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Meryl is a board-certified internal medicine physician whose medical license was suspended in January for "misinformation." She has given six congressional testimonies and has testified for legislatures across America and Canada on bioterrorism, Gulf War Syndrome, and vaccine safety and mandates. She has consulted for the World Bank, the Government Accountability Office, the Cuban Ministry of Health and the U.S. Director of National Intelligence regarding the prevention, investigation, and mitigation of biological warfare and pandemics. Learn more about Dr. Nass by visiting her website and her Substack.

This is an edited segment from the weekly live General Assembly meeting on August 1, 2022.



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How benign water transforms into harsh hydrogen peroxide​

Peer-Reviewed Publication

A new study has put a remarkable and unexpected chemical genesis on more solid footing.

Back in 2019, Stanford University researchers and colleagues revealed the surprising discovery that hydrogen peroxide – a caustic substance used for disinfecting surfaces and bleaching hair – spontaneously forms in microscopic droplets of ordinary, benign water. Researchers have since aimed to flesh out how the newfound reaction occurs, as well as exploring potential applications, such as eco-friendlier cleaning methods.

The latest study has revealed that when sprayed microdroplets of water strike a solid surface, a phenomenon known as contact electrification happens. Electric charge jumps between the two materials, liquid and solid, producing unstable molecular fragments called reactive oxygen species. Pairs of these species known as hydroxyl radicals, and which have the chemical formula OH, can then combine to form hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, in minuscule but detectable quantities.

The new study further demonstrated that this process occurs in humid environments when water touches particles of soil as well as fine particles in the atmosphere. Those additional findings suggest that water can transform into small amounts of reactive oxygen species, such as hydrogen peroxide, wherever microdroplets naturally form, including in fogs, mists, and raindrops, bolstering results from a related 2020 study.

“We have a real understanding now that we didn’t have before about what is causing this hydrogen peroxide formation to happen,” said study senior author Richard Zare, the Marguerite Blake Wilbur Professor in Natural Science and a professor of chemistry in the Stanford School of Humanities and Sciences. “Furthermore, it appears that contact electrification yielding hydrogen peroxide is a universal phenomenon at water-solid interfaces.

Zare led this work, collaborating with researchers from two universities in China, Jianghan University and Wuhan University, as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The study was published Aug. 1 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

On the origins of the hydrogen peroxide​

For the study, the researchers built a glass apparatus with microscopic channels in it where water could be forcibly injected. The channels formed an airtight water-solid boundary. The researchers perfused the water with a fluorescent dye that glows in the presence of hydrogen peroxide. An experiment showed the presence of the harsh chemical in the glass microfluidic channel, but not in a bulk sample of water also containing the dye. Additional experiments elaborated that the hydrogen peroxide formed quickly, within a matter of seconds, at the boundary between the water and the solid.

To gauge if the extra oxygen atom in the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) came from a reaction with the glass or within the water (H2O) itself, the researchers treated the glass lining of some microfluidic channels. These treated channels contained a heavier isotope or version of oxygen, dubbed oxygen-18 or 18O. Comparing the post-reaction mix of water and hydrogen peroxide fluid from the treated and untreated channels showed the signal of 18O in the former, implicating the solid as the source of the oxygen in the hydroxyl radicals and ultimately in hydrogen peroxide.

The new findings could help settle some of the debate that has ensued in the scientific community since the Stanford researchers initially announced their novel detection of hydrogen peroxide in water microdroplets three years ago. Other studies have emphasized the major contributions of hydrogen peroxide production via chemical interactions with the gas ozone, O3, and a process called cavitation, when vapor bubbles arise in low-pressure areas within accelerated liquids. Zare pointed out that both of those processes also clearly yield hydrogen peroxide, and in comparatively greater amounts.

“All of these processes contribute to hydrogen peroxide production, but the present work confirms that this production is also intrinsic to the way microdroplets are made and interact with solid surfaces through contact electrification,” said Zare.

