Clif High-

Apparently it's sold as C60 which is carried in "black seed oil". Clif High also referred to it as "monoatomic" which seems to be a new age science word salad term, which made me think of "monoatomic gold" that was popular quite a few years ago.

Ok, so we are sometimes like sci-fi fans and our brains either project or turn to mush (guilty as charged:-().

There is a thread here on C60 and some have tried it but there seem to be no big discoveries so far.

C60 supplements - any thoughts?

I have to admit I wondered if the C60 has anything to do with something the Cs mentioned in an earlier session but don't really know that it is connected (may be pattern recognition run amok).

This is off on a tangent but eventually all things interconnect I suppose so please just file this in the dust bin if it doesn't add to the conversation/conversations.

Session 23 September 2000:

Q: Here is a comment from one of our listmembers:

"Our reality depends on what we believe to be true. What we believe depends on our perception. Our perception depends on what we look for. What we look for depends on our thoughts. What we think depends on our state of wisdom. Our wisdom depends on our state of awareness. Our awareness depends on our intuition. Our intuition depends on maturity of soul. The maturity of soul depends on the image we represent of the one infinite mind. All images are holograms of this mind. We are duplicates of the original." Is this an accurate way of representing our reality?

A: Close. It is one chain of relations, though not all. The dependent relationships are far more complicated.

Q: Now, let me get to MY questions! You once said that the core of DNA is an as yet undiscovered enzyme related to carbon. Is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: Here in this book it says:

"Evidence is accumulating that only a relatively small portion of the DNA sequence is for so-called structural genes. Structural genes lead to the production of protein. There are an estimated 50,000 structural genes with an average sized of approximately 5,000 base pairs, which then accounts for only 250 million of the estimated 3 billion base pairs. What is the rest of the DNA for? Some of the DNA is so-called repetitive sequences, repeated thousands of times. The function is unknown. The ALU, repeat, for instance, contains over 300,000 copies of the same 300 base pair sequence. Certainly this DNA is not junk and plays some important role in the gene regulation chromosomal architecture or chromosomal replication. Until 1977, it was thought that genes were single sequences of DNA that are coded into RNA and then into protein. However, further study has shown greater complexity. It is now known that there are pieces of DNA within a gene that are not translated into protein. These intervening sequences, or INTRONS, are somewhat of a mystery, but appear to be a very common phenomenon."

Now, is this thing they are talking about, these INTRONS, are these the core that you were talking about?

A: In part.

Q: What about this ALU repeat with over 300,000 copies of the same base pair sequence. What is it?

A: Tribal unit.
BTW, in that video on Vit c High also talked about "C60", which he is taking, which seems to be Buckminsterfullerene, which is an allotrope of carbon that was "first generated" in the 1980s using a laser to vaporize carbon in a supersonic helium beam.

Apparently it's sold as C60 which is carried in "black seed oil". Clif High also referred to it as "monoatomic" which seems to be a new age science word salad term, which made me think of "monoatomic gold" that was popular quite a few years ago.

At least the wiki page says

"Solutions of C60 dissolved in olive oil are nontoxic to rodents. "

Just to add to this. I thought it interesting that in the shorter video where Clif (where's the other 'f'??) was talking about his cancer and Vit C, he mainly focused on C60 and said at least twice that he was going to take some right after the video and that he also gives it to his dogs. Based on the quantities he was referring to, he clearly didn't know very much about Vit c and the intake necessary to treat cancer. Anyway, when you look up C60 you read that it was, at the time, the largest molecule that showed 'quantum entanglement' properties. High likely knows this since he seems to be pretty impressed by it.

Then I watched some of the other video referenced here where he talks about his latest 'trends forecast' and he says that the data was pointing to, as I noted previously, "quantum entangled communications devices" for everyone by 2028. I just thought it was interesting that he comes up with that idea from his 'data sets/web bots' while he is taking a supplement that involves the very same 'quantum entanglement'. FWIW, I took it as possible evidence for his 'predictions' being significantly based on his own personal subjective projections, which he obviously does not see as such because, well, we know why.
Like I said, I just did not hear it. Once I realized he was off about many things, I off and on went just fir a laugh. I feel for him. Thats all. I reasearched all the crypto stuff and decided it was BS and probably a psyop of some kind like the QANON stuff. Anyway, I again will say the conversations with Richard Dolan brought out the best in him.
There is a thread here on C60 and some have tried it but there seem to be no big discoveries so far.

C60 supplements - any thoughts?

I have to admit I wondered if the C60 has anything to do with something the Cs mentioned in an earlier session but don't really know that it is connected (may be pattern recognition run amok).

This is off on a tangent but eventually all things interconnect I suppose so please just file this in the dust bin if it doesn't add to the conversation/conversations.

Session 23 September 2000:

Q: Now, let me get to MY questions! You once said that the core of DNA is an as yet undiscovered enzyme related to carbon. Is that correct?

A: Yes.

I don't know if C60 could be called an enzyme? To be honest, I get the same uneasy-awkward feeling about this C60, as when, I was first reviewing information on Monotonic Gold. You couldn't get me to touch - either one!

