Demo expert confesses 911 plot run by Cheney


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A piece of the story, but far from the whole truth - Where Did the Towers Go? Hurricane Erin barely rates a mention that day - link.

Gov’t Special Ops Demo Expert Confesses to Planting Explosives in WTCs Before 9/11

In a story that should be on the front page of every newspaper, or at least have any reporter worth their salt digging into it, a man who purports to be a controlled demolitions special operative for the United States, has come forward with a damning confession. According to Manuel Garcia Jr., he was tasked by a team created by Dick Cheney to help carry out a false flag attack on the World Trade Centers, otherwise known as 9/11, in order to “reshape the World Order to secure another century of US control.”

According to Garcia, he’s kept this secret for the last 20 years and has only recently decided to come clean after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. In his confession, Garcia paints a behind the scenes picture of the deep state at work to maintain their control through fear, destruction, and mass murder.
Garcia, who holds a “Physics Ph.D. from an Ivy League University” says in his confession that his career began with the government working on a Top Secret program called the Orbiting Space Laser Weapons Platform (OSLWP) project. According to Garcia, this program made the government’s work at HARP look like child’s play.

After his work was done to allegedly construct a space laser weapons platform, he was approached by a former security guard he referred to as ‘Keith’ who was working under Dick Cheney’s direction to carry out a false flag attack on the twin towers and tower 7. In his confession, Garcia explains:

Deep State rules. ‘Keith’ had been tasked to bring me a very tasty offer for getting back into the Deep State fast action high tech world I had been so enthralled by. The project was being run by Dick Cheney, and its purpose was to reshape the World Order to secure another century of US control. How could I say no?, plus, the pay was astronomical (and thanks to the US taxpayers!).

And that is how I was recruited into the most complex US false flag operation in history: the secret controlled demolition of the World Trade Center: a cover for launching the Global War On Terror, which is really the War For Complete National Control and World Domination, though of course they never call it that or let any of that phraseology appear in any written memo or in any electronic file. Those of us who already had long histories of working deeply in dark government programs all knew the drill about “security.”

The event and operation was referred to as GWOT911 and those participating in it thought they were serving the best interests of the country. According to Garcia, the false flag attack was supposed to take place on a weekend when the buildings were empty. But, as the 2,996 victims and their families know, they were far from empty.

Thinking they were doing the work of patriots, Garcia and his team got to work on planting explosives.

When it came time to select Emplacement Teams (ETs), I was selected as the “physics lead” for Team 6, and I got Keith’ as the “muscle” leader for my team. My small platoon comprised of 20 people; the other 18 were a mix of demolition emplacement techs, electronics and circuitry interruption specialists, and security troopers like ‘Keith’. This was exciting adrenaline-pumping work.

In less than two weeks, staged as HVAC, plumbing, elevator, and electrical conduit repairmen working through the Labor Day weekend of 2001, all our teams got the WTC Twin Towers and Building 7 wired for demolition. Then we were sent home and scattered, without knowing the date of execution or even if the operation would actually be carried out.

On September 11, exactly 20 years ago today, two airplanes were flown into the twin towers and America and the rest of the world was changed forever. Garcia explained that the world got a “miraculously instant engineering and physics education that day” as they watched three buildings collapse into their own footprints at free fall speed from fire for the first time in history.

Because so many people questioned what they saw on television that day, it was after 9/11 that yet another conspiracy unfolded as well. According to Garcia, he was reportedly tapped to carry out a massive disinformation campaign to shut down all the folks who called out the flaws in the government’s official story.

The GWOT911 Directorate realized that they needed to ramp up and maintain a long-term undercover disinformation program to confuse the public and keep a lid on the real purpose of the 911 ‘Spectacle’ (that’s what we GWOT911 insiders call the events known to the public as “September 11”: “the Spectacle”), and ‘Keith’ had been sent to retrieve me for induction into that effort. I got a really nice seafood dinner in San Francisco that night — and of course martinis before dinner, and 18-year scotch after — for listening to that spiel and getting read into the program. Hey, more big chunks of change electronically dumped into my bank account for the next seven years of easy work. My cover was “retired physicist” (for the nuclear bomb work) who wrote amateur essays supporting the “official story” of the 911 events as being solely the work of Osama Bin Laden and his 19 Saudi henchmen (who were all expendables supplied to GWOT911, through Cheney, as part of the ‘Washington-Allied Oil Industry’s’ compliance with the plan).
Garcia’s “cover” checks out as he’s been writing for well over a decade since, “debunking” 9/11 “myths” as a “retired physicist” for Coutnerpunch. Despite his best intentions to counter the “truthers,” according to Garcia, they were relentless.
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While this story may seem far-fetched to many, Garcia’s claims of explosives used to take down the towers are backed up by hundreds of scientists, engineers, and fire fighters. As TFTP reported, a study was published last year, which came to the exact same conclusion and the family of a British victim just served the government with 3,000 pages of supporting evidence.

Family of Brit killed in 9/11 'have evidence towers were blown up from inside'

Relatives of Geoff Campbell do not believe the two aeroplanes that crashed into the World Trade Center in 2001 caused the skyscrapers to collapse.

His family, supported by a scientific team, claim the towers were laced with explosives which brought them down.

Yesterday a 3,000-page dossier was handed to the Government’s top legal adviser, acting Attorney General Michael Ellis, detailing their case.

