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Where are all the dead bodies? That’s what I have been asking myself. It seems to be a missing piece of the picture. Where are the overflowing mortuaries?...
Had a listened to this interview, and what struck me as being different about what he was observing over what others have observed (scientists, doctors, nurses etc. in their selected work areas) is that - and there is no easy way to put this, it is people like him who collect all the lost (their bodies) from hospitals, morgues, care homes, private homes, and even from the streets. Someone like this would have first hand knowledge of the death from family members, and he brings this up. He brings up the 92 year old man and the 80 something year old woman who died of stage 4 cancer and they called it covid. He lays out the chronological covid timeline, even starting before the covid news broke (stated as November 2019) at what he was observing at hospital - sounded like advanced prepping for what they knew was coming, and the deaths, and lack thereof at certain times, from 2019 to now as Adobe added above.

O’Looney recounts the spike of death at care homes in April 2020, and this dovetails with what many articles on discuss - search Care Homes and you will see the policies that were put in place by governments, and the post blame game that took place. Rosemary Frei looked into the policies, and recently there have been inquests with horrors of the elderly dying - abandonment. Quebec, Canada has been fairly open about it - read here. There are article directly from the UK care home sector, too.

John also spoke of being railroaded by the BBC (here is his BBC feature from April 2020) for which he regrets early on, and then makes the comment that when at care homes (and it was not looked for at first), were the findings of empty packaging in the waste by the elderly that died - he had said there was a surge in the use of Midazolam (used to sedate). This MSN article touches on this drug subject.

He then looks to the death rate pause, well below normal death levels until the vaccinations started, then deaths primarily at hospital were recorded as anything but covid if the case could be made for the patient being vaccinated or, absolutely covid if they died for other reasons. Post jab heart attacks were way up, and other medical factors discussed in this tread.

It seems that one could say that the architects of managing the covid medical systems policy and messaging (often government health services), with the press backing them up, forgot about the one service that sees it all, the people who must care for the dead. It would be good to get other verifications that he tells of his colleagues, yet the devil is in the details, and through the likes of people like this, if what he is saying can be verified, covers a lot of bases.

He does get up on the concentration style camps issues, so don't know.

Igan said (after the interview) that O’Looney was offered 85k British pounds from RT to stay quiet.

That struck me as being off. Not sure why RT would do that - why RT?


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Igan said (after the interview) that O’Looney was offered 85k British pounds from RT to stay quiet.
That struck me as being off. Not sure why RT would do that - why RT?

Out of pure speculation, however, 85k, might be an interview fee. The transaction would carry a certain confidentiality or non discosure agreement on an agreed period of time. Normal. Facts can be missreported. Actually imagine this type of news.
O’Looney, was interviewed by RT. The interview fee was settled at, with the following conditions. The fee was paid in GBP into the following account. The contents of the interview are as following....

It has no zing and people would not flock for the content.


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I guess that every govs will do the same soon or later: Austrian government blocks unemployment benefits for job seekers who refuse Covid-19 vaccine.

Job only with vaccination: AMS blocks unemployment benefits for refusers

In a letter to the AMS, Labour Minister Kocher stipulates that the unemployed cannot refuse a job simply because a vaccination is required for it.

Vaccination has undoubtedly eased the pandemic. For the absolute majority of adults and those over twelve years of age, a highly effective vaccination against Corona is available. At the same time, many social debates have become more heated because many people still do not want to be vaccinated, for whatever reason. Sometimes this leads to difficult...



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I guess that every govs will do the same soon or later: Austrian government blocks unemployment benefits for job seekers who refuse Covid-19 vaccine.

The govt people cannot realize that they will get 20 years in the electric chair as punishment for what they are doing.


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I guess that every govs will do the same soon or later: Austrian government blocks unemployment benefits for job seekers who refuse Covid-19 vaccine.

Pretty sure this is illegal and creating a 2 tier society.


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Czechia is one of the few countries to have experimented vaccination and, months later, Ivermectin. The impact of these two therapeutic strategies is striking:
- Vaccination started on Dec 28, 2020 and was followed by an outbreak of deaths attributed to Covid.
- Ivermectin was introduced on March 3rd, 2021 (while vaccination was tapered down) and was soon followed by the disappearance of Covid deaths. Since then the Covid epidemics is virtually eradicated.

