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C's, always spot on! The Brit gov pathology 2021

Gregory Michael, a gynecologist from Miami, died after receiving the Covid19 vaccine 2 weeks earlier. His wife says he was a healthy man. Three days after the injection, Michael noticed changes in the blood vessels in his feet and hands.
Michael went to the hospital and was diagnosed with thrombocytopenia (a condition that occurs when the blood does not clot). 2 weeks later, Michael died of a fulminant brain hemorrhage. But don't make me nervous huh. Which are "isolated" cases. "Chútense" what you can


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Not sure if this is in the right place but here goes:

I work in a residential care home and the entire home has just been vaccinated with the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. All the residents except one were compliant. The majority of staff were also vaccinated as the word on the grapevine was that jobs were at stake unless staff received the vaccination. A few of us declined due to allergies etc and we were not coerced in any way by the management.

Two of the staff collapsed afterwards and needed to go home. Another had a severe reaction with a very high temp, rash, sickness and generally feeling very unwell. At least 10 had other side effects but mostly nausea, dizzyness and feeling "unwell" which appeared to last for twenty four hours before improving. The onsite doctor declared that one collapse was "probably" due to that staff member's long stand vertigo and the others were downplayed as not being due to the vaccine at all but just co-incidental. She had obviously been told to ensure that the vaccination was not blamed for any of the more severe reactions. Interestingly the two of the more severe reactions were staff who were taking strong painkilling medications. Oddly none of the residents had any problems, only the staff. I wonder how many other severe vaccine reactions have occured without anyone knowing anything about it? Lots I should imagine. Especially as hospital patients have huge cocktails of drugs onboard.
I am not sure if this is the right thread. So if one of the adminstrators wants to put it on another place?

Since a few days I am really surprised what's going on in Austria. There are so many demonstrations against this government and the corona-policy and the lock-down! Not only in the big cities but even in smaller cities are people gathering and the slogan in general is peace, liberty and no dictatorship! Until now all is very peaceful, besides sometimes there are a few provocateurs, but very very rare!

And I think we will have elections in 2021, although there were elections in 2019 and the government should last 5 years. There are small groups coming up trying to make a different kind of policy. I don't know what this all will be, but nevertheless it is exciting and astonishing.

Also there is a movement to open up shops and pubs on January 11, which is long before the lockdown is planned to end. People are getting very angry!! Not all, of course, but they are here and are heard by those who want to hear.
Here in the Netherlands, the hospitality industry will also reopen on January 17, regardless of what the rules are. They also don't care about the fine anymore, because if they don't open now, they will definitely go bankrupt.


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Neurotic Nation 😱 Double Up Masks 😷

So, 2+ masks then it is... ?!

That should for sure bring the oxygen level down below 16% (as one masks brings it down to levels between 16.5% to 18.5%) measured in the Italien Bolzano Study.

'Happy' accumulated brain cell death.

I want to write "feeling angry" first - but what really powers my feeling over what I see... is just sadness :-( over witnessing so much insanity - while they are so sure about the opposite.


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It seems that we are going to have to take seriously, in this new absurd-normality, all the posts in this thread!
Another example of this madness within madness.
Murcia's Health Minister apologizes for getting vaccinated.

The Murcian Minister of Health resigns for taking the vaccine.

The Minister of Health of Murcia, Manuel Villegas, has resigned this Wednesday to the president of the community, Fernando López Miras, after the controversy created by the news that both he and more than 400 officials and senior officials of the Murcian Health Service skipped the protocol of the Ministry of Health and got the vaccine against covid-19.
DeepL. El consejero murciano de Sanidad dimite por ponerse la vacuna

Here the protocol for the "privileged", the priorities for the concoction developed by a band of degenerates.
The protocol of the Ministry of Health, on the prioritization of groups for the first stage of vaccination, states the following:

1. Residents and health and social-health personnel in residences for the elderly and disabled.
2. Front-line healthcare personnel.
3. Other health and social-health personnel.
People with disabilities who require intense support measures to develop their lives (major non-institutionalized dependents).
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