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Severe flooding caused significant damage in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia & Herzegovina after uninterrupted torrential rains that have hit the region since Thursday. Dozens of people were evacuated from their homes on Friday in the Sarajevo suburbs of Otes and Rajlovac and in the city of Konjic, some 50 kilometers further south. Other areas in the vicinity of the Bosna and Neretva rivers and their tributaries also reported damage.

Sarajevo without power​

The rising waters caused power outages in much of Sarajevo as residents of the capital went without electricity for hours.

Elektroprijenos, the power transmission company, said the grid had been hit by rain in many places and the continued precipitation was not helping efforts to reroute power. By evening though, power had been restored to much of the city.

The only certified medical oxygen-refilling plant in the country, part of the German Messer Group, was evacuated after it flooded.

"We could not save the equipment," Avdo Delic, the general manager of Messer's branch in Bosnia, told The Associated Press. "We had to save lives." He added: "Water came fast like a tsunami and it is fortunate that the Civil Protection was there with rescue boats."

Delic expressed concerns that Bosnian hospitals could run out of oxygen cylinders to treat COVID-19 patients unless the operations are restored elsewhere.

Bosnia, with a population of 3.5 million people, has a vaccination rate of under 20%, one of the lowest in Europe. On Friday, officials reported 1,100 new daily coronavirus infections and 32 deaths.

Flash flooding wreaks havoc in Bosnia | DW | 05.11.2021


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Landslide in Sicilia Italy

Flash flooding has turned roads into rivers in the port city of Catania, on the Italian island of Sicily.

The situation is "very critical," Giuseppa Maria Spampinato, a government official based in Catania, told CNN on Tuesday. From the view of her office's window, Spampinato said the main street in the city -- Via Etnea -- appeared completely flooded.

Flash flooding in Italian city turns roads into rivers
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In Canada the town of Merritt, British Columbia (population: ~7000) has been evacuated due to massive flooding.

Nearby several major highways have collapsed as well.

It's a pretty dire situation. The government isn't sending out crews to repair the roads yet because they're worried there's worse to come.


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Yes, it is, I posted this in another thread, very concerning!

Here on the Canadian West Coast. Vancouver and Vancouver Island, and surrounding areas, have had torrential rainfall, and high winds. The winds are no longer a problem, but the unrelenting rain for the past 4 days or more have resulted in unprecedented amounts of rain with flooding, land slides, and blocking access into to the Southern Interior affecting supply chains, a trip to the grocery store today, saw many empty shelves. Monday is usually a delivery of supplies to grocery stores, to stock shelves, for the coming week, driven by the weekly flyers.


Another thing that is concerning is that the Fraser Valley is flooded, this is largely an agricultural area, this does not bode well, for the rest of the year and into 2022, for food supplies.

So could be supplies into the Southern interior, could be drastically impacted. And possibly if this weather pattern continues, could disruptively apply to food supply chains into Alberta, for example, the praire provinces, landlocked provinces. that depend on road systems, and railroad transportation.

And let us not forget, that the Port of Vancouver is a major port of trade and commerce, providing transport food and good to landlocked provinces....We are screwed, and new reality awaits us.

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This interesting video regarding the flooding of agricultural land in Abbotsford B.C. from the CBC

More than 100 years ago, a lake outside what is now the Abbotsford, B.C., area was drained to create lucrative farmland. Many say that decision is a big contributor to the devastating flooding.

The thing that strikes me is that decades ago, decisions were made with no long term insight, environmental or ecological impact and now 100 years later, we are living with the consequences.


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Floods continue in Croatia; in region Zagora, town Dicno is flooded, 15 houses are flooded for now.



More videos and photos here, I cannot attach here:


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Dam collapses in northeastern Brazil after torrential rain

SAO PAULO, Dec 26 (Reuters) - A dam collapsed in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia after days of heavy rains, swamping already swollen local rivers and threatening flash floods, regional authorities said late on Saturday.

There were no reports of deaths or injuries or major damage, though details of the incident remained limited.

"A dam with a large volume of water has collapsed and a strong flash flood will impact the municipality of Itambe...," the Itambe town hall posted on its official Instagram account.

"All residents should evacuate the margins of the River Verruga urgently," it added.

Itambe is an agricultural region in southern Bahia located about 200 km (125 miles) inland from the coastal city of Ilheus.

Reporting by Stephen Eisenhammer and Anthony Boadle, editing by Mark Heinrich

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