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A new study regarding the possibility that the vaccines modify the human genome :

Some quotes taken from the Telegram publication :

Can integration of adenovirus vector DNA happen in mammalian cells?
This can indeed happen:

Can SARS-CoV-2 RNA reverse transcribed and integrated into the human genome?
There is the famous paper of Zhang et al. (2021) discussing this possibility:

Last words :


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There is a new study (not peer reviewed yet) that puts mRNA vaccines in an even more negative light. Short quote from the results section:
32 patients were identified over the period of interest. Eighteen patients were diagnosed with myocarditis; 12 with myopericarditis; and 2 with pericarditis alone. The median age was 33 years (18-65 years). The sex ratio was 2 females to 29 males. In 5 cases, symptoms developed after only a single dose of mRNA vaccine. In 27 patients, symptoms developed after their second dose of. Median time between vaccine dose and symptoms was 1.5 days (1-26 days). Chest pain was the commonest symptom, but many others were reported. Non-syncopal non-sustained ventricular tachycardia was seen in only a single case. Median LV ejection fraction (EF) was 57% (44-66%). Nine patients had an LVEF below the normal threshold of 55%. Incidence of myopericarditis overall was approximately 10 cases for every 10,000 inoculations.


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Second part of the documentary done by Project Veritas regarding COVID-19 vaccine scam is (still) on Youtube:
For me it is more sinister than previous one. This FDA employee clearly is a sociopath. But what is interesting: a registry of unvaccinated people is something unthinkable in USA, yet in Poland we have it for some time and it haven't sparked any (even minor) social opposition.

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Now we know why Ivermectin works: there are PARASITES in the vaccines. A team of doctors examined the four dominant vaccines using Phase Contrast Microscopy, Transmission and Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy.
The results are beyond belief. Spread this far and wide:


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This is the paper referenced in the article above. There are actual microscope pictures showing what's in those vaccines. The work is very well done and quite thorough.



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Thank you @Nachtweide for sharing!
I did a search and, guess what - MSM is silent about it.
I found 2 references to this in on-line tabloids:

report24 does ok job, but Welt says:

The rest of the text is redacted and can be read with a subscription.... :rolleyes:
Using words like alleged, supposed, etc. it´s clear where Welt stands...

When I searched for "Pathological Institute Reutlingen", basic Google search gives this location below; so I don´t understand what is Welt saying - that the institute doesn´t exist?!

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Today, on the Corona Committee's Telegram channel, the English version of the pathologists' press conference was posted. It is really very interesting. Unfortunately there is only the Telegram. Hope ist is working:

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