From The Lancet :
Considerations in boosting COVID-19 vaccine immune responses

In summary :they do not recommend the booster shoot ! Wazaa :wow:
Thank you for sharing the above article. However, based on the citation below, I would not count much on the current recommendation to suspend the boosters, since this is undoubtedly a temporary measure and they'll return to this agenda asap, after completing "initial protection" of all unvaxxed: "Even if some gain can ultimately be obtained from boosting, it will not outweigh the benefits of providing initial protection to the unvaccinated."

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Here comes the 4th dose 😅

The 'immunocompromised' category is growing by the minute regardless of age or comorbidity thanks to jabbing efforts. So when they say they are targeting the 'immunocompromised', I don't think they are just referring to an old man grasping for air with kidney problems...🤔

Another sick, self-fulfilling prophecy!
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I frankly think this should be the next Picture of the Day on Sott:



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I am just jumping in here after a longer time (while skimming through the posts from the last several weeks in this thread - to follow everything in detail here is just not possible anymore by the speed this thread is going 😅), with a bit of update from my area:

Things are becoming more authoritarian / fascist by the month, if not the week. In the concert hall in the large Eastern German city where I work there are now occasional performances being held under the "2G" ("geimpft", "genesen") rule - meaning that only people categorized as either vaccinated or recovered are getting allowed. It's going on since the start of October (the "2G" nonsense has become allowed by our state parliament in the end of September). However, for now that only goes for so-called "Mietveranstaltungen" (events where the house is hired by the event agencies of "outside" artists, ensembles and orchestras) where the organisers can decide by themselves if to conduct the event in question under the "2G" rule. Visitors can take the mask off after the check-in, and there are no distance rules "to be" observed in the hall.

At one such event, some people apparently hadn't known this or had tried nonetheless, driving all the way from outside my city to the concert hall, paying for the test - only to be turned away & back home by my colleagues as they had orders to do so. I hope these guests received a refund at least.

I had to work at a couple of such so-called "2G" events in the concert hall, and for me as one of the few still unvaccinated employees in the visitor's service it hadn't been a problem so far as of yet. The "2G" there was applied to the guests only.

Meanwhile, performances conducted by the regular orchestras, like the in-house-symphonic orchestra and long-term partnered ones, still take place under the "3G" rule where people with tests are still getting allowed. The same goes for the opera house where I occasionally work as well.

However, this weekend the opera house holds its annual Opera Prom under the "2G" rule - last year it had been cancelled due to Covid. It's an event where the so-called "very important people" ("the rich, influential and beautiful") of the region assemble, with renowned celebrities, higher-echelon people from local politics and economy, and where people who generally have the means can participate (a ticket is supposed to cost several hundreds of euros). It's an event my colleagues dread very much, and I have never been assigned to it in all my years in the visitor's service - until this year. Was not too happy about that (this one is a "fixed appointment" - meaning you cannot choose if to be assigned to it or not when filling out the roster request for the next month), but curious nonetheless. But then my supervisor texted me that this event unfortunately had to be cancelled for me (she seemed to be really sorry) since I am not vaccinated, because it's a "2G" event where the staff also needs to be either vaccinated or recovered. However, they assigned me to another event taking place under the "3G" rule during the afternoon instead. And in the evening I can take part in a meeting with people I cherish very much. That's the positive aspect of this.

At the same time, this Monday a colleague gathering has been taking place - also under the "2G" rule. This means, unvaccinated colleagues like myself were not to be allowed. But again, this left me the opportunity to join the EE workshop - something negative turned into something positive again.

Also on Monday, my mother had a talk with her family physician who is critical of the official Covid narrative (she works in a holistic physician's office). The physician told her that she has a patient who works as a nurse at an intensive care unit of some local hospital. According to that nurse the staff in that unit is ordered to document every Covid patient occupying an intensive care bed as "unvaccinated" - even if those patients are jabbed! That's an outright crime - lying and forgery of documents going on there. And at the same time authorities allowing this are going after people who are faking vaccine documents. Go figure.

As a consequence, quite a few employees in the respective intensive care unit apparently quit their jobs because they couldn't reconcile it with their conscience anymore. And more will probably follow.

In the private family area, my brother-in-law got sick with Covid (but not that bad fortunately) - although he's been jabbed twice in spring, once with AstraZeneca, the other time with BionNTech / Pfizer. He had to be quarantined, and his family had to do so alongside him.

They had wanted to go to the Baltic Sea for holidays, but thanks to this quarantine business that had to be cancelled, leaving my eldest nephew who had been so much looking forward to this trip crying bitterly. This quarantine included my sister, although she had been vaccinated twice as well last spring (with Pfizer). She did a PCR test a few days ago which was showing negative.

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I am just jumping in here after a longer time (while skimming through the posts from the last several weeks in this thread - to follow everything in detail here is just not possible anymore by the speed this thread is going 😅), with a bit of update from my area:
Prediction: When this thread reaches 2000 pages, everything will go kaflooey!

