Coronavirus Pandemic: Apocalypse Now! Or exaggerated scare story?


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Haven't posted in while, some issues, health and life issues, but I found some intriguing videos presented by Catherine Austin Fitts from the Solari Report that are interesting relating to COVID. This interesting discussion with Greg Hunter, where she explain the financial implications of the COVID so called pandemic, it's resetting of the political and financial system, the vaccines, 5G technology, the end game and also she calls this the spiritual warfare against humanity.

The first Part of the Dr. Tenpenny interview, it's about and hour long

Solari Report The Facts on Masks. Part 1

There is this article from The Remanent Newspaper, by a Catholic Organization, which I found most interesting titled, The Cult of the Mask, it was referenced in an interview by Austin Fitts with Dr. Sherry Tennpeny, a second part interview (this happened during the 2nd part) which was posted on Bitchute, all of a sudden, while listening, it stopped, and appears to have been deleted. But some of the relevant issues are included in the Greg Hunter interview.

The Cult of the Mask

Snips from the article:
This is terrible. The human face is a wondrous thing. It is a tangible sign of the mystery of each human being. It reveals the identity of the person--singular, irreplaceable, made in the image of God. The face gives a glimpse of the soul. There’s an old Latin proverb, Vultus est index animi. The face is the index of the mind. So why cover it up? What is being hidden? There’s a lie behind all this.

Frustra unusquisque proximo suo
Labium subdolum
In corde et corde locuti sunt.[1]

There is something hideous about the suffocating mask. Besides covering the nose and mouth, it distorts the structure of the face. Look at a group of masked people, really look at them. They don’t look human. The lower part of their face is disguised by a grotesque protuberance. Their identity is concealed. No emotion is communicated. No non-verbal cues to understanding a fellow human being can be discerned. Smiles, frowns, grimaces, yawns, smirks are all hidden under the ubiquitous mask.

We’d better open our eyes to the indoctrination that’s going on here. We’re being corralled into a collective unconsciousness. Wearing a mask has nothing to do with disease. Not with stopping the spread, or protecting the vulnerable, or preventing a surge. Those are slogans, catchy phrases dreamed up, I’m sure, by some high-priced public relations firm--sort of like the new one: Be safe at home. Safe from what?

Death. Their own and everybody else’s. That’s what scares them. That’s why they’re caving in to the dictators.

The controllers—governmental, academic, and scientific--haven’t just locked down the economy; they’ve locked down people’s minds. The ramifications of that psychological murder will last a lot longer than destroyed businesses.

There is a plan being rolled out for our transformation. The first step is to create unity. Perhaps, following Abu Dhabi,[3] it could be called a community of human fraternity, a merger of all the peoples of the world. Two things would be required to achieve this: It would be compulsory, and it would be universal.[4]

The Mask suits their purposes.

In preparation for this final unification, something that can only be described as a cult is emerging among the people. Shall we call it the Cult of the Mask? It would fit

Given the mindless acceptance of every kind of abomination—moral, biological, and liturgical—I’m not hopeful we can get through this thing unscathed. So long as our society accepts legalized sin and ignores corruption, we’re in trouble. Each time we give assent to the Rule of the Lie, we wander farther and farther from the Truth that sets us free. In order for our country to be restored, Americans must first be good.

Are we in the beginning of the Time of Sorrows? It sure looks like it to me. The flood of apostasy has washed over us; the City of God has been plundered. It’s unlikely the Planners will stop with the Mask and the Social Distancing. Perhaps they will succeed in forcing the Real ID and the unwelcome vaccine on us. I pray not.

To my mind it's a really good article and should be read in it's entirety. I found it refreshing to read a spiritual take on COVID fiasco and it's implications.

My apologies if this has been posted previously


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Great and short video with Dr Gold. She is furious to see what is inside the rabbit hole.
Hydroxychlorquine’s safety is indisputable “

-2005 NIH (under Fauci) published a study proving chloroquine worked ins SARS Covid-1 which is 78% identical to SARS Covid-2 which has taken down the American economy and effects every American’s life

-France took hydroxychloroquine off ‘over the counter status ’ Jan 13, 2020
-there is NEVER been an instance that state governors tell state medical boards to threaten physicians with unprofessional conduct if they were to prescribe an FDA generic safe medication. (NEVER EVER HAPPENED) This should make everyone very worried! The encroachment on the doctor/patient relationship and the doctors ability to do what is best for the patient is alarming



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Probably last time I was too hasty in drawing conclusions about the blocking levels in different European countries. Obviously, VERY MUCH depends on the region (and even on the city) of a particular country.
Do you remember beautiful Tuscany (Italy) with crowds by the road on Saturday (Strade Bianche race)?