This is the "Synthesis" of C60 - Soot is produced by laser ablation of graphite or pyrolysis of aromatic hydrocarbons. Fullerenes are extracted from the soot with organic solvents using a Soxhlet extractor.[22] This step yields a solution containing up to 75% of C60, as well as other fullerenes. These fractions are separated using chromatography.[23] Generally, the fullerenes are dissolved in a hydrocarbon or halogenated hydrocarbon and separated using alumina columns.[24]
Buckminsterfullerene - Wikipedia

So, now you're going to mix "that concoction" with a drop or two of extra virgin olive oil or black seed oil ... and take it with a chaser.
You have to be nuts to consume that? It sounds more like something that might fix that squeaky noise in the car that the mechanic can't seem to narrow down?

This site seems to mimic what Clif High is claiming in the videos. is a forum for people interested in life extension and dozens of people have been pioneers in taking C60 in extra virgin olive oil.

Health Benefits of C60 For Humans

Longecity forum members have reported the following beneficial effects (only effects reported by more than one person are listed):
* More energy
  • Less sleep needed
  • “Mental improvements”
  • Can lift much heavier weights, sometimes to the point of causing tendon injury. Commonly reported.
  • Can do more reps of the same weight. This was the most commonly reported benefit. People were adamant that there was a great difference, comparable to taking Creatine and that not even anabolic steroids enabled such an immediate increase of both repetitions and max. weight.
  • Calmer, reduction in stress
  • Can run longer with seemingly more effective utilization of Oxygen. Less fatigue. “Cardiac improvements”. Better stamina and endurance.
  • Can run faster whilst feeling more comfortable with a pulse that would normally be too high for steady-state.
  • Higher libido. This is also seen in rat trials, already with 4 micrograms/kg, a dose five times lower than what we recommend as a daily dose.
  • Faster recovery of the skin after sunburn (with topical application). Do not expose C60 products to UV light – it splits off reactive Oxygen species under UV.

C60 could become interesting for athletes and in medicine, protecting against the effects of aging such as cancer and immune system deficiencies. It will take a long time to find out what this product does for humans. We think it may prolong life in humans as well as in rats because the C60 in oil becomes a lipofullerene and is available in the mitochondrial lipid bilayers where it acts as a recyclable super-antioxidant (C60 is a 270 times better antioxidant than vitamin C but vit. C is not lipid-soluble and neither is it recyclable, so C60 may in fact be tens of thousands of times more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin C).

At the end of the site - in REFERENCES - it states this:

Baggott, Jim. Perfect Symmetry: The Accidental Discovery of Buckminsterfullerene (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1994).

Baggott observes that “the tendency for the closed-cage carbon molecules to burn, degrade, or become entrapped prevents the detection of naturally occurring fullerenes. Imagine the surprise, then, when it was announced in July 1992 that C60 and C70 had been found in samples of shungite, a coal-like rock from Shunga, a Russian town some 200 miles northeast of St. Petersburg. (pp. 254-55).
[...]when it was announced in July 1992 that C60 and C70 had been found in samples of shungite, a coal-like rock from Shunga, a Russian town some 200 miles northeast of St. Petersburg. (pp. 254-55).

Discussion of C60/buckminsterfullerene reminded me that I had previously encountered info re it. What stuck in my mind was buckyballs. I googled and there's a drop-down question list w/ an assortment of interesting tidbits:

Where is c60 found?
An unusual carbon-rich rock believed to be more than 600 million years old has yielded the first evidence that fullerenes occur in nature. The fullerenes C60 and C70 were discovered in a sample of shungite, a rock of uncertain origin found near the Russian town of Shunga, about 250 miles northeast of St. Petersburg.

What are the properties of buckminsterfullerene?
Three forms, or 'allotropes', of pure carbon are diamond, graphite and buckminsterfullerene (or 'buckyballs'). In all three allotropes, the carbon atoms are joined by strong covalent bonds but in such different arrangements that the properties of the allotropes are very different.

What are buckyballs used for?
Combining buckyballs, nanotubes, and polymers to produce inexpensive solar cells that can be formed by simply painting a surface. Buckyballs may be used to store hydrogen, possibly as a fuel tank for fuel cell powered cars. Buckyballs may be able to reduce the growth of bacteria in pipes and membranes in water systems.

How are buckyballs used in nanotechnology?
Much of the current research and commercialisation of nanotechnology relies on tubes, wires and balls made from carbon atoms. ... The carbon based tubes can be carbon nanotubes, buckytubes and very long tubes are often referred to as nanowires. The balls are known as fullerines or buckyballs.

What do fullerenes do?
A fullerene is an allotrope of carbon in the form of a hollow sphere, ellipsoid, tube, and many other shapes. Spherical fullerenes, also referred to as Buckminsterfullerenes or buckyballs, resemble the balls used in association football. Cylindrical fullerenes are also called carbon nanotubes (buckytubes).

What is the formula of buckyball?

Why is it called buckminsterfullerene?
Buckminsterfullerene is a polyhedral CARBON structure composed of around 60-80 carbon atoms in pentagon and hexagon configuration. They are named after Buckminster Fuller because of structural resemblance to geodesic domes. Fullerenes can be made in high temperature such as arc discharge in an inert atmosphere.

Who discovered c60?
In 1985 the discovery was announced of a third allotrope in which the atoms form C60 molecules in the shape of a football. This led to the award of the 1996 Nobel Prize to Harry (now Sir Harry) Kroto of Sussex University, Robert Curl and Richard Smalley (both of Rice University in Houston, USA).

Who was the buckminsterfullerene named after?
Naming. The discoverers of the Buckminsterfullerene (C60) allotrope of carbon named it after Richard Buckminster Fuller, a noted architectural modeler who popularized the geodesic dome. Since buckminsterfullerenes have a similar shape to those of such domes, they thought the name appropriate.