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Where are all the dead bodies? That’s what I have been asking myself. It seems to be a missing piece of the picture. Where are the overflowing mortuaries? A few weeks back I found a report from a British lady investigating the new supper prisons being built, and she came upon a large crematorium next door. And there was the document from the UK government for contracts to handle large numbers of bodies in the near future, but neither of those really brought out what I was looking for. What is the present death rate, and are the mortuaries working overtime?

Max Igan, from Australia interviewed and mortician from the UK, John O’Looney which is starting to shed some light on the subject. I believe the town was Milton Keynes UK. Worth the watch.

Points of interest:

Chronicles what he has seen from 2020 to present.

Rest home malfeasants.

The real deaths started with the deployment of the injections.

Injection damage IS the Delta variant.

Now seeing people (bodies) of all ages and walks of life that should not be dying.

New supper prison camp next to crematorium.

Igan said (after the interview) that O’Looney was offered 85k British pounds from RT to stay quiet.

O’Looney invites anyone to write or call him for more information. (Might be worth an interview from Objective Health?) After vetting of course.
Length: 38 minutes.

I keep thinking that all this Covid is also another opportunity for 4DSTS to have a MIA event (missing in action). Perhaps the crematoriums are just for show and as the C's say the bodies are used or abducted. Certainly a super loosh event for them, expecially if it escalates to civll wars. As John, the funeral director said in the video above, we are all on our own and as the people if we down become proactive about all this pretty soon, then it is too late to think about what we could have done nce we are in the prison cells awaiting the next round of extermination!

Here in Cyprus we now have good and proactive group leaders who are prepared to legally and any other means help any way they can if they get a call from any of us. We are linked with all the groups in Turkey now too and many more groups are starting in outlying areas too, with the leader visiting them all to coordinate everything, answer questions and update us.

Tomorrow we are all meeting up from around the country at a picnic area on the coast so we can meet each other and/or help any way we can. The leader has asked me t write articles, so waiting on my instructions, thanks to all the knowledge I have saved from our researches. Plus I do not want my 80k plus files nor 2000 books to go to waste should anything happen so will make copies to give him, though sun flares need to be anticipated too or all gets fried!
He also immediately offered to help me get my citizenship, free holistic doctor from group etc. The leader in non egotistical and had many many connections who respect him and he is known for peaceful demos so also respected by the police.
It was a relief and really breath of fresh air to meet and listen to him at our weekly meeting Thursday night.

I will meet with him when he is less busy visiting everyone and coordinating as he will represent me legally a land exchange proposal I have just been offered which includes houses to be built as part of the deal. Plus he knows his stuff and has been research like us since 2000 so understands my project concept. So there are silver linings to all this as like minded peeps find each other and courageously will stand against this evil to whatever outcome. Without this suffering this would not have happened, there would not have been the urgency or vital inclination barring an environmental disaster, which we know is also just around the corner.

The ultimate plans he is simultaneously organising with top people is creating the New World together with animal husbandry, the lot. Yesterday he shared the English translation of our TRNC Constitution with us, for questions, while he investigates protection for all foreigners in the country in connection with it, despite the 'epidemic' clauses that can override current laws.

As usual two psycho/narcissists tried to take over/co-opt his leadership. He was telling us how one guy caused a problem on a peaceful demo by physically ripping onlookers masks off! (obviously not a true proponent of free choice - which is what I am witnessing also in some anti vax people!). The other guy wanted to be in charge and took over the facebook page with had over 4000 members. He posted material that go it banned on two occasions, and refused to back down from demanding to be the leader and set up his own group, which until our last meeting we were unaware it was not the original group! So thankfully all was explained to us by our leader/
on Thursday and we are using Telegram for the main group and separate local meeting groups affiliated with the main group.

We have already had a local social new bar/restaurant opening event last saturday in my village, no masks or ID asked for. We have the full group picnic tomorrow. People are reporting back on Telegram which venues are still no vax friendly too.

Edit: I think it would be extremely valuable to hear about what other people here on the forum are organising as things are heating up. I will keep sharing our we proceed so we can pragmatically co-ordinate useful methods rather than languish at home waiting for the 'knock at the door' scenaril
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"I'm telling you very clearly, we have to do a lot more." Odious and grotesque as ever, the wren #Macron transformed the ceremony in honor of Olympic medalists into a managerial meeting saturated with inept neoliberal jargon.@caissesdegreve

The federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has reported an astonishing explosion in the number of problems it is seeing with vaccines, as reactions to the COVID-19 shots that have been pushed by politicians over the last year have multiplied exponentially.

