Yep. Wife and I are in the 1.2 million or so group (out of 19 million ) that has not been vaccinated. Beginning November 1, we cannot travel more than 200 km on public transport without a PCR test. The health minister the other week lied and directly blamed the unjabbed for the continuing new surge in cases. If forced in order to just get around the country much less be able to travel outside or leave the country, we will opt for the conventional virus inactivated Sinovac. But then the boosters come in to play and they want anyone who took Sinovac to receive boosters of different technology, namely Pfizer or Astrazeneca. At this rate, my wife will be probably be jabbed in one to two months and I can probably hold out till next year depending on if my family in the States need me to travel there for some urgent situation. I am stocked with all the important supplements but fear they may not be enough to mitigate the damage of the jabs.
Just to encourage you, On Strike USAexpat. Following the vaxxed people around me, the first months there are emotional and other effects, subtle ones, but after about 3 months, people, depending on their positive orientation, start recovering their individual vibe. They start to get back to volunteering at their favourite places, seem to love things again and not just be phoning it in. It's like life returning. The symptom I noticed in the early stages is there isn't a heart-felt engagement in important activities, like a loss of gumption or love of something.

Practically speaking, why would the booster push be needed? The first and second shot have effects that are fleeting, probably at every level. So it is worth fearing it, but on the other hand, be open to noticing what you do to engage with the world positively and that seems to be an important part of recovery, not letting parts of yourself surreptitiously slip away.

Meditation, breathing, other uplift, as it helps when any kind of attack that is upon us, seem like they need to be part of the medicinal protocols.


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In initially reading this wiki entry, further information regarding animal sacrifice was noted including that of puppies plus horses being burned alive. I bring this horror up due to the explosive revelations of Fauci funded animal experiments - Sott's posting:

Anthony Fauci Has Been Abusing Animals For 40 Years

When you consider that humans have been committing these atrocities against animals since ancient times, I guess we shouldn't be too shocked that it's still going on. I must say, when I came across the very first article I saw exposing what had happened with the beagles, I thought how appropriate for Fauci's head to be subjected to the same treatment - vocal cords cut and head in a mesh bag with ravenous sand flies eating his entire face and eyes! And although it's said the dogs were drugged, how do we know they weren't simply immobilized but could feel the horrendous pain of having their eyes, nose, mouth eaten by those flies? Does anyone doubt these psychopaths wouldn't be only too happy to subject those helpless dogs to such horror? They are sadistic monsters using "science" as a cover for their atrocities with the added bonus of using taxpayer money - taxpayers who are now going to be more than appalled at this use of their money!

Here's a really great 6:26 vid of Gov. DeSantis regarding ongoing Covid as well as the Fauci animal abuse:

BRAVO!!! :clap:


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But hey, in Russia politics is practiced as a science as opposed to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, US, UK and many other countries where politics is practiced by opportunistic pompous diletants in a totally overreactive and ignorant amateurish fashion.
But hey, they too are ignoring the true medical science and vaxing people for the sake of 'political' science. Not so different from that perspective, IMO, just a different flavour of dilettantes.
People have to be VERY strong over winter. They are going to come at the unjabbed HARD.

I'm very worried by what I'm seeing in the UK. Just been to the supermarket and 90% were masked despite there not being a mask mandate. It makes one very worried that the propaganda is working and fear is taking hold. The population appears well primed to accept the next dictates. This is some scary stuff.

In London people look more relaxed. In shops, tube, on streets. I do understand that it may very quickly change with new episode of Covid drama.

Only once incident with masked guy in the tube made me think about the inner landscape of people who are buying into Covid agenda. The guy gave me a grim continious stare. There were other three people around who were not wearing masks. I don't know what made him choose me. In his eyes I could read despise and hatred. In the moment I opened my mouth to ask what is the problem he turned away. Then got off on the next stop. That was strange and quite uncomfortable.


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Follow up to previous post - from Attn. Jeff Childers Coffee & Covid 2021 blog:
🪳 Just in case your opinion of the deplorable Anthony Fauci could possibly get any worse, an expose published in the Daily Caller yesterday reveals that the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), led by Dr. Anthony Fauci, spent $1.68 million on unnecessary research that killed dozens of beagle puppies.

Fauci is literally a puppy-killer. I heard he likes to make fur coats by stitching together the tiny puppies’ soft little pelts, and wearing them out to swanky DC cocktail parties where everybody tells Fauci how great he is.

According to the article, between October 2018 and February 2019, NIAID-funded research involved force-feeding or injecting 44 beagle puppies aged 6-8 months old with an experimental drug, before killing and dissecting them. They also injected them with parasitic diseases. To make things easier for the researchers to manage, they severed the cute young dogs’ vocal cords, so they couldn’t bark in protest.

Do you think the puppies felt like they were under an injection mandate or anything? Do you ever feel like a beagle puppy these days?

The article says that in August, Republican lawmakers demanded that Fauci explain his agency’s involvement in abusive animal testing that was later deemed unneeded by the FDA. Fauci responded saying, “word salad, with ranch dressing.”

Do you think this will move the needle any with pro-injection dog lovers? Eh, probably not. Pipe dreams.

It occurred to me that the scariest costume one could wear this Halloween would be that of a Fauci test-lab Beagle! Imagine the below with sign from neck labeled, Fauci De-barked Test-lab Survivor! Just think what an impact it could make!



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t's all true, even the fact checkers now admit it. You should have no fear of what other people think, remember they are all ignorant beyond belief, and if you are getting flak, it means you are over the target. FACT CHECK: Does This Picture Show An Advertisement For An ‘Elite Global Leaders’ Conference Being Held In Rome?
Well then, Thank you, I stand corrected. My apologies. When I looked it up, all I found was the Vatican Event on 21-23 OCT with different speakers and events and coupled that with the slam I got from FB and my kids over it, I took it down.


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Of course this is just preaching to the choir but just watching 10 minutes of this interview says it all about this Con-19 Circus.

Organization that had millions if not billions at their disposal to focus and study the virus starting Jan 2020 DID NEXT TO NOTHING.
The leader of that group is Fauci.



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Preparing the people that restrictions will come back soon.
A day later and the Danish health minister says that if more people don't get vaccinated, then lockdowns will come again. It is the same modus operandi as extortionists and blackmailers use.

Despite having vaccinated 85 percent of its population over the age of 12, Denmark has seen more than 1,000 daily cases of COVID for a week straight, a level unseen in months. Amid recent developments, which medical professionals called going "in the wrong direction", Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke threatened to reimpose restrictions.
Denmark, which barely a month ago removed all restrictions, risks new shutdowns if more citizens are not vaccinated against the coronavirus, Health Minister Magnus Heunicke has warned.

"If we are to keep Denmark open, we must have more people get the vaccine", the health minister said, as quoted by TV2. "We knew there would be an increase this autumn. But it is no secret that that increase has come pretty quickly already in October", Heunicke added.
The behaviour of the rulers are so predictable. The social experiment of removing all restrictions just at the start of the autumn flu season, means that now the people will be even more angry against those who are not vaccinated as if they are the ones who are the cause of the next round of lockdowns.
Health Minister Heunicke emphasised that vaccination must continue to be voluntary, but at the same time warned all those who have opted out that it "no longer works".
Like experienced blackmailers, they don't give a target and then pretend that it is voluntary while assigning the blame on those who choose not to drink the cool-aid. Any thinking person can see through it and that clearly the vaccines are not working.

Giving hope by removing all restrictions and then snatching it away while putting the blame on the non-vaccinated people. They are playing yo-yo with people's emotions.

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