Turning the tables on seasonal respiratory viruses​

Nailing down how and in what situations water can transform into reactive oxygen species, such as hydrogen peroxide, has a host of real-world insights and applications, Zare explained. Among the most compelling is understanding the formation of hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen peroxide as an overlooked contributor to the well-known seasonality of many viral respiratory diseases, including colds, flus, and likely COVID-19 once the disease eventually becomes fully endemic.

Viral respiratory infections are transmitted in the air as aqueous droplets when people who are sick cough, sneeze, sing, or even just talk. These infections tend to spike in winter and ebb in summer, a trend chalked up in part to people spending more time indoors and in close, transmissible proximity during the cold weather season. However, between work, school, and sleeping at night, people actually end up spending about the same amount of time indoors during the hot weather months as well. Zare said the new study’s findings offer a possible explanation for why winter is correlated with more flu cases: The key variable at work is humidity, the amount of water in the air. In the summer, the higher relative levels of indoor humidity – tied to higher humidity in the warm air outside – likely facilitate reactive oxygen species in droplets having enough time to kill viruses. Contrastingly, in winter – when the air inside buildings is heated and its humidity lowered – the droplets evaporate before the reactive oxygen species can act as a disinfectant.

“Contact electrification provides a chemical basis for partly explaining why there is seasonality to viral respiratory diseases,” said Zare. Accordingly, Zare added, future research should investigate any links between indoor humidity levels in buildings and the presence and spread of contagions. If links are further borne out, simply adding humidifiers to heating, ventilation, and cooling systems could lessen disease transmission.

“Taking a fresh approach to disinfecting surfaces is just one of the great practical consequences of this work involving the fundamental chemistry of water in the environment,” said Zare. “It just goes to show that we think we know so much about water, one of the most commonly encountered substances, but then we’re humbled.”


