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Massive waves crash into Hawaii wedding reception
Massive waves have slammed into Hawaii’s south shores, blasting into homes and businesses, spilling across highways and sending tables and chairs crashing towards guests attending a wedding.

The waves, some more than six metres high (20 feet), are thought to have been caused by a combination of a strong south swell that peaked on Saturday evening, particularly high tides and rising sea levels associated with climate change, the National Weather Service said on Monday.

Chris Brenchley, the meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service office in Honolulu, said they were the largest recorded in several decades. Most large summer swells that come from the south are no bigger than about 3 metres (10 feet), which would trigger a high surf advisory.


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Sin City Las Vegas feeling the wrath. With moderate amounts of lighting and thunder accompanied by volumes of rain.

Another example of the sheets of rain causing electrical shortages.

Locally this morning a brief deluge inundated the foothills and mountains with much-needed rain for the country. Though some speculate that it may not have an impact on depleting reservoirs, (as the heatwave returns next week).



The #pluie is an event this summer so dry with the #orages of the night some welcome combinations: Gavarnie 22mm Paul 13mm Arbeost 27mm But very heterogeneous… 1mm in Cauterets.

Moderate amounts of rain will continue through Sunday. With more weather instability in mid-August.

What will (perhaps) concern us, can be seen clearly on the satellite image

Flooding in Germany



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India Monsoon Highlights: Rajasthan receives 70% of its monsoon rain in three weeks
Due to the heavy rain in Jodhpur, trains are cancelled and schools are closed.
Following Wednesday's severe rains in the area that caused significant waterlogging, normal life in Jodhpur and the surrounding areas was negatively impacted. Many schools in the area were shuttered, and many trains were cancelled.
In the 24-hour period ending at 8.30 am on Wednesday, heavy to very heavy rainfall occurred at some places in western Rajasthan and heavy showers at some places in the eastern part of the state.
Schools and trains were cancelled in Jodhpur as a result of the waterlogging issue. The North Western Railway (NWR) was forced to reroute five trains, partially cancel four, and cancel 12 due to flooded railroad tracks. (PTI)


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Maybe this belongs in the Joe Biden thread-

Gusting winds hit coastal Delaware on Friday, with video showing dozens of beach umbrellas getting blown off the sand and swirling through the air.

Beachgoer Shane Mannix captured video at Bethany Beach as rain and winds swept the coast.

Visitors can be seen fleeing the beach as the gusting winds lift umbrellas out of the ground and into the ocean. One social media user described the scene as “downright apocalyptic-looking.”

According to witnesses, the severe weather appeared to pop up out of nowhere.


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Severe floods hit Seoul SouthKorea 🇰🇷 this Monday. Heavy rains lashed Seoul flooding streets, houses, roads and causing chaos in the city.

At least eight people died in Seoul after torrential rain caused power outages, and left roads and subways submerged.

At least eight people were killed and seven others reported missing after some of the heaviest rainfall in decades drenched the greater Seoul region. The floods turning the affluent streets of the South Korean capital’s Gangnam district into a river of submerged vehicles and overwhelmed public transport systems.

Torrential rain began on Monday morning and intensified through the evening hours. The downpours flooded streets and subway stations and damaged nearly 800 buildings in Seoul and nearby cities, while more than 790 people were forced to evacuate from their homes, the Ministry of the Interior and Safety said.



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European Severe Weather Database
The above was posted a few years ago, but the website is still there. As it is expensive to have access to all their data, below is an image followed by ways one can use it:
Screenshot 2022-08-09 201610.jpg
One way to use the database is to search for specific weather events and then select the date, or date and time interval. It will still only show 25 hits, but one can keep working with the timeframes and types of events until one has a pretty good idea of what has happened during a particular time period.
To narrow in the search, one can limit the location to within a certain number of degrees in terms of longitude and latitude. In that way, one can find the reports from a particular geographic area. You can also narrow the search to a country.

You can choose between a dynamic map and a static map. The dynamic map will give you the degrees of longitude and latitude, if you hold the mouse over the location, but it will not link you to a report. On the other hand, if you know the location, you can isolate the event, by narrowing the area to very near the location by using the latitude and longitude limits.

