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Yes. Most people are very short sighted, and wishful thinking is rampant. How often have you heard something along the lines of, "even if it was true, I couldn't believe it, it would be too terrible?" Essentially an admission that they actively choose to pretend that the ruling class is trustworthy, for purely emotional reasons. And as for those who reluctantly comply, it does not seem to occur to them that they make their children's future far darker. They simply choose not to think about it ... Or maintain the doublethink whereby a tyrannical regime that forces medical treatment will be satisfied with their compliance, deciding "this far and no further", because ... they're not evil, I guess? ... even though only evil people would do this....

I've seen this in my own family. My mother got the jab so she could travel and visit her grandchildren. After this she became quite hostile to any statement that this agenda is evil. At one point I confronted her with the question, what about your grandkids, by complying with this you've made it more likely that they'll be forced to take it, too. Essentially pointing out that she'd been shortsighted and selfish, although I didn't state it quite so bluntly. She had no response to that, because deep down she knows it's wrong.

In anticipation of the blood clots the kids will be getting, the FDA has now approved the first oral blood thinner for kids. How wonderful, more money for drug makers and a soon to be endless supply of customers. A part of me is quite angry about this - not angry at the authorities but angry at the parents. What a bunch of fake love they give to their kids - the love immediately evaporates once the parent is called to put themselves on the line. What a sad state of affairs

But oh well... It'll all be okay. No need to worry. Everything is a-okay. How splendid.

On a positive note, depending on your luck, one could get a benign dose. It's all a roll of the dice. I expect the dose won't be benign as one goes through multiple injections though, so there's that.

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Great sentence posted by Dr Robert Malone, could make a very good meme, i raise the font so all here can well read it 😅

First time in history that the ineffectiveness of a medicine is being blamed on those who haven't taken it

Link to this telegram post :


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Well, as I thought, some private keys used to sign COVID-19 vaccination status leaked. As I briefly looked at the source code of the platform, this also undermines the credibility of the whole certificate chain (were the certificates leaked by someone? were they unsafely generated?).

Możliwy wyciek danych prywatnych kluczy europejskiego systemu szczepień, z Polski
Will it be blamed on "Russian hackers"?

(...) Taking another close look at the initial 4chan post image, the two strings at the top are easily identifiable. Both "Record vaccination certification" and "Please query with ID Card!" strings are from this file in the eu-digital-green-certificates/dgca-issuance-web GitHub repo.

A message (mirror image) on the RaidForums board, could be fake, could be not fake. Another post appeared on RaidForums, posted by someone that goes by the name hronkis (Хронкис). Доктор Хронкис has a Telegram channel where he sells some stuff and what I noticed is that the color of the brush (and style) in this channel post is very similar to the one in the initial 4chan post. Make what you want of it.

Stop bullshit! do you want private keys? This discussion got -flicked- up towards post 52 when you tasted the jam. Straight to the point, we have the private keys. User @lolcol is the only one who has hit the point and this discussion is filled with idiots. Point two, we want to release them. Point three we want a reliable administrator and members to moderate this discussion. I think that in this discussion there are a maximum of 5 people who understand what we are sitting on and the impact it can have, we have commercial proposals, but we don't want money we want to -flick- EU. I provide evidence of what I am saying, evidence, not bullshit. Someone with a few stars on the chest of this forum contact me. We will do a slow release, we will make a public proposal towards EU, if they do not step back we publish but first we want to show you a couple of arguments. We can move to another thread I don't want idiots to write their opinion, you are entitled to your informed opinion not bullshit. Hacking groups, activists, brilliant minds are welcome. We offer leaks because this issue is getting too big and we have made enough money. But let's discuss what comes next ...

but we don’t want money we want to -flick- EU.

Video Conference Intercept: China Communist Party Bosses Discuss Vaccine; Say “Everyone who took the vaccine is dead”​

Video Conference Intercept: China Communist Party Bosses Discuss Vaccine; Say “Everyone who took the vaccine is dead”

Didn't see this one here yet. My apologies if it was already posted.

Somebody know if the translation of this is legit or is this just sensationalist disinfo??
I don't know, I shared the video the other day when I saw it. Apparently Jarome Bell of Virginia's Republican party's twitter was suspended for posting this: Here is his facebook page: Skráðu þig inn á Facebook. Also under the Bitchute video I originally found for it they said this: "Laobaixing and Yixintang are in talks to create China's largest pharmacy chain, according to Reuters, and the Shanghai-listed Laobaixing, formally known as LBX Pharmacy Chain Joint Stock Company and which boasts Tencent Holdings Ltd as a backer, has a market value of around $4.4 billion, while Shenzhen-listed Yixintang is valued at about $3.5 billion." I cannot find that exact page again, but here is the video they are talking about: “Everyone who took the vaccine is dead” CCP Leaked Video Conference


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Will it be blamed on "Russian hackers"?

So, to wrap up my chaotic posts: a few obviously fake vaccination certificates were floating on the internet recently. One was for Adolf Hitler, other was for Mickey Mouse among others. The certificates were signed by Macedonian authorities, but also it is rumored that Polish and French systems were compromised. It is yet not clear if the private keys used to cryptographically sign the certificate data were leaked, or some kind of remote (or local?) access to the system was used. The whole story points to Telegram (among other, rather obscure forums) as a place to sell those forged documents. I'm really interested in how this will develop. Obviously, the human factor is the weakest point of the whole system. Will the PTB use the "Russian hackers" card to cover that up? Or maybe not this time?