Today's photos are also from Italy, only the region is different - Lombardy. The race is called Gran Trittico Lombarda:

Keep your distance! Wash your hands!

Although it should be noted, there are also spectators without masks in Lombardy, but there are very few of them:

Now we move to France, Route d'Occitanie, Stage 3. The stage was mountain, the race came to the Pyrenees:

And we see here some other France, not the one that yesterday (with masks and gloves!). Yes, there are masks here too (not everyone has them), but the audience is huge and no one even thinks about the distance.

Surprisingly, censorship does not seem to be sleeping. I haven't found any photos from mountain finishes! But there is a short video, there are a lot of people and there are no masks at all.


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The COVID World Order

First they came for the business owners who would not lockdown, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a business owner.

Then they came for the people who wouldn't wear masks, and I did not speak out—
Because I always wore a mask.

Then they came for the people who refused to social distance, and I did not speak out—
Because I always stayed 6 feet apart from others.

Then they came for the people who refused COVID vaccination, and I did not speak out—
Because I got my shot.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

And you thought Zombie Apocalypse was a meme.


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Latest interview with Peter Hitchens on UK's TalkRADIO:

Peter Hitchens: I think Boris Johnson is enjoying this power of decree far too much

Columnist Peter Hitchens has criticised Boris Johnson for his approach to coronavirus lockdown restrictions. In his latest discussion with talkRADIO’s Mike Graham, the journalist said he thought the Prime Minister was “waiting for an excuse” to tightening measures in parts of northern England. “I very much think it’s gone to Johnson’s head, I think he’s enjoying this power of decree far too much,” he added.



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A highly ironic video has surfaced of a stabbing that took place in Portland on Monday.
In the video, an anti-cop Antifa militant repeatedly cries out for someone to call the police after a small blonde woman stabbed one of their comrades.

Portland Antifa Cries Out For Police Assistance After Woman They Appeared to Be Harassing Stabs One of Them

I think this is in the wrong thread?


The good side effect of Democrats encouraging US protests is that it makes it impossible for people to accept being restricted to a 2 mile radius Australia style.

Nah. Hypocrisy is the true religion of the Democrats. Don't be surprised when Democrats get travel passes. Americans will accept anything at this point, other than eating dogs. That's the only thing Americans can't tolerate.


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From Switzerland, Geneve there was the following example of a person trying to counter the Covid lies and measures. The sources are in French. At the end of Juli there was a decree by the administration in Geneve that all shops should use masks and insist, that their clients use them too. Ema Kruzi, a shoe designer, daughter of the founder of Maison Via Roma, (see also her business video channel) had her shop closed temporarily because she did not obey, see article and (video) in French. Later she was allowed to reopen, as she explains in this video RÉOUVERTURE DE LA BOUTIQUE In one place she says the Covid19 is not a health crisis but a political crisis.

From her public FB I can see there must have been a Youtube of hers removed about Bill Gates - no surprise. at least the to Youtube does not work.

In the first available video on her public channel, she calls for stop to the propaganda and writes in the description:
JE M'ENGAGE - Stop propagande !

Je ne joue plus. Je ne reverrai plus la balle. Fin de partie.

Rendre aux autres ce qui leur appartient. Rendre la peur, la haine, les divisions, les manipulations.

L'ignorance enferme, la connaissance libère.

Tout commence par s'informer vraiment, multiplier les canaux, lire, beaucoup lire...échanger avec ceux qui consacrent leur vie à l'explosion de la Vérité. Comprendre les conflits d'intérêts médiatiques qui poussent à la censure et à une nouvelle parole-propagande traitant de "fous" et autres mots dépassés ceux qui osent et assument leur parole juste et vérifiée.