Our ancestors from page 1000 transmitted ancient knowledge:
Dearest Coronavirus Thread,

Congratulations for a thousand pages!

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Fun facts: Assuming that one page of this thread has around 35k characters, this whole thread by now has 35 million characters.

An average book page contains about 3000 characters. So we have around 11.7 thousand book pages so far. Assuming that the average book contains about 350 pages, people have written 33 books in this thread!!
Somehow I got this feeling that we will at least add another 33 books to the story 😅

We are page 1000 in the future.
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But again, this left me the opportunity to join the EE workshop - something negative turned into something positive again.
It's good to try and find the silver linings these days, given all the dark clouds. It's something I've been struggling with lately - my employer, an American university in a blue state, announced a couple of weeks ago that they are going to enthusiastically enforce the fake president's mandate, meaning that I have until the end of November to get a religious exemption approved. From reading around about that, I don't fancy my chances - seems a lot of people are getting denied. So there's a good chance I'll be unemployed come December. Even better, the majority of American universities are enforcing this; even if I keep this position, I'm not yet tenured and am currently in the process of applying for faculty positions. Getting one of those without the jab may now be impossible, in which case my career is effectively over.

I'm trying to hold the faith that, if that door closes, a better door will open. It isn't easy.


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While looking at this short 2m clip, I admit that at a moment, during ... less than 5s, i felt a momentum of pure "rage" (thanks lizzies implant or mind ?) and saw me jumping on the 3 policeman (around the mid/end of the clip, when the guy is fully lying on the ground) with a katana or at least something that slice well and simply behead these 3 ... policeman (???) ... no, there are not, these are brainless robots.

To come back to the main subject, and as we had foreseen, they are using the increasing number of people being ill (due to winter coming and this year's bonus which is the vaccine injuries) to say that the number of infections is raising one more time in order to justify new measures, or the continuity of them. I'm wondering how this will end ...


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The latest from the Netherlands is that next Tuesday the Dutch govt may impose new corona measures, which could be focused on the unvaccinated. The advisory board advises against imposing separate measures to unvaccinated people, but it remains to be seen what the govt will do. Meanwhile, some crazy things:
- Psycho corona 'expert' Ab Osterhaus said that it would be ideal if we could put all unvaccinated people on one island.
- During a TV show, they played an edited scene from the show Squid Game, where the robot doll kills an unvaccinated person, with another person saying to the dying person "I told you to vaccinate".
- During a talk show, they showed a music video of a rap song, with the lyric "Either you vaccinate, or you'll suffocate" and "Bullet in your head".
- Comments are being made here and there by 'experts' or others that unvaccinated people don't deserve hospital care or should be left to die, during interviews or talk shows.

They are definitely using the divide and conquer technique. They keep saying that it's the fault of the unvaccinated (about 13% of all adults) that we can't let go of the measures, even though one Dutch medical center recently said more vaccinated patients (80%) than unvaccinated patients were admitted to the hospital. I bet that goes for most hospitals.

Maybe interesting, a few months back, I saw the cleaner at my workplace. She's a cool person and we often talk when we see each other. She came to me and asked me quietly if I got the vaccine. I said I haven't. She said, 'me neither, but when people ask me I tell them I'm still thinking about it' and told me I could do the same. I said, yeah that's a good strategy. I had the same conversation with a translator, who also told me she hasn't vaccinated. Meanwhile, I overheard a researcher say to her colleague something along the lines of that unvaccinated people might as well not receive hospital care. I was picking something up from the room when I heard that, and had to bite my lip as I walked out...


Only indirectly related to Covid, but didn't know where else to put it, and I really wanted to share this, as the 11 minutes just flew by while listening to this very articulate rundown on scientism. Nothing new for most here, but could be a nice video to share with that recently red-pilled friend some of us have :lol:



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Here comes the 4th dose 😅

In Sweden

the health authorities announced today that they greenlighted a third jab for the general public in the ages of 16 and above. At your disposal during winter and spring. If i judge the Swedes correctly, they gonna line up more than willingly because vaccinations have always been very popular here. :nuts:

No force. All free will. Lots of propaganda wrapped in a style that sounds so… legit and reasonable. And it all seem to work, too. In a way Sweden does not really divert from the core agenda of what is played out all over the world. Only here it is done “the gentle way”.

This Saturday we will have a freedom manifestation (demonstration?) in Stockholm at Medborgarplatsen at 18:30 where the people stand up against the injections of minors. My husband and i plan go there. I do it mainly because of taking in the ambience of people photographically - and i am off duty and for once it also fits into my working night shift rhythm, as well.

To be really honest, i feel increased difficulties to engage myself into the whole Corona Plandemic Panic after 20 months intensive engagement, nor do i really talk with people anymore (unless asked) I also feel as if the programming has literally come to full circle. People are pretty clear about, if they are for or against the whole jab monkey business.

Maybe I am a bit on the melancholic side these days, as we enter the long dark season in Sweden with little sunshine and long periods of gray weather.
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