Is c60 toxic?
In contrast to chemically--either covalently or noncovalently--modified fullerenes, some C60 derivatives can be highly toxic. ... This chapter offers a general review of the studies on the toxicity of [60]fullerene or C60, the most abundant fullerene, and its derivatives.
Toxicity studies of fullerenes and derivatives. - NCBI
Toxicity studies of fullerenes and derivatives. - PubMed - NCBI

Is fullerene found in nature?
Fullerenes have since been found to occur in nature. ... The discovery of fullerenes greatly expanded the number of known carbon allotropes, which had previously been limited to graphite, graphene, diamond, and amorphous carbon such as soot and charcoal.

What is c60 purple power?
C60 (aka Buckminsterfullerene) is a naturally occurring molecule found in Space and on Earth. ... C60 Purple Power takes high purity C60 and cool infuses it into healthy vegetable oils for maximum monomolecular absorption (available infused into Avocado and Coconut oils).
[and available on Amazon]

Is c60 aromatic?
Is C60 buckminsterfullerene aromatic? ... C(60) does not have "superaromatic" or even aromatic character, but is a spherically π antiaromatic and enormously strained species. This explains its very large and positive heat of formation (610 ± 30 kcal mol(-1)).

What is the diameter of a buckyball?
The van der Waals diameter of a C60 molecule is about 1.1 nanometers (nm). The nucleus to nucleus diameter of a C60 molecule is about 0.71 nm.

How is fullerene used in medicine?
Fullerene is able to fit inside the hydrophobic cavity of HIV proteases, inhibiting the access of substrates to the catalytic site of enzyme. It can be used as radical scavenger and antioxidant. ... In addition, fullerenes have been used as a carrier for gene and drug delivery systems.

What is the molecular formula of Buck ministers fullerene?
Chemical Names: Fullerene; Fullerene C60; 99685-96-8; Buckminsterfullerene; C60Fullerene; Buckyball More... Buckminsterfullerene is a polyhedral CARBON structure composed of around 60-80 carbon atoms in pentagon and hexagon configuration.

Does buckminsterfullerene have a high melting point?
Its molecules are made up of 60 carbon atoms joined together by strong covalent bonds. Molecules of C 60 are spherical. There are weak intermolecular forces between molecules of buckminsterfullerene. These need little energy to overcome, so buckminsterfullerene is slippery and has a low melting point.

What was the first fullerene discovered?
The first fullerene molecule to be discovered, and the family's namesake,buckminsterfullerene (C60), was manufactured in 1985 by Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, James Heath, Sean O'Brien, and Harold Kroto at Rice University. The name was an homage to Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic domes it resembles.

Does buckminsterfullerene conduct electricity?
It is very strong because of its large regular arrangement of carbon atoms joined by covalent bonds . Like graphite, graphene conducts electricity well because it has delocalised electrons that are free to move across its surface.

What allotrope means?
Allotropy or allotropism (from Ancient Greek ἄλλος (allos), meaning 'other', and τρόπος (tropos), meaning 'manner, form') is the property of some chemical elements to exist in two or more different forms, in the same physical state, known as allotropes of these elements.

What are the properties of fullerenes?
Properties of Fullerene Molecules. The three-dimensional spherical fullerene molecule has unique chemical, physical, and physico-chemical properties, which include the following: The molecule can act as a semiconductor, conductor and superconductor under specific conditions.

What is a c60 molecule?
C60 is a molecule that consists of 60 carbon atoms, arranged as 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. ... Depending on the number of hexagons, molecules of different sizes are obtained. They are called Fullerenes, after the American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller.

How many pentagons and hexagons are in a buckyball?
Buckminsterfullerene is a type of fullerene with the formula C60. It has a cage-like fused-ring structure (truncated icosahedron) that resembles a soccer ball (football), made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons, with a carbon atom at each vertex of each polygon and a bond along each polygon edge.

How is carbon 60 made?
C60 and other fullerenes are now routinely made by a low pressure method in which an electric discharge is passed across the gap between 2 carbon electrodes in a helium atmosphere. The resulting soot is collected and mixed with a solvent such as benzene; the fullerenes dissolve and can be extracted.

Is buckminsterfullerene a giant covalent structure?
Buckminsterfullerene is yet another allotrope of carbon. It is actually not a giant covalent structure, but a giant molecule in which the carbon atoms form pentagons and hexagons - in a similar way to a leather football. It is used in lubricants.

What is buckminsterfullerene used for?
Buckminsterfullerene is a black solid although it is coloured in certain solutions eg deep red when in petrol. The tube fullerenes are called nanotubes which are very strong and are conductors of electricity. Their unusual electrical properties mean that nanotubes are used as semiconductors in electronic circuits.

Who discovered fullerene an allotrope of carbon?
The scientists who vaporized the graphite to produce C60 named the new carbon allotrope buckminsterfullerene (shortened to fullerenes or buckyballs) because the geodesic domes designed by inventor and architect Buckminster Fuller provided a clue to the molecule's structure.

How do carbon nanotubes filter water?
Scientists have created tiny carbon nanotubes that can filter water very efficiently, and could one day help turn seawater into drinkable water. ... Aquaporins are found all over the human body: they're used to transport water through membranes andfilter out ions so that cells can remain healthy.