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39 mins ago
NEW – August 16, 2022
The other day, the Russian Defence Ministry made an official statement:”We are considering the possibility that the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is involved in the emergence of the new coronavirus.
Even at the height of the pandemic, the chief adviser to the head of the ideological headquarters of globalists, the president of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab (“the great reset”), and professor at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Yuval Harari, confessed to the purposes for which COVID-19 is used:
In the near future, when people look back, they will remember that it all started with the COVID crisis. This is the moment of transition to full digitalisation, when absolutely everything will be monitored. This is the moment of consent to total tracking, not only in a totalitarian society, but also in a democratic one. The most important moment will come when tracking a person is not only external, but also subcutaneous. A very important process is taking place in the world right now: we ‘hack’ people. We have the ability to ‘hack’ a person to understand what is happening inside them, what drives you… We have two revolutions behind us: the computer science revolution and the biological sciences revolution; they existed separately from each other, but now they are merging together… This is a technology that converts biological data into digital data. This data will be processed by computers and will allow us to monitor people under the skin. This is a game-changing moment. Because this is the key, the key to better understanding people — even more than they understand themselves… This is a crucial revolution, and COVID plays a critical role because it persuades people to legalise total biometric surveillance.
If “they” are going to combine the revolutions in computer and biological sciences to establish absolute power over man and humanity, then isn’t it time for us to put these two statements together and stop burying our heads in the sand and recognise that the reality is not only the enemies of the people, but also the enemies of humanity. Forces fighting to destroy man and humanity. Forces that, as the COVID pandemic has shown, are capable of any seemingly unthinkable crime in order to establish absolute power over humanity.
Why is it fundamental to understand the reality of the existence of enemies of humanity to combine evidence of the man-made coronavirus (MOD of the Russian Federation) with the recognition by globalists of the role of the COVID pandemic in achieving their goals? Because for all the sensationalism of the Russian Defence Ministry’s statement and the scandalous nature of Harari’s statement separately, they do not give a complete picture of the danger threatening the world.
READ: “Disaster” in Palmyra or Priorities in Aleppo?
Globalists never hid their goals, because they were well aware that it was impossible to declare them criminal. World government — for a world without wars. Total control – for the sake of public safety and stability. Support for LGBT people – for the right of everyone to be themselves. Transformation of a person into a cyborg (transhumanism) – for the sake of longevity, if not immortality, of a person.
It is not because of the dizziness of success that ideologues of globalism allow statements about the significance of the COVID pandemic for the realisation of their goals. COVID is a natural disaster, and Nature itself has shown that only the recipes of globalisers can save humanity.
So how can those who call themselves globalists be declared enemies of humanity? All for the benefit of man and humanity. And the claims about “well-intentioned paved roads to hell” are not relevant.
Similarly, proof of the artificial origin of COVID in American biolabs, apart from the revelations of globalisers, is nothing more than a fact that allows us to speak only about the criminal negligence of the United States, and not about a war against humanity.
The “ironclad argument” of opponents of the man-made pandemic, who are still forced to admit the fact of the artificial origin of the virus itself — is that it has affected millions of Americans. The virus is dangerous for all countries and peoples, therefore, there is no subject capable of deliberately launching a pandemic (let’s leave the crazy ones alone).
Everything is logical, but only as long as the fact of artificiality of the coronavirus is not combined with the revelations of globalisers. The subject of war against humanity immediately appears. This subject is ideologically and financially motivated. It is able to organise a pandemic bypassing the official leadership of the United States (just look at the list of “Guardians of the Council on Inclusive Capitalism”). The pandemic meets its strategic interests (you admitted it yourself). It doesn’t care about the fate of Americans or even Jews, let alone all other nations and states. Ensuring the safety of several hundred or even thousands of beneficiaries of the pandemic (subject) from the virus is not a problem.
