COBRA GYPSIES - full documentary


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It can be strange how sometimes you might be looking/searching for something on the web and you become vectored 180 degrees from what you were originally looking for. For me, this happened resulting in this documentary (<1 hr.) titled - see above.

An adventure with the indian gypsies, the new movie of Raphael Treza

At one point this Raphael Treza asks, how many people from the outside (tourists) have you seen - they say, none or just you, you are the first one. The environment here is really crazy and harsh, yet they manage this environment well. There is a section on making coal fires, which was interesting. There are also other nomadic groups described who take care and raise camels (the kids play a big part in this), then there are those who travel and play music, there is focus on relationship and their customs, dance, food and the animals that live there.

Thank you voyageur for letting know of this great journey ! Very nice faces and much symbiosis with nature...
Thank you Voyageur for sharing, beautiful made documentary about simple, hard, but at the same time very interesting way of life of these group of people. As the author of doc says the art for the is a way of life, the hardships they are going through each day and the hard gained experience gained from it, one day may be very useful to them.
Thank for posting Voyageur I watched it last night and enjoyed it. I liked the style that it was made in too, very unusual. It was fascinating to see how the people lived, with their brightly coloured clothing and expressing themselves through dance. Also the way they lived in a tribal way closely connected to nature. I also learnt how charcoal was made! :)
FWIW, an article about Gypsies and it seems that the Indian origins of Gypsies may not be correct. :-)

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