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I think the pictures do have an effect on the viewers especially if they are there at the airport. It is interesting that the two murals depict opposite results of peace winning or nazi controlled take-over. I just found a session that talks about it.
It looks like... The rainbow on murals symbolizes the leftist cultural revolution, which at the moment almost every country and every people on the world more or less has been touched by it.

The next, mural, just after that first represents that there be take-over by the military activity of the society (which is brainwashed by leftish ideology). And as this is depicted the woman lamenting and she is pictured as spread out into infinity, what can mean that everyone will be touched to some way, in a sense "infinity" represents "a lot".

We are in the state of being conquered by leftish ideologies (rainbow) and the next close step will be war, what can mean that everyone on the planet finds himself in a state similar to martial law and some big military activity start, probably, in the middle east.


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Came across this article via a link in comments to the Sott UK beauty salon poster article. Really nothing new that hasn't already been realized, but more for the purpose of counteracting the avalanche of MSM lies inundating universal consciousness - my daily paper is getting more and more blatant with anti-Trump/pro-Biden BS as well as resurrecting the Climate Change screed as per all the other mainstream media outlets. :barf:
Your Life in the Denver Airport

We are all living now in the Denver airport, watching the weird Illuminati murals come to life.

The murals tell the story of the world coming apart and being put back together by a multiracial group of children.

Basically, these government leaders, the intelligence agencies and militaries, along with the international banks and the various appendages of the United Nations, and the corporate controllers of culture, had more ability to influence and direct the world than any group of people ever in history. They were all working in tandem, and yet the world continued to get steadily worse and worse.

Someone would have had to have asked: “what exactly are these people trying to do here? Everything is more controlled than ever, and it just keeps getting worse. What is the purpose? What goals are these people trying to accomplish?”

Then, the coronavirus lockdown hoax began, and you saw these masters of the universe just completely and totally destroy the entire society, on purpose, all at once.

So, it’s clear now why nothing worked before: they were trying to destroy everything on purpose.

Why would they do that?

Because they want to form a completely new type of society, a new mode of existence. It’s a type of existence that no one would agree to go along with if it was proposed to them in normal times. So, in order to implement this new form of human existence, you have to make everyone’s life a living hell, then offer the new existence as a solution to the hell you’ve created.

Apparently, this concept is too much for most people to wrap their heads around. It seems very straightforward to me, or to you, I’m sure, but most people just assume that everything that is happening is happening just as the natural result of people in power making decisions that they think will benefit society, or maybe that they think will benefit some specific private interest.

People will say you’re a conspiracy theorist if you start talking about a Denver International Airport agenda. However, as the dust continues to settle around the coronavirus situation, it becomes more and more impossible to talk about “conspiracy theories.” Everyone sees the conspiracy. It isn’t a theory. This was a massive hoax designed to take away everyone’s freedoms, and virtually every government, the entire media, all of these internationalist organizations – everyone was in on it. They even had neo-Nazi groups out there saying, “do as you’re told, the government wouldn’t lie.”

What’s more, you could try to say that at the beginning, the governments themselves were confused. But you can’t say that anymore. And yet, this lockdown is still going. It’s still going, now, and it’s getting more extreme. They’re now grabbing people off the street and shoving them into police cars for not wearing face masks outside.

The fact that they know it’s a hoax now and just keep upping the ante implies that they knew it was a hoax from the beginning, and purposefully did all of this to people, as part of some kind of agenda.

No one knows exactly what is going on. But this is some kind of very extreme agenda, that does have clear goals. This is not just a random power-grab. This is all building up to something.

What they absolutely want is a tiny elite minority ruling over a mixed race mass of brown people. They want to put computer chips in people and they probably want to control their brains using computers somehow.

Who the hell knows what they want. It doesn’t really matter. What we need to understand is that they are purposefully collapsing society, which means that if it looks like something is going to “snap back,” that is a delusion.

The good news is: you know this is happening while most people do not, so you have an advantage.