How many carbon atoms are in fullerene?
Buckminsterfullerene was the first fullerene to be discovered. Its molecules are made up of 60 carbon atoms joined together by strong covalent bonds. Molecules of C 60 are spherical.

Why does buckminsterfullerene have a lower melting point than diamond?
They are made up of large molecules but do not have a giant covalent structure. Weak intermolecular forces exist between individual buckyballs. Little energy is needed to overcome these forces, so substances consisting of buckyballs are slippery and have lower melting points than graphite or diamond .



Buckminsterfullerene is a type of fullerene with the formula C60. It has a cage-like fused-ring structure (truncated icosahedron) that resembles a soccer ball (football), made of twenty hexagons and twelve pentagons, with a carbon atom at each vertex of each polygon and a bond along each polygon edge.
Chemical formula: C60
Crystal structure: Face-centered cubic, cF1924
Appearance: Dark needle-like crystals
Buckminsterfullerene - Wikipedia
Buckminsterfullerene - Wikipedia

The first fullerene molecule to be discovered, and the family's namesake, buckminsterfullerene (C60), was manufactured in 1985 by Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, James Heath, Sean O'Brien, and Harold Kroto at Rice University. The name was an homage to Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic domes it resembles. The structure was also identified some five years earlier by Sumio Iijima, from an electron microscope image, where it formed the core of a "bucky onion".[2] Fullerenes have since been found to occur in nature.[3]More recently, fullerenes have been detected in outer space.[4] According to astronomer Letizia Stanghellini, "It’s possible that buckyballs from outer space provided seeds for life on Earth."[5]

Hmmm - very interesting! Perhaps the natural occuring fullerenes C60 and C70 might prove to have health benefits? Kinda wish I had a motherlode of this stuff in my backyard. :whistle:
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FULLERENES IN NATURE: C60 and C70 found in ancient Russian rock


An unusual carbon-rich rock believed to be more than 600 million years old has yielded the first evidence that fullerenes occur in nature.

The fullerenes C60 and C70 were discovered in a sample of shungite, a rock of uncertain origin found near the Russian town of Shunga, about 250 miles northeast of St. Petersburg.

The serendipitous discovery was made by geochemist Peter R. Buseck and mineralogist Semeon J. Tsipursky, both of Arizona State University, Tempe, and mass specrrometrist Robert Hettich of Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. They published their findings last week in Science [257,215 (1992)].

The discovery means fullerenes can no longer be thought of as purely artificial materials made in the lab using laser vaporization, carbon arcs, or combustion processes. Several groups previously looked for fullerenes in soot deposits and in meteorites, without success. And scientists searching for the fullerene spectral signature in interstellar dust clouds found no definitive evidence. ...

View: PDF

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Jeep said:
The fullerenes C60 and C70 were discovered in a sample of shungite, a rock of uncertain origin found near the Russian town of Shunga, about 250 miles northeast of St. Petersburg.

In the spirit of Wu I have pondered this odd carbon C60 and it's connection to shungite. Let's not get carried away but maybe try to see what it may be good for if anything.


Shungite is a black, lustrous, non-crystalline mineraloid consisting of more than 98 weight percent of carbon. It was first described from a deposit near Shunga village, in Karelia, Russia, from where it gets its name. Shungite has been reported to contain trace amounts of fullerenes (0.0001 < 0.001%).[1][2]
The term "shungite" was originally used in 1879 to describe a mineraloid with more than 98 percent carbon. More recently the term has also been used to describe shungite-bearing rocks, leading to some confusion.[3] Shungite-bearing rocks have also been classified purely on their carbon content, with Shungite-1 having a carbon content in the range 98-100 weight percent and Shungite-2, -3, -4 and -5 having contents in the ranges 35-80 percent, 20-35 percent, 10-20 percent and less than 10 percent, respectively.[3] In a further classification, shungite is subdivided into bright, semi-bright, semi-dull and dull on the basis of their luster (the terms lustrous and matte are also used for bright and dull).[4]
Shungite has two main modes of occurrence, disseminated within the host rock and as apparently mobilised material. Migrated shungite, which is bright (lustrous) shungite, has been interpreted to represent migrated hydrocarbons and is found as either layer shungite, layers or lenses near conformable with the host rock layering, or vein shungite, which is found as cross-cutting veins. Shungite may also occur as clasts within younger sedimentary rocks.[3]
Shungite has to date mainly been found in Russia. The main deposit is in the Lake Onega area of Karelia, at Zazhoginskoye, near Shunga, with another occurrence at Vozhmozero.[1] Two other much smaller occurrences have been reported in Russia, one in Kamchatka in volcanic rocks and the other formed by the burning of spoil from a coal mine at high temperature in Chelyabinsk.[5] Other occurrences have been described from Austria, India, Democratic Republic of Congo[1] and Kazakhstan.[6]
Shungite has been regarded as an example of abiogenic petroleum formation,[4] but its biological origin has now been confirmed.[3] Non-migrated shungite is found directly stratigraphically above deposits that were formed in a shallow water carbonate shelf to non-marine evaporitic environment. The shungite bearing sequence is thought to have been deposited during active rifting, consistent with the alkaline volcanic rocks that are found within the sequence. The organic-rich sediments were probably deposited in a brackish lagoonal setting. The concentration of carbon indicates elevated biological productivity levels, possibly due to high levels of nutrients available from interbedded volcanic material.[3]
The stratified shungite-bearing deposits that retain sedimentary structures are interpreted as metamorphosed oil source rocks. Some diapiric mushroom-shaped structures have been identified, which are interpreted as possible mud volcanoes. Layer and vein shungite varieties, and shungite filling vesicles and forming the matrix to breccias, are interpreted as migrated petroleum, now in the form of metamorphosed bitumen.[3]
The Shunga deposit contains an estimated total carbon reserve of more than 250 gigatonnes. It is found within a sequence of Palaeoproterozoic metasedimentary and metavolcanic rocks that are preserved in a synform. The sequence is dated by a gabbro intrusion, which gives a date of 1980±27 Ma, and the underlying dolostones, which give an age of 2090±70 Ma. There are nine Shungite-bearing layers within the Zaonezhskaya Formation, from the middle of the preserved sequence. Of these the thickest is layer six, which is also known as the "Productive horizon", due to its concentration of shungite deposits. Four main deposits are known from the area, the Shungskoe, Maksovo, Zazhogino and Nigozero deposits. The Shungskoe deposit is the most studied and is mainly mined out.[3]
Shungite has been used as a folk medical treatment since the early 18th century. Peter the Great set up Russia's first spa in Karelia to make use of the water purifying properties of shungite, which he had himself experienced. He also instigated its use in providing purified water for the Russian army. The anti-bacterial properties of shungite have been confirmed by modern testing.[7]
Shungite has been used since the middle of the 18th century as a pigment for paint,[3] and is currently sold under the names "carbon black" or "shungite natural black".[5]
In the 1970s, shungite was exploited in the production of an insulating material, known as shungisite. Shungisite is prepared by heating rocks with low shungite concentrations to 1090–1130 °C and is used as a low density filler.[3]

