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There's plenty of (semi-)wild visitors where i live and on several occasions i witnessed an animal passing by very close to me totally disregarding my presence. It happens at night mostly. I had this situation with a fox, a hare and recently a weasel, all running no more than 2-3 meters from me standing on a pavement. Only after i had made a clear move they seemed to notice that i was there. Such tunnel vision isn't something that normally characterize wild animals. Maybe it's just adaptation to living in urbanized environment but to me it felt like they were in a mild trance of sorts.

I have seen rabbits acting this way in my area. Normally, they will run away very quickly. But they have been just sitting until I (and my dog!) are very near before they even notice us! My dog loves it! She will stand very still and stare at the rabbit until it finally moves, then she gives a half-hearted chase.

Yesterday while sitting at my desk (I work from home), I kept hearing a mocking bird outside, really loud. I hear them often here and see them on my walks. When I looked out, it was sitting on the ground, just outside our fence, singing all kinds of tunes! I could see his little throat bulge with some of the sounds. Wow! What a wonderful little gift that helped my mood.


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Bison stampede at Yellowstone National Park after tourists get too close: ‘I could feel the earth rumbling’
Fortunately, the group was not injured by the bison October 22 2020 Video
A group of tourists allegedly caused a bison stampede in Yellowstone National Park after they got too close to the wild animals.

Park goer Lisa Stewart said she saw the group of tourists nearing the bison after the herd already seemed upset.

“The people saw them and started walking closer and closer toward the bison,” Stewart told USA Today/For The Win. “They [the bison] kept getting more agitated by the minute. They walked farther down. Out of my sight, but I could still hear them grunting and blowing.”

Stewart said she pulled out her phone to record what was happening – which still did not capture how many people were near the bison as they began to run.

“You only see about four-to-six people on the video, but there were more in the same spot the bison come running from,” Stewart said. “The fishermen grabbed their stuff and ran, and then you see the bison running, and I felt relief the people didn’t get trampled.


In the scary 30-second clip, the tourists can be seen standing close to the bison as they cross the water. They appear to try to run out of the way during the first wave of bison charging across the water. Then a second set of bison appear to turn and begin running toward the group.

Fortunately the animals turn before getting too close to the tourists.

“I could feel the earth rumbling under my feet when it was happening,” Stewart told For The Win Outdoors.

Stewart said she was amazed the group “didn’t heed the warning of grunting, snorting and stomping feet” of the bison. Though the group was not injured, Stewart told For The Win they received harsh words from bystanders for getting too close to the animals.

Yellowstone park rangers warn guests to stay at least 25 yards away from bison as they are unpredictable.

“Bison have injured more people in Yellowstone than any other animal,” the National Park Service writes on its website, noting the animal can run three times faster than humans.

Since the park has reopened after forced shutdowns for coronavirus, at least two people have been injured by bison, including a woman who was knocked to the ground by a bison the second day of the park’s phased reopening.


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December 1, 2020 at 12:28 p.m
RICHMOND — Two city police officers who thought they were thwarting a burglary in progress ended up face-to-face with about a dozen raccoons engaged in a raucous brawl at the corporation yard on 13th Street.

A baby raccoon is seen in a file photo. The raccoon pictured here is not suspected of participating in a brawl that was broken up by Richmond police, although its whereabouts are unknown.

True to their reputation as conniving critters, the naturally-masked procyonids promptly paraded to parts unknown, leaving one unfortunate smaller raccoon to stay and deal with the cops. A Richmond police news release said the remaining raccoon “advised officers it was just a family dispute” and they let him or her go.

The fracas got so loud that one employee at the corp yard believed someone was trying to kick down the admin building’s door, police said. The officers had set up a perimeter around the building before discovering they weren’t dealing with humans.

This marks the second time in recent memory that raccoon-related shenanigans have generated a police response in the Bay Area. In late October, a raccoon duo lived every professional heister’s dream when they somehow bypassed security to make it inside a Chase Bank in Redwood City after hours. They were thwarted when a passer-by spotted them inside and notified authorities.

Escaped sheep wanders into hotel, waits for elevator

Dec. 3, 2020
SPOTTED: One very sheepish looking guest! 🐑 Help us caption this and we'll let you know the baaaaaaahst one - you herd it here first.


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Surfer dies after being bitten by 4.5m great white shark on NSW mid-north coast

Shark attacks increased in year 2020

2020 was an 'unusually deadly year' for shark attacks, with the most deaths since 2013
In what's called "an unusually deadly year," sharks killed 10 people around the world in unprovoked attacks in 2020, the highest number since 2013, according to a report released Monday by the International Shark Attack File.

Is Australia really seeing more shark attacks?

What do the numbers show?

Looking at the total number of shark attacks reported - fatal and non-fatal - this year doesn't necessarily stand out.
There have been 21 incidents recorded so far this year, according to the Australian Shark Attack File - the official record.
This is just above the average 20 attacks seen per year for the past decade, said curator Dr Phoebe Meagher.
She contrasted this year's numbers with the "noticeable spike" of 2015, when there were 32 attacks - two of which were fatal.
Australia would see warm months (and more beachgoers) for the rest of this year, but "just by looking at the data there's no increase in actual reported attacks", she told the BBC last month.
However, the number of deaths in 2020 is a record in modern times, and the highest since shark nets and other intended deterrents were introduced in the 1930s.