Oser s'engager avec soi-même, c'est stopper la chaîne d'alimentation avec les injustices. C'est comprendre que le vrai pouvoir est en chacun. Car nous sommes le peuple. Nous sommes la majorité. Nous décidons parce que nous consommons.

Choisir ensemble la voie de la liberté et de la connaissance.
In English, some of the phrases translate as:
I do not play anymore. I won't see the ball again. Game over.
Ignorance locks up, knowledge frees.

It all starts with genuinely getting informed, multiplying channels, reading, reading a lot ... interacting with those who dedicate their lives to the explosion of Truth. Understand the media conflicts of interest that lead to censorship and new speech-propaganda dealing with "crazy" and other outdated words those who dare and take their true and verified word.

To dare to engage with oneself is to stop the supply chain with injustices. It is understanding that the real power is in everyone. Because we are the people. We are the majority. We decide because we consume.

Choosing together the path of freedom and knowledge
In a series of videos, Guerres et Mensonges (Wars and Lies), Krusi interviews Sylvain Laforest. The title of the video is based on the book by Laforest of the same title, available in both English and French along with his other title, Deprogramming.

In the description of one video there were links to other youtubers in French, but one seems to be closed. From other sources I can see it had about 64,000 subscribers.
👉Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur : [IS CLOSED AT THE TIME OF POSTING, it had 64,000 subscribers!]👉Ema Krusi : 👉Salim Laïbi : 👉Tal Schaller : 👉Sophie Meulemans :


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These ‘Inconvenient’ Data Patterns Destroy the Established Coronavirus Narrative
What isn't a moot point, however, is observable patterns, which exist independently of what any of the “experts” have to say. Now I’m no doctor, and neither are most of you, but I am a functioning, thinking adult with at least half a brain. [...] I’m also capable of analyzing statistics, reading charts, and noticing patterns. And the patterns I’m noticing have me scratching my head. As someone who doesn’t sit well with cognitive dissonance, media gaslighting, and especially governmental overreach, if I’m being told I shouldn’t or can’t go out and that I’m not allowed to breathe free air when I do, the evidence on the ground should damn-well comport with the “logic” they are giving us to justify their extreme measures. But they aren’t, not in any observable, logical way.


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This whole thing is giving me serious creeps at the moment. I don't think that the people can handle a 'second wave', anywhere globally really. Something has got to give here and I just hope it's not like a violent snapback or something.

Or maybe a reveal?

Be it snapback or reveal, or none of it but economic situation and food shortages you are going to get a mass violence no matter the equation, it is just a question of time and what pops first.


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I now have a "cold" which I thought I got because A. I was run down, B. am forced to wear a mask all the time at work, as well as out of the house (i.e. re-breathing my 'exhaust') and C. work night shifts which doesn't help with A.

On Monday I got re-tested for the dreaded lurgy (for the 3rd time). This is a very uncomfortable test. I've been doing this because I work with Corona + patients and I wanted to be reassured that I didn't have anything "brewing". I also didn't have any cold symptoms at the time. My test came back positive. Now 'everyone's' calling. :nuts:

When they test you, they shove a swab into the back of your throat (it's not to test your gag reflex, btw, but it can certainly do so) for about 60 seconds, then that same swab goes up each nostril for 15 seconds each and that's the really uncomfortable part.

So, now I have to stay in isolation until the 16th.

I'd like to know how 'specific' these tests are for the Covid-19. Knowing me, I probably only got a '2nd rate' infection from re-breathing my own exhaust fumes. That, or the masks don't actually work. Or, they do, but we don't have enough of them to get fresh ones.

Because I didn't have any symptoms on the day tested, I dropped by the supermarket on the way home. That's going to be an interesting conversation to have with the 'contact tracers'. The supermarket was quite busy and I think I saw the person in front of me at the testing site in the supermarket also. I thought at the time "that's interesting, he obviously lives around here too".

Monday evening the Premier came on TV telling us how many people had died with Coronavirus infections. The youngest was a man in his 70s, the oldest, a woman over 100.

From what I can see, the Health Department is at a loss to explain where all the 'isolated' cases of this virus are coming from. This is what makes me wonder how 'specific' the tests are for specific types of Coronavirus and also, how effective masks are, especially if they are having to be worn all the time. They may have made the common cold a notifiable disease.
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