Curso Éiriú Eolas intensivo – España, Barcelona, 8-10 julio 2011

Don Genaro said:
Actually, I got a little confused here (too many simultaneous things going on!) I'm also dealing with the planned Laura and Ark conference in Barcelona later in the year and mixed that up with the EE course.

There'll be no English spoken at the EE course in Terrassa, it will all be in Spanish of course.


There's going to be a conference with Ark and Laura in Barcelona? Is there any more info on when this will be and what it will be about?

there is also a thread about it here:,24124.0.html
Ailén said:
See you all tomorrow!!! A really nice group has formed. No anticipation, but I feel we're going to have fun and learn a lot together. :D

Have a great time together. :hug2:
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