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This is becoming a bigger problem than the vaccination, mainly because it's actually already happening. Apparently (last session) the masks may be even worse than we thought. Not that I'm surprised at brain damage. I mean what do you think will happen if you don't get enough oxygen? Cells die. Including brain cells. That is brain damage.

The vaccination has such far-reaching propaganda that it's pretty hard to fight, but the masks are obvious bullshit, so this needs to be fought as much as possible. Especially for the children because this is seriously fukked up. It's plain torture.

If your children have to go through this (and it seems it's really best to just avoid it completely if you can - the educational system isn't worth shit anyway at this point), first of all instruct them to do whatever they can to get enough oxygen. Make the mask loose, make them take it off whenever they can, make holes in it, make them pull it away from the face often to take a breath of fresh air, anything.

Secondly, if your children aren't afraid to stand out, make them take the mask off in class despite instructions and when reprimanded, let them say "I can't breathe in the mask". Sure, they'll probably be forced to put it back on. But this is not just about resistance anymore. It's literally about protecting their health. So do it over and over and over until the teacher gives up or something. The more kids do it, the better.

I know this will not work very well, but if you can end up with the kid wearing the mask 80% of the day instead of 100%, it's better than nothing. But really, in places where masks are mandatory for children in class, just don't go there. It's not worth it. What are you going to get from an educational system in a society this stupid anyway? Just teach your children to count, read, and think for themselves.

Oh my, look at all those randomly generated numbers.

Maybe we could provide suicide kits to our politicians, if they don't have them? I'm willing to pay for a few.

They will sure have difficulty breathing if you make them wear masks all day, you idiots.
You might as well ask, "Does your child have difficulty breathing yet, or do we need to strangle it some more?"

"Uhh... none of your fkn business? Have YOU been diagnosed with AIDS recently? Can I measure your blood sugar level? How's your sex life these days?"
(If any of you are awesome enough to actually do this, please make sure to record it for the rest of us. You'll be YT heroes (for the 5 seconds before you get banned).

OK, tell your child to scream very loudly the whole time the gun is pointed at them. Just for fun. Tell them it's a game. Seriously. The effect will be glorious. Tell them to tell the other children too. They'll have fun, and the authorities will be embarrassed.
Yeah, it's stupid, but the children are better off having stupid fun than no fun at all and experiencing the depressing state of a prisoner.
In fact, they should probably scream at the top of their lungs throughout this whole ordeal. I'd make this a world wide protest.

Yeah, don't leave the bus stop but stay at least 20m away from one another. If you can do that, you will get a free mask you can suffocate in.

I would teach my kid to shout loudly, "Human unit 5671 arriving at designated mark. Awaiting further instructions! Heil Hitler!"
OK, probably without the last part, but you can replace it with something else, like "Oxygen levels dwindling!" or whatever you can think of.
Just let them have some fun while they're in the concentration camp. You're supposed to have fun at camps.

Sepultura's song "Refuse/Resist" is ringing in my ears!

Chaos A.D.
Disorder unleashed
Starting to burn
Starting to lynch
Silence means death
Stand on your feet
Inner fear
Your worst enemy


Dude you're like the evil genius of resistance tactics. These are glorious and hilarious. I could easily see some of these becoming very popular with the kids. And any videos would make for viral entertainment.


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As Niall says, everyone needs to take time out and watch this invaluable piece of work. The Corana Virus Industrial Complex is laid bare - as well as all those involved - and the information as to why this happened is as priceless as how it happened. Spread this documentary link to everyone you know. And as Niall says, get them to download and keep - the link to the full documentary is near the bottom.

Yes indeed, absolutely essential watching! I thought it was so very well done, such a clear overview of the whole plan, it really isn't surprising that the PTB are so desperate to stop the public from seeing this. Truth is spreading faster than they can suppress it though, and the momentum of truth is growing.

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Yay! They are finally putting aside politics to keep our children safe! God bless the PTB!


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The supposed purpose of the mask is to prevent the spread of droplets. Choose a material thats very sheer such as gauze, a sheer polyester or chiffon, its very breathable but the weave is tight enough to collect droplets. Thats my idea for making back to school masks, however there are other considerations. I need to begin following this thread again after a break so my apologizes if this has already been posted and its known.

(CNN)The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is launching an extensive program to provide regular Covid-19 testing and contact tracing to all students and staff, and to families of those who test positive.
Veteran warns Sacramento city council things will not be peaceful much longer if lockdowns & restrictions keep up

Wow Color, that was a powerful message. And the guy is absolutely right. This is no longer about a virus, but absolute, total control of everything, anywhere - and if we collectively don't stand up to this BS soon, we will all become New Zealand:

Brandon Smith of alt-market had this comment about the above article, included with an accompanying video:

"I would note that the nations with the most aggressive freedom crushing pandemic restrictions tend to be the nations with the most gun control. Disarmed and passive, people in Australia and New Zealand are reaping the consequences of letting their governments disarm them. Now, certain areas of of Australia are arresting people on the street for not wearing a mask and for being more than 3 miles away from home. And New Zealand is setting up "quarantine facilities (i.e. camps) for citizens that test positive for Covid. The discussion around this policy is being focused more on people returning from overseas, however, the laws actually apply to ANYONE who tests positive, even if they did not travel. The camps are essentially hotels with double fencing set up around them, but recent changes are now putting the management of these camps in the hands of New Zealand's military. They will forcefully separate families and lock people down without consent. The obvious progression of this situation is that people in New Zealand will AVOID testing so they are not taken from their families, and thus, the government will announce forced testing. Se how that works? And this is how you get tyranny, through incremental violations of personal liberties until there is nothing left. That is why Americans MUST NOT EVER accept such provisions in the US. We must make it clear that we will not quietly go along with Covid checkpoints or quarantine camps as attempts are made to establish them here..."