Here is an image of the search field:
Screenshot 2022-08-09 205203.jpg
For the 24-hour period of August 1st, I tried the damaging lightening strikes:
Screenshot 2022-08-09 205553.jpg
Under the dynamic map, you can zoom in to have a better idea:
As an example of a report, here is one:
Damaging lightning

to map

Massif de la Chartreuse Région Rhône-Alpes
France (45.30 N, 5.63 E) < 1 km
05-08-2022 (Friday)
17:00 UTC (+/- 3 hrs.)
based on information from: a television or radio broadcast, photograph(s) and/or video footage of the inflicted damage, a newspaper report, a report on a website
Impacts: Road(s) impassable or closed, Fire as a consequence of the event
Lightning caused a fire around 7 p.m. 200 persons had to be evacuated.
Reference: "Isère. Un impressionnant incendie dévore 20 hectares de végétation près de Grenoble", Lyon Capitale, 06 Aug 2022. "Incendie en Isère : le feu continue de progresser, 200 personnes évacuées",, 07 Aug 2022. "Isère : la foudre déclenche un incendie à Voreppe",, 06 Aug 2022.
report status: report confirmed by reliable source (QC1)
contact: Nicolas Baluteau (Voluntary Observer Person)
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There is a site called FloodList – Floods and flooding news from around the world, and they say: South Korea – 9 Dead, 6 Missing After Record Rain and Floods – FloodList Here is a screenshot from their home page:

Screenshot 2022-08-09 214610.jpg



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US-Mexico border with heavy rains.

On Tuesday afternoon, a storm fell in Nogales, Sonora, accompanied by wind gusts of more than 75 kilometers per hour, leaving in its path severe flooding, cars being swept away, creeks rising, as well as trees and roofs falling.

Videos of how citizens were surprised by the heavy rain are circulating in social networks.

Downtown streets were flooded and some residents were stranded waiting for the storm to pass.

Hurricane Howard moves away from Mexico, but will cause heavy rains in Sonora and Sinaloa

This day, the hurricane will persist over northwestern Mexico and together with instability at high atmospheric levels, it will cause heavy rains in Sonora and Sinaloa, in addition to heavy to very heavy rains in the aforementioned region; these rains could increase the levels of rivers and streams, as well as cause landslides and flooding.



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Isola di Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Sicily - Italy
12 Aug 2022

Stromboli: Mud flows and landslides cause natural disaster
by Marc Szeglat

Heavy rain triggered mudslides on Stromboli - town sinks into muck

Not a good year for the Italian volcanic island of Stromboli, as the 2nd natural disaster of the year occurred yesterday. It is not due to the volcano, but to the stupidity of the people. Yesterday, heavy rain fell on the Lipari archipelago. The rainfall lasted for hours and triggered mudslides and landslides on Stromboli, some of which could be described as lahars. The reason for this can be traced back to the maquis fire of 25 May this year, because the largely vegetation-free soil could not absorb the masses of water, so that it turned into mud and rushed down to the valley.

The reason for the forest fire is believed to be arson by a film crew. A fire was set especially to be extinguished in the film by the civil defence, whose employees were mimed by actors. Unfortunately, a strong scirocco blew that day, so that the fire got out of control and burnt down large areas of maquis that had been greening the volcanic slopes until then. As a result, the roads were also flooded by many charred plant remains.

The storm yesterday, along with the secondary effects mentioned above, was so bad that the island's inhabitants did not recognise their town this morning: The main street of Stromboli town is buried under a layer of mud and debris at least 1 m thick. Boats found themselves on the waterfront. A complete overview is still missing, but the damage to infrastructure is described as enormous. No one is believed to have been injured, but 50 people voluntarily left their damaged homes and were evacuated to community shelters. While roads, yards and buildings may be cleared of mud and debris in time, the ecological damage could change the face of the island in the long term. Tender green had just become visible again on the burnt areas, now erosion is likely to have hit full force and the plants have eroded the soil from under their roots.