Historically, dying from a shark bite is not common. In over a century of records, the shark attack mortality rate is 0.9 - less than one person per year.


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I had an odd incident the other day with one of my cats. I had just started to recite Psalm 23 when William who was near me started to hiss towards the hallway. He almost never hisses so I wondered what he was hissing at. I looked and couldn't see anything. Big Fat Henry was outside and Cheeky Cat (a neighbour's cat who lets himself in, helps himself to food and sometimes takes himself off to bed) had already been in and had left. The only reasonable explanation I can see is that William was sensing something that I couldn't, presumably a STS nasty. Interestingly, I recently re-listened to a podcast with Jerry Marzinsky who was a psychotherapist in US prisons and institutions who spent years trying to help schizophrenics. He reluctantly came to realise over years that the voices that plagued his patients were real entities. He admirably tried to help his patients although this got him in hot water with his bosses on more than one occasion. One of the resources he found that helped his patients was reading the Bible and especially recitation of Psalm 23!


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News in Serbian papers writing about unusual sight of Horned viper snake in the snow in village of Miščevići, located above 1000m, belonging to Special National Rezerve Uvac, Serbia.
The guard of the Protected Area, Milivoje Remović have spotted huge Horned viper snake squirming on the snow.
"It was about seven degrees that day, I clearly saw a snake in the snow, although I often saw snakes around here , this is the largest specimen I have ever came across. This is a completely unusual occurrence because snakes do not appear until the end of April, and sometimes even longer if the temperatures are lower" said Milivoje.

We will have to get used to the fect that changes are getting closer and anything can happened ;-)



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Hi Opossum,
Of course, that is possible, although less probable, because the snake was actively moving. Snakes are sensitive to vibrations and tectonic shifts or any other activity that people can not sense, so could also be a sign of some kind of coming event.


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Second cat spotted in less than a week apart in Solano County and Alameda County Ca.

A bat falcon has been spotted for the first time in the U.S., the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said.

The bird was observed in December at the Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge in South Texas. The Fish and Wildlife Service shared photos of it on its Facebook page just this week.

“Everyone that can catch a glimpse is looking at this bat falcon right now,” the agency said in its post Tuesday. “This is the first recorded time that a bat falcon has ever been seen in the U.S.!”

The bird, which usually weighs 4.8 to 8.5 ounces, typically breeds in Mexico, as well as Central and South America, according to the refuge.

The one observed there is thought to be a juvenile because of its “buff-(cinnamon) throat and (chest) bars,” the refuge said in its own Facebook post from December.

“Judging by the thickness of the tarsus and beak,” it appears to be a male, the refuge added.



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I already wrote earlier that my wife's relatives live in Stakhanov. All this time, since 2015, nothing terrible has happened to them directly, as they say, God has mercy. Today, in the morning, something flew into the yard. I must say right away that, again, nothing terrible happened, no one was injured. The window was broken, the house was cut with fragments, a piece of fence was knocked down, the shed was slightly damaged. The caliber of the incoming ammunition was small, the type was fragmentation, so the explosion itself was not very strong, but there were a lot of fragments. So, it seems that the front is moving away from them, yesterday they said that they took Popasnaya (it's quite close to them), but it's still not completely safe yet.
This is a message from a branch about a military special operation. Here I would like to continue about this episode. On the eve of the arrival of the projectile, in the evening, Kesha's parrot was very excited, yelling and rushing around the cage. They say that such behavior has never been noticed for him at all. During the explosion, one piece of shrapnel punched a hole in the wall near the cage. The parrot, fortunately, was not injured and now in the evening, in my opinion, is already feeling quite well, whistling as usual. I wonder if Kesha could sense the approach of this nightmare? Today, by the way, the hostess noticed that ants began to appear, which had not been around for about 2 days. Do they feel it too? And finally about the neighbor's dog. At the time of the explosion, she was right behind the fence. The fence is a solid corrugated metal sheet. This most likely saved the dog, the fence took the main wave and part of the fragments. As a result, the dog did not receive any visible damage, only something similar to a contusion and is very scared. He sees, hears, but he can hardly walk - he can barely stand on his paws. Paws are shaking, but I hope to get better over time.

Это сообщение из ветки про военную спецоперацию. Здесь мне хотелось бы продолжить по поводу этого эпизода. Накануне прилета снаряда, вечером попугай Кеша был очень взволнован, орал и метался по клетке. Говорят, что такого поведения за ним вообще никогда не замечали. Во время взрыва один осколок пробил дыру в стене неподалеку от клетки. Попугай, к счастью не пострадал и сейчас к вечеру, на взгляд, уже вполне благополучно себя чувствует, посвистывает как обычно. Интересно, мог ли Кеша чувствовать приближение этого кошмара? Сегодня, кстати, хозяйка заметила, что стали появляться муравьи, которых не было примерно 2 дня. Они тоже чувствуют? Ну и напоследок про соседскую собаку. В момент взрыва она была прямо за забором. Забор- сплошной гофрированный металлический лист. Это скорее всего собаку и спасло, основную волну и часть осколков взял забор. Собака в итоге видимых повреждений не получила, только что то похожее на контузию и очень сильно напугана. Видит, слышит, а вот ходить почти не может- еле стоит на лапах. Лапки дрожат, но со временем надеюсь, поправиться.
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