Maybe shungite is a better source for beneficial effects than C60? I don't know it's just another interesting carbon related substance or it could just be another diversion. :huh:
wow , what a thread ..
anyway just a quick comment about C-60
i bought and used a cheap bottle on line .. used it for about 9 months ..
started out with real bad prostate pain ... occasionally would almost have me on the floor , or on my knees . crying ...
its gone all pain gone .. ok a little bit , very rare .. and its been almost two years since i first took it.. just sayin..
oh sorry one other comment ..
Its Not Laura personally that he does not like ..
he refuses to read any/all channeling ..
Long ago i tried to get him to look at the CASS work .. he said No & used the f word on me ..
i tried to explain your work is different ..
i had read alot of channeling/metaphysical stuff before 1994 -1996
but early on while reading the "wave series" as you were putting it out . like a series in a newspaper in 1895 london or new york
where i could not wait for the next chapter .. i knew this was different .. not only the board but you were researching reading up
a storm and sharing that with us all ...confirming many maybe not all of what the C's were saying ...but very different from
any other channeling ! .. kinda weird with Clif to as he is mining thru the net the psychic ability's of humans thru their change of
language use ... hhhmmm ... can't i read /listen to Clif and Laura and make up my own mind ?
Drawn to the keyword "prediction", I went in cold - straight to his latest video. Never knew him, never saw the man! Maybe he has some lucky genes or something, like Nostradamus..

I watched him for 10 minutes and.. WTH?! The man seemed to be more and more impossible to possess any Oracle-ous Nostradamey genes. Zero ESP. What's going on?! I found his "BIO!" Urgh.. he wrote a Web Bot software that scans & analyzes The Internet Blabber and he makes summaries, because he is probably a linguist and a coder. Oh.. when the realization hits you.

One thing is sure about Clif, he is high! Also he has nice teeth, they look expensive, which is definite proof that he is talented enough in Shearing People! (c) G.
i know some of you dislike Clif .. but i think he loves a good fight .. and despite some banning
he is still on twitter and now Parler ...
but he is really down on the CCP .. human parts harvesting and slavery ..etc .. etc...
he also has been posting interesting article about how to approach this fight ..etc
at his website .. BLOG ..
below is recent ....


Clif blog post Jan 10 2021 Take_m Down

2021-01-10 2:45 PM

(c) clif high

Take’m Down
I have been thinking about this for last 5 years. Analyzing what happened to Western Civilization in the 30 years I was distracted battling undiagnosed colon cancer. The effort has produced an approach that will work to remove strength and momentum from the Enemy Class (college administrators, Chinese Communist Party, all the Wokian religion priests, et al) so that they may be soundly defeated.

The analysis of the Wokian movement in all its particulars reduces down to but a SINGLE tactic that actually works for them. This is the ‘weaponization of empathy’.

The Woke movement has NO other effective motivating emotional appeal. It is impossible to feel both love and hate simultaneously. Physically impossible in these human bodies with our vagus nervous system to have both hormone groups active at the same time. This is why NONE of the BLM/antifa people are out there whistling while they work. The strategic application of mental state control by the Wokian priests keeps these people quivering on the edge of releasing their misplaced, pent up, constantly pumped up, continually inflated anger as RAGE!