Now a doctor has said in a report from Lifesitenews that cancers also are surging.

"Since January 1, in the laboratory, I'm seeing a 20 times increase of endometrial cancers over what I see on an annual basis," reported Dr. Ryan Cole in a March 18 report.

Cole, a board-certified pathologist, owns and runs a diagnostics lab, and made the comments in a video from Idaho state government's "Capitol Clarity" project.

TRENDING: Claim: Woman given 'chemical restraint' to trick her into COVID shot

He warned of a huge surge in various autoimmune diseases and cancers in patients who have taken the experimental vaccines.

"I'm not exaggerating at all because I look at my numbers year over year, I’m like 'Gosh, I’ve never seen this many endometrial cancers before'," he explained.

Lifesitenews reported in his findings, Cole said that vaccines seem to be triggering serious autoimmune issues, and described the situation as a "reverse HIV."

"Cole explained that two types of cells are required for adequate immune system function: 'Helper T-cells,' also called 'CD4 cells,' and 'killer T-cells,' often known as 'CD8 cells,'" the report said. "According to Cole, in patients with HIV, there is a massive suppression of 'helper T-cells' which cause immune system functions to plummet, and leave the patient susceptible to a variety of illnesses. Similarly, Cole describes, 'post-vaccine, what we are seeing is a drop in your killer T-cells, in your CD8 cells,'"

Those, he explained, "keep all other viruses in check."

While HIV causes immune system problems by suppressing one type of cells, "the same thing happens when CD8 'killer' cells are suppressed," the report explained.

The result is that he's seeing an increase in cases of endometrial cancer, melanomas, herpes, shingles, mono, and HPV.

Lifesitenews noted, "this is not the first time the COVID-19 vaccines have been linked to serious issues regarding women’s health. According to a German research study, polyethylene glycol, an ingredient found in the Pfizer and Moderna jabs, has been found to pose a 'potential toxicity risk' to women’s ovaries."

One former Pfizer official, Dr. Michael Yeadon, has explained that study may suggest the reason for "the large number of menstrual irregularities and miscarriages being reported by vaccinated women," Lifesitenews said.

Cole warned that the cancers are more frequent, and worse, than usual.

"Most concerning of all, there is a pattern of these types of immune cells in the body keeping cancer in check," he said. "I’m seeing invasive melanomas in younger patients; normally we catch those early, and they are thin melanomas, [but] I’m seeing thick melanomas skyrocketing in the last month or two."

Content created by the WND News Center is available for re-publication without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact

Meanwhile in El Salvador:


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Ban for one of the only Swiss hospitals in Vevey that has treated more than 350 patients with Ivermectin and Azithromycin without any deaths...

Since last week, and the formal prohibition of the hospitals to continue to ensure to its doctors their freedom to prescribe, it is consternation in the permanence veveysanne. The health professionals are stunned and do not understand that they are forbidden to treat their patients. They are psychologically preparing themselves to have to send home with paracetamol the sufferers who come to them for help, even though they believe in their soul and conscience that a treatment is available.
At the same time, Gilead's remdesivir, which has been disavowed by the WHO, is potentially toxic and has not been tested in randomised controlled trials, was approved by Swissmedic, which allowed its use to be extended last year.

(French article)


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Within the UK, England has been particularly careful to cover over vaccine related deaths as a non event. However in a government release dated 13th September which attempts to show how efficacious the jabs are they've rather given the game away, if only by implication.


Despite the utterly misleading headline, (though it begs the question....), the data states:

There has been a total of 265,982 deaths in a 6 month period up to 2nd July (with 19.3% claimed to be 'involving COVID').

18,653 deaths took place within 21 days of taking a first dose.

11,652 deaths took place within 21 days of taking a second dose.

So that's 30,305 deaths either after one or two doses, and within 21 days of either.

A further 131,543 died 21 days or more after one or two doses.

In total therefore, 161,848 people in England are now registered as having died within 21 days or more after either a single or double dose. We do not know from the data available how many of those occurred up to 28 days after being vaccinated, or even within 60 days after being vaccinated, considering these are still used as parameters by which to count Covid-19 related deaths.

The UK Yellow card system has approximately 1,600 death registered post jab or around 1% of this figure. It is worth noting that studies have suggested that these adverse collection systems only receive between 1-10% of all reactions.

The figure of 30,305 is perhaps the most telling indicator of these ultra safe life savers.
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