Corona craziness


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The Corona Halo effect we've seen a thousand times
among the criminal elite... uhm oh dear, i meant "our leaders"

Telegram channel "Ken Jebsen" writes:

(Germany's Chancellor) "Olaf Scholz does not wear a mask on the plane, because no one is looking. But getting off the plane with a mask is very important, so that the fools of the electorate can continue to be taken for fools. Will this arrogance of power eventually break the neck of Scholz and Co. politically?"




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Wondrous parallels between the corona virus and monkeypox
(in Germany) via Telegram channel "Ken Jepsen"

➡️ Patient number 1 with monkeypox in Germany was discovered in Munich, as with Corona.
➡️ As with Corona, the case was discovered in the Schwabing Clinic (Munich), of all places.
➡️ As with Corona, the patient was treated by exactly the same doctor, Prof. Dr. Clemens Wendtner, by chance.

Of course, these are all pure coincidences.
Anyone who claims otherwise can only be a right-wing conspiracy theorist :whistle:

⚠️ By the way, monkeypox infection is also - you guessed it - detected with the sacred PCR test.

⚠️ And a vaccine already exists and has miraculously even been approved.

What a happy circumstance :rolleyes:


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Conspiracy tourists 🤡

IMAGE 2022-05-28 20:03:56.jpg

It always intrigues me (and I don't really understand) that asian citizens often tend to use extreme measures; whether wearing masks in times nobody else does it, or coming with (more or less) home made hasmat suits...

I remember 2 years ago on 6 April 2020, once I finally got out of the lockdowned Sicily which had barely any flights leaving for weeks - on the flight between Catania to Paris - two asian people had suits on and it looked extremely uncomfortable...

2020-04-06-16-33-29.jpg 2020-04-06-16-33-124.jpg


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True. Laughing or crying. Or both. Now let’s look at Australia with another Covid-Clown-world ™ quirk….

CPR with facemasks on

"As the number of COVID-19 deaths in Australia remains high, new international research has shown that it may be possible to perform mouth-to-mouth resuscitation while wearing a face mask to keep the virus at bay." :scared::umm::rolleyes:

“That would have to be the stupidest thing I've heard for the past two and a half years. And even that is believed when promoted appropriately...” (writes Henning Rosenbusch, a german reporter who has moved to Sweden)
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