Thus the Karens.
The manifestation of ‘raging’ on the part of the BLM and antifa is but a side effect to the weaponization of empathy in that all narratives which invoke empathy MUST have a villain. The villain is necessary to focus the anger that will naturally arise from the empathy being ‘activated’ or ‘triggered’. The additional tactics of ‘safe places’ strategy at the schools (indoctrination centers) was very effective in shielding those generations of Western Civilization children from the to-be-expected encounters with ugliness in life which toughens the perspective and personal grasp on one’s empathy. Shielded, and pampered, and rewarded with no-effort-or-good-feeling-participation-prizes, these generations are easy victims for the BLM strategy of “Quick, look over there and feel bad for that person as they have suffered while you have privilege’. These people are not even aware that they are being actively manipulated EVEN when they are in a crowd being directed by a shepherd with a bullhorn. The ‘safe spaces’ program in school also made them all cowards. Remarkably few of them have faced adversity so they are scared of it, in spite of the whole ‘black bloc’ thing & shouting a lot.

Empathy Poker
The conclusion of my thinking on this has arrived. I will no longer have to gnaw on this bad tasting gristle.

The conclusion is that the most effective strategy in response will be to Raise the Ante in the current game of Empathy Poker between regular awake humans and the Wokian Church of Fuckery.

This strategy has multiple goals and effects. A primary goal is to Seize the Narrative as well as to Seize the Empathy Focus of those current victims of the Enemy Class.

Additional goals include saving a whole race of people, liberating China and the planet from CCP, defeating the Wokian Priest Class, and more.

The strategy will employ the following broad tactics. Some discussion of implementation follows.

The primary Tactic is to, at every opportunity, and in as many ways as possible, attack the placement of empathy on abstractions such as ‘systemic racism’, and to replace that with a face, “the face of the Uyghar men and women dying in the CCP holocaust right this minute as you are reading these words”. Or speaking them to people in person, even if through a mask. Direct their attention to the very real suffering going on right this minute of the Uyghur people, and put a face to your words.

Tactically this goes deep; you can describe the green jumpsuits, the Uyghurs separated into 3 groups, the men, the women, the children, all on giant railway platforms in shocking green jumpsuits with their hands shacked behind their backs, feet under them, forced to kneel for hours, days, waiting the train that will take them to….

Other tactics include the arrival at the camps where the men will warehoused, along with the boys, until their internal organs have found a buyer. The CCP is the planet’s largest supplier of pediatric replacement organs. Where do you think they come from? Same with adult organs. CCP gets top Yuan for those clean Uyghur livers from your Democratic congressman….

You get the process I am sure.

It is all true. Research it until your heart cries. It’s all there, being covered up by the CCP, or, well, they sort of try to hide their crimes.

Before the CCP cut access to the Chinese Deep Web on March 31, 2020 trying to stem the flood of reports of death out of Wuhan, it was possible to watch the CCP auctions of the Uighur women. The CCP takes them from the trains, shackled, and showers the women. They are scrubbed, shampooed, coiffed, and dressed. Then they take pictures of them, clothed and nude. They put the woman’s incarceration number on the photos for purposes of bidding. Then the women are taken away, their heads are shaved for their hair to be sold to (primarily) black women here in the USA & EU. The clothes are take away, they are put back in the jumpsuit, and sold. Usually to the People’s Liberation Army Brothels, though some of the more lucky women will be bought by a Han Chinese (a race) PLA officers for personal use or personal pimping.

The hair is collected, washed, and made into ‘hair product’ for retail here in the USA. It is sold through brokers. It is a huge money maker for the CCP, selling the hair of slaves.

So, an appropriate tactic is to arm up with facts, even photos of Uighur women, and confront the unaware, though Woke leftists in your reach.

Hammer it home. If they are NOT screaming mad about the CCP being the biggest human trafficking slavery operation in history, and INSTITUTIONALIZED RAPE, then they are RACIST fuckers who deserve to be pummeled by antifa.

It is all true, sadly, brutally, and more, and worse. CCP will harvest children’s organs as young as toddlers. Weep over it. Then rage the left for hypocritical lies, and cowardice. Keep pushing. You can make them cry. I have seen a young black man who was checking ID’s at a pot store rip the frosted extensions from his head and leave the room visibly shaking. It hurts to speak it, but if I must describe this horror, I will do so to the point that my listeners will tremble and shit themselves, swearing to alter their behavior.

The Wokian BLM priests have no moral high ground, merely empathy for faceless abstract narratives. That fails in full faced Empathy Poker against a full house Holocaust with real victims now.

Use that word with the Wokian Jews. Hammer them; why are they holocaust deniers?

I will leave it here. More discussion may follow as time and thoughts permit. But I have tested this strategy and some of the many tactics. It works very well indeed.

If used consistently, this strategy will change the balance of power within the culture war.

Oh, and of course you know that Bidens profit from Uighur slavery. Bidens profit from CCP sex trafficking. Bidens profit from child organ harvest….

To victory….
Cliff is nothing more than a PsyOp, by his own admission, he has been involved with the US intelligence agency from the beginning. Predicative programming.

They are into all sorts of "stuff". Even men that stare at goats.
Clif High Returns, in new Youtube videos! Covering the next two years as we go along with datasets covering
Desperation, Currency, Social Engineering, and Secrets revealed.
The PTB are scared to death of the majority, with global revolt! Their timeline , has far more desperation in it.
He speaks to 600$ silver prices and currency crash. and speaks against the Nesara as it may be introduced as a solution involving crypto's, but will also fail leading to 100,000$BTC.
Really clear take on current and future Open Possibilities.
Put the video on 1 1/2 speed, to shorten the video save some time.

