Death of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh at 99 years of age.

I don't know much about Prince Philip, except that he was known for his gaffes. He could have had a easier life if he hadn't married the future Queen, but he did and he stayed by her side for +70 years. I respect him for that, even if he probably was no paragon of virtue.

As for the dark stuff, like MK Ultra, Greenbaum, pedophilia, we can't know for sure if the Royal family as a part in it, either as victims or executioners.

So, may he rest in peace.
You are joking are you not. Jimmy Saville being one of the Royals best friends. And I could name others connected to the royals who were also known pedophiles.
I thought this was a forum where people express all kinds of different opinions? Many conspiracy theories are talked about on this forum... so why are my beliefs on the royal family being seen as so out of context? I have seen some pretty weird stuff posted on this forum, but I never feel the need to call someone's comments ignorant. I find this all very strange. If I don't agree with someone, I try to be respectful and not call names. So, now you are saying I am holding Laura up to superhuman and unreasonable standards? How is that? To expect the administrator of a forum to disagree in a respectful way, rather than being derogatory is holding her up to superhuman standards? I think there's a lot of people who agree with me, but no one will say anything in my defense because of who the other person is... personally, at this point, I could care less about the discussion of the Queen and Prince, I can't believe this all started over a harmless comment I made. I'm not throwing a tantrum, I'm trying to make some sense of what happened.

So, in addition to what Laura said, I have now been told I am fickle, overly emotional (which is funny because I'm not), and that my comments were ignorant and based on hearsay...oh, and that I should chill out.

Nice folks here. very open and welcoming. I've been on this forum for weeks, and never had a problem. I will go and try to learn something from this, but I sure hope everyone who has commented to me will do the same.
A good few people here are what you would call, 'On their high horse'. I find it strange too.
I don't think Laura's response was cruel or angry, though it might feel that way to you. Laura can be pretty blunt, but it's never personal. So rest assured that there was no personal insult or attack on your person here: she doesn't know you, after all. She was just reacting to your own somewhat heartless comments about the royals and your assumptions about them, and she did actually take the time to answer your question: "Yes, I think that the Queen is a good person within the parameters of her knowledge and experience."

Also, notice that she didn't say that you were an ignorant person. Just that your opinion showed ignorance on this particular topic:

"You are entitled to your opinion, however, in my opinion, your opinion exhibits an abyss of ignorance."

Communication over the Internet is often misleading, and we tend to read many things into someone's comments, things that are just not there. Also, consider the fact that Laura has a lot on her plate, she doesn't have time to make long convoluted responses, so she tends to get to the heart of the matter without mincing words. Sure, sometimes it rubs people the wrong way (it has happened to me too!) But again, there's nothing personal.
I don't want to keep beating a dead horse here, but she did not just call my opinion ignorant...that I could have was the follow up of saying "with your attitude and knowledge level, perhaps this isn't the forum for you" So, yes, she did basically call me ignorant. So, she is assessing my knowledge level and attitude based on a three or four sentence comment I made about the royals. How could she possibly know my knowledge level? I could be extremely knowledgeable on many things, maybe just not the royals, but that's not what she said. Tell me how that is not personal? Call my opinion ignorant, fine, I can deal with that.... but she furthered that up with another worse insult.

I had no idea the royals invoked such strong emotions from God... makes me think the whole subject of the royals is a negative force... brings out the worst in people. I'm sure their friendship and knighthood of Jimmy Saville was totally innocent too... yeah, right

I am blunt too, and I don't mince words. But you can look back at all my comments on this forum, and NEVER once have I called anyone's comments ignorant, and believe me, I've read a lot of stupid stuff on this forum. Anyway, I can see there is some hero worship here of Laura, that's's her forum. You can be blunt and to the point without insulting people. Laura is a professional writer, I'm quite sure she knows how to do that....
A good few people here are what you would call, 'On their high horse'. I find it strange too.
It certainly is... especially since the whole forum is basically about conspiracies and unusual subjects. We have people who believe in channeling aliens, but calling David Icke a nut...LOL The sad thing is, I love Laura's work, and her writings, so this really hurts my soul to find that she treats people this way. I don't think I said a single thing that deserved the response I got.
I probably could have responded differently and it wasn’t my intention to offend you. I apologize for that.
thank you, I appreciate that. I really do. I was just very hurt by Laura's reply to me... I don't usually get emotional like that. I can usually just walk away and never look back.. I just think it's because I didn't expect that from her. I am willing to let it all go..
You are joking are you not. Jimmy Saville being one of the Royals best friends. And I could name others connected to the royals who were also known pedophiles.

Well, and some think Trump is a pedophile because they think he was close with Epstein. Which he totally wasn't. When is someone really close with a person? Because they were at the same event? Or because they are in a picture together?

As far as I know, they were not best friends. I would dig deeper and try to think more critically. Because the reasons given here are not convincing evidence. But perhaps I am missing something?
I had no idea the royals invoked such strong emotions from God... makes me think the whole subject of the royals is a negative force... brings out the worst in people. I'm sure their friendship and knighthood of Jimmy Saville was totally innocent too... yeah, right

Or you simply don't like it because someone is telling the opposite of what you think is true.

