Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?


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As you said, it's ironic that you are advising others to relax but then post things like the above. I think you would benefit from stopping this kind of imagining of a 'parade of horribles' and see things from the bigger picture perspective and then simply watch as things unfold. There is NOTHING certain about the actual details of the near future. Sure, we can be fairly certain of what the INTENT of the PTB is, but we have plenty of evidence that their intent rarely goes to plan.
Duly noted. I will make sure in the future to make it clear how it's only about my current view of things and how I in NO WAY see it as a certain future, just what I think could be a possible agenda of higher STS. How I'm not stating it is inevitable, just their wishful thinking and my limited, so far conclusions about it all. Cause that's what it was. And it still stands as a strong contestant in my view, but that's me. I apologize for not making that perfectly clear and yes, it's ironic cause I have no doubt how they will fail, whatever their plans are. I hope it is still OK to discuss such conclusions here but for sure in a more external considering manner.

Well what you prefer does not seem, in this instance, to be inline with the ethos of this forum. In the context in which you wrote the above, and in the context of the point of this forum, it's pretty shocking. While Ant22 was trying to snap sottreader out of his freak out, your approach was to try to silence Ant22 in that endeavor, and instead let Sottreader 'go nuts' because "he'll learn a new lesson through pain"??

Not very empathetic. You've written about how you've been having a hard time of late, and we sympathize, but it would be a good idea if you would make extra efforts to not allow that emotional turmoil to come through in passive aggressive and somewhat manipulative attitude towards others here. As you know, there is enough chaos in society and, as you also know and appreciate, we try hard to make this space something of a haven of reason and calm. To do so, requires the awareness and efforts of all.
I agree and comply with the above. Just to make it clear how I obviously overacted emotionally and defensively (I realized that the very next morning but was working on my understanding of the reason for it) cause I thought it was not only about SOTTREADER 'freaking out' anymore, but instead about the right of the individual to process those shocks and then later have the right to act however they decide, to take the vaccination or not, no matter if it costs them their current job or some other freedoms. That was in the background of my overreacting and I realize it was mislead and probably NOT what Ant22 had in mind. So I apologize and thank you everyone who responded so far, it's actually why I am active here again, to be able to recognize such states through help of others and hope it will be taken as such - a lesson for me to learn. Thanks Joe.


Last night at work I checked the list for pharmaceutical orders again and found Hydroxychlorine on the list. It's 15 Euro for 20 pills prime cost for big corporations like ours. Let that sink in... the costs are next to nothing.
I will try to somehow outsmart the system.

As another short update from the psychward I already mentioned on another thread this morning:
- People disintegrating more and more.
- Aggression on the rise.
- Egotism on the rise (if that is even possible at that place). Basic wants as smoking moving even more to the forefront. (wouldn't be surprise
if someone would kill another over a cigarette)
- 2 nights ago I saw something like a bleed through 'floating' along the hallway. Just saw it out of the corner of my eyes - it was white, the size and form of a medium size postage packet and moved with the speed of a baggage conveyor belt.
Strangely enough I didn't think much of it at that moment and also didn't feel threatened. No idea what it was. I stood up to check the hallway and there was, of course, nothing to see.
High strangeness.
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