Of course, this is not a legal proof of the fact of the war against humanity of those who are called globalisers, as well as their responsibility for the pandemic. Based on the fact that someone is most interested in the murder and could have committed it, the court will not pass a guilty verdict. But these grounds simply oblige the investigator to take the relevant person into detailed development, to recognise them as the main suspect.
READ: Parasyuk: Murderer of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is A "Hero"
It is now critically important for us to achieve such an investigation or at least an open discussion of the topic. If it is possible to remove the “taboo” from the topic of enemies of humanity, by removing the “taboo” from the topic of the man-made COVID pandemic, and not just the man-made virus itself, we can assume that half the battle is done. “They” exist and move towards their goal, as long as they manage to make everyone think that they do not exist, that all this is the invention of obscurantists, marginals and conspiracy theorists. So we would like to thank Professor Harari for his candid confession.
However, it is not enough to understand that a war of annihilation is being waged against humanity, that a pandemic, a cult of perversion, and inclusive capitalism (the list goes on) do not arise by themselves, but are interrelated elements of this war. It is equally important to understand who “they” are, what force is striving to destroy humanity. Without this, it is impossible to develop either an effective strategy or effective tactics of confrontation. It would seem that the answer is obvious — globalists, whose core is transnational capital. Accordingly, it is necessary to fight primarily in the field of economics – to eliminate the economic system that has allowed transnationals to concentrate colossal financial resources and enormous power in their hands over the past half century, they will lose the ability to control world finances, and liberal globalism (an ideology that expresses the interests of transnational capital) will lose its monopoly in politics, culture, education and information.
The task is complex, but, despite all the power of transnationals, it is solvable. But make no mistake: the possible, though not obligatory, weakening of transnational capital and the associated collapse of the ideology of liberal globalism will not solve the problem. Its roots are much deeper and are not limited to the concentration of capital in the hands of a handful of transnationals, nor to liberal globalism.
The complex of selectness, the concept of a chosen caste standing above humanity, which is allowed everything, is in no way a product of globalisation — the economic system formed in the last half-century with its omnipotence of transnational capital. They can be traced back thousands of years. Similarly, the desire to “liberate” a person from God, Motherland, nation, family, and ultimately from themselves is not the know-how of modern liberals. It is enough to recall the ideas that were spread in Masonic lodges.
READ: Mishustin's Government: Support for Infrastructure Modernisation, Industrial Exports & Tourism
The answer to the question who is waging war against humanity, who is trying to drive it into a digital concentration camp is given by the Small People theory of I. R. Shafarevich and the Anti-system theory of L. N. Gumilev.
One of the greatest discoveries of I. R. Shafarevich and L. N. Gumilev is the discovery of the role of feelings in the history of mankind, including the feeling of hatred.
L. N. Gumilyov, investigating the causes of ethnic catastrophes over the past two millennia, proved that the orientation of people’s activities (for creation or destruction) is determined by the deep layers of the psyche – the worldview, and not by certain “isms”. He introduced the concept of “negative attitude” into scientific use, in which the main incentive for human activity is hatred of the surrounding world, the desire to destroy it.
It is this social force generated by a negative attitude that I. R. Shafarevich called the “Small People”. “The fundamental property of the Small People,” he wrote,”which is sometimes promoted to attract supporters, and sometimes hidden, is fiercely denied as the terrible secret of the whole concept, namely that the only driving force of any Small People is the desire for destruction and hatred of existing life.”
Therefore, representatives of the Small People (Anti-system) appear in history under any banners and slogans that are optimal for the implementation of their basic attitudes at any given moment, and they do not hold on to “isms”, easily changing them to the exact opposite – “the principle of striving for destruction remains, and this is the main thing” (L. N. Gumilev).
The causes of the emergence of Small People and generic properties of Anti-system are topics of a separate conversation. Now I will just draw your attention to how serious a diagnosis of the modern world was made by L. N. Gumilev and I. R. Shafarevich.
Igor Rostislavovich Shafarevich: “The ideology of the ruling stratum of the West, the ‘golden collars’, is directly opposite to the ideology of the majority of the people… The ruling stratum is now a ‘Small People’, and does not contain a ‘Small People’ in the form of its own part.”
Lev Nikolaevich Gumilev, completing his main work – “Ethnogenesis and the Earth’s biosphere” – wrote: “I dedicate it to the great cause of protecting the natural environment from Anti-system.”
Forewarned means armed.