The violent storms can also be written on the anthropogenic beer mat, because it is clear that the frequency and severity of storms have increased significantly. In the almost 35 years I have kept an eye on Stromboli, nothing like this has happened so far. Sad to have to watch the creeping demise of a beloved paradise. Besides the destruction of nature, for me this also includes the ever-expanding restrictions on climbing the volcano.

stromboli02.jpg Bild_2022-08-12_160524321.jpg


Comment • Enormous thunderstorm clusters appeared over the Aeolian Islands, e.g. Isola di Stromboli. The Sicilian town of Messina in the Strait of Sicily, registered, i believe around 53 mm rain within a short time (A lot but nothing unusual). Also a water spout was sighted near or at the coast of Stromboli.

Huge thunderstorms are common in the area this time of the year and onwards (end of August into September and October), which is not climate change but typical for the area of Sicily every single year, as the rain season is now starting, usually with sudden torrential rain events, water spouts and frequent lightning. First signs of intrusions, with slightly cooler air in the higher atmosphere, give strong impulses large thunderstorms in the area when entering autumn, due to the very warm waters, which often hold 30°C.

The stupidity of the people isn't because of people living on Stromboli, doing the "climate change thing", but because of an Italian state film crew didn't have the guts to admit of having torched half of the island's vegetation when they started a fire (May 2022) for a film scene... causing the erosion of the soil at the first best rain event. That is the disaster; the cowardliness.

Flashback • Scenery from 30 May 2022 after the fire


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Isola di Stromboli, Aeolian Islands, Sicily - Italy
update on the mudflow disaster from 12 aug 2022

I stumbled across much better images which illustrated how bad the mudflow disaster actually hit the island. Yet, it is mind boggling, given that the amount of rain wasn't really anything that would go into the history books. While I don't have any direct data from Stromboli, but no station reported more than the 53 mm measured in Messina, located at the strait of Sicily.

In theory it could be possible, that there was a special rain event over Stromboli, just wasn't registered by any grid ? Given how explosive the T-storms appeared over the island (not uncommon at all Aug-Oct), I would not rule it out.


I remember what happened a year ago here in the southern suburbs in Stockholm - only 1 km away from where I live - a whopping 83 mm rain fell within 20 minutes (!), leading do a local disaster (in Högdalen), disabling the subway rail for more than 7 months due to the damages and repairs that followed. While at my home i guessed "only" 25-30 mm came down.

Hence my thought; Huge T-storm clusters can show extreme local variations. That combined with the disaster when 50% of Stromboli's vegetation were destroyed in the fires of May 2022... Not much root system left then...


This is the main street going though the village, not that far away from the house of "Ingrid Bergman" (white-red), and the special hotel of "La Locanda del Barbablu" (orange-pinkish to the right). My photo below shows the scenery from 2006 on the same street, albeit a bit taken closer (to the church and plaza) than the image above. Unless it is the other way around ?! I don't remember... I believe the Tobacco stores are located further away from the Church along this street.

* Image just for comparison *

The images blow really gives you a hint to the scale and severity of the mudflows









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The forecast Tuesday was for a “risk of violent phenomena” with heavy rains and storms after a recent heatwave, according to the official Meteo France weather service.

Five departments in the southwest region --Aude, Aveyron, Gard, Herault and Tarn -- are on an orange alert for the risk of thunderstorms. Stormy showers are also expected in Paris and the Ile de France region, Hauts de France, Occitanie, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes and by night in Provences-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur.

“A stormy degradation is predicted in the south-west region … accompanied by strong electrical activity, heavy hail storms, and heavy accumulations of precipitation,” according to the forecast.

Strong storm in Paris #France 🇫🇷.
Like this the Balard station in #Paris.

Images of the strong #temporary #storm today August 16 in #Paris #France 🇫🇷.

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I live 11 km from Paris as the crow flies, we have had thunder (loud ones), lightning (beautiful ones) and rain, but nothing like the water Paris has received. Seeing videos, there was much, much more wind there as well compared to what I've seen here. It is as if the weather had been specifically unleashed on the French capital.
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