Codfish liver cream

What are you eating for dinner?
I am eating a salad!
Is my salad dressed or nude?
Dressed, of course! Dressed with a sauce/cream of codfish liver.
So, how to do it? Jump the wall bellow!
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------- ------ ---------------------- -----------------
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- Buy cans of codfish liver (with the oil inside)
- Pass the livers though a sieve
- Keep the livers in the sieve and do a mayonnaise with the oil
- Mayonnaise proportions >
1 egg yolk, 1 big teaspoon of mustard
- Mayonnaise preparation >
take a whisker, whisk the egg and the mustard, add the oil little by little after getting back to the mayonnaise texture
add some mashed garlic (mashed with a jar), add salt, some pepper, gomasio, what you want...
- Add the livers in the mayonnaise
- Take a blender (i take the plunging one) and mix the livers inside the mayonnaise
- You have the thing
- Eat

Peace! :)
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I read that the fishing industry and its products can be quite dirty, and livers can accumulate all kinds of toxins. Also it was discussed (in the forum?) that fish oil products are not as good for the human body as advertised. And an additional thing that was suspicious to me was the recent death of Ramiel Nagel, allegedly caused by a rare type of brain cancer. He recommended - among other things - cod liver oil to counter tooth decay. I wonder if he paid with cancer for better teeth.
Fish oils not good for the human body, OK (don't have the link?). I guess that "too much of it" is not good. Because of the potentiality of a hypervitaminosis A? Fish oils from the livers so, as we take some fats of fish when we eat the flesh?
I didn't know who was Ramiel. Maybe this is fish oil, maybe not. If it is, "damn it"! "Peace" to his soul.
See you.
(so, you don't like my recipe :p)
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