Igor Shishkin


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Anti-vax signs in Toulouse: can we display any message on the street?​


According to Toulouse City Hall, there are a dozen similar signs on the private domain, and they are all visible from the streets of the pink city. Twitter screenshot.

In recent days, these advertising posters have aroused the anger of health professionals. They wonder how they could have been authorized and why they have not yet been withdrawn.

Citizens walking through the streets of Toulouse are surprisingly watching the arrival of large billboards highlighting messages. "Covid vaccination: 1 in 100 serious side effects, what if it were your child? "is it inscribed on one of the advertising posters of a private land, boulevard de l'Embouchure, visible from the road axis along the Canal du Midi. Another, located a few tens of kilometers away, proclaims: "1 cardiovascular accident per 100 injections. The health of our children is worth more than experimental vaccines."




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More censoship from facebook and instagram. I receive email daily from the Children's Health Defense and they are a great source of information and really are leaders in defending our rigth and distributing objective and accurate information about the plandemic and vaccine related information.

Dear Friend,
On Wednesday, Aug. 17, without warning, Facebook informed Children’s Health Defense (CHD) that our page was deplatformed (unpublished). Simultaneously, our Instagram account was deplatformed (suspended). Each of these platforms had hundreds of thousands of followers. Collectively, more than half a million followers have been denied access to truthful information. We received the following notifications from both platforms:
Fighting Big Tech + Big Pharma
Despite not posting content on Facebook for the past 21 days due to an existing 30-day ban, and constantly self-censoring our content in an attempt to avoid continual shadow-banning and censorship, both pages were abruptly deplatformed. Removing CHD accounts is evidence of a clearly orchestrated attempt to stop the impact we have during a time of heightened criticism of our public health institutions.
Deplatforming by the tech giants came days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly walked back many of their previous COVID-19 policies that CHD has criticized since the beginning of the pandemic. Within hours of CHD deplatforming, CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky shared her plans for overhauling how the agency works while admitting to a flawed response to the COVID-19 and pandemic missteps.
There’s no clear indication of why Facebook and Instagram chose to deplatform us at this time, but the timing dovetails with our ongoing censorship lawsuit against Facebook. CHD filed a lawsuit against Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, in August, 2020. Recently, in its Ninth Circuit Court appeal filed on July 29, CHD provided the court with CDC-produced documents the agency shared with Facebook. These documents, provided to Facebook on a regular basis, contained what the CDC considered misinformation. Titled “COVID Vaccine Misinformation: Hot Topics,” the CDC documents asked tech giants to “be on the lookout” (BOLO) for various topics they consider to be misinformation including: COVID-19 vaccine shedding, VAERS reports, spike protein data and more. The CHD case is currently pending in a Ninth Circuit decision.
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said:
"Facebook is acting here as a surrogate for the Federal government’s crusade to silence all criticism of draconian government policies. Our constitutional framers recognized this peril of government censorship. We don’t need a First Amendment to protect popular or government approved speech. They incorporated the First Amendment specifically to protect free expression of dissenting opinions. They understood that a government that can silence its critics has license for every atrocity."
Roger Teich, CHD legal counsel for the Meta lawsuit, added, “Censorship is not only unconstitutional, it’s un-American.”
Big Tech Wants Us Silenced … Don’t Let Them Stop Us!
Despite attempts to censor CHD, we will continue our important mission. Many people only followed us on these large social media platforms so it is important that we let them know we have been deplatformed. Please share all or parts of this email with your friends and family so they can sign up for our free newsletter, “the Defender,” and watch our censorship-free shows streaming live daily on CHD.TV. Right now, email is the most reliable way to stay in touch.
If You Followed Us on Facebook and Instagram, You Can Find CHD’s Same Great Content on Other Social Media Channels
Don’t miss our critical information and content! Children’s Health Defense can also be found on Twitter, Telegram, Rumble, MeWe, Parler, Gab, Gettr, Reddit, Bitchute, TikTok and Sovren. Follow us on these platforms and spread the word with others to do the same.
Help CHD Fight Censorship!
Our Meta lawsuit that aims to preserve First Amendment rights for all is more important than ever. Stakes are high. With your support, we can conquer censorship from social media platforms that have ruthlessly censored, suppressed and distorted our information. Please consider donating to support CHD’s litigation against Facebook and our 50+ active lawsuits, so we can continue to defend freedom of speech, medical freedom, truth, bodily autonomy and children’s health.


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CEO of large insurance group statement of their findings. (2-minute video) His work was done using only the US military stats (ages 18-45)

"All who took the vaxx have been given Aids."

"Excess mortality is at 84%"

"Excess everything diseases is at 1100%"

"They are expecting a 5,000% increase in excess mortality this year."

Video below:


Natus Videre

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It's terrifying to witness how TPTB are constructing a perfectly legal, yet totally immoral society right in front of our eyes. In this STS world, existence has a price. To Be, you have to Do; you cannot just Be.
Q: (L) Are they going to have the kind of capability of controlling everything and everybody no matter where they are?
A: Yes.
Q: (L) Even if we moved to Guyana and built a log hut in the rain forest and didn't bother anybody, we'd still get sucked into this thing?
A: Laura you will feel the effect of the Lizard beings desperate push for total control no matter where you go.
Picture a man sitting on a bench in a park. Eventually, if he sits there long enough, he will be approached by some force that will insist he get off that bench. Why? Because at some point, there will be a "legal" directive, an order that will target everyone immorally. And this is how society is subjugated. If some "options" are given, they are few, and they more or less lead to the same undesirable outcome.

How can some people claim to be "free" in a society where they can get punished for doing absolutely nothing?


The Living Force
How can some people claim to be "free" in a society where they can get punished for doing absolutely nothing?
Another side of this one-sided coin: how can people claim to not see? When will the evidence become so overwhelming that the eyelids get pierced by the obvious? …Not there yet.

On the other hand, it is hard to imagine such total control that it extends to even the rural boondocks. Unless it involves some sort of all-encompassing technology I guess.