The totalitarian creep is becoming a race now. New Zealand, China, and Australia are test cases to see just how far they can push people before they push back, and the early results from those places are making the PTB giddy due to the willing mass compliance they are seeing there. They will now try to increase their control in other places using the models they established there.

I think Brandon Smith is right, though. When they try to do that here in America, it will be met with harsh resistance much as that man above stated. I think the elites know this. So I fully expect "contact tracing" to be used to corral more and more people that the government deems as troublemakers all in the name of "COVID".

Already, last Friday afternoon while I was driving home, I saw five Elk Grove police cars converge on a couple of people in a sedan at a gas station. I thought nothing of it. But ten minutes later as I pulled into a grocery store parking lot, I saw a van get pulled over by an undercover police car - which was followed by five *other* undercover police cars, all of such bizarre makes and models I would never have suspected those cars as law enforcement vehicles (one was a 1990's station wagon). Once they had the van pulled over, dozens of men wearing black "Sheriff" shirts got out of those cars and surrounded the van with weapons drawn. A large black man with military bearing got out and was handcuffed immediately.

I thought nothing of it, just a bizarre occurrence happening on the heels of that first arrest - except as I entered the store, a woman who had just been downtown remarked that she saw the SAME SCENES happen downtown just minutes before. That shook me. So when I went home I checked the Sacramento and Elk Grove police department, the Highway Patrol, and Sacramento Sheriff's offices on-line records and I saw there were NO arrests listed for any of those locations.

This stuff may already be happening and we are not being told.

And last but not least, last night I had a dream, where I was with family and friends - at the chateau, where Laura came out to greet us. I don't remember much other than I helped to clear a bunch of dirt out of the gutters (!), but one thing I do remember was pointedly saying that "the time to unmask is now upon us. It is now, or never." And I was crying while saying that. And I think that time may indeed soon be upon us.

I will be visiting family in Idaho starting tomorrow. I know for certain I will "unmask" myself there. My family needs to know exactly where I stand; and I, them. If we are close to being on the same page, then I will formally apply for retirement and get the hell out of here, even if it means breaking my lease and getting rid of most of my belongings to do so. I don't know how much longer freedom of movement will be left us, so the time to move is now.

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Boy, the plandemic video is a much watch. Thank you for the opportunity. Even if you thought that you knew all of this, it still drives the point home. I tried to download it however ended up watching it via SOTT.

People that still have firing neurons probably should not allow their children to go back into public schools this fall. It's just a matter of a couple of months before they will be quarantined and forced to accept vaccinations. If you want your children home, you will also have to be vaccinated. That is, should things go as planned.

Time for watching the show is over. It's now time for action. By acting now, you may be able to delay this inevitably. The plan is almost completed. They are just waiting for government stamp of approval.

@DonaldTrump, when the dust settles from the election, it will be in your hands. People are waking to the fraud. That will be what sustains you, or not. It's up to you.


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Insanity in my country...

Context: It was the day of the child and to make the day more "joyful" to the children the government decided to give the report of deaths with a clown...

Does anyone really believe that a child will see the report or that it is something for a child to see or understand?

Personally, this feels like an absolute mockery.

The tweet text says: 'Reporting numbers of dead next to a clown makes a clown out of the whole scene.'



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Source: Amsterdam researchers find Covid-19 antibodies in breast milk

Amsterdam researchers find Covid-19 antibodies in breast milk

By Janene Pieters on Wednesday, 19 August 2020 - 08:53

Researchers at Amsterdam UMC's Emma Children's Hospital found antibodies against the corona virus in the breast milk of women who had been infected with Covid-19. The antibodies were still present after the milk was heated, important because breast milk is only usable to others after it had been pasteurized, the researchers said, reports [in Dutch].

Further research is needed to find out whether breast milk can be used to protect vulnerable groups against a Covid-19 infection, but Hans van Goudoever, head of the Emma Children's Hospital, is hopeful. "We think that after drinking the milk, the antibodies attach themselves to the surface of our mucous membranes. There they attack the virus particles before they enter the body."

The hospital is currently recruiting women to donate breast milk. The researchers think they'll need about a thousand donors, including women who did not have Covid-19 or did not realize they were infected because they were asymptomatic.

This study is being done in collaboration with the Dutch Breast Milk Bank, the Experimental Virology Department, Wageningen Research & Development, Utrecht University, Sanquin, and Viroclinics.

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