There is a really interesting interview with Clif High on Language Magazine. Being a programmer myself, I was really interested in how he does his text analysis. I've seen so many Machine Learning based projects fail, so many experts treating algorithms as a "black box" without even knowing "how" and "why", so I was very skeptical about his work. Looking at the technologies he use, he brewed a lot of things by himself, possibly predating recent boom in ML, so it looks like he knows whet he's doing. He admits, that the hardest part is the interpretation of the results.

LM: Where does your interest in language and/or linguistics originate? And can you explain how it correlates with your love of mathematics?

CH: My interest in language stems from my schooling in the polyglot environment of the occupation forces in Europe following the war with Germany. As with all military dependents, exposure to multiplicity of language is part of the experience. Language, for me, matured in its fascination due to personal experience with mind expanding drugs that had a direct effect on the language centre of my brain. Further, the elucidation of the rich depth of purpose of language in all forms that came from those altered state experiences was later reinforced by decades working as a software engineer and computer/network systems programmer in which the human to computer interface is, of course, built of words. The attraction of mathematics has always been, at its core, a love of the practical proofs of reality provided to the astute and prepared mind in the chaos of this universe.

LM: Can you briefly explain how language analysis (in terms of bots/data mining/language corpora) can help anticipate future events?

CH: Not simply. Concisely, my process works by way of the delta of language expressed in common contexts over time reduced to archetypes and projected forward based on numeric quantifiers for emotional values assigned to words.

Is there a correlation between your work and corpus linguistics?

CH: My work is a specifically focused sub set of corpus linguistics and uses advanced automata of my own design crafted (primarily) in prolog, an artificial intelligence language that is able to re-compile (thus alter its function based on new learning) while in operation.

LM: What languages do you employ in your data searches?

CH: We use C, C++, prolog, lisp, perl, and some small assembly language sub routines in our data searches. The process uses the multibyte character encoding so the human language is determined at the time the word or corpora is encountered….thus to a certain extent, given automated translation (especially useful at the corpora level) from API calls, all the language samples, (*in the main*) are reduced to one of five human languages that we use, with the American expression of English being the most common.

LM: Can it be explained how algorithms are used on the data?

CH: Not easily. There are over 300 operating executables in my system (programs). At its base, I created a lexicon that functions as a link between the words and an array of emotional values that I *think* represents that word in its relationship to time, intensity and duration of impact (on our emotional state) and other emotional quantifiers.

How do you test/measure the validity/accuracy of your findings?

CH: There are spyders (programs that read the net for me) which match the appearance of corpora in MSM (mainstream media) and our forecasts. These are my only continual reference of accuracy. There are a number of readers who have maintained accuracy spread sheets over the years. These may or may not be available, but my focus is to mature, or refine my system via other routes. Even though I am producing work with my system, I am still in my exploration period with this particular corpus linguistics tool set, so, to a certain extent, I am less concerned with accuracy of ‘hits’, and more focused on perfecting my understanding of how words and humans and time all interact.

It´s easy to see how changes in language could precede changes in behaviour, however how can we bridge the gap between linguistic analysis and natural disasters or events beyond our control?

CH: All humans are psychic. It stems from our living in an energy based universe, as energy beings, who happen to think themselves solid. As energy beings, we are ‘standing waves ‘that can be considered to be ‘antenna’. As antenna, we receive psychic energy floating through our energetic universe as our particular tuning and local consciousness may allow.

These psychic impressions of universe unfolding arrive with the ‘template layer’ of information that exists prior to actual ‘manifestation’. This information is received, but most frequently NOT understood by the recipient. Their conscious mind *must* express this information somehow (just how consciousness works here in matterium), and therefore it ‘leaks out’ in many ways. One manner is in word choices that are outside the typical range of less than 11,000 words used in any given year by the average (industrialized = cube farmed) human. Thus the events outside our control are not outside our perception, however much any given individual human may or may not be able to express this perception of the near term future. For further, more scientific validation, we have the work of Dr Raiden among others.

Can you see your method being used more widely?

CH: It is being used by corporations nascently now, and I expect a greater level of adoption of the techniques over time. However, the process is expensive, and tedious, and requires years of effort just to get ‘settled in’…

LM: And furthermore, can it be taught to other people?

CH: Yes, sure.

LM: or used destructively?

CH: Yes, sure. Thus I keep my techniques close.

LM: How do you feel you are received?

CH: Received? By the thinking public and the powers that be – quite well. My track record speaks for itself. From those who do not possess critical thinking skills, or are dominated by religious constraints on their point of view, my work is received poorly – as was to be expected.

LM: And whose work do you admire?
CH: Buckminster Fuller, Michael Tsarion (great critical thinker, especially these last few years). David Icke.

LM: What are your predictions for the future of language usage?

CH: The future of language will, this year, reach the point of a complexity increase providing new areas of exploitation in communication and understanding (of universe and ourselves), both intra and inter species. By this I mean that language, in all its forms from DNA through to macroscopically burst bloops and dense form glumps, will be actually propelling human civilization changes this year. The data sets that I analyse suggest that from Summer (northern hemisphere) of this year linguists will be frequently commenting on their ‘wonder’ and ‘awe’ over the developing nature of language in our solar system.

LM: You mentioned American English, being used in your data searches, what are the other four human languages?

CH: Actually there are over 40 human languages being sampled now. The issue is transliteration.
So we are using English in all its flavours in multibyte expression, all the Cyrillics, Greek, and some Snskrtta variants out to Indonesian. Some, extra mainland, Chinese variants are also thinly represented.
This is due to their blocking my access due the Chinese Government maintaining that my site supports ‘superstition’. This is beyond hypocritical as I have encountered much evidence that they are also doing as I in the interpretation of language at radical levels.