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PART 1 of 3

Corona Investigative Committee, No 118 • "The Truth Pact"
19 Aug 2022 • with Florian Schilling




Florian Schilling

🔹 Scientific director of a company near Munich, which produces natural products.
🔹 Naturopath and former project manager at the Bumrungrad International
🔹 Hospital Bangkok: Research projects in the field of Transnational Science


🔸 immune escape in mRNA-injected individuals.
🔸 Why the "vaccination" campaigns won't work and vaccinated will never achieve full immunity again - and herd immunity is thus permanently "history".
🔸 On the updated "vaccines" - what to think and expect from them expected.
🔸 Outlook for the situation in the fall, what the politicians are planning and, how one can prepare oneself in the best possible way.

Very disturbing, and rather dark

It's one of those interwies which made me increasingly heavy to breathe as my heart started to sink downwards. Nevertheless - it is also a very important interview to understand the details of !

With Florian Schilling session, we might see through a glass darkly about the present as well future effects / developments in people's immune systems together with the new and modified injections which Pfizer and Moderna have brewed. We already see in Australia, New Zealand and UK very bad signs - but the upcoming modified and combined injections, likely bring everything to a whole new level of disintegration for people.

The politicians will use these effects/damages then seen, to for new lockdowns, rules and restriction again in order to "curb the spread". Whose consequences in reality (and we know this) were caused by the injections in the first place. Moment-22 in other words.

The absolutely most disturbing aspect in this interview was, that today, the injected but symptomless people - can already have a stark compromised immune system without yet knowing it. Normal tests are not showing it - as you need various as well differentiated (and more expensive) tests in order to measure those signs.

The degradation in the body already starts before it hurts, so to speak...

Another chock was, that Children Dementia, something which is practically unknown, only happens in 1-2 cases around the world per year (if i understood that correctly I am not sure ?), are now in the three digits / in the hundreds - only happening in injected children. 😭

I believe this session with Florian Schilling, as increasingly dark as it felt to listen to, also was crucial to understand in detail: what we are about to face in the next months / year with new injections, combined with the changes in society, and the plans of the politicians already cooking up. But also to inform and warn those people, who are "in the middle"; still might be listening, what the new injections are capable of doing, as those are possible to fully destroy a persons immune system, without ever recovering.

The illnesses / lack of staff, frontmost within aviation and healthcare, are no coincidences, yet also starts to become visible in other types of jobs.

Support there is, but the question is following:

Florian Schilling says there are ways to counteract the degradation of the immune system, but these therapies neither cheap nor are they a quick fix (time wise). Many people might not be helped, because they don't know (e.g. because they have a stark compromised immune system but do not know that, because they have no symtoms yet).

Also; people may not even take this seriously, but rather flee into another booster as a "solution" ever time. There is another important aspect of that the surrounding doctors / healthcare system, may not support anything related to possible vaccine damages...



The Living Force
PART 2 of 3

Excerpts from the Interview
with Florian Schilling

🔹Looks into very latest studies from the USA about how injected people, who took a booster, reacted to Omikron variants.
🔹What is the immune system doing when encountering a break-through infection ?

🔸The immune system was no longer capable to reorient itself to new variants.
🔸When Florian Schilling looked at the affected mechanisms within the immune system being compromised, he sees the results as very pessimistic. In many injected people an adequate immune reaction isn't possible anymore (for unknown time).

🔸We are putting in aged variants in new mRNA injections, which are already obsolete when used. ("Wuhan" Alpha strain, is extinct. Original Omicron, is extinct) Well, you know the drill from the flu shots - same story. Names like "boosters" or "update" is totally misleading and wrong (since the data is showing that the boosters have no effect, no protection, do not even result into antibodies for new variants)

🔹When data from Pfizer & Moderna is combined with data from boostered people, the combination outlook is, what he calls, "dark black".
🔹Refers to a newly published pre-print, because the numbers there the numbers are still based on relative good published data. The scientists in the paper have looked into injected people in combination with the Omicron wave:

🔸= The case fatality rate doubled.
🔸= hospitalizations doubled. Especially in people above 50 years of age, including deaths.
🔸= The authors concluded that the vaccination effectiveness (VE) for the third dose, turned negative since 20 Dec 2021.
🔸= Multiple vaccinated were the group, mostly affected by hospitalization and deaths.
🔸= Unvaccinated were decreasingly less affected.