Someone pretty much summed up the flaws in the DGCA system on their GitHub:
IMHO, as far as I see this trainwreck going, the system is flawed since the beginning.
Politics aside (this is no place to discuss politics or stance against/for certificates) better security practices need to be taken and the system thought around sane security hygiene.

The fact that workstations infected by criminals are a thing (and we kinda have proof of that) means that this isn't trustworthy anymore.
Even if you manage to block the WS endpoints used to generate these "new" fake certs, there are still workstations somewhere with some malware that can allow criminals to issue thousands of certs.

A full check must be done from the ground up to ensure the complete absence of third-party actors involved in the generation of certificates.
I also want to stress out that the security here is even far more important than a bank (for example) as it affects deeply in our lives and any fake pass can potentially cause death by infection.

As said, this is my PERSONAL opinion. Do as you wish, but I don't want to be you guys when "the shit hits the fan".
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An interesting comment on ZH regarding what is happening in Denmark.

Note that with municipal elections coming up soon our prime minister is desperate to to deflect attention from an ongoing investigation about some clearly illegal behavior by our government with regards to Covid-19. The mink scandal.
Mink farming is (was) a major industry here in Denmark, bringing in billions in exports every year. Our government party has for years wanted to shut down this industry, and with Covid-19 they found an excuse for doing so: It was known that the mink could be infected with Covid-19, so the government developed a theory that the virus could mutate to more dangerous strains in the mink. Leaked documents have later shown that the government's own experts disagreed with this theory.
So the government decided that all mink in the country - including the breeder animals (but not mink held as pets) - should be killed immediately. This was announced at a press conference, and during the press conference all mink farmers were sent mail with an order to kill all their animals immediately. The order was clearly illegal. The same day the police was told to call all the mink farmers to repeat the illegal order. The farmers who would not immediately confirm to police that they would kill all their animals were given special treatment: For those armed military in full combat gear were sent out to the farms, forcing their way onto private property without a warrant and telling the farmers: "You better kill all your animals NOW, or else! And don't forget your breeder animals!"
Within hours the government was informed that this order was illegal, but then our government had some "technical difficulties" communicating this out. So police and military was not withdrawn for a few days, and the farmers were not informed that they would not have to kill their animals until five days later. By that time all the animals - including the breeder animals - had been killed.
It was a major scandal, and our government put all blame on the minister of agriculture, which had to resign. Although our government tried to stop an official investigation, a majority in our parliament decided there should be one.
This investigation is now running, and what it has shown so far does not look good: All the aides to the ministers in the five ministries involved in giving the order knew the order was illegal. They are required by law to inform the ministers in this case. But not a single of more than a dozen aides seem to have informed any of the ministers. And just a few days ago the investigation showed that a lot of communication between the aides and the ministers in the case had been deleted, which is almost certainly also illegal.
Looks to me like our prime minister is destined to become the first prime minister to be impeached in the history of Denmark.


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FWIW I've talked to numerous people who got the shots, regret it, and have claimed they're done with it and will refuse further injections. Seeing lots of others saying the same on social media. We'll see. My feeling is that each time someone says yes, it makes it that much harder to say no the next time, and that much easier to just keep saying yes. This is how compliance tests work ... salesmen and pick up artists use this as a fundamental psychological technique.

OTOH there are many millions around the world who are standing firm against this tyranny. If we all end up being fired and kicked out of society, that's a lot of people - many highly skilled - with which to form a parallel society.
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Yeah I know what you mean.. I still feel it's important to pay attention obvs, but some days just have to stop for awhile.
Me too. I finally gave in to Roku/Netflix/Prime and recently binge watched The English Game, Firefly Lane, and Maid - the latter two rated MA and would only have 2/3 dialog if all the F-bombs were removed. Nonetheless, how wonderful it was to be virtually immersed in a world in which Covid was non-existent and best of all, NO MASKED PERSONS WHATSOEVER! Oh, what a relief it was!!! How incredible is it that life as we've known it has been utterly destroyed!! And although I know it is essential for this horror to occur and continue to its ultimate conclusion, it is more than difficult to keep it all in perspective as it plays out. Some days are harder than others and withstanding the relentless gaslighting on a daily basis is a real trial.

As a pick-me-up, I put out my Halloween decorations (a mix of semi-scary and sweet) - Trick or Treat for my neighborhood is tonight. As a kid in the 50s, it was a most magical and fun time - it was actually dark when we hit the streets then unlike now with daylight savings time still in effect. The candy then was a lot more fun, too - a variety that doesn't exist anymore. Oh well - as the Cs have said, "Nothing lasts forever . . . "

Hang tough all. 🎃

[I've skipped ahead a bit on this thread, but will go back to previous page a little later - have chores to do]


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"One important update that also arrives with iOS 15.1 is the option for iPhone owners to add their COVID vaccine cards directly in Apple Wallet. Apple unveiled this feature last month. So when iOS 15 arrived in September, Apple offered iPhone users the choice to store their vaccine and test result records from providers within the Health app. Now, what you can do is take those same records and turn them into your own personal card that will live on Apple Wallets."
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