The family say “significant evidence” went unheard at the 2013 London inquest of Mr Campbell and nine of the other Britons killed on 9/11.

His older brother Matt said: “I believe there has been a cover-up. We have scientifically and forensically backed evidence that the official narrative surrounding the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11 is wrong.”

According to the family’s research, seismographic recordings picked up ground movement 12 miles from the North Tower, 15 seconds earlier than 8.46am, when a hijacked American Airlines jet struck the building.
A piece of the story, but far from the whole truth - Where Did the Towers Go? Hurricane Erin barely rates a mention that day - link.

Gov’t Special Ops Demo Expert Confesses to Planting Explosives in WTCs Before 9/11

I came across the above online yesterday Jeep and it raised just about every red flag possible for me:

1) The tone reads like a bad creative writing formulae of a cliched 'living on the dark-side' type
2) any explosives in the twin towers were primarily for show - as for example Dr Judy Wood has shown in great detail, the twin towers were instantaneously dustified by some form of technology way, way beyond the capacity of even army grade explosives. So this reads like an attempt to keep the lie going whilst appearing to be revealing the hidden truth.
3) WTC7 didn't just collapse - it falls perfectly at near zero resistance to gravity - the explosives in this building were for demolition and worked perfectly and that's what we witnessed.
4) the idea that any link in the chain would let another link know that the commands came from Cheney is utterly laughable - wouldn't happen period. Need to know basis means no one below the top knows anything about who gives what command .
5) The inclusion of the Global Warming lie at the end comes across as a clear plant - hey, since I'm telling the truth about this, then you'd better believe me when I give you this other lie!

The whole thing relies on wishful thinking in the reader. But that's just me. What's your thought on it?
The whole thing relies on wishful thinking in the reader. But that's just me. What's your thought on it?
My first thought was he says they spent two weeks through Labor Day weekend wiring the building. My understanding concerns the Israeli art students that repeatedly showed up and shut downs of the building for elevator work, etc. - thought this type of work lasted for quite awhile, was rather mysterious, and not just a two week period into the holiday weekend. It's been a long while since I read about all the 911 material, so my memory is weak. Certainly Veterans Today has promoted the claim that nuclear demolition took place from under the base of the Towers and also a link to a facility across the way in New Jersey. Garcia's claims do not explain all the molten metal pouring out of the Towers or the pools of melted rock that existed for weeks, or the toasted cars blocks away. Doesn't explain this either:
Twenty years ago this September, on 9/11, a group of firefighters were trapped in the ground level of a stairway in the centre of the half-mile-high World Trade Center North Tower (WTC1). When the dust cleared, beams of sun shone down on them.

This is well-documented, such as in the film “The Miracle of Stairwell B.”

If WTC1 had collapsed, the men would have been crushed by the building’s steel and concrete. That would have been the case whether a plane flew into the building -- with the resultant intense fires causing key support beams to fail, and then each floor falling by gravity on the one below it (the mainstream narrative); or whether there had been controlled demolition, thermite or mini-nuke explosions (the main ‘opposition’ narratives).

Yet the firefighters walked away largely unharmed.

How about all the cancer of 911 firefighters in the years following. How about the creed of silence as to what they witnessed in order to ensure financial security for their families? Garcia's story equates to two old guys with rope and boards created all the crop circles. Psychological trigger to accept as truth and dismiss extraneous details - tasty Kool-Aid.

As to Cheney, he no doubt was an active participant, but hardly the one running the show. From my earlier 911 thread post:
What is most astonishing is that almost no one remembers that at 10am, Richard Clarke triggered the ’Continuity of Government Plan’ [5].

At that very moment, President Bush and Congress were suspended from office and placed under military protection. President Bush was taken to an air base in Nebraska where the CEOs of the upper floors of the Twin Towers had been since the previous evening [6]; and Congress to the Greenbrier megabunker.

Power fell into the hands of the “Continuity Government”. It was in the Raven Rock Mountain megabunker (’Site R’) [7]. Power was not returned to the civilians until the end of the day.
Add it all up and Garcia is just still doing his job - he is a patriot after all and acted in the very best interests of the country! His bank account absolutely reflects that.
In revisiting some 911 info, I assumed WTC 7 was strictly a demolition take down. But info at this link says:
Mark Loizeaux of Controlled Demolition Inc., told the American Free Press that in the basements of the World Trade Center were hotspots of “literally molten steel” more than a month after…found “at the bottoms of the elevator shafts of the main towers, down seven levels…” He said that molten steel was also found at World Trade Center 7. -– film “Loose Change”
Who knew assorted office fires could have such a devastating effect? :halo:

Another inconvenient fact that's faded into oblivion is that toasted cars were at the Pentagon, too. It's hard to process that an entire jet loaded with people, luggage, cargo, etc. can simply vaporize in a crash into a building . . . or the ground. How exactly enough human remains exist to allow identification remains a mystery, too.
You just need to follow the source link in the article and then scroll down to the end. It says "Note: Yes, this is satire". Please always check "the sources" before forwarding (dis)Info, everyone.

And everyone knows it had been the Mossad anyway :)
Good spot Tycho. I read at source having followed another link (by which time I assumed it was false) but was so annoyed I failed to see the obvious - as you say, buried away at the bottom. An intentional snide addition no doubt, knowing that most wouldnt get much further than the headline. As you also say, always thoroughly check out sources before passing on - because you can guarantee this will pop up all over the place without the sign off. All there is are leasons.
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