Full article:
As already mentioned either in this thread or elsewhere, the rainbow most likely symbolizes the "pride" "woke" neoliberal ideology literally blazing across the world via BLM/antifa "peaceful protests", that morphs into a killing vapor/virus i.e. COVID-911. In locating this thread, I did glance through some of the previous pages and made note of the following:
From the comments I'm reading it seems the local populace is kind of freaked out by this 'thing'. I thought the mane looked kind of odd too - more like a 'corona' to the glowing red eyes than a horse's mane.
That was posted March 20, 2008. Perhaps another incidence of universal consciousness manifesting like the Sandy Hook Batman movie "coincidence". The post is in reference to Blucifer, the 32-foot-tall horse statue outside DIA:

" the outpost is home to Freemasons or a UFO hangar or that the terminal is a pictographic guide to the apocalypse " - See:
Another past post:
I was looking through the internet and came across this passage from 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (KJV):
"For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape".
That post brings to mind this - a different take on that bible verse:
A "a pictographic guide to the apocalypse" seems to be a pretty accurate description of the DIA murals.

FWIW - the "rest of the story" regarding the artist and blue horses:

Luis Jiménez began making monumental sculptures in the midst of the Latino civil rights movement. He dedicated himself to contemporary subjects that represented a racially diverse and working class America. Vaquero, which means cowboy in Spanish, is one of his most celebrated works.
Jiménez’s Vaquero depicts an anonymous Mexican American cowboy in colorful and glossy fiberglass, a material more associated with low riders and hot rods. Jiménez intentionally titled his sculpture Vaquero to emphasize the Spanish and Mexican roots of this classic American icon. “Spaniards brought cattle and horses [to North America],” the artist once recalled, “and Mexicans developed the whole notion of being cowboys.” The artist thought it was especially fitting that Vaquero came to permanently reside in the nation’s capital, a city known for its abundant equestrian public sculpture.

Well, Vaquero didn't fall and kill anyone despite being moved for restoration - it looks a lot less vibrantly blue in the video.

Seems Blucifer was installed 15 years after it was commissioned. The first article about it works hard to dispel any evil connotations regarding the horse, particularly its eyes. According to his widow:
Susan understands that the “eyes have been a point of focus.” She remembers a time Luis was home alone at night. He heard something in the living room and went to investigate.

“He sees these two eyes,” she said. “And he said the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.”

He had thought there was an invader in their home, but then felt a nudge from a familiar source. It was their horse Black Jack, the model for Luis’ final work, who had mysteriously broken into their living room.

“And so [do the eyes] have anything to do with that incident and this kind of you're afraid of something but then it’s OK [because you realize] it is familiar,” she said. “I don't know. But the eyes do not have any evil intent whatsoever.”
And they're LED floodlights supposedly to honor the artist's father who worked with neon that the son also apprenticed to learn from him. Interestingly, is this quote regarding the engineering challenge for the largest work he had done:
“He said, ‘You know, this work is gonna kill me,’” Kronkright said. “And that was just this, at the time, humorous comment about how exhausting it was trying to figure out the engineering.” Little did he know. About the color:
Some of the early sketches had “Mustang” as yellow, even pink. But Luis decided on blue, modeling it after Black Jack, who happened to be a blue Appaloosa.

DIA Hotel: Is It a Mustache? A Pirate Ship? A Half-Pipe? [also a whale’s tale, bowtie, pilot's wings]

Absolutely nothing nefarious about any of this - just your every day blue horse with colorful red glowing eyes, the 500-room Westin Hotel and Conference Center with its massive, hulking shape of a bird with wings extended as it hovers above the public plaza, framing and ascending the acclaimed tents of the Jeppesen Terminal, plus the literally entrancing, oh so colorful murals epitomizing the coming culmination of a new world order out of chaos! Rainbows and mustangs - sorry, no unicorns! They failed to get on the ark - um, is that what the Westin represents? Hmm . . .
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