Increasing SARS-CoV2 cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the vaccinated elderly populations during the Omicron (B.!.1.529) variant surge in UK

Venkata R. Emani, Vivek K. Pallipuram, Kartik K. Goswami, Kailash R. Maddula, Raghunath Reddy, Abirath S. Nakka, Sravya Panga, Nikhila K. Reddy, Nidhi K. Reddy, Dheeraj Nandanoor, Sanjeev Goswami


In a test, where double vaxxed people where used in a study, to see how antibodies are created after a booster. Albeit they used a logarythmic scale... which makes it looks nice and dandy. But when translated into a linear scale, things look very different.

🔸Booster based on WA strain, does not create / barely creates any antibodies for newer variants
🔸A breakthrough infection, leads to higher amounts of antibodies, but even for the newer variants, the levels is extremly low still (but higher compared to a booster).
🔸both booster and/or breakthrough infections, show that the immune system in injected people, is no more capable to mount/adapt immunity to new variants. The vaccinated can't mount any resonable defense anymore.
🔹natural immunity = best in test

Pfizer made very small studies

with few people, and overvalues it's "results". Did not even measure if immunity was reached, nor antibodies really increases (which they didn't)

🔸Any booster / new boosters, are always using extinct variants.
🔸Moderna will use a mixed mRNA (bivalent) solution based on two (extinct) variants, creating two different kinds of spike proteins. Schilling says this is the worst.

Perspective for Vaccinated people

🔸 Without adapted booster (using the original type of mRNA injections) = NO IMMUNITY
With adapted BA.1 booster 'update' = NO IMMUNITY
🔸 With adapted BA.4/5 booster 'update' = 2-6 weeks at best (Antigenic Sin)
🔸 especially bivalent update WA, BA.x = ADE (Antibody dependent Enhancement / Disease)

Why all the damages ?
(cellular Immunsystem damages)


Interferon-Gamma pathway, gets damaged/altered/diminished due to cellular genetic reprogramming caused by the genetic-artificial injections. (Dr Stephanie Seneff spoke about this several times). The Interferon-Gamma pathway is the most significant, vital pathway for the cellular stimulus to mount an immune defense. Exactly that pathway is increasingly suppressed by the genetic injections !

Example from a triple vaccinated person


Here, in an example of a triple vaccinated person, following measurement have been found: Notice the vast loss in the person from IFN-g (Interferon Gamma = The performance value for cellular defense) 99.9 pg/ml compared to the normal range of 274-1660 pg/ml. It shows that the killer cells in the person are extremely low; a futile 10% of the normal defense. (it's essentially Vaccine induced AIDS)

Equally severe was the IL-4, measuring a mere 9.4 pg/ml comapred to what should be in the range between 28 - 141 pg/ml.

People become immunologically "blank".

What remains, shown in the chart below is the native immunity from birth - but that doesn't help against viruses.



The Living Force
PART 3 of 3 • Corona Investigative Committee • No 118 • with Florian Schilling

Schilling says

that what we are seeing in data coming from the UK, is what we will be seeing in Germany. By the time winter arrives, the results will be severely worse than the data from the UK. We may see for the first time ever this winter, a true shortage in the medical care system in Germany. (think Triage) because of the increased lack of medical staff (due to illness, because most of the are triple boostered, possibly "updated" with the new injections, since the politicians likely will mandating it for healthcare staff from autumn 2022).

The numbers will be so bad in autumn/winter, flying around the ears of the politicians, that those, will "see themselves forced" to come up with more lockdowns, rules, bans and... more injections.

What is going to happen with the longtime injected people ?

