"The DOD is also seeing exploding illness in the military population that started after our service men and women were coerced to be injected. Dr. Eads says, “Let me read you the latest Department of Defense numbers, and these just came out: “Myocarditis is up 2,800%, cancer is up 900%, infertility both genders is up 500%, miscarriage is up 300%, neurological disorders are up over 1,000%, demyelinating disorders are up over 1,000%, Multiple Sclerosis is up 600%, Guillain-Barré, which is a progressive paralysis, that’s up 500%, HIV is up 500%, pulmonary embolism, which are blood clots in the lungs, are up over 400%. Those are the equivalent of the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) for the Department of Defense.”"

CV19 Vax Causing Extreme Disease – Dr. Betsy Eads | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog
Debated if this should be posted here or the Monkeypox thread, but the main emphasis does focus on coronavirus, so here it be. I must say in looking at different sites with monkeypox stories, the comments are solidly awake and aware about this being a nefarious and contrived "pandemic" scam upon the populace - this one in particular:
Is Monkeypox Hype a Paid Media Campaign?

But the actual site I wish to draw attention to:

Something Very Strange Is Going On And 'Health Experts' Are Baffled: Monkeypox Was Weaponized In The Deep State's Ukraine Labs, Another Sign The Depopulation Agenda Is In Full Swing

There are four vids below the main text with the third one featuring Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake (their segment from the full show in the second vid) discussing their book, THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex.

Additionally, a Judy Mikovits interview on Steel Truth:


Judy in her usual "rare form" spewing the hard facts - and promoting her books that contain all those hard facts!

I can only hope that enough of the populace has wised up to the pandemic health emergency fraud that the globalist playbook suffers its first epic fail! I can only imagine the storm that is coming in the next few months!


Judy in her usual "rare form" spewing the hard facts - and promoting her books that contain all those hard facts!

I can only hope that enough of the populace has wised up to the pandemic health emergency fraud that the globalist playbook suffers its first epic fail! I can only imagine the storm that is coming in the next few months!

I felt it was very interesting
when Dr Judy Mikovitz answered to the question - if the Sars-CoV-2 virus ever been isolated from humans.

She said no !

Because when they take tests from human lung tissue, they put that into E6 Vero Monkey cells - which are already tampered with since 2003, contaminated on purpose with monkey virus strands - and that very mix is then considered to be the evidence for Sars-CoV-2 found and "isolated" in humans.

She says that SARS-CoV-2 have been isolated - in monkeys (E6 Vero monkey cells).
Also important

was Dr Judy Mikowitz very strong explanation - revolving errors regarding "Pine Needle Tea" vs Suramin !! (If wrongly used it can "kill you" she says). And how Bayer-Monsanto, who owns the drug, disabled it, very similar to what happened with Ivermectin - both listed as essential drugs at the WHO.

Interesting was, when she explained the misconception revolving CLO2 - (I am not talking about the old, infamous type known under the name MMS, wrongly made with citric acid)
Swedish National Board of Health:
Extra (fifth) dose of covid vaccine for people aged 65 and over

Maybe it doesn't come as a surprise, but the Covid-19 clot shot campaign continues here in Sweden, offering a fifth dose to elderlies. Which I am sure most Swedes unfortunately will jump on... Because this is Lala Land were good information just isn't big on the agenda. Instead I observe that people just want to leave everything behind, travel and discreetly pretending life is as if nothing ever happened.

And the comments below the article are more or less tragic in its innocent ignorance (i put those in the end of the article, to give you a taste of it. Since the article has been publish around 08:33 morning, there aren't that many present yet.

DN.se 🇸🇪 newspaper writes 24 May 2022


People living in Sweden who are 65 years and older and adults at risk are recommended to take a fifth dose of vaccine against covid-19. This message was given by Lena Hallengren and the Director General of the Public Health Agency Karin Tegmark Wisell during Tuesday's press conference.

- Vaccination is the single most important reason why we are well equipped against covid-19, together with other measures, of course,"
said the Minister of Social Affairs. During the autumn, all adults will be offered the vaccine in the same way as the flu vaccine is offered.

- The difference is that the Covid vaccine will continue to be free of charge.

Karin Tegmark Wisell, Director-General of the National Public Health Agency, believes that the spread of the virus will increase again this autumn.
- As the Minister of Social Affairs said, the pandemic is not over. Covid-19 is still spreading in Sweden and the rest of the world. It is thanks to the vaccinations that we have been able to dismantle many of the restrictions that characterized large parts of our society earlier in the pandemic.

[ Funny how same phrases are repeated over and over beyond exhaustion.... :umm::whistle:]

Regions are advised to plan for the autumn and make it possible for all people aged 18 and over to be vaccinated with a fourth dose.