LM: Can you give us an example of this emotional evaluation of a word or group of words to better understand the process? For instance, what is the value of the word “beautiful” or is it relative to the data sets? Or is such a question even too simplistic to be appropriately applied to the mathematics in question?

CH: It is simplistic. The process reduces everything down to a thick, syrupy mass based on archetypes. Noting that there are thousands of overlapping word usages, obviously, archetypes proceed in a taxonometric fashion reflecting word usage and historical precedent. Also, note that ‘beautiful’ as a word, is low emotive value. Think of things the other way…all words of high emotive value are in what I have labelled ‘immediacy values.’ Such words, in and of themselves, expressed within the current context generated by the current milieu, will produce an immediate, emotive reaction. We can demonstrate, without intending offense, in a rather shamanistic fashion, by drawing your attention to the slightly redacted word ‘c*nt’.

To all English speaking women, this word is immediately emotive. So you see, as per your question below, it is the ‘bleeding edge’ of language that has the most emotive power, and this is usually expressed in the area that we call ‘slang.’

Such words as ‘beautiful’ are within the far edge of the shorter term value set. Within my model space they have very little ‘propulsion’ power.

It is my contention that, due to the powers that be and their stranglehold on the English speaking media, the most powerfully emotive words are overwhelmingly negative, and that this is an engineered result of the efforts of the mainstream media. It is also my contention that this state has now shifted, and that the mainstream media is in the process of failing as an ‘institution’ such that a new flow of language is emerging globally…

How does the AI program allow for such linguistic factors as in the creative invention of new word/phrase usages and/or the accounting for the complexities of contextual reference of grammatical structure in language phrasing?

CH: Basically the processing kicks out references that are not within its understanding and awaits for human assistance in further categorizing the anomaly. Within a limited range it learns over time, but humans are a shifty lot continually increasing their inventive use of language.

LM: And how do you algorithm into value, for instance, the meaning of satire and sarcasm within the context of pure data of word usage counts? In other words, to what extent does the AI “read” text?

CH: The processing I use does not do word counts. Well, it does, but only to keep track of where it is, not as a part of our end result. Bear in mind, it is not the words being used today that are the real key to my forecasting; rather it is the delta as to why this particular word (outside of typical lexical framework for that conversation) that is of importance. Most of my most accurate forecasts are worked around single word instances that have very low frequency counts. As a case in point, the recent forecast, by weeks ahead of the event, of the ‘blondes on boats’ incident off Italy. This was worked up off of a single occurrence of the word ‘blondes’ that was totally outside the normal range for the data set in which it appeared. Make sense? As this word had never until that time shown up in that data set, it was intriguing, and led directly to the forecast, which was later manifest in reality. The count of the word ‘blondes’ in the total data set of the larger entity structure was within nominal range, but just due to this single instance occurring in an exceptional relationship to other words, I was aware that I was actually viewing a ‘future leak’…then the issue became proper interpretation. It is usually here that I screw up.

The word counts are used internally in assaying changing states of words as regards to their existent emotive tagging in our lexicon. Basically, the ebb and flow of words from slang out toward ‘old age’ for words.

Yes, the prolog program does read text. In no sense does it ‘understand’ any meanings, but it is perfectly capable of encountering a new word, seeking, via API calls, definitions, and then providing preliminary categorization based on the aggregate of the definitions. It takes a human to assign emotive values within the context.

LM: From what you have described, regarding the future of language usage, this sounds like the makings of quantum linguistics. Do you have any thoughts on the subject?

CH: None that can be let out into the wild at this time.
It seems that Clif was onto something in December 2016 ALTA Report:
The ChinaPop sets have new growth for a 'lung disease' that will be of concern, not as with any of the 'scare pandemics', but rather 'actual concern' and 'worry' is indicated on the part of the 'central authorities' as they will be trying 'desperately' to avert a 'real pandemic'. The 'lung disease' does not show as a regular 'influenza', but rather seems to have some form of 'rapid spread' that suggests an 'aerosol dispersal'. This language is going to 'impact', in a negative way, 'chinese tourism' to areas where 'chemtrails' are sprayed. Such geographic references as we have include Vancouver BC, Hawaii, Australia, and New Zealand. The data does show that 'ancient remedies' are going to be the best in this case. Further the data shows that the spread of the 'lung infection' will not travel very far outside of China. Other sets in these supporting sets include references to 'conspiracy theories' of a 'chinese specific virus attack' either from 'western banksters', or 'space aliens'. The data shows the 'rumors' gain such 'volume' as to 'require' the 'intervention via media' of the 'central authorities' as they 'directly respond' to 'space alien attack rumors'.
The whole report hovers around the idea of economic crisis in Europe and earth changes. The details are off, but the general theme quite fits the current situation.

Cliff is nothing more than a PsyOp, by his own admission, he has been involved with the US intelligence agency from the beginning. Predicative programming.

They are into all sorts of "stuff". Even men that stare at goats.
Can you elaborate more @Joan? It is interesting in the context of the above document. Some of the red flags for me: he acknowledged his family military ties, he worked at Microsoft (I guess that the company was very different in the 90's), and he thinks that Q was a part of "Woo" leakage. On the other hand, he obviously does read SOTT:
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