The utters the thought of what happens in a longer perspective with the people who got multiple injected, whose immunesystem will be gravely damaged ? One strategy would likely be, that the people get vaccinated with increasingly shorter intervalls. It may lower the infection risks for a few weeks - but after that, increase the severity of all kinds diseases. Everything slips into an increasingly immunological disaster over long time.

Even those people who decide they will not continue with further injections in the upcoming winter - their immune system is already damaged to such a degree, that it will not cope with new variants (because of the aforementioned findings, which revealed with triple injected people, that their immune system can't adapt and mount a defense to any other variants anymore).

Reiner Füllmich states, that Florian Schilling appears to say things more straight out - and it may look like a single opinion. However, he points out, that several other leading (uncorrupted) doctors and scientist already have pointed out these very serious problems / scenarios ! Alone the paper published by Dr Stephanie Seneff, is showing that.

So yes, it is outmost serious.

Schilling points out that in New Zealand, with a vaccine rate above 90% - a collapse of the healthcare are taking place. In parts of Australia, in some regions the emergency hospitals are refusing new patients, due to the severity; the combination of many very ill patients together with increasingly staff shortages (due to vaccine injuries). Similar situation mounts in New Zealand, which barely can keep up its health emergency response / responsibilities.

When Schillings looks at the data coming from those countries, he sees that the same will be expected in Germany this winter. And those who have other diseases, will not get the help they need. A much higher mortality rate is expected. Especially when you consider that the healthcare staff in Germany all the get forced to get boostered with the new mRNA injections soon - the outcome will undoubtedly be even worse from all that.

Multiple injected: Still Symtomless. And Unaware.

Schilling says, the immunsystems of the compromised people can be helped - at least to some degree. But there are many "buts" involved.

1) May of the affected are not aware. Why ? Because the multiple vaccinated people who have not yet had any consequential symtoms - despite their system is in the very process of degrading. Those will not know nor understand how to boost their immune systems nor what solutions can be obtained.

2) Even if you make the immune degrading processes visible - the countermeasures are matter of long time therapies. For most people it comes too late to mount a higher/better immune defense this winter.

3) part of the counter measures / therapies are time consuming & costly, e.g. Apheresis (to remove components from the blood)

For many people this will be outside their economical thresholds. (add for example the cost of gas & electricity now and onwards also being put on top of everything else). People likely will flee into new boosters rather than going into costly and time consuming therapies...

An ongoing immune suppression, isn't necessarily visible or felt by people, which means they don't see any reason for themselves to go to the hospital to make tests etc. Therefore they remain in the unknown of their ongoing immune deficiency until it suddenly "hits them".

mRNA platform to stay

Unfortunately, the platform is here to stay, and the pharmaceutical companies have already hundreds of candidates based on the mRNA techology, more or less ready for all kinds of diseases soon ready to be distributed.

This increases the complexity for many autoimmune diseases even further. Especially in cancers. The companies stand in line, to "treat" the diseases for the next years (which are now unfolding, albeit in many still symtom-free people, while their immune systems are silently degrading) This all being caused by the pharmaceutical companies themselves have caused in the first place, mounting more of the mRNA platform based medicine - and that is what the shareholder and the big money responds greatly to (yeah, what else was is there to be expected :rolleyes:)

The infamous 5% of severe side effects registered in the VEARS database, are only the tip of the ice berg - because those where the ones who got acutely visible. But doesn't cover what's really going on among the people. The "5% of the batches are bad" might be an illusion compared to what really is going on in reality.

Also the creation of amyloid in the body due to the injections - is a SILENT degrading process which to begin with, isn't hurting nor is noticed by people, but nevertheless an ongoing degrading process in the body...

Children Dementia

We are seeing an increase of Children Demens (only in vaccinated). This kind of disease is so extremely rare, that it only happens in 1-2 children globally (?) per year. Yet, we are now seeing three digits in cases of Children Dementia. (Schilling isn't talking about dementia caused by genetic damages in the fetus). He speaks about Children in the age of 4-10 years in age - a form of dementia which was largely unheard of.
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