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One of many absurd recommendations from the authorities. Because either while shaking or sounding the seismic alarm to get out of the building, one will keep a distance of 2 meters while going down the stairs🙄 or one person would cover by strong table, It doesn't matter if can fit 4 people because you have to keep your distance 🙄, etc. And, of course, one should put the mask and gloves before getting out 😂😂😂.

Mexico is a seismic country.

Earthquakes can occur at any time.

In case of an earthquake due to the Covid-19 contingency, apply the civil protection measures you already know.

Keeping a healthy distance and trying to follow other health recommendations.

If you have any doubts, consult the information of the Civil Protection authority of your locality, your state and the national one.

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I don't know if I should post this here, or in one of the BLM threads.
It has issues of Both in it.
The Author of this post is a mid 40's mixed race Black/Caucasian man.
His skin tone is very dark, and in his words, "He was an Oreo Cookie: white on the inside, black on the outside"
For about 3 years, during his teens, he lived with my Sons and I.
I consider him to be one of our motley Family Tribe, and he still calls me Mama.

this is what he posted:

😅 So I went to T&T chinese supermarket yesterday in Edmonton. - When i was walking in... There was an employee standing there at the entrance... With a temperature scanner. - She said.. I needed to get my temperature taken... and I need to wear a mask to get into the store. - So she took my temperature... and gave me a mask... And let me in! - Think Im gonna wear that fake ass mask!? - Hell No! - I held the mask in my hand... & ...never put that shit on! - I was the only one walking around in the store without a mask. - Who's gonna stop approach the only black guy in a store, without a mask!? - No one! - LOL! - Especially with all the BLM, stuff going on right now! 😆
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