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I finished the book!

And in record time that is - the book was for me extremely engaging, a real page turner! 2 days ago, I was literarily half asleep, looking at the clock how late it is - but couldn´t put the book down - one more chapter just to finish this or that... 😂
Your questions at the end of the chapters were the death for me, made me constantly wanting to read more... 😉

Was a bit lost in chapter about electric discharge. 😅
But in general, I really liked that there is so many references to scientific papers and researchers, so many images and graphs that one can get good picture of the topic being told and follow the links to specific article.
I especially liked that you included mythological side of the Venus and comparison to actual data.

Many things were already familiar to me, because of your articles on SOTT - but there was A LOT more information presented in the book.
With so many sources added in the book, it´s fascinating how this is not general knowledge!
I think it should belong to SHOTW series.

I probably wasn’t paying attention, or I forgot about that after reading the articles on SOTT, but I was really surprised that it took only 6 centuries for Venus to make her passes and stays in solar system. I thought it took more time, so that was an interesting fact.

Great job in collecting and presenting the data, all done with an understandable language and systematic coverage.
Your storytelling is like in pictures, I could put myself to being there in Siberia and see all those events.

Excellent book, excellent research and excellent storytelling!

Epilogue was spectacular and I can´t wait for your next book!

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