- As before, the recommendations are that those most in need of protection should also be vaccinated first,"
says Karin Tegmark Wisell. The Public Health Agency also announced that children under the age of 12 are still not recommended to be vaccinated against covid-19. Children aged 12-17 are not recommended to receive an additional dose.

- Based on the fairly solid knowledge that has been built up so far, we believe that children aged 12-17 years have good protection through primary vaccination. The younger the age, the better the immune response to vaccination. That's why we don't recommend additional doses for children,'
says Karin Tegmark Wisell.

Swedish DN newspaper article comments

1) - Would be great if we who are just under 65 can also get. Will gladly pay myself!

2) - Now it seems to be in order at the Swedish Public Health Agency. Always something to rejoice about.

3) - This comment has been removed by the moderator after review.

4) - Everyone who gets the chance, take the vaccine for your own sake and for the sake of Sweden.

5) - No, three doses will have to suffice for me. Time to forget this sad period when the world ran amok and politicians made terribly wrong decisions ... nothing much should have been done, except to calmly recommend that the elderly should be vaccinated when possible.

6) - But those of us at risk who have not yet had our 4th dose of vaccine! Despite the fact that Dom over 65 and some at risk groups are now recommended 5th refill dose this autumn. We are many in risk groups who have compromised immune systems, but the Doctors who should be recommending the 4th dose are interpreting different who is recommended the 4th dose. Therefore, I and many others are at risk of severe illness if we become infected.

Please take up this in the media DN (newspaper) as it is no longer written anything about the Corona virus continues to spread and why they wait and risk us, the sensitive risk groups, by not giving the 4th vaccine dose until after 1 September. Despite the fact that lots of vaccine will need to be thrown away. It is both disastrous and inhumane to throw away vaccines rather than protect those of us at risk. But first many will have to fall seriously ill and many will die. Before the Public Health Agency changes the recommendations to also other risk groups to take refill dose.

7) - How long must pass after dose four before dose five can be given? Is an upgraded vaccine covering more covid-19 variants being given?
The organisation around current Health Centres and Neighbourhood Health Centres needs radical improvement. It cannot come as a surprise every time a new round of vaccination is to be given. Plans for the use of clinic premises and the provision of licensed staff must be ready for implementation. They need to get up and running more quickly following a decision by the authorities to vaccinate and they need to be able to quickly create booking lists that are valid for more than a week ahead.

The availability of bookings also needs to be improved.

Just sad, so sad. 😕

As I write this, a strange sound fills the air over Stockholm; as I look out, I see two fighter jets loudly flying at low height from east to west right over the southern city. I can't remember ever having seen or heard fighter jets over Stockholm in my 38 years in this country. (That's why I as so baffled and went out to the balcony)
WEF police badges have two goats and a crystal on them. Is it due to occultists' influence?


19th century illustration of Baphomet drawn by the occultist Eliphas Levi

Funny… It’s claimed that in the early 1300s, the Baphomet was worshiped by the Knights Templar. Such figure was depicted as a goat-like entity (above) while the C’s tell that they, the Templars, worshiped a crystal.
July 26, 1997 Session

Q: ………Now, when the Templars were arrested, they were accused of worshipping a head, or skull, and also the god Baphomet. Were thes spurious accusations designed to defame them?
A: Skull was of pure crystal.

Q: What is the definition of the god ‘Baphomet,’ if they did, indeed, worship such?
A: The holder of the Trent.​
A: Skull was of pure crystal.
Oh - I just saw some kind of show about the crystal skulls, that there are supposed to be 13 of them but only a few have been located. I think the Smithsonian supposedly has one or more, but deny that they do - they also deny they have any skeletons of giants. It is said that it's impossible for the real ones to have been carved by human methods - the crystal would shatter. Recall the movie about these crystal skulls, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I vaguely remember originally learning of these skulls perhaps from an Ancient Aliens episode.

Found the vid -

Joe Rogan | The Crystal Skulls and Alien Abductions w/Dan Aykroyd​

- forget how I happened to come across it:

FWIW found this site too:

I always question if these are legit comments or "planted" - just another way to disseminate propaganda via full-time payed shills/trolls.

I wouldn't be surprised if that happens. I mean who whole newspaper as so many others even here in Sweden, are shills - so, I am not ruling out the possibility that some comments are planted deliberately. In honesty however, I do not know nor do I have any proof of such actions.

Any harsh or too critical comments are usually erased by the staff.
I wouldn't be surprised if that happens.
It occurred to me during one of the election cycles, that when a supposed random group of people was selected for their opinions regarding some political debate, that they weren't just "random" people - it's a ruse, an act to influence opinion of the viewing audience who naively believes they are just regular people from the audience. As one realizes just how corrupt and fraudulent pretty much everything is, you no longer believe your lying eyes.
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