Denver Airport


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I think the pictures do have an effect on the viewers especially if they are there at the airport. It is interesting that the two murals depict opposite results of peace winning or nazi controlled take-over. I just found a session that talks about it.
It looks like... The rainbow on murals symbolizes the leftist cultural revolution, which at the moment almost every country and every people on the world more or less has been touched by it.

The next, mural, just after that first represents that there be take-over by the military activity of the society (which is brainwashed by leftish ideology). And as this is depicted the woman lamenting and she is pictured as spread out into infinity, what can mean that everyone will be touched to some way, in a sense "infinity" represents "a lot".

We are in the state of being conquered by leftish ideologies (rainbow) and the next close step will be war, what can mean that everyone on the planet finds himself in a state similar to martial law and some big military activity start, probably, in the middle east.
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