist) spent years, I think. Here is a brief vid of the area and camps.


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Another thing I find strange is the use of plural "airports".
A: Go to Denver airports.
Would an native English speaker ever use plural when referring to a single airport facility complex? It seems there 4 airports around Denver. 2 smaller ones, the 'old' one Centennial, and the DIA.
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