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I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but in the past month it feels like the world's taken a turn and shifted gears. There's been chaos for a while, but it just feels like we're closer to something darker and more serious now.

So to segue from the negative to something a little lighter, I found this short video story of a commuter in the UK using his powered paraglider to travel 30km from home to work. I couldn't think of anything better on a nice day:

A breathtaking commute with a dash of danger - BBC Reel

Certainly beats my mode of public transport. With that and in reference to the forum travel topic - I would love to travel to and live somewhere one day where I could do this in a similar way. Maybe a place with slightly more sunshine than the UK :)


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Cool vid. But how about having new, open-source technologies that enable (very) local economies such that 'going somewhere' is not needed for basic existence, or for that matter, arriving at the pinnacle of the hierarchy of needs?


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Are you referring to Maslow's theory? And if so, could you offer some examples of open-source technologies that might enable such a lifestyle?

Personally, if I was given the choice of going somewhere or not going somewhere and arriving at the same outcome no matter which option I chose, I'd still choose to go somewhere. I feel claustrophobic on earth, let alone my own neighbourhood or house - it's a chance for in-person interaction and exploration.
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