As for Jimmy Saville. Do you think the queen decides who gets knighted or not? You also seem to assume that this man confessed his pedophile crimes proudly in front of the royal family. Which to be honest is pretty stupid.

The situation is more complex than you think. OSIT.
@Aquarian1962, perhaps let it all go and try to enlighten yourself a bit more. The royals may be evil but only by association and without choice. The intention behind the said dark assosciations is to have enough control levers against the monarchy from ever diverging from the template, if you will.

The idea of royal monarchy and king/queen is a strong archetype and a type of authority who would truly serve their country and people without caring much for personal gain. At least it used to be like that at a few places. And that idea has lived on in the collective conscious and now seen as a moral authority guiding the people on to “how to be” in their daily affairs. Such institutions/ideas are very powerful in a positive way and not easily counterable. So, the PTB or the STS factions try to control their reach and effect by subversion, blackmail and slow erosion/dilution of their values. And that has indeed been the case with the current British monarchy.

So, try and look behind the veil to find the man behind the curtain and spare a thought for its victims. Prince Phillip, may he rest in peace (finally some respite for his soul) and may his wife finds the strength to deal with her loss.
I actually feel a lot of sympathy for them having had my own life put on display in a minor way and knowing how it can affect a person and their family life (and friends). It has to be a horror to live your life in a complete fishbowl. And even her grief (which is probably enormous) cannot be experienced in private. Money and high position are not a fair trade for complete loss of privacy and normal life. But she has navigated it gracefully.

Some serious lack of thinking and empathy going on here.
Dear Laura, is there any possibility that she could refuse to be a queen in order to have privacy and so called normal life (but that is just a perspective, because different people may have different opinions what normal life is) and work 5 days in week 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. job ?

Also if I may say some people may have lack of empathy for the royal family because of the stories going around, and I suppose that maybe nobody on this from spent 1 year with the Queen to see what she really does in her life. It's not really the case that she is under the camera 0-24 so we can watch what she usually does.

But definitely she may be very good person. Or better to say she can be more STO than all of us. Why not ?

Also both prince was and queen is relatively old so she may not be too much sad.
Well, she couldn't help being born a royal (even if she was not meant to become queen). How many of us would have fared as well as she did in her position? Forgoing all personal aspiration, handling so much pressure, putting her duty as queen above everything else? The woman is a rock, an institution unto herself. She has my respect.
Yes, I think that the Queen is a good person within the parameters of her knowledge and experience.

This is just anecdotal evidence but I have met a few people who worked for 'the Firm' in different capacities, some of them were friends of mine. The non-disclosure requirements of such jobs mean that I have never been offered any juicy gossip but I have heard a few assessments of the royals' character. Not everyone who works for the royals actually gets to meet them or interact with them but staff do tell stories to each other. So although not everything that was conveyed to me was first hand experience the queen has been spoken of very highly every time, unlike the rest of the family. She inspires a lot of genuine respect and admiration. The most common description has been that the queen is the most human of them all, a warm person despite her high position, a kind and caring individual, and a hard-working person who is truly committed to her duties.

I once told a friend who works at one of their locations about something I read in a book written by a former employee of one of the royal properties. Apparently a member of staff once had a bit too much to drink and he fell asleep in one of the staff areas. The queen saw him sleeping and discretely approached another member of staff saying that such-and-such seemed to be feeling unwell and maybe someone should go help him. No drama and no harsh consequences resulted from this. The friend said that it did sound like something the queen would do.

As for the rest of them, I never heard such a high opinion of anyone else. They're mostly neutral assessments, although I have head a few negative comments about the characters and behaviour of a few members of the royal family.

So I do feel sorry for her loss. She has had a comfortable life in terms of having her material needs met but it must have had its challenges and painful moments too. Her husband and children didn't spare her scandals and surprises. Just becuase she's rich and famous it doesn't mean it didn't hurt her or embarrass her that her children were troublesome. I don’t think that fame and fortune make it easier to cope with. One the contrary - she doesn't get to keep her family dirt private. The whole world gets to know about it.

I'd say that despite all the challenges - and probably temptations too - she's managed to keep her heart in the right place.

Added: I'm not a royalist. But based a few opinions I've heard and publicly available information I think that given the circumstances of her life she turned out pretty OK.
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It is vanishingly remote that the royals did anything to Diana. However, their handlers may have done something. Do you actually think that anyone in that position doesn't have "handlers" who control them via similar methods to those used on everyone else?
I think that if the royal family really had a high position in the evil empire Andrew wouldn't have been thrown under the bus in the Epstein saga when the Clintons and many others walked out the Epstein nearly untouched. Heck, photos of the Clintons and Epstein were nearly scrapped off the internet following the Epstein arrest and murder while Andrew got into hot water.
I really felt sorry for her having to deal with that whole Prince Andrew mess, especially at her age. The pressure must have been enormous.
As for Prince Phillip, I've got a feeling his attitude was "What you see is what you get" warts and all. But as mentioned, he was always by Her Majesty's side, through thick and thin. So let's give credit where credit is due. As the saying goes "Don't criticize 'till you've walked a mile in my shoes."
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